05 Nov 2011

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Where There Is A Worm….

So the other day we explored the miraculous world of maquettes - paintings created for potential posters. I figured that I might as well stick with this trend and showcase another painted wonder in our upcoming November 13 auction. No, that's not foreskin or some bizarre snake-shedding action, it's a worm. A silkworm. And apparently [...]

05 Nov 2011 1:16pm GMT

04 Nov 2011

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Pair of handwritten and illustrated letters written by the artist Thomas Hart Benton will be auctioned Nov. 12

(LONE JACK, Mo.) - A pair of whimsical letters, handwritten and with illustrations by the renowned American artist Thomas Hart Benton (1889-1975), are expected to be centerpiece lots in an auction slated for Saturday, Nov. 12, by Dirk Soulis Auctions. The sale will be held in the firm's Lone Jack gallery, located 30 miles east [...]

04 Nov 2011 8:57pm GMT

03 Nov 2011

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A first year production 1855 "Root Model" Sidehammer Colt Revolver in the original box realized $2,300 and a World War II Flight Jacket with "Flying Dutchmen" artwork saw $3,100 in Cordier Auctions & Appraisals quarterly Firearms & Military Sale on September 23. The sale featured 300 plus lots in categories spanning Antique Firearms, Modern Firearms, Collectible [...]

03 Nov 2011 5:03pm GMT

Important multi-estate auction will be held Saturday, Nov. 26, by Matheson’s AA Auctions in Melbourne, Fla.

(MELBOURNE, Fla.) - The property of a prominent South Florida collector, plus the antique and modern furnishings from a Ritz-Carlton penthouse in Sarasota, will be sold Sat., Nov. 26, at 11 a.m. (EST), by Matheson's AA Auctions, in conjunction with United Appraisal Group, Inc., of Miami. Other consignments from prominent local estates will also be [...]

03 Nov 2011 4:40pm GMT

Williamsburg, France

Rummaging through our corner showroom for things to put in the auction on November 13, I came across this maquette: First, a little dip into the poster lingo pool: a maquette is the original, hand-done artwork for a potential poster. Knowing that, sit back and steep in this painting's simple glory. It might not seem like [...]

03 Nov 2011 1:09pm GMT

Skinner to host Discovery Auction November 16th and 17th

Skinner, Inc. will host a Discovery auction on November 16th and 17th in its Marlborough gallery. Featured in the two-day event is an impressive grouping of artwork produced by some widely recognized and other lesser-known artists, with more than 500 pieces going up for bid. With such a diverse offering of paintings, prints, works on [...]

03 Nov 2011 2:06am GMT

02 Nov 2011

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600 lots of top-quality Chinese carvings and works of art will be sold Nov. 19 by Elite Decorative Arts in Fla.

(BOYNTON BEACH, Fla.) - Nearly 600 lots of top-quality Chinese carvings and works of art will be sold at auction Saturday, Nov. 19, by Elite Decorative Arts, in the firm's spacious gallery located at the Quantum Town Center in Boynton Beach, at 1034 Gateway Boulevard (Suite 106). The auction will have a special start time [...]

02 Nov 2011 8:44pm GMT

01 Nov 2011

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Finney’s Auction Service will hold its annual Fall Unreserved Antique & Art Auction Saturday, Nov. 12

(SCHODACK, N.Y.) - Coming on the heels of a successful estate sale on Oct. 29, at which a massive single-owner collection in a variety of categories was sold to a packed house of bidders, Finney's Auction Service will conduct its annual Fall Unreserved Antique & Art Auction on Saturday, Nov. 12, in the firm's Schodack [...]

01 Nov 2011 11:55pm GMT

It’s Time to Give a Talk at the Depression Glass Club

Posted 1 week ago @ Kathy [...]

01 Nov 2011 12:57pm GMT

31 Oct 2011

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Tips for Selling Antiques to Dealers

Selling an antique to a local dealer can be a great option when you need quick cash. In most selling situations, however, it pays to be prepared before you approach someone with an item to sell. Take a look at these easy to peruse Tips for Selling Antiques to Dealers to help you prepare and negotiate successfully. Read more...

31 Oct 2011 12:28am GMT

30 Oct 2011

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Antique Furniture: A William and Mary Style Overview

William and Mary burl walnut veneered highboyMany pieces of William and Mary style antique furniture are actually pretty distinctive once you know the types of legs and feet that were used at the turn of the 18th century. And, knowing a bit about the different types of chairs and tables popular at that time doesn't hurt anything either. Get all of this and more with William and Mary Style Antique Furniture, including links to leg, foot, chair and table examples. Read more...

30 Oct 2011 10:26pm GMT

Examining the Elegance of Duncan-Miller Glass

First Love PlateThe Duncan and Miller Glass Company, while not quite as well known as other "elegant" glassware manufacturers, made some extraordinary examples of collectible glassware up until 1955 when they closed their doors. Read Examining the Elegance of Duncan-Miller Glass to find out more about these gorgeous wares. Read more...

30 Oct 2011 2:49pm GMT

A Trip Back in Time with World's Fair Collectibles

Chicago World's Fair BraceletOne of the most interesting aspects of collecting is the history associated with the objects we amass, and this couldn't be any more true than with World's Fair memorabilia. These items offer a look at back popular culture ranging from the Columbian Exposition in 1893 to the New York World's Fair in 1964, and a number of others in between. Take a look at World's Fair Collectibles Offer a Trip Back in Time to learn more about what's being collected and how much some of these things are worth. Read more...

30 Oct 2011 2:37pm GMT

What Makes a Piece of Glassware "Elegant?"

Heisey Lariat Candy DishWhile beauty and elegance are often in the eye of the beholder, there is a type of glass that dealers and collectors refer to as "elegant," and many of these pieces were made during the Depression era. What distinguishes elegant glass from traditional Depression glass patterns? Check out Answers to Questions About Elegant Glass to learn the differences. Read more...

30 Oct 2011 2:29pm GMT

28 Oct 2011

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Stevens Auction Company will hold an inaugural sale at its new branch gallery in Flomaton, Ala., Sat., Nov. 12

(FLOMATON, Ala.) - Stevens Auction Company - already an auction powerhouse in the Southeast - is about to expand its presence in the region, having recently acquired the building in Flomaton that previously housed Flomaton Antique Auction, Inc. Stevens will conduct an inaugural sale at the facility on Saturday, Nov. 12, beginning at 10 a.m. [...]

28 Oct 2011 4:38pm GMT

26 Oct 2011

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Antiquing Online: Learning to Examine Photos and Ask Questions

As both a buyer and seller in online venues, I'm keenly aware of how intimidating online shopping for antiques can be to first-timers. But after buying and selling literally thousands of items online during the past 17 or so years, I've got a pretty good feel for what works and what doesn't. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, take a look at my suggestions for Dissecting Photographs and Asking Questions to discover some tips for antiquing online. Read more...

26 Oct 2011 2:05pm GMT

17 Oct 2011

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Kenneth Jay Lane: On Collecting and Being Collected

Kenneth Jay Lane in His New York City ShowroomWhile he has a reputation for being somewhat of a curmudgeon, my experience meeting Kenneth Jay Lane in his showroom last year and more recently interviewing him by phone was nothing short of pleasant. And being a vintage costume jewelry collector myself, it was quite a thrill. Read some of the tidbits I gleaned through our phone conversation and learn about collecting K.J.L. jewelry. Read more...

17 Oct 2011 3:02pm GMT

15 Oct 2011

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Halloween Fun from About.com Home & Garden Channel

Halloween CollectiblesI love Halloween decorating and, of course, Halloween collectibles. They bring back such happy memories for me. It was fun looking through these clever and spooky links to a variety of articles on About.com from my fellow Home & Garden Channel guides. And it's also nice to have a few links of my own nestled in there, including A Happy Halloween with Collectibles. Read more...

15 Oct 2011 4:17pm GMT

Collecting Glass Candy Containers

Jack-o-Lantern Glass Candy ContainerAlthough children's toys aren't made of glass now, they were back in the day when they took the form of candy containers. These popular toys sold in a variety of places and came in styles that appealed to both boys and girls. Learn more about the companies that made these novelty items that sold for pocket change when they were new from the early 1900s through the 1940s, and find out how much they can be worth now. Read more...

15 Oct 2011 3:44pm GMT

28 Sep 2011

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Five Good Reasons to Attend an Antique Show

The fall antique show season is kicking in now and after visiting the Round Top Antiques Fair recently, I was reminded that there are a number of reasons to visit an antique show beyond merely shopping. One of the most important is to develop your eye for quality. Five Good Reasons to Attend an Antique Show tells you about this helpful skill, along with several more incentives to get out to a show soon. Read more...

28 Sep 2011 6:36pm GMT

22 Jan 2003


The Ins and Outs of Online Antique Appraisal -- click for full article

Call it online estimate or something. "Appraisal" means formally establishing a value and the best you can hope for would be an online estimate. A true antique appraisal is a legal document! Antique appraisal is an art and generally performed by an appraiser using "experience" and a "trained eye". So, to be fair, don't expect an appraiser (blinded in an electronic world) to be able to provide you with anything more than an estimate..... more

22 Jan 2003 7:19pm GMT

Know What an Antique Is! -- click for full article

The definition of antique varies from source to source, product to product and year to year.... more

22 Jan 2003 7:19pm GMT

Antique Pricing -- click for full article

Thanks to the popularity of programs like Public Television's "Antiques Roadshow" Americans are looking more closely than ever at stuff that, a few years ago, they might have unthinkingly taken to the local charity thrift shop or just tossed into a recycling bin never considering the price or value of an item.... more

22 Jan 2003 7:19pm GMT