08 Nov 2011

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Wally 2.4.3 (Qt Other Utility)

ThumbnailWally 2.4.3
(Qt Other Utility)
Wally is a Qt4 wallpaper changer, using multiple sources like files, folders, FTP remote folders, Flickr, Yahoo!, Panoramio, Ipernity, Photobucket, Buzznet, Picasa, Smugmug, Google, Vladstudio and deviantART images. It runs under Linux, Win32, MacOSX and OS/2, and it's available in many languages.

Supported Window Managers:
- Win32
- MacOSX (using OSA scripts)
- KDE3
- KDE4 (using WallyPlugin)
- Gnome
- GnomeShell
- Fluxbox
- Blackbox
- FVWM (unstable)
- WindowMaker

If you are upgrading KDE4 to 4.4, you must rebuild from sources, cause WallyPlugin can crash Plasma. DEB files are available for Lucid.

If you're upgrading to 10.04 Lucid, KDE4 will crash at boot. To recover your system, just do the following steps:

- Press Alt-F2, type "konsole"
- At prompt, type "sudo rm /usr/lib/kde4/plasma_wallpaper_wallyplugin.so"
- Restart your system.
- KDE4 should start normally. Please remove Wally, and download the specific package for Lucid, available below.

Note for Ubuntu users: if you're using KDE4, please use KDE4 ONLY packages!!!

Note for Mac OSX Snow Leopard:
You must disable "Change Picture" feature, that's in System preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver > Change picture.

Note for Windows 2000/XP: Active desktop must be disabled! Right-click on desktop -> Properties -> Customize desktop -> Web -> Uncheck all items you find there

Version 2.4.3
- Fixed GnomeShell background change issue
- Added Swedish language
- Added Turkish language

Version 2.4.2
- Added GnomeShell support
- Added Hungarian language
- Added Danish language
- Removed Pikeo module, it is no longer active
- Removed Bing module, M$ didn't accept Wally's way of using Bing

Version 2.4.1
- Deprecated HTTP Qt classes have been replaced
- Wally can now terminate after first background change
- Splash screen can be disabled
- Mac OSX Settings GUI scrollbar issue fixed
- WallyPlugin now uses D-Bus
- BUG FIXED: CMake build script had an issue in compiling language resources

Version 2.4
- Added OS/2 support
- Added Snow Leopard support
- Added Google module
- Added deviantART module
- Added Vladstudio module
- Added Korean language
- Folder module now supports symbolic links
- More photo layouts on desktop have been added
- BUG FIXED: Panoramio no longer crashes when empty results are returned
- BUG FIXED: Disclaimer translation is now properly applied at boot
- BUG FIXED: Centered auto-fit was not always applied correctly
- BUG FIXED: HTTP engine rarely got stuck

Version 2.3.2
- Double-clicking icon in system tray advances on next photo
- Improved duplicated photo detection
- Added Catalan language
- Added Greek language
- Added disclaimer to be accepted on first start of Wally
- Removed QtScript dependency, JSON parser has been implemented internally (Qt 4.6 compatibility)
- Run-time folder change detection has been removed from "Folders" module, its use is too resource consuming
- BUG FIXED: search issues occurred when using multiple tags/keywords
- BUG FIXED: EXIF information are now showed correctly when non-Latin1 characters in filename path are used
- BUG FIXED: KDE 4.4 SC was not properly detected
- BUG FIXED: Panoramio was working only with "Original" sized images

Version 2.3.1
- Added Chinese language
- Added Polish language
- Active Desktop is now detected, and error is reported
- Photo filename is used when title is not available
- XFCE detection improved
- BUG FIXED: GUI bug in proxy selection form
- BUG FIXED: Panoramio coordinates are checked after input terminates
- BUG FIXED: buggy behaviour in MacOSX, Folders module, when too many files are present in specified directories

Version 2.3.0
- Added French language
- Added Czech language
- Wally can now display wallpapers behind toolbars and docks, using full screen space
- Time period can now be shortened up to 10 seconds
- Automatic border color feature has been added
- BUG FIXED: history data is not stored anymore when Cancel is pressed
- BUG FIXED: HTTP download does not get stuck anymore if HTTP response is wrong
- BUG FIXED: HTTP download in history window does not get stuck anymore at 99%, cause of a QProgressDialog conflict
- BUG FIXED: history viewer misbehaviours have been fixed
- BUG FIXED: Panoramio items save state correctly now
- BUG FIXED: map selection issues in Panoramio items have been fixed
- BUG FIXED: MacOSX Info.plist fixed
- BUG FIXED: regression bug about free disk space check has been fixed

Version 2.2.0
- Added selection on map for Panoramio items configuration
- History window has been improved, more informations for each item and filter by tags have been added
- Added Bing module
- EXIF support improved. Information window has been added, and EXIF is stored in history.
- BUG FIXED: wrong GUI behaviour in HTTP items when setting photos path, now fixed
- BUG FIXED: wrong GUI behaviour on proxy server selection, now fixed
- BUG FIXED: duplicated items are not accepted anymore
- BUG FIXED: now asks HTTP server first if download is recoverable
- BUG FIXED: segfault no longer happens when GIF/PNG/no-EXIF-compatible photo is downloaded
- BUG FIXED: consecutive downloads of the same photo are not allowed anymore
- BUG FIXED: X shortcuts for older WMs weren't updated to current features

Version 2.1.0
- Added system proxy support
- Added History feature
- Modules can be disabled/enabled
- Added Picasa module
- Added Smugmug module
- Added Buzznet module
- HTTP engine can now recover downloads
- More cosmetic changes
- Free disk space threshold can be configured
- Multiple items in HTTP engines can be selected
- BUG FIXED: state in Folders engine is now properly saved
- BUG FIXED: playlist is now reset correctly after wrap

Version 2.0.3
- BUG FIXED: MacOSX script for wallpaper change now works properly
- BUG FIXED: Color button is now showed correctly with all GUI styles
- BUG FIXED: "About" dialog now can be closed under MacOSX
- BUG FIXED: empty "Remote folder" items are now correctly rejected
- BUG FIXED: Wally's single instance in MacOSX is now properly detected
- BUG FIXED: annoying issues with KDE4 WallyPlugin have been solved (at the end!!!)
- Some cosmetic changes

Version 2.0.2
- BUG FIXED: empty items are now discarded
- BUG FIXED: single instance in Linux now is checked using file PID, thus avoiding false positives
- BUG FIXED: only available free space on desktop is used
- BUG FIXED: Pikeo now resets page count search after an empty result
- Free disk space (at least 20 megs) is checked for availability before saving photos
- EXIF tags are analyzed in every plugin, and corrections are applied where needed
- Photobucket has no throttle limit anymore, watermark on photo is applied
- More code restyling
- Fixed plural form in translations
- Added Portuguese (Brazil) translation
- Window manager can be forced at command line (Linux only)
- WallyPlugin: D-BUS is not used anymore
- WallyPlugin: KDE message will appear at end of installation, remembering of KDE4 Plasma restart
- Removed QCA dependency
- Application data folder is now more S.O. "friendly" under Win32 and MacOSX

Version 2.0.1
- WallyPlugin BUG FIXED: plugin is now compiled without debug information
- WallyPlugin BUG FIXED: D-BUS access rights are now setup correctly
- WallyPlugin BUG FIXED: installation paths are now detected properly

You don't need to upgrade to 2.0.1 if you're not using KDE4.

.DEB files now include Wally and WallyPlugin. No need to use sources for KDE4.

Version 2.0.0
- Wally's engine has been totally rewritten, for better stability and better coding structure in plugins' development
- UI partial restyling and improvement
- KDE4 support
- MacOSX support (experimental)
- FTP remote folders support
- Multilanguage support (English, Italian, Spanish and Russian)
- Wally now remembers its last state before termination
- Bugs fixed all around

Version 1.3.2
- Added configurable GUI style
- Flickr search pages count is now hard-limited, to avoid repeated results
- Pikeo plugin is now enabled
- Added "-debug" command line switch for better bugs tracing
- BUG FIXED: pictures in folder mode now change correctly
- BUG FIXED: multiple erroneous picture validations are no longer generated

Version 1.3.1
- BUG FIXED: regression bug about removing rows from configuration has been fixed

Version 1.3.0
- Added Pixeo plugin (still disabled, EXPERIMENTAL)
- Added Riya plugin (still disabled, EXPERIMENTAL)
- About dialog now shows supported images
- BUG FIXED: Gnome detection now should work

Version 1.2.0
- Added Panoramio plugin
- Flickr images are now rotated correctly, if needed
- BUG FIXED: sending quit immediately before background change doesn't generate a segfault now
- BUG FIXED: HTTP timeouts now if a transfer takes too long
- BUG FIXED: internal search is now limited by HTTP result count
- VERY IMPORTANT BUG FIXED: Play/Pause now works correctly

Version 1.1.0
- Added Fluxbox support
- Added Blackbox support
- Added FVWM support (unstable)
- Added WindowMaker support
- BUG FIXED: XFCE4 now works
- BUG FIXED: "Cancel" command now works when HTTP download is in progress

Version 1.0.0
- First release

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08 Nov 2011 9:37pm GMT

QXmlEdit 0.5.4 (Qt Text Editor)

ThumbnailQXmlEdit 0.5.4
(Qt Text Editor)
Simple XML editor.
Project hosted on Google Code.

0.5.4 is a bugfix release.

Main new feature is a XML file splitter.

* Configurable tag and attributes display
* Compact view of items
* Copy and paste of a whole subtree
* Fast expansion and compression
* Shortcuts for fast long trees navigation
* Search in any tree component
* Compact edit of elements
* Base 64 element text handling
* Powerful search filter and scopes
* User definable display styles
* XML snippets
* Flex code generation from Balsamiq source
* XML Schema files viewer
* Complete user manual
* XML files splitter

Czech translation updated.
Improved fragments extraction dialog with tooltips.
Trimmed split files input values.
Handled unusual cases on XML fragments navigation.
Added some images.
Fixed issues:
* #12 http://code.google.com/p/qxmledit/issues/detail?id=12
* #13 http://code.google.com/p/qxmledit/issues/detail?id=13

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08 Nov 2011 6:45pm GMT

PdfArticle 0.11 (Qt Scientific)

ThumbnailPdfArticle 0.11
(Qt Scientific)
PdfArticle is a pdf viewer for mathematical articles. Its goal is to present for eah page the images of its references, such as bibliographies, theorems and equations.For now it is only available for Linux, due to the dependance of Poppler. A compile version for Windows and/or Mac would be greatly welcome, and also debian and redhat packages :)

You will need the libraries of QtSqlite and of Poppler. More precisely, I have installed :

* libpoppler-qt4-3
* libpoppler-glib4
* libpoppler5

and for compilation :

* libpoppler-qt4-dev
* libpoppler-dev

For sqlite :

* libqt4-sql-sqlite
* libsqlite0
* libsqlite3-0

and the devels :

* libsqlite0-dev
* libsqlite3-dev

0.11 :
* UI improvement
* more ways to navigate among articles
* usual bug fixes

0.10 :
* Add a Mandriva package
* Usual Bug fixes
* Add a Debian package (if someone could try it :)
* Creation of several Database Tables, to be use in the future. The aim would be eventually to create a mathematical ontology.

0.9 :
* Several Bug fixes
* Add ToolTips
* Associate urls to authors

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08 Nov 2011 1:57pm GMT

Dfilebrowser 1.1 (Qt Filemanager)

ThumbnailDfilebrowser 1.1
(Qt Filemanager)
Dfilebrowser is a file browser for Plasma Active One.

Actually it's fairly simple and has things to polish (consider it a beta) but I think it is useful enough to begin to use. The idea is to have all the buttons and menu options large enough to use a finger, that simple.

Dfilebrowser is open source and licensed as GPLv3. Source code can be found here: https://projects.developer.nokia.com/dfbrowser/browser

Dfilebrowser 1.1

* The default view for tablets is now a list.
* Alternating colours for rows in the file lists
* Increased the size available for icons in the grid when using "Iconview" view mode
* Improvements in the list view with file details: improvements in the distribution of the columns
* Bugfix: Plasma Active on Open Suse files did not open files doing "tap"

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08 Nov 2011 11:42am GMT

FreeMedForms 0.6.0 (Qt Scientific)

ThumbnailFreeMedForms 0.6.0
(Qt Scientific)
FreeMedForms is an Electronic Medical Record manager built by a community of medical and computer workers.


You can read the full changelog of this ne version on our man website:

[FR] http://www.freemedforms.com/fr/news/freemedforms_060stable
[EN] http://www.freemedforms.com/en/news/freemedforms_060stable

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08 Nov 2011 8:51am GMT

ZXTune rev1408 (Qt Sound Application)

ThumbnailZXTune rev1408
(Qt Sound Application)
QT application based on crossplatform library for playing different chiptune modules used on ZX-Spectrum.

Input formats:

- AY (Compliled data in native format)
- ASC (ASC Sound Master modules)
- PSG (Stream format)
- PT2 (ProTracker v2 modules)
- PT3 (ProTracker v3 modules)
- ST1 (SoundTracker uncompiled modules)
- STC (SoundTracker compiled modules)
- STP (SoundTrackerPro modules)
- TXT (VortexTracker modules)
- TurboSound (Container and PT3.7-based)
- CHI (ChipTracker modules)
- DMM (DigitalMusicMaker modules)
- DST (DigitalStudio modules)
- PDT (ProDigiTracker modules)
- SQD (SQ Digital Tracker modules)
- STR (SampleTracker modules)
- CHARPRES (CharPres packer)
- CC3 (Code Cruncher v3)
- CC4 (Compressor Code v4 & v4+)
- DSQ (DataSquieezer)
- ESV (ESV Cruncher)
- GAM (GamePacker v1 & v1+)
- HRUM (Hrum)
- HRUST1 (Hrust 1.x)
- HRUST2 (Hrust 2.x)
- LZH (LZH Packer v1 & v2)
- LZS (LZS Packer)
- MSP (MicroSpace Packer)
- PACK2 (Pack v2)
- PCD (Powerfull Code Decreaser v6.1 & -v6.2)
- TLZ (Turbo-LZ usual and protected versions)
- TRUSH (Trush packer)
- FDI (Full Disk Image format)
- HOBETA (Single file container)
- HRIP (HRiP archive format)
- RAR (RAR v2 archives)
- RAW (Data scaner)
- SCL (Multifile container)
- TRD (TRDos disk image)
- ZIP (ZIP archives)
- ZXZIP (ZxZip)

Output subsystems:
- ALSA (linux)
- AYLPT (win32- via dlportio driver)
- NULL writer (crossplatform, benchmark)
- OSS (linux)
- SDL (crossplatform, disabled by default)
- WAV writer (crossplatform)
- WaveOutput (win32)

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08 Nov 2011 8:50am GMT

FreeDiams 0.6.0 (Qt Scientific)

ThumbnailFreeDiams 0.6.0
(Qt Scientific)
FreeDiams is free, open source, mutil-platform prescriber and drugs interaction tester. It can be used in current practice.

It is developed by medical doctors and is intended for use by these same professionals. It can be used alone to prescribe and / or test drug interactions within a prescription. It can be linked to any application thanks to its command line parameters.

FreeDiams can use several drugs database. Are available (v0.6.0): FR, CA, US, BE and ZA drugs databases.

FreeDiams MUST NOT BE USED for automedication. Please, consult your doctor.

Code is based on C++/Qt 4.7 and older, and is available on google code.

FreeDiams is part of the FreeMedForms project.


Full changelog on website.


[FR] http://www.freemedforms.com/fr/news/freediams_060
[EN] http://www.freemedforms.com/en/news/freediams_060

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08 Nov 2011 8:47am GMT

07 Nov 2011

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UpTimer (Qt Logging/Monitoring)

(Qt Logging/Monitoring)
This application shows Windows system uptime.

- Supports OS "Windows" uptime only.

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07 Nov 2011 7:50pm GMT

Shelk-test 0.4.1 (Qt Education)

ThumbnailShelk-test 0.4.1
(Qt Education)
Shelk-test is a program is designed for creating and editing tests, followed by tests of knowledge.

Supported features:
- Creation of a test;
- Editing of the test;
- Testing;
- Adding / removing tests from the database;
- Rich editing the test;
- Password protection regime editing;
- Inserting images in the test;
- Statistics;
- The use of points.

Version 0.3.1 (06/05/2010)
--- The first release

-- Available functions:
- Creation of a test;
- Editing of the test;
- Testing;
- Adding / removing tests from the database;
- Rich editing the test of the tests;
- Password protection regime editing.

Version 0.3.5 (06/25/2010)
-- The changes:
- Added 4th new type of question: a lot of answers, enter the words (sentences) from the keyboard, enter the number from the keyboard, set the sequence of responses;
- Added element "Get techsupport", in the menu item "Help";
- Changed the structure of the test in the database.

Version 0.4.1 (08/17/2010)
-- The changes:
- Fixed a bug in the implementation of the question type "Enter number";
- Fixed a bug in the implementation of such issue "Installing the sequence";
- Added ability to insert images in test question;
- Added hotkeys;
- Added ability to use points;
- Added ability to enter the name test;
- Added statistics.

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07 Nov 2011 1:21pm GMT

QtiPlot (Qt Scientific)

(Qt Scientific)
Data analysis and scientific plotting.

2011/11/02 - QtiPlot released:

*Improved support for the Dock menu on Mac OS X.
*Improved restoring of statistic tables.
*Improved handling of error messages in Savitzky-Golay smoothing filter.
*Improved plotting of 2D plot layers with shared axes.
*Improved error bar handling when plotting a table column selection.
*Implemented feature request #5451: "Do not expand tree in Project Explorer".
*Implemented feature request #5458: "Fit wizard remove only fits from session".
*Updated translations: Italian (thanks to Renato Rivoira), German (thanks to Daniel Schury) and Romanian.
*Updated Italian manual thanks to Renato Rivoira.
Bug fixes:
*Fixed crash when opening old projects containing spectrograms.
*Fixed duplication of 2D plots with respect to the synchronization of scales.
*Fixed speed issues in matrices and removed size limitations in matrix size dialog.
*Fixed export of minus sign to LaTeX.
*Fixed possible crash when resetting the default options via the preferences dialog.

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07 Nov 2011 8:54am GMT

SoftRAID Monitor 0.2 (Qt Logging/Monitoring)

ThumbnailSoftRAID Monitor 0.2
(Qt Logging/Monitoring)
Linux software RAID monitoring tool
Supported RAID levels: 1, 4, 5, 6, 10

- icons size fix

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07 Nov 2011 8:52am GMT

06 Nov 2011

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Andromeda (Qt Filemanager)

(Qt Filemanager)
Cross-platform file manager, written on Qt.

Currently has support for local filesystem (i.e. file:// protocol), simple web view and bookmarks plugins.

Highly appreciate any feedback and developers who want to improve application

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06 Nov 2011 7:51pm GMT

05 Nov 2011

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TinyWM 1.0.1 (Qt System Tool)

ThumbnailTinyWM 1.0.1
(Qt System Tool)
TinyWM is a small tool that helps you arrange windows on your desktop.
It allows a user to divide the desktop into cells of a grid and place the windows onto these cells. A window can allocate more than one cell.
Having started TinyWM adds an icon to the system tray. A user opens the application's main window by left clicking on this icon.
TinyWM is a Windows-only application.
Current restrictions:

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05 Nov 2011 3:51pm GMT

Darhon Finance 1.1.1 (Qt Financial)

ThumbnailDarhon Finance 1.1.1
(Qt Financial)
Manage your personal accounts
Darhon Finance is a simple to use and yet powerful software packed with all the necessary tools to control your accounts.

Main features:
- Record cheques, savings, credit card, cash and any other custom transactions with multi currency capabilities.
- Split transactions are supported to register one payee with multiple categories and classes.
- Track your account balances and reconcile your bank statements.
- Generate reports, charts and histograms.
- Create budget per category to follow up your expenses.
- Export transaction lists to TXT file and convenient printing capability.
- Register scheduled transactions for repeating operations.
- Secure your data using an encrypted password.
- Personalize your views and assign icons to your accounts and categories. Choose between different date formats and font sizes.
- Keep your private information in only one place with Safebox extension.

Release notes: http://www.darhon.com/faq/68

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05 Nov 2011 10:49am GMT

04 Nov 2011

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BE::MPC 0.8 (Qt Sound Application)

ThumbnailBE::MPC 0.8
(Qt Sound Application)
A Qt4 client for http://mpd.wikia.com/ MPD with some UI experiments

- Playback controls ;-)
- Treestyle playlist display
- Online database filtering
- (Optionally) Wikipedia metainfo (heuristic lookup through google, therefore opt-in)

[If connected to a local MPD server]
- Cover display
- Local file playback (usually MPD only plays out of its database)
- DnD support for local file urls (ie. playlist -> k3b / dolphin)
- (basic) MPD server configuration UI

=========== INSTALLATION ==============

- tar with lzma support (.xzf)
- Qt 4.x | x >= 5/6, not really sure ;-)
- libmpdclient (your distro likely has it)

- Download sources and ave them "somewhere"
- Open a terminal (Konsole, XTerm)
- navigate to the dowloaded source (ie. "cd ~/Desktop")
tar -xJf be.mpc.xzf
make && sudo make install

- Some touchscreen UI support (mostly the volume slider slides out on first tap)
- broadcast managing support (internet radio, just add a link. supports m3u & pls)

- fixes a UTF-8 conversion when dnd from the playlist
- allows to pan the wikipedia text (drag with the mouse)
- has a nice database watermark to separate it from the playlist

- minor patch: correctly constrains slider position to value calculation (could lead to connection failures & reconnects for at least the volume slider)

- fixes placeholder text indention
- fixes playlist sorting
- brings playmodes (repeat one/all, random - yes Rob: it will lie to you ;-)
- has some minor dynamic UI fixes

- Fixes a potential infinite repaint in the hint animations (actually occured here some times...)
- Brings buttons to remove or "enqueue" tracks (MPD doesn't know "enqueue", the track(s) is(are) just copied after the current one - so it's more "enstack" :-)
- Replaces the playlist filterline
- Has several minor visual/behavioural adjustments/fixes

- Does not shredder your ~/.mpdconf if it contains complex settings (things with curly braces)

- Connect to server in off-GUI thread (but the actual communication is still syncronous)
- calm pedantic compile warnings :P
- to bring _anything_ new: added bash implementation of a (configurable) DYNAMIC PLAYLIST daemon for mpd =)

- Implements a "setPlaceHolderText" solution for Qt < 4.7
- Depends sleep'ing on the system
- Moves everything into a namespace
- Adds missing header definition
- Directly includes awidget.h in awidget.cpp

- Has adjusted page autoswitching
- Caches Wikipedia infos (for faster re-startups)
- Provides (opt-out) keyboard shortcut hints
- Brings an icon and a .desktp file for startup menus

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04 Nov 2011 10:06pm GMT

qMetro 0.5.2 (Qt Other Utility)

ThumbnailqMetro 0.5.2
(Qt Other Utility)
Map of the transport system for many city subways.

Vector metro (subway) map for calculating route and getting information. Maps have an open format and can easily be edited or create. About 200 maps of subways are available. The package includes only one map of Moscow city subway, but you can easy download your maps from within the app.

Its GPL project for creating analog of pMetro (Muradov Boris) and its use PMZ format.

Available for: Windows, Linux, Mac, Maemo -> qmetro.sf.net

Additional maps:


- view maps
- search station
- find path and fit in view result
- descript path
- multilanguage
- information for station
- settings - interface, perfomance...
- mobile UI for mobile devices

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04 Nov 2011 5:57pm GMT

19 Sep 2008

feedQt News

Trolltech Releases Qt Jambi 4.4.2

19 Sep 2008 10:14am GMT

18 Sep 2008

feedQt News

Trolltech Releases Qt 4.4.2

18 Sep 2008 12:31pm GMT

28 Aug 2008

feedQt News

Brazil’s LSE Software becomes reseller for Trolltech

28 Aug 2008 3:55pm GMT

31 Jul 2008

feedQt News

Trolltech Releases Qt 4.4.1

31 Jul 2008 11:59am GMT

16 Jun 2008

feedQt News

Netflix Player by Roku Utilizes Qt from Trolltech to Provide On-demand Digital Media

16 Jun 2008 7:58am GMT

10 Jun 2008

feedQt News

Qt Jambi 4.4 Brings Benefits of Qt 4.4 to Java Programmers

10 Jun 2008 9:03am GMT

Trolltech Releases Second Alpha Version of Qt for Mac OS X Using Cocoa

10 Jun 2008 8:52am GMT

03 Jun 2008

feedQt News

Trolltech Releases Qt Jambi 4.3.5

03 Jun 2008 11:27am GMT

02 Jun 2008

feedQt News

Trolltech releases Qt 4.3.5

02 Jun 2008 5:47am GMT

27 May 2008

feedQt News

Award From Qt Developers Recognizes Best Open Source Development Tools

27 May 2008 1:01pm GMT

06 May 2008

feedQt News

Qt 4.4 Framework Broadens Rich Application Development with Integration of Web Content and Portability to Mobile Devices

06 May 2008 9:55am GMT

08 Apr 2008

feedQt News

QtCentre Programming Contest 2008

08 Apr 2008 2:14pm GMT

04 Apr 2008

feedQt News

Qt 4.4 Release Candidate Now Available

04 Apr 2008 7:35am GMT

13 Mar 2008

feedQt News

Trolltech Releases Qt Jambi 4.4 Preview

13 Mar 2008 3:41pm GMT

Trolltech Releases Qt Jambi 4.3.4

13 Mar 2008 2:39pm GMT