19 Sep 2014

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Rafiki: A Semantic and Collaborative Approach to Community Health-Care in Underserved Areas

Tweet Primal Pappachan, Roberto Yus, Anupam Joshi and Tim Finin, Rafiki: A Semantic and Collaborative Approach to Community Health-Care in Underserved Areas , 10th IEEE International Conference on Collaborative Computing: Networking, Applications and Worksharing, 22-15 October2014, Miami. Community Health Workers (CHWs) act as liaisons between health-care providers and patients in underserved or un-served areas. However, the lack of information sharing and training support impedes the effectiveness of CHWs and their ability to correctly diagnose patients. In this paper, we propose and describe a system for mobile and wearable computing devices called Rafiki which assists CHWs in decision making and facilitates ...

19 Sep 2014 12:26pm GMT

18 Sep 2014

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Taming Wild Big Data

Tweet Jennifer Sleeman and Tim Finin, Taming Wild Big Data , AAAI Fall Symposium on Natural Language Access to Big Data, Nov. 2014. Wild Big Data is data that is hard to extract, understand, and use due to its heterogeneous nature and volume. It typically comes without a schema, is obtained from multiple sources and provides a challenge for information extraction and integration. We describe a way to subduing Wild Big Data that uses techniques and resources that are popular for processing natural language text. The approach is applicable to data that is presented as a graph of objects and ...

18 Sep 2014 1:36am GMT

13 Sep 2014

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A schemaless computer database in 1965

To enable flexible metadata aggregation, among other things.

13 Sep 2014 4:09pm GMT

12 Sep 2014

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Schema.org v1.91: Offer/price documentation fixes, cleanup and community contributions.

Schema.org has been updated to v1.91 . From the release notes: Updated text of the price property to include practical usage guidance, alongside links to information from GS1 for the gtin-related Offer properties. Updated all our examples to follow that guidance; primarily by using priceCurrency and the content= attribute. Noted our thanks to the OpenDomain project for our domain name. Updated the text of the ' image ' property to match its expected types. Thanks, Dan Scott! Changed spelling of 'supercededBy' to the more conventional supersededBy . Thanks, Sachini Aparna Herath! Noted that ' logo ' and ' photo ' ...

12 Sep 2014 7:52am GMT

09 Sep 2014

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Major UMBEL Release: 1.10

After more than 2 years, we are now finally releasing a new version of the UMBEL ontology and reference concept structure . One might think that we haven't worked on the project all that time, but it is not strictly true. We did improve the mapping to external vocabularies/ontologies, we worked much on linking Wikipedia pages to the UMBEL structure, but we haven't had time to release a new version… until now! For people new to the ontology, UMBEL is a general reference structure of about 28,000 reference concepts, which provides a scaffolding to link and interoperate other datasets and ...

09 Sep 2014 2:57pm GMT

08 Sep 2014

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SEMANTiCS 2014 (part 3 of 3): Conversations

I was asked for an oracular statement about the future of relational database (RDBMS) at the conference. The answer, without doubt or hesitation, is that this is forever. But this does not mean that the RDBMS world would be immutable, quite the opposite. The specializations converge. The RDBMS becomes more adaptable and less schema-first. Of course the RDBMS also take new data models beside the relational. RDF and other property graph models, for instance. The schema-last-ness is now well in evidence. For example, PostgreSQL has an hstore column type which is a list of key-value pairs. Vertica has a feature ...

08 Sep 2014 8:11pm GMT

SEMANTiCS 2014 (part 2 of 3): RDF Data Shapes

The first keynote of Semantics 2014 was by Phil Archer of the W3C , entitled " 10 Years of Achievement ." After my talk, in the questions, Phil brought up the matter of the upcoming W3C work group charter on RDF Data Shapes . We had discussed this already at the reception the night before and I will here give some ideas about this. After the talk, my answer was that naturally the existence of something that expressed the same sort of thing as SQL DDL , with W3C backing, can only be a good thing and will give the ...

08 Sep 2014 7:22pm GMT

SEMANTiCS 2014 (part 1 of 3): Keynote

I was invited to give a keynote at SEMANTiCS 2014 in Leipzig , Germany last Thursday. I will here recap some of the main points, and comment on some of the ensuing controversy. The talk was initially titled Virtuoso, the Prometheus of RDF . Well, mythical Prometheus did perform a service but ended up paying for it. Still, the mythical reference is sometimes used when talking of major breakthroughs and big-gain ambitions. In the first slide , I changed it to Linked Data at Dawn, which is less product specific and more a reflection on the state of the linked ...

08 Sep 2014 5:17pm GMT

SEMANTiCS – the emergence of a European Marketplace for the Semantic Web

SEMANTiCS conference celebrated its 10th anniversary this September in Leipzig. And this year's venue has been cap ab le of open ing a new age for the Semantic Web in Europe - a marketplace for the next generation of semantic technologies was born. As Phil Archer stated in his key note, the Semantic Web is now mature, and academia and industry can be proud of the achievements so far. And exactly that fact gave the thread for the conference: Real world use cases demonstrated by industry representatives, new and already running applied projects presented by the leading consortia in the field and a vivid academia ...

08 Sep 2014 11:34am GMT

04 Sep 2014

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A layer cake of spatial data, and in a jigsaw puzzle style

During a lunch at the GeoData 2014 workshop , Boulder, CO, USA, June 2014, people sitting around the table began to chat about topics relevant to data sharing, data format, interoperability - all those topics relevant to geoscience data - well, inter-agency data interoperability was the central topic of that workshop. When someone rose up the topic of comparing data sharing policies in USA with those in Europe and China, a few people (those who know me) looked at me and began to smile. Yes, I am confident to say that I have some comments on the geoscience data sharing ...

04 Sep 2014 8:43pm GMT

03 Sep 2014

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Protecting And Sharing Linked Data With Virtuoso

Disclaimer : Many of the features presented here are rather new and can not be found in the open-source version of Virtuoso. Last time we saw

03 Sep 2014 8:41am GMT

02 Sep 2014

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Schema.org Support for Bibliographic Relationships and Periodicals

[Guest post by Richard Wallis, OCLC & Dan Scott, Laurentian University ] With the addition of three new types, the latest version of schema.org introduces support for describing the relationship between, Articles and the Periodicals in which they were published, along with potentially related PublicationIssues & PublicationVolumes . For example: The article "The semantic web" was published in May 2001, in volume 284, issue 5 of Scientific american on pages 28 through 37. That issue of Scientific American contained 33 other articles listed at http://www.nature.com/scientificamerican/journal/v284/n5/index.html . The editors for that issue included Mark Alpert, Steve Ashley, and Carol Ezzell. You ...

02 Sep 2014 5:12pm GMT

Sharing Files With Whomever Is Simple

Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box.com - they all allow you to share files with others. But they all do it via the strange concept of public links. Anyone who has this link has access to the file. On first glance this might be easy enough but what if you want to revoke read access for just one of those people? What if you want to share a set of files with a whole group? I will not answer these questions per se. I will show an alternative based on

02 Sep 2014 9:25am GMT

29 Aug 2014

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Final Program published for DC-2014

29, The Texas Digital Library and the Conference Committee of DC-2014 in Austin, Texas on 8-11 October have published the final program of the DCMI International Conference at http://dcevents.dublincore.org/IntConf/index/pages/view/program14 . Join us in Austin for an exciting agenda including 46 papers, project reports and best practice posters and presentations. Parallel with the peer reviewed program is an array of special sessions of panels and discussions on key metadata issues, challenges and new opportunities. Pre- and post-conference workshops and tutorials round out the program by providing 1/2 day to full day instruction. Every year the DCMI community gathers for both its ...

29 Aug 2014 11:59pm GMT

LOD2 Finale (part 3 of n): The 500 Giga-triple Runs

In the evening of day 8, we have kernel settings in the cluster changed to allow more mmaps . At this point, we notice that the dataset is missing the implied types of products ; i.e., the most specific type is given but its superclasses are not directly associated with the product . We have always run this with this unique inference materialized, which is also how the data generator makes the data, with the right switch. But the switch was not used. So a further 10 Gt (Giga-triples) are added, by running a SQL script to make the superclasses ...

29 Aug 2014 4:49pm GMT

24 Aug 2014

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Exploring a SPARQL endpoint

In this case, semanticweb.org.

24 Aug 2014 6:03pm GMT