11 Nov 2011

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Re: Firebug 1.9 beta 1

The existing AMD module function definitions are unlikely to be changed
again. At least for the 1.9 release they won't change anymore. Though the
modules can always be extended by new functions in future versions.
Honza, please correct me, if I am wrong.

11 Nov 2011 11:02pm GMT

Re: Firebug 1.9 beta 1

Congratulation on the milestone and thank you for the support so far!
And one extension developer question:
Are the AMD modules finalized now?

11 Nov 2011 10:44pm GMT

Re: FireBug 1.9.0-a5 Bug Report and 1.9 beta 1.

It's not necessary to open a new thread. Please keep posting to the old one<[link]>

11 Nov 2011 10:14pm GMT

FireBug 1.9.0-a5 Bug Report and 1.9 beta 1.

I'm seeing the same problem with FireBug 1.9 beta 1.

11 Nov 2011 8:38pm GMT

Re: Firebug 1.9 beta 1

Excellent, Honza!
Please also upload it at Babelzilla, so people can translate it.

11 Nov 2011 4:18pm GMT

Firebug 1.9 beta 1


11 Nov 2011 4:09pm GMT

Re: "NetworkError: 404 Not Found" - but file IS found

Thank you -- that clarification helped to focus my problem solving. It
turned out to be a Wordpress issue. Changing "require('wp-blog-
header.php');" to "require('wp-load.php');" at the start of the script
fixed it. It also restored the ajax ability that had been lost on a
recent move to a new host (which appears to have more security

11 Nov 2011 1:59pm GMT

Re: DOM tree in extension panel

Hmmm or maby You know how to expand node in DOM TREE from other panel.

I want to select node in my panel and expand tree + select this node
in DOM TREE in HTML panel.

Think it will be easier for me :/


11 Nov 2011 10:15am GMT

Re: FireBug 1.9.0-a5 Bug Report.

I see the browser hanging ant I get "unresponsive script" messages when
testing this with FB 1.8.4 and 1.9.0a5 on Win7 with FF 8.0.
For 1.9.0a5 I first get this for firebug-trace-service.js, line 356.
Clicking "Stop script" then I get it at firebug-service.js, line 4212

11 Nov 2011 9:44am GMT

Re: FireBug 1.9.0-a5 Bug Report.

It's the right place.

I can't reproduce the problem, the page loads for me even if "string
warnings" option is set.
But yes, it's slower since a lot of errors is reported (you can check
Firefox Error Console)

Anybody else can repro the problem?


11 Nov 2011 7:46am GMT

Re: "NetworkError: 404 Not Found" - but file IS found

Wireshark shows that "404 Not Found" is exactly what comes from the server.
I would check the server side.

11 Nov 2011 7:41am GMT

FireBug 1.9.0-a5 Bug Report.

I don't know if this is the right please to send a bug report, but
here it is:

ยท Setting up the bug reproduction enviroment:

- Using FireBug 1.9.0-a5 on FireFox 8.0 (Windows XP + SP3).
- "Console" tab Enabled. IMPORTANT: Only "Strict Warnings (performance
penalty)" config is set for this tab.

11 Nov 2011 12:35am GMT

10 Nov 2011

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"NetworkError: 404 Not Found" - but file IS found

Screen grab: [link]

This file loads fine in the browser: [link]

But Firebug shows "NetworkError: 404 Not Found -


10 Nov 2011 5:36pm GMT

Re: Error line 22862 when trying Firebug on IE

Hi Pedro,

So, it took me a while to find the time to search further. I removed
the code piece by piece (looking at CSS, we have @import statements,
no @media), hoping to have that problem stop at sometimes and nail
down the problem. It didn't work. Even with a dead simple HTML, it is
still not working, so I must be doing something very wrong here:

10 Nov 2011 4:29pm GMT

Re: DOM tree in extension panel

Yes this should be possible (I am thinking about new part of the extension
tutorial :)
For now you need to look how the HTML panel rendering starts.
Check out the Firebug.HTMLPanel.updateSelect ion (firebug/html/htmlPanel
At this moment it's this code:

10 Nov 2011 1:57pm GMT

27 Oct 2011

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Re: Firebug 1.9 beta

See examples on this page:

The message manager allows sending JSON based packets between chrome
and content processes. That's how Firebug needs to communicate with
current page instead of directly accessing it.

The message manager represents API we need from Gecko. This API is

27 Oct 2011 2:02pm GMT

Re: Firebug 1.9 beta

Yes, as soon as e10s replaced the current APIs. I'm aware of that.

Unfortunately the e10s page <[link]> is not
kept up-to-date. We need some specific API examples to be able to start
working on e10s.

So this means (at least for me) as long as the APIs are not existing and

27 Oct 2011 1:11pm GMT

Re: Firebug 1.9 beta

Sounds good

I'll postpone b1 and release a5 instead.

Please cc me on every new report that is blocking the beta.


27 Oct 2011 10:53am GMT

Re: Firebug 1.9 beta

A soon as e10s is in place Firebug just won't work -
no matter how many great features we have.

If we want to have working Firebug next year, we really need
to understand the importance of e10s and see the amount of work
needed to be done.

All new features we implement since now should support e10s,

27 Oct 2011 10:50am GMT

Re: [FWG] Re: Firebug 1.9 beta

Ah, that's right. Please create an issue for that, so we can keep track of

Also for this you should create an issue including a test case.
Both of these are bugs and therefore could also be fixed in the beta

Would be great, if that could still be put into 1.9.

Great! Is it working based on the focus as I wrote in the enhancement

27 Oct 2011 10:04am GMT

Re: [FWG] Re: Firebug 1.9 beta

i see two regressions
- 'open with editor' isn't added to content area contextMenu,
not sure if we need to fix this, but fix is simple,
editorToContextMenu.js needs to be added to browser.xul
- after detaching firebug, searchbox panel focuses window where it
was opened first
just removing and adding searchbox fixes this, but i am not sure

27 Oct 2011 9:49am GMT

Re: Firebug 1.9 beta

I guess unfortunately not. And just for this we shouldn't move the release.

Remember 2874 <[link]> is just
a meta issue. It consists of smaller and larger issues. While the largest
ones could probably take a month to implement, the small ones are surely

27 Oct 2011 9:49am GMT

Re: Firebug 1.9 beta

On Oct 27, 12:52 am, Christoph Dorn <christ...@christophdorn.com>
1-2 months? Depends of feedback (I am not getting much feedback during

I have been working on AMD support for extensions issue 4718, it's now
working for my
HelloAMD example:

27 Oct 2011 8:55am GMT

Re: Firebug 1.9 beta

Would it help if we release a5 this week and b1 next week?

We have already discussed this, 2784 is huge and we just don't have
resources to implement that.

Here is what I think should be our priorities:
1) Fix memory leaks (and performance related issues)
2) Be ready for e10s (multiprocess)

27 Oct 2011 8:28am GMT

26 Oct 2011

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Re: [FWG] Firebug 1.9 beta

What is the ETA for 1.9 stable?
The only feature I would **really** love to have is the ability to dynamically register and unregister modules and panels. I have not checked lately where we are at with that. I can get up to speed next week and also look at the firebug logging and extensions for/via jetpack again to see if we can get that stuff working.

26 Oct 2011 10:52pm GMT

Re: Firebug 1.9 beta

Well, I guess I won't be able to finish issue 2916<[link]>nor
3071 <[link]> before then as
we discussed in the conf call of the 18th<[link]>this month. But they are just features, so they can be moved.

26 Oct 2011 10:29pm GMT

Firebug 1.9 beta

Firebug 1.9a4 seems to be in pretty good shape and so, we have been
discussing switching to beta phase. Since betas are uploaded on AMO,
we could also attract more beta testers and get more feedback.


1) Do you agree that 1.9 beta 1 will be released this week on Friday?

2) Do you think there is an issue that should be fixed in 1.9?

26 Oct 2011 1:43pm GMT

21 Oct 2011

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Re: SVN -> getfirebug.com sync working

Yep, I got an email now, excellent!


21 Oct 2011 6:41am GMT

Re: SVN -> getfirebug.com sync working

Today it's also working for me again. The whole wiki was broken yesterday,
but Brian already fixed it now.

21 Oct 2011 6:12am GMT

Re: SVN -> getfirebug.com sync working

It seems to be working for me.

What specific page is broken for you?


21 Oct 2011 5:29am GMT