28 Jul 2014

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Review: jQuery 2.0 Development Cookbook | Giant Flying Saucer

There are many JavaScript libraries out there but jQuery is still one the most commonly used and probably one of the most popular JavaScript libraries in use today. Today I'm going to review the "jQuery 2.0 Development Cookbook" by Leon ...

28 Jul 2014 3:35pm GMT

How to use jQuery UJS for AJAX requests : RubyFlow

I just released a new screencast about using jQuery UJS and AJAX in your Rails apps. Comments. "" Post a Comment. Comment abilities for non registered users are currently deactivated, pending time to add a proper CAPTCHA to solve the ...

28 Jul 2014 3:24pm GMT

James Taylor Digs Deep Into His Catalog for Blossom Concert ...

else if (jQuery(this).attr("id") == "sortSelect"){ jQuery("#BlogComments .sortSpinner").show(); } var url = "/scene-and-heard/archives/2014/07/26/james-taylor-digs-deep-into-his-catalog-for-blossom-concert"; var myStart = jQuery(this).attr("id") ...

28 Jul 2014 3:18pm GMT

Foscor WP – Bootstrap Wordpress WooCommerce (Creative ...

... Portfolio POST TYPE; Contact form 7 POST TYPE; Revolution Slider and Owl cameraSlider; HTML5 & CSS3 & jQuery; Responsive grid; Filtered portfolio with css3 animations; Working Twitter Feed; Working Flickr Widget; Flexible Images, ...

28 Jul 2014 3:05pm GMT

JavaScript Event Madness! Capturing *all* events without ...

Related Articles. Namespaced Events in jQuery. It's really easy to add an event listener in jQuery. It's equally easy to remove an event listener. You might … Read Article → · The Dangers of Stopping Event Propagation. The following is a guest ...

28 Jul 2014 3:05pm GMT

.Net and Sharepoint World: using JQuery to detect the textbox ...

using JQuery to detect the textbox change from the client side in ASP.Net web application. for javascript we can handle the textbox change event with onChange attribute from control but the onChange only fire when the control lost the focus.

28 Jul 2014 3:02pm GMT

Fusion 2014 – Day Three Recap | All The Young (edu)Punks

Lone Star College uses JQuery UI (which works with LE 10.1, but not 10.3) and Javascript with inline CSS to alter widget functionality. You can use D2L replace strings ({OrgUnitId}, {RoleId}) to change content in a widget depending on who is ...

28 Jul 2014 2:58pm GMT

jQuery Tips: :contains() selector | JavaScript Workshop

Using a jQuery selector to easily update HTML elements.

28 Jul 2014 2:43pm GMT

Azexo Composer Joomla page builder (Joomla) | Free – Premium ...

Azexo Composer and Joomla: Integration with articles; Modules can be inserted into article layout; Integration with Joomla media. Azexo Composer is Joomla extension for user friendly front-end content editing. It is based on jQuery, jQuery UI, ...

28 Jul 2014 1:46pm GMT

Wireless: IRN Lead SAP Web Technical Analyst Mahwah, NJ

Understand the principles of web/server system development and Internet/Intranet programming including: HTML5, JS, JQUERY, JSON, Mobile JQuery, JAVA, VBScript, C#, VB .NET, SQL, and object-oriented analysis and programming

28 Jul 2014 1:33pm GMT

10 Jul 2014

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The (Not Just) jQuery Foundation

The jQuery Foundation's mission has always been about more than just our namesake projects of jQuery, jQuery UI, and jQuery Mobile. We already host several projects such as Sizzle, QUnit and Globalize that are not dependent on the jQuery library. This wider web-oriented mission is evident in our jQuery Conferences, which span a wide range … Continue reading

10 Jul 2014 6:48pm GMT

07 Jul 2014

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Volunteers Wanted: Trac Enhancements

The jQuery and jQuery UI teams use Trac to do their bug reporting and tracking. The jQuery Core bug tracker could really use a Trac expert to migrate us to Trac 1.0 and fix a few nagging issues we've been having. If you're an expert Trac-meister, or just someone with good Trac setup/configuration experience who's … Continue reading

07 Jul 2014 7:20pm GMT

03 Jul 2014

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Don’t Use jquery-latest.js

Earlier this week the jQuery CDN had an issue that made the jquery-latest.js and jquery-latest.min.js files unavailable for a few hours in some geographical areas. (This wasn't a problem with the CDN itself, but with the repository that provides files for the CDN.) While we always hope to have 100% uptime, this particular outage emphasized … Continue reading

03 Jul 2014 2:38pm GMT

01 May 2014

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jQuery 1.11.1 and 2.1.1 Released

Ah, the air is sweet with the scent of spring and new jQuery 1.11.1 and 2.1.1 are in bloom. These are minor patch releases and shouldn't pose any major compatibility issues. Throw a Cinco de Mayo party and have your friends come over to test. If you dig up a problem, let us know at … Continue reading

01 May 2014 9:33pm GMT

18 Apr 2014

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jQuery 1.11.1 RC2 and 2.1.1 RC2 Released

Spring has sprung, and these release candidates for jQuery 1.11.1 and 2.1.1 are in full bloom. You know what that means? It's time to get serious about testing! We really want our next release to be solid and reliable, and to do that we need your help. Please try out these files in your projects … Continue reading

18 Apr 2014 7:30pm GMT

15 Apr 2014

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jQuery Chicago Pebble Giveaway and Filing Extension

As we announced at the end of jQuery San Diego in February, we're excited that the next stop for #jqcon is Chicago! In case you missed the news, we'll be setting up shop in the City That Never Sleeps Isn't Windy on September 12th & 13th, 2014. We're partnering again with Bocoup to make it … Continue reading

15 Apr 2014 8:24pm GMT

02 Apr 2014

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Browser Support in jQuery 1.12 and Beyond

With Microsoft ending Windows XP support this month, we're giving the jQuery community some long-lead-time notice on changes to browser support. First of all, don't panic! Nothing is really changing with respect to the browsers that can run jQuery for at least six more months. Our goal is to let everyone in the web development … Continue reading

02 Apr 2014 2:09pm GMT

24 Mar 2014

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jQuery 1.11.1 Beta 1 and 2.1.1 Beta 1 Released

It's been a couple of months since our last releases escaped the grip of endless winter, so we thought it would be good to thaw out a beta that collects up the bugs that have been reported and fixed recently. Most of these bugs are mild as severity and frequency go, but that's easier to … Continue reading

24 Mar 2014 7:21pm GMT

29 Jan 2014

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Supporting the Cause, Improving the Web

To help the jQuery Foundation accomplish its mission to improve the open web and make it accessible to everyone, we established a membership program where organizations and individuals could join the foundation to help us support our goals. In return, members are recognized both on our websites and at conferences. Since that time, a number … Continue reading

29 Jan 2014 4:56pm GMT

27 Jan 2014

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Hosting and Configuring the jQuery Servers

The other day, we posted about our new content workflow, but we didn't get into how all that content is actually served. Believe it or not, jQuery doesn't just run on jQuery. The servers The servers themselves are hosted at Media Temple. We have been using their VPS services for many years to host all … Continue reading

27 Jan 2014 7:25pm GMT