24 Jun 2016

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Ian Glazer: Professionalizing Identity: What happens next?

Apologies for not getting this out sooner. After having a great time at #CISNOLA I recovered a bit. In that time I got a lot of feedback on my micro-keynote on professionalizing the identity management industry. Lots of of very encouraging feedback. There was a common theme to these conversation - I signed the pledge; … Continue reading Professionalizing Identity: What happens next?

24 Jun 2016 6:20pm GMT

Matthew Gertner - AllPeers: How to Write a Research Paper Quickly

Many of us have been there, that awful moment when it dawns on you that you have a paper due in the coming days, and in our wisdom we opted to go out for those parties and paid no mind at all to our studies. Then after the fun comes the cold hard shock and the realization that within just a few short days you must lash together something passable like perhaps, a research paper. In times like these it's important to stay calm and get focussed, if this awful fate befalls you then here are some tips to getting that…

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24 Jun 2016 4:08pm GMT

22 Jun 2016

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Mythics: A Review of the New Oracle Database Appliance X6-2S and X6-2M for Small and Medium Orgs

This week, Oracle announced the first few systems of the next generation of the popular Oracle Database Appliance (ODA), the X6. The big news with…

22 Jun 2016 7:37pm GMT

Matthew Gertner - AllPeers: Why I Love the Game Colour Switch

Since the rise of the Smartphone you are now able to essential control your life from your pocket, you can manage your bank account, search for things on the internet, find directions, take photos, create projects or video call your international friends and you can do it all on the move. More importantly however is that your smartphone or tablet has become a gaming device that allows you to play games whenever you want, wherever you are. The range of games available is enormous and the best games that have been created for these devices are the ones that you…

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22 Jun 2016 5:06pm GMT

Matthew Gertner - AllPeers: 5 Hacks to Boost Your Productivity at Work

One of the best ways to make yourself invaluable at work is to enhance your efficiency. Co-workers and bosses know which employees stand out in terms of getting things done quickly and capably. To excel in your field, your goal is simple: Become the best version of yourself. Fortunately, there are many life hacks that can aid in your endeavor to boost your productivity at work. Start with these five basics. Just Say No Image via Flickr by TechStage The act of declining invitations is a skill that's important to develop. One of the worst situations you can face as…

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22 Jun 2016 4:55pm GMT

21 Jun 2016

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Matthew Gertner - AllPeers: How to help children overcome travel anxiety

Photo by US State Department courtesy CC user Liftarn on Wikimedia Commons Family holidays can be a lot of fun. There's the anticipation and excitement of going to a new place and exploring sights and sounds that you've never experienced before. To make it even better, you get to take your children with you, and you can have fun discovering all the hidden treasures a new location has to offer. Unfortunately, some children do not travel well. The thought of traveling, either by plane or by road, for a long period of time, simply terrifies them. Flying can be especially scary…

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21 Jun 2016 6:49pm GMT

18 Jun 2016

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Matthew Gertner - AllPeers: Zero Waste Sapioponic House – the Most Exciting Eco Project Ever!

We all do our best to be live in harmony with nature. Or at least we try - some don't, but let's not waste time with them right now. As technology advances, we now have more ways to reduce our ecological footprint, hoping to leave more of the world as it is today to the generations to come. The most exciting project of them all is the "Zero Waste Sapioponic House" initiated by Adam Kokesh, activist, youtuber and self-published author. What does "sapioponic" mean? Sapioponic is a term that I think has much more right to be included in dictionaries…

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18 Jun 2016 10:59am GMT

17 Jun 2016

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Matthew Gertner - AllPeers: Things You Need For an Outdoor Wedding

An outdoor wedding can be one of the most beautiful ways to get hitched, that is providing that the weather is fair to you of course. Many people opt for this type of wedding or at least an outdoor party to celebrate tying the knot, very often an outdoor wedding can also prove to be less expensive that having one in a hotel or venue as you may only need to pay a small charge for rental of land, the current prices that venues charge can be eye-watering. In order to have your perfect day outdoors there are several things…

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17 Jun 2016 12:47am GMT

16 Jun 2016

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Nat Sakimura: [出演] 労働組合諮問委員会フォーラム@OECD閣僚級会合 (2016/6/21)

来週6月21日(火) に、メキシコのカンクーンで労働組合諮問委員会フォーラム@OECD閣僚級会合のデジタル経済に関するTUAC(Trade Union Advi ...

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16 Jun 2016 10:14am GMT

Nat Sakimura: ITAC Forum @デジタル経済に関するOECD閣僚級会合 (2016/6/21)

来週6月21日(火)に、デジタル経済に関するOECD閣僚級会合に先立って行われるOECD ITAC (Internet Technical Advisory C ...

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16 Jun 2016 9:43am GMT

14 Jun 2016

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Nishant Kaushik - Oracle: Privacy in the World of Invisible Identity

In part 1 of my blog post expanding on my Cloud Identity Summit talk on Invisible Identity, I proposed 'The 4 Core Principles of Invisible Identity' that ensure that security and usability stay in a symbiotic partnership for an organization. I believe that adopting the concept of Invisible Identity will be vital to securing people in the...

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14 Jun 2016 4:56pm GMT

Julian Bond: Riot in a container

Jimmy Cauty's ADP tour of a "Riot in a container" is paying a visit to the Beanfield next weekend and then on to Stonehenge for the Solstice.

I thought I'd go and try and find the location both of the battle and exactly where the container is going to be sited. It turns out the Beanfield was cut in half by the building of the A303 dual carriageway and the small lane the convoy was forced down is now a dead end. But in the process I found a wonderful image of exactly where the container is going on google streetview. It looks like some squaddies in a tank have stopped for a full english in the middle of some J.G.Ballard-ian dystopian landscape that just needs a couple of hundred police in fluorescent jackets to be part of the show.

Streetview, container location https://goo.gl/maps/6vY3HWoSd1U2
Aerial, Beanfield https://goo.gl/maps/2hQdJYX95ss

It's 31 years since the Battle of the Beanfield

It gets better. Just round the corner is a red brick motel and a swish boutique hotel with golf course. Not quite pink, but still,

They paved paradise
And put up a parking lot
With a pink hotel, a boutique
And a swinging hot SPOT
Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got
‘Til it's gone

14 Jun 2016 9:16am GMT

Julian Bond: Brexit Leave campaign

Brexit Leave campaign
meets Right wing think tanks
meets Right wing tabloids and broadsheets
meets Climate change denial
meets Big Oil
meets GMO/Big Agriculture

And all tied together by lobbyists and lobbyist organisations out of a single address in Westminster

It's not about Boris's hair or Farage's latest craziness.
It's not about Turkey joining the EU or some mythical tide of immigrants stealing our jobs and our benefits.
It's not about EU bureaucracy
It's not about saving or killing the NHS

It's about a high-stakes, power grab by all the usual suspects.

Don't give it to them.

Vote remain.

ps. The link between climate change denial and GMO promotion is wierd. You'd think if you denied science in one place you'd mistrust it in others. But of course it's never about the science. It's about regulatory capture by big business.

And not so surprising that the Leave campaign doesn't want to talk about the environment.
Mapped: The Cosy Climate-Euro Sceptic Bubble Pushing for Brexit and Less Climate Action »
There is a deep-rooted connection between UK climate science deniers and those campaigning for Britain to leave the European Union, new mapping by DeSmogUK can reveal.

[from: Google+ Posts]

14 Jun 2016 6:53am GMT

13 Jun 2016

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ForgeRock: Unified Identity Platform Training at ForgeRock University

ForgeRock University, the award-winning technical training division of ForgeRock, has today released the first integrated training curriculum for identity to deliver world-class skills to today's identity experts. Identity management success requires professionals who can prove their mastery with the tools and techniques of identity and access management, which are critical for today's organizations. Identity and…

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13 Jun 2016 7:04pm GMT

Nat Sakimura: 速報 マイクロソフトがLinkedInを買収

6月13日公開のLinkedInブログによると、マイクロソフトがLinkedInを買収に同意した模様。買収額は、USD26.2B 日本円で約2.77兆円。。しか ...

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13 Jun 2016 1:08pm GMT

11 Jun 2016

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Anil John: Are We Having a Gone With the Wind Identity Moment in the US?

What is the future of the US Government investments in public facing identity shared service infrastructures?

11 Jun 2016 6:40pm GMT