22 Aug 2014

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Kuppinger Cole: Executive View: CA ControlMinder - 71059

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CA Technologies is a multinational publicly held software company headquartered in New York, USA. Founded in 1976 to develop and sell mainframe software, over the decades CA Technologies has grown significantly via a series of strategic acquisitions. Although it used to produce consumer software, currently CA Technologies is a major player in the B2B segment, offering a wide range of products and services for mainframe, cloud and mobile platforms in such areas as security, infrastructure...

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21 Aug 2014

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Mike Jones - Microsoft: Working Group Draft for OAuth 2.0 Act-As and On-Behalf-Of

There's now an OAuth working group draft of the OAuth 2.0 Token Exchange specification, which provides Act-As and On-Behalf-Of functionality for OAuth 2.0. This functionality is deliberately modelled on the same functionality present in WS-Trust. Here's a summary of the two concepts in a nutshell: Act-As indicates that the requestor wants a token that contains […]

21 Aug 2014 11:06pm GMT

Nat Sakimura: 米国保健福祉省国家医療IT調整室(ONC)がOpenID Foundationに理事として加盟

米国保健福祉省(HHS)国家医療IT調整室(ONC)が、現地時間8月21日、米国OpenID Foundation(OIDF, 理事長:崎村夏彦)に理事機関として加盟しました。ONCは米国連邦政府における全米の健康情報の […]

21 Aug 2014 11:00pm GMT

Kantara Initiative: Kantara and IEEE IoT Leaders Gather in Mountain View, CA

Welcome to the Kantara "IoT and Harmonization Workshop" In a world of increasing network connectivity that interacts with more and more active and passive sensors, data is generated, managed, and consumed in mass. Industry experts will discuss findings regarding standardization of the IoT space and where possible gaps exist. Focus will include review of use […]

21 Aug 2014 6:45pm GMT

OpenID.net: US Government Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) Joins the OpenID Foundation

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) located within the Office of the Secretary for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has joined the OpenID Foundation (OIDF). ONC is the principal federal entity charged with coordination of nationwide efforts to implement and utilize the most advanced health information [...]

21 Aug 2014 3:07pm GMT

Mike Jones - Microsoft: Microsoft JWT and OpenID Connect RP libraries updated

This morning Microsoft released updated versions of its JSON Web Token (JWT) library and its OpenID Connect RP library as part of today's Katana project release. See the Microsoft.Owin.Security.Jwt and Microsoft.Owin.Security.OpenIdConnect packages in the Katana project's package list. These are .NET 4.5 code under an Apache 2.0 license. For more background on Katana, you can […]

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20 Aug 2014

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Julian Bond: I'm pleased to see that the 1000 minute Longplayer choral project has reached it's funding target.

I'm pleased to see that the 1000 minute Longplayer choral project has reached it's funding target.

I still need to make the pilgrimage to the Longplayer installation at Trinity Buoy Wharf. Open at the weekends, 11am to 4/5pm.

Longplayer is a one thousand year long composition that's been running so far for 14 years 232 days 07 hours 52 minutes and 05 seconds and counting.
Longplayer for Voices - the next step »
Help us to create Longplayer for 240 Voices, the next step in an incredible 1000-year-long musical journey.

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20 Aug 2014 7:54pm GMT

Gluu: Gluu’s Business Model

After listening to a session at SXSWV2V by Patrick van der Pijl, I was encouraged to read Business Model Generation, and to develop the business model diagram below for Gluu.

20 Aug 2014 3:45pm GMT

Nishant Kaushik - Oracle: What Ended Up On The Cutting Room Floor

If you managed to catch my talk at this years Cloud Identity Summit, either in-person or using the video recording I posted (and if you haven't, what are you waiting for?), then you know that I relied on humor to engage my audience while presenting a serious vision of how IAM needs to evolve for the better. That...

20 Aug 2014 2:00pm GMT

Nat Sakimura: JIPDEC、ヤフー他6社と組んで、なりすましメール防止ソリューションを銀行へ提供開始

日本情報経済社会推進協会(JIPDEC)のプレスリリース[1]によると、ヤフーら6社[2]と共同で、なりすましメール防止を目的とした「安心マーク」(写真)の銀行への導入を開始したとのことです。採用の一番乗りは常陽銀行で、 […]

20 Aug 2014 1:38am GMT

19 Aug 2014

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Kantara Initiative: Kantara IoT Leaders Gather in Utrecht

Kantara Initiative leaders and innovators are set to gather in Utrecht, Netherlands September 4th-5th. In an event kindly hosted by SURFnet and sponsored by Forgerock, leaders from the Kantara IDentities of Things (IDoT), User Managed Access (UMA), and Consent and Information Sharing (CIS) Open Notice Groups are set to present 1.5 days of innovation harmonization. […]

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18 Aug 2014

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Julian Bond: Here's the next foodie quest. Who makes the best Chai Tea Bags?

Here's the next foodie quest. Who makes the best Chai Tea Bags?

Teapigs. Both the Chai and Chilli Chai are excellent. But I seriously baulk at £4 for 15 bags. I mean, WTF?

Natco Masala. A good spicy tea with a bit of bite. But there's a lot of pepper in there and the bags are quite low quality so you get a lot of dust. Hard to get except in the two big supermarkets at the bottom of Brick Lane. Luckily they do some big packs so you don't need to buy them too often.

Palanquin spiced tea. ISTR these are ok, although I haven't had any for a while. Seem to be quite widely available in Asian corner shops.

Twinings, Tesco, Sainsburys. These are all just a bit tasteless. Not nearly enough cardomum, clove, coriander and so on. Chai really should be at least as strong as yorkshire builder's tea with the added flavours of the spices.

Anyone tried Wagh Bakri Masala Chai?
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18 Aug 2014 3:12pm GMT

Julian Bond: Things I've learned about my Aeropress

Things I've learned about my Aeropress

Ignore all the obsessing about using it upside down, pre-watering the filter and so on. Only 3 things matter, the quality of the coffee, the temperature of the water and emptying it as soon after use as possible so the rubber bung doesn't harden and lose it's seal.

I like a good strong Italian style taste without it being too aggressive.

- Mainstream. Tescos Italian Blend, Lavazza Black, Carte Noire. These are all perfectly serviceable, easily available, every day, fine filter or expresso grinds that just work and are predictable.

- Algerian Coffee Shop, Soho, London at http://www.algcoffee.co.uk/

"Formula Rossa" their main blend that they use for the take away coffee they serve in the shop. Straight forwards and recommended. Ideal for an Americano
"Cafe Torino" For a stronger Expresso/Ristretto cup, try this one. It's a bit more aggressive than the Formula Rossa.
"Velluto Nero" After Dinner Expresso. Gorgeous but too much for every day drinking.

A note about grinds. I find a straight expresso grind works best. In the Algerian Coffee shop that's a "4" on their machine. Finer than filter or french press, but not so fine that you get finings and dust in the bottom of the cup.

Water Temperature.
After the choice of coffee this is the single biggest factor in the quality of the end product. You need to aim for 80-85C. This is tricky without spending huge amounts on clever kettles or messing around with thermometers. Any higher than that and you'll "burn" the grounds and make the coffee more bitter. The simple trick is to boil about 750ml of water (1/2 a kettle?) and then wait 30-60 seconds after the kettle turns itself off. So don't start assembling the Aeropress, coffee, filter, mug and so on until the kettle has boiled and by the time you're ready to pour in the water, 60 secs will have gone by and you'll be about right.

Rubber bungs, filter caps, filters, stainless filter disks, tote bags, etc, etc. The stainless filters didn't really work for me. The paper filters are cheap and easier and just work. There's a rubber travel cap but it's a bit inconvenient and only really works for storing a few days supplies of filters in the plunger.

Just empty the Aeropress immediately in the bin and wipe the base of the rubber bung under the tap. Then store it either in two pieces or with the piston all the way through so the bung isn't under pressure. Otherwise the bung will eventually take a set and won't seal any more. It's pretty much self cleaning so just a quick rinse is all that's needed.

Don't bother with all the complication. Don't worry about pressing air though the grounds. Don't bother with the upside down method. If your cup is too small to fit the aeropress in the top, use the hexagonal funnel.

White Americano or filter coffee.
This is the typical every day mug of coffee. Put on your 750ml (ish) of water in the kettle. When it boils get the mug, aeropress and stuff out of the cupboard. Assemble the paper filter and cap and set it on the mug. Add a 15ml scoop of grounds. Fill slowly with hot water to the 3 mark. Give it a quick swirl with a spoon to settle the grounds. Wait till it drips so the surface is down to the 2 mark, say 20 seconds. Insert the plunger and press gently down till the grounds are squashed. Add a splash of milk. Empty the aeropress and wipe. Done! Enjoy!

Double expresso.
As above but 30ml of coffee grounds which is the scoop that comes with the Aeropress. Fill with water to the 2 mark. Let it drop to the 1 mark and press.

I have a stubby 15fl oz, 400ml thermos which holds about 2 mugs worth. 30ml or 45ml of grounds, fill to the 4 mark. Press when it drops to 3. Add milk till it's the right colour. Top up with boiling water.

I struggle to think of any! I think there's potentially a redesign that makes it easier to travel with the kit and a week's supply of filters and coffee. Perhaps the cap could screw onto the other end of the plunger.

Just occasionally the seal doesn't quite work between the main cylinder and the cap. I'm not quite sure where it leaks from but it can lead to dribbles down the side of the mug.

Anyway. If you haven't tried one and you like coffee then get an Aeropress. for making one or two cups of coffee it's way better than Cafetieres, Mocha stove machines, drip filters and so on. And it's considerably cheaper and easier than expresso machines. And even if the pod machines are convenient, they're just WRONG. The old school filter coffee machines still work best for 4 mugs and upwards.

So I really don't think there's anything better for small quantities.
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18 Aug 2014 10:18am GMT

Kuppinger Cole: Executive View: CyberArk Privileged Threat Analytics - 70859

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In some form, Privilege Management (PxM) already existed in early mainframe environments: those early multi-user systems included some means to audit and control administrative and shared accounts. Still, until relatively recently, those technologies were mostly unknown outside of IT departments. However, the ongoing trends in the IT industry have gradually shifted the focus of information security from perimeter protection towards defense against...

18 Aug 2014 8:51am GMT

Kuppinger Cole: Executive View: Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall - 70890

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Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall monitors Oracle databases and databases from other vendors. It can detect and block threats to databases while consolidating audit data from the database firewall component and the databases themselves. It also collects audit data from other sources such as operating system log files, application logs, etc...


18 Aug 2014 8:36am GMT

Kaliya Hamlin - Identity Woman: BC Identity Citizen Consultation Results!!!!

As many of you know I (along with many other industry leaders from different industry/civil society segments) was proactively invited to be part of the NSTIC process including submitting a response to the notice of inquiry about how the IDESG and Identity Ecosystem should be governed. I advocated and continue to advocate that citizen involvement [...]
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