14 Aug 2022

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The question Democrats keep struggling with: Should Biden run again in 2024?

14 Aug 2022 10:00am GMT

Tempers fray at election centre as Kenya vote count continues

14 Aug 2022 9:52am GMT

Mar-a-Lago raid live updates: Mary Trump speculates Jared Kushner could be the 'Mar-a-Lago mole'

14 Aug 2022 6:51am GMT

Ex-official who investigated Hillary Clinton's emails said the documents recovered by the FBI at Trump's Mar-a-Lago were particularly 'stunning' and 'egregious'

14 Aug 2022 6:30am GMT

Mary Trump speculates that Jared Kushner could be the 'Mar-a-Lago mole' after reports say an informant close to Trump guided FBI agents to the documents

14 Aug 2022 5:00am GMT

A group that wants to eliminate nuclear weapons says the FBI's seizure of documents at Mar-a-Lago highlights vulnerabilities in global security: 'We really have no idea what was going on inside Trump's head'

14 Aug 2022 4:29am GMT

The KHive Retreats as Kamala Harris’ Popularity Vanishes

14 Aug 2022 3:53am GMT

It’s Time for Republicans to Go Nuclear and Dump Trump

14 Aug 2022 3:34am GMT

Classified government documents like the ones the FBI took from Trump have distinctive covers that are tough to miss. Here's what they look like.

14 Aug 2022 2:54am GMT

Trump frantically packed up documents to take with him in the last days of his presidency after finally accepting he was leaving the White House, report says

14 Aug 2022 2:20am GMT

Trump's lawyer signed a statement months ago saying all classified documents had been turned over, report says. The FBI found more during its raid on Mar-a-Lago.

14 Aug 2022 12:29am GMT

13 Aug 2022

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Trump calls DOJ probe a 'hoax'; experts, citing the Espionage Act, have a grimmer assessment

13 Aug 2022 8:34pm GMT

Democratic Rep. Carolyn Maloney said 'off the record' that Biden is not running for re-election in 2024

13 Aug 2022 7:56pm GMT

Trump lawyer says she's told him all litigation involving the former president 'will stop' if he announces he's not running for office in 2024

13 Aug 2022 7:28pm GMT

‘It worried people all the time': How Trump’s handling of secret documents led to the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago search

13 Aug 2022 7:01pm GMT

RESULTS: Hawaii holds primary elections

13 Aug 2022 7:00pm GMT

23 Jan 2009

feedElection 2008 : NPR

Bettye LaVette's Journey To The National Stage

If you've never heard of Bettye LaVette, the soul singer who belted out "A Change Is Gonna Come" with Jon Bon Jovi at the Inauguration Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial on Jan 18., you may be wondering why.

23 Jan 2009 10:46pm GMT

Analyzing The Text Of Obama's Inaugural Address

Although many Americans heard Barack Obama's inauguration speech, they probably weren't listening for plyptotons and catachresis - but Geoff Nunberg was.

23 Jan 2009 2:10pm GMT

20 Jan 2009

feedElection 2008 : NPR

Natasha Trethewey: If My Mom Could See Us Now

Natasha Trethewey won the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for poetry for her book Native Guard. Her parents had an interracial marriage while it was still illegal in Mississippi, and Tretheway's poetry often draws on her childhood as a biracial child in the south.

20 Jan 2009 8:24pm GMT

Eric Foner On Post-Civil War Disappointments

Eric Foner, author of Our Lincoln, talks about the era following the Civil War in which former slaves were promised equal rights and citizenship. Foner is DeWitt Clinton Professor of History at Columbia University.

20 Jan 2009 8:01pm GMT

Spreading The Hope: Street Artist Shepard Fairey

Street artist Shepard Fairey created the iconic red, white and blue Obama illustration that became the unofficial poster of the campaign. Although his campaign poster never became official, Fairey has been commissioned to design the official poster for the inauguration.

20 Jan 2009 6:05pm GMT

Transcript: Barack Obama's Inaugural Address

"Today I say to you that the challenges we face are real. They are serious and they are many. They will not be met easily or in a short span of time. But know this, America -- they will be met," President Barack Obama said in his inaugural address.

20 Jan 2009 5:21am GMT

08 Jan 2009

feedElection 2008 : NPR

Chuck Todd Examines 'How Barack Obama Won'

NBC's newly appointed chief White House correspondent talks with Dave Davies about his new book, How Barack Obama Won: A State-by-State Guide to the Historic 2008 Presidential Election.

08 Jan 2009 5:00pm GMT

18 Dec 2008

feedElection 2008 : NPR

Political Rewind: NPR's Best Election-Related Stories

"Political Rewind" is National Editor Muthoni Muturi's biweekly take on NPR's best election-related stories from the campaign trail and around the country.

18 Dec 2008 7:52pm GMT

26 Nov 2008

feedElection 2008 : NPR

Political Junkie: Obama Selects His Team

In this week's edition of the Political Junkie, Matt Bai, writer for The New York Times Magazine, gives a rundown of this week's news in politics. Also: Lanny Davis, former special counsel to President Bill Clinton, talks about President-elect Barack Obama's cabinet and White House picks.

26 Nov 2008 3:57pm GMT

20 Nov 2008

feedElection 2008 : NPR

Obama Eyes Napolitano For Homeland Security

President-elect Barack Obama is considering Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano as head of the Department of Homeland Security. Kent Alexander, who went to law school and served as U.S. attorney with Napolitano, talks about the her qualifications.

20 Nov 2008 6:00pm GMT

13 Nov 2008

feedElection 2008 : NPR

Dean Explains The Democrats' '50-State Strategy'

Howard Dean, former presidential candidate and chairman of the Democratic National Committee, implemented the "50-State Strategy" to help the Democrats win big in 2008 - and it appears to have worked. This campaign approach doesn't write states off as "unwinnable."

13 Nov 2008 5:29pm GMT

11 Nov 2008

feedElection 2008 : NPR

Where Does The Republican Party Go From Here?

After George Bush's unpopular presidency and John McCain's decisive defeat, there is a battle underway for the soul of the Republican Party. Conservative leaders weigh in on how to reinvigorate the GOP.

11 Nov 2008 6:00pm GMT

10 Nov 2008

feedElection 2008 : NPR

An Election Day Letdown For Gay Americans

Commentator Marc Acito is pleased that President-elect Obama included gay people in his victory speech, but Acito worries about the future. Voters in California, Florida and Arizona banned gay marriage on Election Day.

10 Nov 2008 7:22pm GMT

08 Nov 2008

feedElection 2008 : NPR

Election Exclamations Nationwide

Sample reaction to Barack Obama's historic election across the map. We'll keep adding more voices leading up to Inauguration Day on our Soapbox blog.

08 Nov 2008 1:00pm GMT

07 Nov 2008

feedElection 2008 : NPR

Letters From Listeners: Remembering Past Elections

This week's historic elections brought us lots of comments from listeners about the election and our coverage of it. Some people liked our remote in Ladera Heights much more than others.

07 Nov 2008 6:00pm GMT