15 May 2018

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Automated Translation Connector has Arrived!

eZ Automated Translation is the first connector created out of the "Build with eZ" initiative we launched in March. This translation connector was a joint effort between eZ's product team and Sébastien Morel, CTO of Novactive US. The connector is simple to use and allows end-users to translate text and characters to over 100 different languages. A useful function for customers who have multilingual and multi-site configurations in their projects. Let's take a deeper look into the capabilities of this connector.

The eZ Automated Translation connector has three core capabilities/benefits:

The connector is simple to use and, in many ways, similar to the regular interaction in eZ Platform when translating content manually. All the user needs to do is log in to eZ Platform and choose the content item to translate. The user will go to the "Translation" tab, click on the "add translation" button, choose the language she wants to translate from, and then select the language she wants to automatically translate to.

The system will then automatically translate the content by calling the configured translation service, while maintaining the structure and style of the original content piece. The user can then go ahead and publish the content item and view it live on her website.

Below is an illustration for how to use the eZ Automated Translation connector.

We are thrilled to add this new capability to eZ Platform v2.1. The package is open source and available on Github: https://github.com/ezsystems/ezplatform-automated-translation.

Automatic translation services have made huge progress in the last years and have become a viable option for many cases. We believe editors will truly appreciate this feature, as it allows them to easily and quickly translate content. All they have to do afterwards is review, refine and improve the translated content as needed.

We have no doubt this tool will allow teams to be more efficient and save time as they deal with multilingual content. Plus, the eZ Automated Translation connector is not limited to Google Translate and DeepL only, it can be extended to include additional translation services. There are several options on the market that can be easily integrated to our connector with APIs.

If you have comments, questions or suggestions on our Automated Translation connector, be sure to leave a note in the comments section below or on our discussion forum at discuss.ezplatform.com.

15 May 2018 3:53pm GMT

14 May 2018

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function attribute_edit_gui not working

Here is my code, I want set for input type "email" but it don't work, What i am doing wrong?

{foreach $object.contentobject_attributes as $lidx => $ContentObjectAttribute}

{switch match=$ContentObjectAttribute.contentclass_attribute_identifier}
{case match="email"} {set $attr='type="email"'} {/case}

{attribute_edit_gui attribute=$content_attributes[$lidx] attr=$attr}


14 May 2018 8:03am GMT

11 May 2018

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The Week in Review: Improving UX, Connector Competition and More


Improving eZ Platform User Experience

Last week Inaki Juaniz-Velilla (UI/UX Developer at eZ) and André Rømcke (VP Technical Services & Support) both wrote about eZ Platform user experience improvements for editorial teams. These improvements can be found in the latest release 1.13.2. Read both of their blog posts to learn more on how we work with enterprise customers, and what these improvements include.

Call for feedback

"The Online Editor is possibly one of the most important features in eZ Platform, when it comes to editorial experience. That is why we wanted to share regarding this specific change, and also gather wider feedback on the other changes proposed above. We would like to gather feedback related to these improvements to the editorial experience of eZ Platform users. We invite and welcome all of your comments and ideas."

Leave a comment below the blogs or e-mail product management directly, and give us your feedback!

Getting the Permissions for the Admin Panel Right

Product managers and engineers at eZ are in the process of properly handling permissions in eZ Platform U.I. rolling out improvements to the next releases (2.2, 2.3, 2.4), with the goal of having a large and strong coverage by the LTS in December.

Help us get the permissions right and leave your vote. We have setup a poll on our forum with suggested solutions.

Connector Competition Continuous

The Connector Competition which started in April will continue all through May. You can still join and have a chance to win $ 2,500. The winner of this round will be announced at the eZ Conference on June 6 in Cologne.

Got questions? Post them on our forum!

A quick reminder that we launched a new and dedicated forum for eZ Platform at https://discuss.ezplatform.com. Why a new forum? We launched this new forum for several reasons. The most important one is to preserve our knowledge around eZ Platform and to make it available to everyone. Join us, share your knowledge, and ask your questions to fellow eZ Platform developers on https://discuss.ezplatform.com.

In Other News:


Edgar EzUIFaviconBundle

As part of is 'One Monday One Bundle' effort, Emmanuel Drouet has released another bundle. Called EzUIFaviconBundle, this bundle lets you generate favicons for your site accesses within eZ Platform. You can watch a demo on YouTube and find the source on Packagist.

Looking for a bundle compatible with eZ Platform? Check out: https://ezplatform.com/Bundles.

Social Media

I think one of our biggest #ezplatform bundle is almost finished! Hope it'll be ready for the #ezconf2018 to demo it to you at our booth! (hint: it's a newer, better, fancier, completely revamped version of a well-known community legacy extension) #staytuned #ezcommunity ;-)

- Sébastien Morel (@Plopix) May 5, 2018

Version 5 of the eZMigrationBundle is out with some great new features. From #kaliop with love :-)https://t.co/lXpKt3H4ct

- Gaetano Giunta (@gggeek) May 11, 2018

What happens in the shadows of the CMS?@Namshee from @GatherContent started out with changing needs of orgs in terms of content production

Great to be back at @eZSystems in Brooklyn hosted by @rolandbenedetti

Next up:
Discussion on #blockchain hosted by @alan_pelzsharpe pic.twitter.com/2R4tmb2HPt

- Janus Boye (@janusboye) May 9, 2018

Tip: check out the CMS Expert East Coast group.

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Each week we publish a roundup of highlights from the eZ ecosystem. If you have any news or events to share, please contact me.

(Lead image credit: Christopher Sessums, CC)

11 May 2018 4:24pm GMT

10 May 2018

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Upload multiple files from ez publish 5.X. + form with collect information

Can anyone help me in this issue ? I have researched regarding this issue but couldn't find anything.

I have simple feedback form and i want that user to be able upload file.

Any links to DOC or suggest will be helpful for me.

I found this extension https://github.com/netgen/enhancedezbinaryfile, after enable this extension I'm able choose "Enhanced File" but on front page it give me this error "Could not find 'eZ\Publish\SPI\Persistence\Content\FieldValue\Converter*' with identifier 'enhancedezbinaryfile' (404)"

Any idea?

10 May 2018 1:03pm GMT

04 May 2018

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Improving eZ Platform User Experience for Editorial Teams

A story of how we work with Enterprise customers

For some background on these improvements, it's worth mentioning how we are aiming to work with our Enterprise customers, though this is not unique to this improvement, we do this across a lot of the changes you see-including in our latest release.

Across our organization, especially in the customer-facing areas, we are focused in learning how our customers use and experience our software. This in turn informs the relevant area of our organization, which helps us better discover, design and prioritize future changes to our product. We do this because our success in the long run is directly dependent on our customers' success with our software.

This particular change is a good example of that. The customer who provided feedback to us is in the News industry, has a large editorial team spread across the world, and they typically spend extensive time working on content in the CMS. They are a key customer within one of the markets we especially care for and optimize eZ Platform for.

Their feedback was quite simple: The Paragraph toolbar is inhibiting basic editorial tasks and hence was annoying the team.

They also asked if the toolbar could behave more like a standard Alloy.

Some background on the Online Editor, and it's usage of Alloy

At this point, it is worth diving into the background of the Online Editor, our RichText Editor. It is based on Alloy Editor, which in turn is based on CKEditor.

Back when we decided to use Alloy, we noticed that we needed more advanced block handling than what it offered. We knew we needed capabilities such as moving blocks up and down, removing them altogether, controlling their alignment, or switching between header levels and between image sizes. And back then there were indications from the Alloy team (Liferay) that the changes we intended to do were perhaps not the direction they wanted for the project itself, ruling out contribution (for now).

This is how the custom toolbar handling for blocks was born. And in our initial user testing, it fared quite well.

User testing is something you ideally never stop doing

Almost in parallel to the issue our customer reported in regards to the toolbar, our Product Management team had already been running a series of user testing sessions and this issue was also turning up. The major pain point detected showed users clicking above the paragraph they were working on to move the toolbar up to be able to read the content just written (a very usual task when editing or creating content).

hotjar user testing

View of user testing flow for a long editorial workflow (~45 minutes), showing all interactions performed so far. Within the blue circle, all main editorial interactions. Within the red circle, extra interactions for avoiding the Paragraph toolbar.

A common use case showed a user clicking an average of 25 times for a long editing workflow, about 45 minutes. Users' tricks to avoid the Online Editor toolbar? Clicking on two paragraphs above; clicking one paragraph below; or clicking outside of the Input Rich Text box, as seen on the clicks on the right toolbar.

Another interesting finding related to this paragraph toolbar pointed out that alignment buttons are barely used when performing common editorial tasks. In addition, we also detected the need for improvements in other toolbars that are part of the Online Editor.

So when the customer request came through, we were ready to work together with them. We already had the background knowledge plus a good hunch of what was the customer's real issue.

Changes available as of last week v1.13.2 release

To address our customer's feedback we decided to split the efforts into two scopes-one short-term for v1.13, and one mid-term for v2.

For v1.13, we sought out a few different approaches:

  1. Introduce larger margins between blocks and slim down the toolbar to fit within those margins
  2. Hide the toolbar while typing

However, after iterating with our customer's team and testing them, both of these approaches proved to be clunky or janky. So in the end, we looked into attaching the toolbar to the top of the editor, which proved we needed to handle cases where the top of the editor is not visible within current browser view.

The final resolution, which the customer was satisfied with, is the following:

In the wood

Screenshot Online Editor v1.13.2 - Paragraph toolbar now positioned on top of the editor view (click here for video/screen-cast to see it in action)

Thoughts on where to take this in the future for v2

When we decided to improve our Online Editor experience from eZ Publish Platform to eZ Platform v1, we wanted a solution to write rich editorial content with ease, efficiency and comfort via a refined and simplified Online Editor. Our main objectives were:

Editorial UX is a key driver in the choice of a CMS. That's why ease-of-use and speed are our main focus for the upcoming improvements in this fall's Fast Track release, including for the Online Editor.

The feature improvements in the upcoming Fast Track releases rely on placing content at the center of the editorial experience. This is one of the most important aspects we have learned from our exchange with this specific customer in the News industry but also with customers in other domains-and it's something we truly agree on.

Among the things we consider for v2 improvements:

Prototype - Paragraph selected and displaying Paragraph toolbar (Work in progress).

changing headings

Prototype - Paragraph toolbar active displaying paragraph heading options (Work in progress). Options button displays four options for paragraphs: Heading format, alignment, move up and down. Heading options interaction showed.

Prototype - Selected paragraph toolbar active displaying paragraph alignment options (Work in progress). Alignment interaction showed.

Prototype - Text highlighted and displaying text styling toolbar (Work in progress)

Prototype - Text highlighted and displaying hyperlink toolbar with internal link selected and open in the same tab option selected (Work in progress)

Call for feedback

The Online Editor is possibly one of the most important features in eZ Platform, when it comes to editorial experience. That is why we wanted to share regarding this specific change, and also gather wider feedback on the other changes proposed above.

We would like to gather feedback related to these improvements to the editorial experience of eZ Platform users. We invite and welcome all of your comments and ideas, please feel free to comment below or send them out to productmanagement@ez.no.

04 May 2018 7:26pm GMT

Espace Courbe Chooses eZ for its Complex Trio of Museum Sites

Building new websites incrementally

In 2014, Espace Courbe chose to build the Museum Routes site on eZ Publish because content is such a critical component for The Museums of Quebec. Espace Courbe chose eZ Publish for its strength with structured content, multilingual sites, and protected access. "The site will be there for 15 years, so it needs to be strong and last for a long time," says Patrick Turmel, developer with Espace Courbe.

Over the course of the next three years, Espace Courbe rebuilt the remaining sites on the same eZ Publish / eZ Platform instance. Rather than having to keep multiple environments in sync during redevelopment, writing risky all-at-once migration scripts, having a big training exercise, and gettings editors to do double content entry for a period of time, Espace Courbe instead chose a strategy of steady evolution. Structural changes and new features were developed and applied iteratively, so that by the time they were ready to launch the new site designs, the new site structure had already been applied on the back-end.

Notable site features

In addition to modernizing the sites using a fluid development approach, Espace Courbe developed some unique features for The Museums of Quebec.

Randomized search

Most search engines will display results lists in a prescribed order such as alphabetically or based on specific criteria. Espace Courbe, however, wanted to ensure that all museums, even those that aren't at the top of the alphabet, got top billing in search results. So it randomized search results for every session. "You won't see the same museum at the top of the list twice," says Turmel.

To that it added another useful feature: the ability to return to the same spot in a search results list after clicking through to a specific result. "If you've scrolled through five pages of search results, you don't want to go back to page 1 when you click out of a specific result."

Finally, Espace Courbe was able to include content in search results asymmetrically. For example, museums from the Museum Guide will show up in search results on the Professional site, but results from the Professional site will not show up in the Museum Guide.


Espace Courbe also built a geolocation feature that can be used on-demand on the search page. So when a visitor wants to find a museum and sorts the results by distance, the site will prompt them for permission, and then (if they grant permission), will provide a list of museums sorted by distance. It will also outline the accuracy of the geolocation reading.

For example, if the visitor is on a wifi network or has a GPS chip, the accuracy should be good. If the accuracy of the geolocation reading is low, the site will still display the list but warn the user that the sort is inaccurate. This feature is mostly useful for people using the search functionality on a mobile device; wherever they are, they can get a list of museums sorted by distance and then get an idea of those that are closest to them.

User generated content

Finally, the site for museum professionals now allows members of the public to submit content such as job postings, promotions, departures, and so on. Espace Courbe built a content submission page that allows supporting documents to be uploaded. On the back-end, an approval workflow is activated when a user submits a draft of their posting, which goes to an editor who can review it before publishing.

The Museums of Quebec's sites are now more visual, easier to maintain, and more interactive for users. And with eZ Publish / eZ Platform at their core, they will last for decades to come.

04 May 2018 7:20pm GMT

28 Apr 2018

feedeZ News

The Week in Review: GDPR Compliance and More


How to be GDPR Compliant with eZ Platform or eZ Publish

"GDPR is just around the corner and many eZ Platform and eZ Publish users are likely asking how they can comply with this complex legislation. The good news is that you can start by implementing different features already available on the eZ Platform and eZ Publish frameworks."

Amit Golan-Gutin (Product Marketing Manager, eZ) interviewed Bertrand Dunogier (Technical Product Manager, eZ) to share insight on how eZ Platform and eZ Publish users can be GDPR compliant,. Read the full interview on our blog.

Join Us at eZ Conference 2018

Join us at eZ Conference 2018 in Cologne, June 5-6, and be sure to plan to stick around for the after-party happening onboard the Pure Liner boat. More information and free tickets here: https://conference.ez.no/

Nominations for eZ Awards 2018

Just a few days left to submit your nominations for the eZ Awards 2018. Nominations will close on May 1, submit your vote if you have not done so yet!

In Other News:


eZ Platform Documentation

Did you know we have separate sections of documentation for developers and system administrators, and editors and content managers.

Both of these resources are available and open to your contributions. Checkout https://github.com/ezsystems/developer-documentation and https://github.com/ezsystems/user-documentation.

Question of the Week

Tore Minsaas asked on our forum: Is there a list somewhere of the cookies that a standard eZ Platform installation uses? Sylvain Guittard from the Product team replied, check out the forum topic, GDPR: eZ Platform standard cookie list.

Looking for a bundle compatible with eZ Platform? Check out: https://ezplatform.com/Bundles.

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25 Apr 2018

feedeZ News

How to be GDPR Compliant with eZ Platform or eZ Publish

What is GDPR?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new regulation on data protection and data privacy for all European Union (EU) citizens. The regulation is set to go into effect on May 25, 2018. GDPR's goal is to strengthen data privacy by securing EU citizens' rights to be forgotten or their right to inquire about personal data that is collected on their behalf by different entities that they come in contact with. GDPR requires that data controllers and data processors implement certain measures to meet new data protection requirements.

Data Controller vs Data Processor

A data controller is any entity that decides the purpose and means of personal data processing. On the other hand, a data processor is the entity that is responsible for processing data on behalf of the controller. It is necessary to understand the distinction between these two roles. Gdpreu.org uses the following example to distinguish between the two roles: "Acme Co. sells widgets to consumers and uses Email Automation Co. to email consumers on their behalf and track their engagement activity, then with regard to such email activity data, Acme Co. is the data controller, and Email Automation Co. is the data processor." According to GDPR the data controller is the principal party responsible for collecting consents, managing the revoking of consents and the deletion of personal data. The data processor implements these actions on behalf of the controller's request.

What Are the Ramifications of Breaching GDPR?

The law states that any entity that collects personal data of EU citizens will be responsible and accountable for how that data is handled. According to Article 4 of the GDPR, 'personal data' means "any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person ('data subject'); an identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person."

A breach of the GDPR regulation can cause a company to be fined up to €20 million or 4% of its worldwide annual revenue (the biggest being applied).

Now that we have provided some context for those who are not familiar with GDPR, let's look at how to comply.

How to Address GDPR with eZ Platform

GDPR is a complex legislation that for many is still difficult to understand and prepare for. Since the legislation is often vague, it is difficult to understand how it will be enforced starting May 25th. Although we are not experts on the matter, we have done great amounts of research on this topic. Here we share with you some guidance on how to implement the right features on your eZ Platform or eZ Publish website to ensure you comply with these upcoming policies.

This past week I interviewed our rockstar Technical Product Manager, Bertrand Dunogier about steps eZ clients who use eZ Platform can take to address the GDPR predicament.

Question: What is the first step organizations should consider when preparing for GDPR?

BD: The first steps are actually not about technology or about eZ Platform at all. Organizations need to first take a good look at themselves and begin to understand and document what data they are collecting and how it is being stored. Companies must ask themselves the following questions:

One of the best measures companies can take is to eliminate old and irrelevant data. We need to understand that 95% of data collected holds no relevance. Therefore, the best thing a company can do is to get rid of irrelevant data. The second measure companies can take is to begin documenting all personal data that is collected and its purpose as well as the processes on how it is collected.

Question: How can you ask for consent with eZ Platform?

The places where personal data is collected using eZ Platform or eZ Publish are user profile creation, forms using user generated content (UGC) in eZ content repository and forms independent of the content repository using our form builder, some forms developed custom by the developer of the site or even a third-party solution or library. Let's first define how personal data is collected using these different instances.

In all three of these scenarios you can (and should) implement a consent management solution that will allow your organization to comply with GDPR regulations. We recommend that you add a new field description that is mandatory. For new registrants who create user profiles, we suggest that you implement an email field. Requiring users to provide you with an email will allow you, as the controller, to send a follow-up email to users that details the type of information you are collecting on them and the purpose of collecting that data. Secondly, a follow-up email lets you authenticate the user, allowing you to create a double opt-in mechanism.

Another solution that can address all three scenarios is the addition of a checkbox field. The checkbox field will require users to check the consent box prior to registration. This will provide you with proof that the user has provided you with his consent/permission to gather data on them. The checkbox should also be used to confirm in a UGC scenario that the user has agreed to use the license and contribute content on the platform.

Additionally, make sure to be explicit about the purpose for which you collect data in your consent request and not to conceal what type of information you will be collecting on your user.

Question: What can be done if a user requests to be deleted?

BD: A registered user can ask for his account and personal data to be deleted. Deleting the account and the personal data (user fields) stored within the user profile is not a problem. However, in the case of UGC, it can be tricky. If the contributions from the user are personal data (and in many case they will be), erasing them is, of course, possible but this could lead to undesired broken links and loss of content on the website for other users-and you should be aware of this.

If the contributions are not to be handled as personal data (maybe the user signed an agreement granting specific rights to this content), then deleting the user account might lead to broken links and orphan content. In this case, we recommend to disable the user account and anonymize all its fields by replacing them with dummy values, which lead to the same result without deleting the account itself.

To erase personal data, site administrators can simply use the Administration Interface by going to the User Management section to delete or disable a user as well as doing a filtered search to identify all content related to a specific user/author. And of course all of this can also be done by using lower level APIs.

Question: How can you use eZ Platform to export data?

BD: Currently we do not have an exporting button. However, we are looking to develop an out-of-the-box capability that allows users to "retrieve data" in the click of a button. This button will allow you to download and export personal data. Currently developers can customize the system using the API. The API allows you to query the content repository for all content published by an author, and can then be exported. We are also considering creating a simple "forget me" button that once pressed, will lead to all the personal data collected on a certain user to be deleted automatically.


GDPR can be a very confusing piece of legislation. The good news is that a lot can be done about it with on eZ Platform and eZ Publish, thanks to APIs and architecture. The final word on what needs to be done to comply will depends a lot on your specific installation and how you use the platform. It will require you to adjust how you address data collection and data privacy.

In the near future we hope to introduce some features that will go beyond the current capabilities for reaching GDPR compliance, making it easier and faster to implement. For example, we are looking into various features such as a consent management panel, a data export panel and a consent withdrawal tool bar.

We recommend that you learn more about this topic by reading Bozho's Tech Blog post: GDPR - A Practical Guide for Developers or Smashing Magazines article: GDPR for Web Developers.

And stay tuned, we'll post more about GDPR here as well. In the meantime, you can provide any comments or questions about how eZ Platform or eZ Publish can help you be GDPR compliant in the comment section below or our discussion forum at discuss.ezplatform.com.

25 Apr 2018 3:31pm GMT

16 Apr 2018

feedeZ News

Interview with CTO of SensioLabs Deutschland - Andreas Hucks

Q: What was the driving decision behind going with the HTTP Request/Response model instead of the more common MVC architecture when Symfony was invented?

A: The request/response model is the basic foundation for all web frameworks, it allows you to work with the pattern that best fits your application. Symfony Full-Stack out of the box actually uses a form of MVC. But it is also flexible enough to work with other patterns you might want to implement. So it is actually not a question of a specific model, but of being open to all kinds of use cases on the web.

Q: What are some of the challenges SensioLabs must overcome when onboarding developers with a background in different frameworks?

A: Most of the concepts that Symfony has introduced to the PHP world in version 2-things like request/response encapsulation, dependency injection, a modern framework architecture-have become mainstream now in most frameworks and in the PHP world in general. So if the developer in question has a background in another contemporary framework, the barrier of entry is actually not high.

Q: With Symfony 4, the full-stack approach is no longer in the spotlight, marking a huge change in thinking for many developers not used to microservices architectures. What is Sensio's strategy to help these developers change how they approach and solve architectural challenges?

A: Symfony 4 changes the way components and bundles are installed, and Flex gives you the tools to only install what you need. The recommended way to configure your app is now by way of environment variables, and you are able to pre-warm the cache for deployment. All of these features will be just as beneficial for traditional full-stack applications, and making use of them (or not) does not make or break a microservice. Symfony is the full-stack framework it always was, but it's now easier to finely tune it to your needs-which might or might not include microservices. If you have a use case that does not benefit from a microservice architecture-and a good portion of small to mid-sized projects don't-then nothing changes for you. Symfony full-stack is not going away.

Q: Changing from Assetic to Webpack is another big shift for many developers. Do you see a growing need to be a full-stack polyglot to play well with Symfony in the future?

A: Assetic had gone out of use in most projects for some time already. It was removed for a variety of reasons, including performance, but most importantly, because Symfony is a PHP framework and should not make any assumptions about the frontend in a rapidly changing frontend world, where every team has different needs. Note that while Webpack Encore is published under the "Symfony" vendor name, it is not specifically tailored to the Symfony framework, nor indeed to PHP. You can perfectly use it in a Python Flask application for example. As such, Symfony does not really play into the question of whether you should be a polyglot developer or not.

Q: SensioLabs will be holding training alongside eZ's training workshop on June 5 in Cologne, one day before eZ Conference. What can developers look forward to learning in SensioLabs' training?

A: Developers in the workshop will get a hands-on introduction to working with the Symfony 4 framework. Starting with the project setup, we'll cover most of the everyday uses of the framework, from how routing and controllers work, to implementing a simple form and a quick introduction to the dependency injection container. Attendees should be sure to bring their own laptop with a development environment compatible with Symfony 4.

If you have not yet registered for eZ Conference on June 6 or eZ's workshop training on June 5 in Cologne, there's still time. We hope to see you there!

16 Apr 2018 9:05pm GMT

13 Apr 2018

feedeZ News

The Week in Review: New Community Board, eZ Conference Speakers Announced and More


Speaker Lineup Announced for eZ Conference 2018

We've released our lineup of speakers for the Content Track and Technical Track. Thank you to all who submitted speaking proposals. Check out the individual speakers in our announcement. If you haven't registered for eZ Conference on June 6 in Cologne, you can do so at conference.ez.no-reminder: it's free this year.

Are you a developer? Don't forget we'll have a full day of workshops the day prior to the conference, on June 5. Workshop sessions will cover eZ Platform v2, eZ Platform Cloud and eZ Commerce.

SensioLabs will also hold a developer workshop in parallel to eZ's on June 5 at the same venue as eZ Conference. It will be an introduction to Symfony, and it will get developers off the ground building a simple application where they will get to know the most important features to use in their everyday work with Symfony.

Developers can register for both the eZ and SensioLabs workshops at conference.ez.no.

Meet the New Community Board

Last week we announced the new Community Board. The Board has a term of one year, and after the renewal process we are welcoming Gunnstein Lye (eZ Systems) and Alex Wilson (Bluetel) to the Community Board.

The eZ Community Board represents you, the eZ community. You are invited to contact one or more of those who represent you, or to contact the entire Board, to share your views, needs, and questions.

eZ Platform 1.13.2-rc1

eZ Platform 1.13.2 (LTS) is available as release candidate. As always, we welcome developers to test this release. Check out the change log on GitHub, which includes the improvements and bug fixes this release will bring. This release is scheduled for end of next week.

In Other News:


eZ Platform Bundle Generator

Another "One Monday One Bundle" by Emmanuel Drouet. This time Emmanuel shares his eZ Platform bundle generator (EzBundleGeneratorBundle) on YouTube and Packagist.

Question of the Week

On our Slack channels, Kostas asked this: "Hi guys, is there a way to convert legacy XML Text to new Rich Text format?" Edi Modrić replied: "Yes, there's a `php bin/console ezxmltext:convert-to-richtext` script. Take care though, the script is still unstable and I think not all features are supported, so DB backup is mandatory before"

Looking for a bundle compatible with eZ Platform? Check out: https://ezplatform.com/Bundles.

Social Media

I have installed #ezpublish/#ezplatform at least once every month for the last 7,8 years and I guess it's fair to say I know how to do it pretty well. but I had my best and easiest installation of lifetime with #eZlaunchpad last weekend. thanks @Plopix @eZSystems

- Amir Koklan (@Amirkoklan) April 10, 2018

The April eZ Connector Competition Is On!
Enter to WIN $2500.
Submit your idea >> https://t.co/PV9m1yg4ET#ezplatform #ezconnector #cms #contentmanagement pic.twitter.com/jTqYLQpi9V

- eZ Systems (@eZSystems) April 3, 2018

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13 Apr 2018 4:21pm GMT

12 Apr 2018

feedeZ News

Speaker Lineup Announced for eZ Conference 2018


Dominik Grau

Dominik Grau - Chief Innovation Officer, Ebner Publishing

A Roadmap to Becoming Your Customer's Information Hub
Learn how companies-even the most traditional ones-can transform themselves into digitally driven organizations that focus on customer experience.


Lars Eirik Rønning

Lars Eirik Rønning - VP Technical Services, eZ Systems

Working with Content on eZ Platform v2
Learn how to create content for a website using eZ Platform v2. You will walk away with practical knowledge of working with content on eZ Platform v2, including creating and editing various types of content, plus more.

Roland Benedetti

Roland Benedetti - Chief Product Officer, eZ Systems

Personalization on eZ Platform v2
Personalization does not always have to be complex. Learn about the small steps marketers and editors can take to implement personalization features that deliver a lot of value. You will learn about relevance and interest, tags and taxonomy to categorize and segment, and explicit personalization.

Ania Hentz

Ania Hentz - Co-Founder, silver.solutions

Engage Your Customers with eZ Commerce
Using eZ Commerce, learn how to combine content and commerce to drive more engagement with your website visitors. Discover how to feature best-selling or last-viewed items, learn how to use sales banners and scheduled content, plus add content for special items-all with the goal of engaging your buyers and providing a memorable customer experience.

Oliver Dirr

Oliver Dirr - Head of Web Development & Social Media, Landeshauptstadt München

How We Modeled a Tourism Portal with eZ Platform
Tourism sites are a little different from classic news sites. In tourism it's not so much about creating new content, but it's very much about improving and combining the existing, timeless content again and again. Learn how the official tourism portal for Munich used eZ to make their content multilingual, reusable and easy to combine. And hear about the benefits felt by their small editorial team-once content is created, it's very easy to manage.

Anne-Marie Feilberg

Anne-Marie Feilberg - Director of Partnerships, Siteimprove

GDPR in the Digital World
The deadline for GDPR compliance is May 25, 2018. Are you an eZ Platform editor? Are you ready for GDPR? Learn how to use the Siteimprove plugin for eZ Platform to support your GDPR compliance process.


Andreas Hucks

Andreas Hucks - Deutschland CTO, SensioLabs

Symfony Under the Hood
Andreas will help us gain insight into the inner workings of the Symfony framework. If you have used Symfony, but have never built a compiler pass, a cache warmer, or are wondering how exactly the container is built, this talk is for you.

Frank Dege

Frank Dege - Co-Founder, silver.solutions

How to Extend eZ Commerce
eZ Commerce is eZ's new content+commerce platform. Frank Dege, Co-founder of silver.solutions will show the flexibility of eZ Commerce and how to extend the software in projects.

Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson - Principal Developer, Bluetel Solutions

What am I? Serverless Concept Mining
With tens or hundreds of thousands of articles, how do you organize content for your editors? And how do you present it to your users? Concept mining is a technique used to categorize content, and we can use it to solve these problems as well as opening doors for the future. Using the Serverless Framework and a little natural-language processing magic we can quickly and easily annotate our content.

Sébastien Morel

Sébastien Morel - CTO/Head of U.S., Novactive

eZ Platform Cloud and eZ Launchpad: Don't Host, Don't Deploy, Don't Install: Just Code!
Learn what's involved in the process of launching a new web project-from starting with nothing to having a local development environment shared with your team using eZ Platform, Docker plus Platform.sh and more in just a few hours.

Extending eZ Platform v2 with Symfony and React (Presented by eZ' Lead Developer and Technical Product Manager)
eZ Platform v2 is out and the UI has been fully redeveloped using Symfony as well as libraries such as React. You'll learn to quickly and simply extend eZ Platform's UI to fit your needs and add your own features to the platform. This session will go through the major extension points in the application and how to integrate your code-be it Twig-based classic web pages or with more modern and more interactive React.js code.

Using eZ Platform in an API Era (Presented by eZ' Lead Developer and Product Manager)
The time for monolithic applications is far gone. Now developers are building solutions by assembling applications and services of all kinds and in all ways. In this session we'll focus on how eZ Platform embraces the modern way of building applications-from interacting its content repository service via the remote API, to integrating third-party services simply within eZ.

Check out conference.ez.no to learn more about the speakers and presentations.


Special thanks to our sponsors Novactive, Arithnea, Siteimprove, comwrap, Kaliop, Smile, SensioLabs and Symfony for their continuous support.

eZ Conference 2018 sponsors

12 Apr 2018 5:27pm GMT

11 Apr 2018

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Re: How to instruct eZ Publish 5 to work with relative URL on ezimage rendered images?

Hi, I am also interested

11 Apr 2018 7:44am GMT

30 Mar 2018

feedeZ News

The Week in Review: eZ Platform 2.1, Symfony Thanks and More


eZ Platform 2.1 Released

"We are thrilled to announce the release of eZ Platform v2.1. This release bears many wonderful surprises and useful features that the product team has been working very hard on. The features are expected to greatly enhance both the developer and the editorial experiences."

Some of the new features include:

Release notes are available on our documentation site. You can read the full details in the official announcement.

Which Filters for eZ Platform UI Search?

With the release of eZ Platform 2.1, which includes the improved filtered search, eZ Chief of Product Roland Benedetti has asked the following question to our community: Which filters for eZ Platform UI Search?

Head over to our forum and let us know in the poll which filters you would be interested in!

Symfony Thanks

eZ Platform 2.1 now includes an extra dependency symfony/thanks. Suggested by Javier Eguiluz through a pull request, "Symfony Thanks allows users to say thanks to the libraries used in their projects. Despite its name, it's not a "Symfony thing", but a "PHP thing."

Javier writes: "Technically speaking, it's a tiny dependency that includes just a few lines of PHP code (all the work is done by Composer). The dependency doesn't execute anything unless the user explicitly wants to do that and types some command. A nice side effect of "saying thanks" is that the entire PHP community gets more recognition on GitHub in the form of a GitHub Star."

SymfonyLive Paris

On Thursday and Friday, the French team attended the SymfonyLive Paris event. As a sponsor, we had an exhibition stand filled with goodies that attracted developers. The team talked a lot about eZ's new PaaS and commerce offers, and the next eZ Conference in June. This year, for the 10th edition of SymfonyLive Paris, all tickets were sold out, and we know why: the agenda was very exciting. On Thursday, Allociné, French leader in the cinema information industry, shared insights on migrating its API to Symfony 4. There were also talks about architecture, Mutation Testing and Doctrine. On Friday, attendees learned more about optimizing PHP 7, ReactJs, or choosing the right option between REST or GraphQL.

We were very happy to meet our partner Kaliop during the event, also a sponsor. We had two great days communicating with our ecosystem and we can't wait for next year. Thanks to SensioLabs for organizing this 10th edition!

Merci à @eZSystems, Sponsor Gold au #Symfony_Live Paris pour leur soutien ! pic.twitter.com/c8cvawGJ55

- Symfony Live (@symfony_live) March 30, 2018

In Other News:


Introduction to the eZ Community

This week Ivo Lukač from Netgen hosted a webinar introducing the eZ Community. eZ's Community Manager joined the webinar and talked about Community statistics and strategy. A recording is available on YouTube, valuable to all that are new to our Community.

Question of the Week

This week I caught not one but two interesting questions on Slack. The first one is by Carlos Revillo: "Good morning. it's possible "assign" a site-access to more than one group?" He actually answered this himself: "A SiteAccess can be part of several groups. A SiteAccess configuration has always precedence on the group configuration. This is cool."

The second question was by Felix Laate: "Trying to do a fresh install, I get: 'PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Symfony\Component\Debug\Exception\ClassNotFoundException: Attempted to load class "Sensio GeneratorBundle" from namespace "Sensio\Bundle\GeneratorBundle' Any ideas anybody?"

André Romcke replied to this: "Skip `--no-dev` when installing with composer, `--no-dev` only works with symfony prod now with Symfony 3 _(because GeneratorBundle, enabled in `dev` by default, is set up as a require-dev dependency now."

Looking for a bundle compatible with eZ Platform? Check out: https://ezplatform.com/Bundles.

Social Media

eZ Conference 2018 is coming up in less than 3 months--we hope to see you there!
(Pssst: this year, it's free! )
REGISTER today: https://t.co/urn6BhOB3D#eZConf2018 pic.twitter.com/jSTgojB0IH

- eZ Systems (@eZSystems) March 28, 2018

TagsBundle for #ezplatform released in version 3.3, introduces persistence cache for tag objects! https://t.co/9gCS2Sihk7

- Edi Modrić (@emodric) March 28, 2018

Tell us who stands out in the eZ Community!
Submit Your Nomination for eZ Awards 2018 https://t.co/MZT5NJOJ64 #eZConf2018 #ezcommunity pic.twitter.com/J6KSfxSFBM

- eZ Systems (@eZSystems) March 30, 2018

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, or YouTube, and join our Community for any help with eZ Platform or community-related questions.

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For more events, make sure to check out this list.

Each week we publish a roundup of highlights from the eZ ecosystem. If you have any news or events to share, please contact me.

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30 Mar 2018 3:46pm GMT

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Re: Cannot update and publish content type

php -d memory_limit=-1


30 Mar 2018 9:35am GMT

26 Mar 2018

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How to get url_id link from ezpublish 4.x

below url_id is from xml field, I am unable to find how to get data with that id, please help me how can I extract data.


26 Mar 2018 5:01am GMT

21 Mar 2018

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Re: blank page - ezpub 5.4

Hello Daniel,

What version of eZ Publish Community Build are you using exactly? Or rather how did you install this installation of eZ Publish? This answer will help us tell you more accurately what version your using and what you need to do to fix your problem.

5.4 is kinda a brand more than a specific version when it comes right down to it.

To me it sounds like you forgot you would need to upgrade eZ Publish to the latest version at the same time or just after your upgrade of PHP was complete. Many people forget this when migrating from php5.3+

In the mean time you can review the ezpublish error.log file for specifics on what is breaking and / or enable debug output and review the page debug information displayed.

Also, how did you clear all cache specifically? This may have not been done accurately or completely which could be why your having problems restoring the website functionality after downgrading back to php5.3+

I've seen lots of people posting about this same situation and it's almost always because they need to remember to upgrade both eZ and PHP at the same time.

I hope this helps.


21 Mar 2018 6:29am GMT

14 Feb 2018

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Re: still login after logout - production environement

I seem to have the same problem as the one you mention.
What did you do to fix it?

14 Feb 2018 9:00am GMT

Re: urlalias lowercase transform equivalent

This command seems to have been disappeared on the lasted ezplaform release (2.x)

14 Feb 2018 2:14am GMT

12 Feb 2018

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Re: Dynamically log user

The API has changed (eZ5.4). The token is not handled by the same service :

12 Feb 2018 3:15pm GMT

11 Feb 2018

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Re: eZ Platform custom tag

Hi Michael,

Same question here. How did you solved it?


11 Feb 2018 3:29pm GMT

28 Jan 2018

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blank page - ezpub 5.4

hello i have blank white page :( can anyone help me ? what i did ...

i decided to update php from 5.3.8 to 5.6after upgrade my main site has blank white page. but anyway if i open www.mysite.com/index.php it works.

Not fully because my links doesnt work ( i have not module found error - kernel (3))
so i back with php version to 5.3.8 again but it is the same :( blank white page againso i suppose that php version has nothing to do with error.
i tried to clear all ezpub cache but it won't help.

i didn't touch any config - so it was working before php action - now its not
ezpub 5.4
best regards

ps. all other non ezpub sites works without problems

28 Jan 2018 12:33pm GMT

24 Jan 2018

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Re: Criterion\FullText VS wildcards


I checked your example and:

I search on the text fields and I use the version: eZ Publish 2014.11

There is something wrong with you, everything works for me as described here http://apidoc.ez.no/sami/trunk/NS/html/eZ/Publish/API/Repository/Values/Content/Query/Criterion/FullText.html

24 Jan 2018 9:38am GMT

How can I delete the BinaryFile FieldType ... ?


How can I delete the BinaryFile FieldType with the content and the file?

I tried this way:

$contentUpdateStruct = $contentService->newContentUpdateStruct();
$contentUpdateStruct->initialLanguageCode = 'eng-GB';
$contentUpdateStruct->setField('file', NULL); //does not delete the file

24 Jan 2018 8:45am GMT

23 Jan 2018

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How to search in BinaryFile field with criteria ?

Hi everyone,

how to get items that have files ? items where field binaryFIle have file/image ?

 $criterionAnd->criteria[] = new Criterion\Field('file', Criterion\Operator::EQ,true); //did not work

23 Jan 2018 8:48am GMT

17 Jan 2018

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Re: Render form from eZ Publish 5

How is your form defined?

Key "description" for array with keys "value, attr, form, id, name, full_name, disabled, label, label_format, multipart, block_prefixes, unique_block_prefix, translation_domain, cache_key, read_only, errors, valid, data, required, max_length, pattern, size, label_attr, compound, method, action, submitted, multiple, expanded, preferred_choices, choices, separator, placeholder, choice_translation_domain, is_selected, placeholder_in_choices, empty_value, empty_value_in_choices" does not exist

17 Jan 2018 1:44pm GMT

Re: Steps to move from 5.4 to eZ Platform ?

I just did it following this procedure.


(I climbed into Community ezplatform 1.13 https://www.ezplatform.com/#download-option )

Warning. this command can be very long.

php app/console ezxmltext:convert-to-richtext -v

Note. To install the legacy bridge it is necessary to put version 1.4 (with ezplatform 1.13)

php composer.phar require --no-update ezsystems/legacy-bridge:^1.4

Good luck :)

17 Jan 2018 1:38pm GMT

13 Oct 2011

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Building native mobile applications with the eZ Publish REST API

eZ Publish is a Web Content Management System that provides a platform to publish content via any channel. Its powerful presentation engine enables you to create websites and pages that display your content in a variety of renderings. Its powerful API directly and simply integrates your content with any web-enabled application on any device, such as the iPad, iPhone, or an Android device, without ever interfering with, or impacting the platform itself.

At the end of this tutorial, you will have learnt the basics of mobile application development for both iOS and Android platforms, consuming content from eZ Publish. CMS-side adjustments for the mobile channel will be acquired too. This cheatsheet will help you leverage the multichannel capabilities of eZ Publish, and its REST API in future projects, in a more systematic fashion.

13 Oct 2011 2:21pm GMT

16 Aug 2011

feedshare.ez.no > Articles and Tutorials

Image Maps in ezwebin Banners

Beginners guide for learning how to use image maps in the ezwebin extension.

16 Aug 2011 12:40pm GMT

07 Jul 2011

feedshare.ez.no > Articles and Tutorials

Building mobile browser and hybrid applications with eZ Publish

eZ Publish is a Web Content Management System that provides a platform to publish content via any channel. Its powerful presentation engine enables you to create websites and pages that display your content in a variety of renderings. Its powerful API directly and simply integrates your content with any web-enabled application on any device, such as the iPad, iPhone, or an Android device, without ever interfering with, or impacting the platform itself.

At the end of this tutorial, you will have learnt the basics of mobile application development for both iOS and Android platforms, consuming content from eZ Publish. CMS-side adjustments for the mobile channel will be acquired too. This cheatsheet will help you leverage the multichannel capabilities of eZ Publish, and its REST API in future projects, in a more systematic fashion.

07 Jul 2011 1:29pm GMT

06 May 2011

feedshare.ez.no > Articles and Tutorials

eZ Publish 4.2011 Community (4.5) with Nginx and PHP-FPM on Debian 6 (“Squeeze”)

After completing this tutorial, you should have a working eZ Publish 4.2011 Community (or 4.5) installation running on a single Debian 6 server with the following features:

06 May 2011 4:45pm GMT

18 Apr 2011

feedshare.ez.no > Articles and Tutorials

Creating Custom Admin Modules

In this tutorial we will explore how to add custom modules and views to the CMS. By doing this you can extend the functionality of the back office to use your custom PHP to carry out various tasks. Once this tutorial is complete you should be comfortable with creating modules and views for any siteaccess with the CMS and be able to appreciate situations when creating custom modules and views would be suitable.

18 Apr 2011 9:42pm GMT

16 Mar 2011

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Running eZ Publish daemons in shared virtual hosting environment

At the end of this tutorial, you should have enough knowledge for setting up the eZ Find Solr daemon, and ezodf (OpenOffice.org) conversion daemon in a shared virtual hosting environment.

16 Mar 2011 10:51am GMT

01 Mar 2011

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How to contribute to eZ Publish using Git

At the end of this tutorial, you should be able to contribute to eZ Publish Community Project, eZ Publish's kernel developed by both eZ and the eZ Community. You will learn how to use git and github in the scope of this participation, and be given the bunch of best-practices to follow for smooth collaboration.

01 Mar 2011 9:07pm GMT

22 Feb 2011

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At the end of this tutorial, you should be able to contribute to the eZ Publish Localization project using GIT. Localizing means adding new translations to eZ Publish, enhancing existing ones, and adding or enhancing locales (currencies, week days names, date formats, etc. ).

22 Feb 2011 10:53am GMT

11 Feb 2011

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Transforming jQuery plugins into eZ publish extensions

In this tutorial we will see the main steps to transform a jQuery plugin into an eZ publish extension, in this case an eZ flow block.

11 Feb 2011 12:06pm GMT

24 Dec 2010

feedshare.ez.no > Articles and Tutorials

Extending eZ Publish’s REST API - Developer Preview #2

At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to embed your custom RESTful interface into eZ Publish, to be further consumed by any 3rd party-service :

24 Dec 2010 2:45pm GMT

10 Dec 2010

feedshare.ez.no > Articles and Tutorials

An Introduction to Developing eZ Publish Extensions

Most Content Management System requirements can be fulfilled by eZ Publish without any custom PHP coding. But sooner or later experienced eZ Publish implementers get to the point where a project needs some special functionality and it becomes necessary to develop extensions.

(This tutorial was initially published on 21/01/2008, and refreshed to match the 4.x series on 10/12/2010)

10 Dec 2010 9:24am GMT

09 Dec 2010

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Creating a simple custom workflow event

This tutorial will guide you through the development of a simple eZ Publish workflow event. At the end of the tutorial, you should be able to create your own workflow event, configure a workflow that would execute the event and configure workflow triggers in the admin interface.

Note : the PDF version of this tutorial, as well as the downloadable extension are here.

09 Dec 2010 4:01pm GMT

18 Nov 2010

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A Quick and Friendly Introduction to eZPersistentObject

In this tutorial we will learn how to use CRUDfeatures by extending eZPersistentObject class, so it will be possible to Create, Read, Update, and Delete objects in the database in a straightforward way, without writing SQL queries.

18 Nov 2010 5:11pm GMT

26 Oct 2010

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Encapsulating e-mails for usability and spam protection

At the end of this tutorial you will have a new way of encapsulating e-mails avoiding crawlers to collect and use them as spam. Users at the frontend will have a well-known e-mail sequence to click thus avoiding confusion. Developers will not sacrifice usability versus spam-protection.

26 Oct 2010 8:15am GMT

18 Oct 2010

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Fetching User Objects with PHP - part 2

At the end of this tutorial you should be comfortable with exporting multiple users from PHP scripts into a external file using a cronjob. You should also be comfortable with filtering fetch statements in PHP.

18 Oct 2010 8:38am GMT

24 Sep 2010

feedshare.ez.no > Articles and Tutorials

Fetching User Objects with PHP - part 1

At the end of this tutorial you should be comfortable with exporting user information from PHP scripts.

24 Sep 2010 2:57pm GMT