20 Sep 2020

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Cloud Cipher Capabilities

… or, the lack of it. A recent discussion at a customer made me having a closer look around support for encryption in the context of XaaS cloud service offerings as well as concerning Hadoop. In general, this can be broken down into over-the-wire (cf. SSL/ TLS ) and back-end encryption. While the former is widely used, the latter is rather seldom to find. Different reasons might exits why one wants to encrypt her data, ranging from preserving a competitive advantage to end-user privacy issues. No matter why someone wants to encrypt the data, the question is do systems support ...

20 Sep 2020 8:22pm GMT

18 Sep 2020

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paper: Early Detection of Cybersecurity Threats Using Collaborative Cognition

The CCS Dashboard's sections provide information on sources and targets of network events, file operations monitored and sub-events that are part of the APT kill chain. An alert is generated when a likely complete APT is detected after reasoning over events. Early Detection of Cybersecurity Threats Using Collaborative Cognition Sandeep Narayanan, Ashwinkumar Ganesan, Karuna Joshi, Tim Oates, Anupam Joshi and Tim Finin, Early detection of Cybersecurity Threats using Collaborative Cognition , 4th IEEE International Conference on Collaboration and Internet Computing, Philadelphia, October. 2018. The early detection of cybersecurity events such as attacks is challenging given the constantly evolving threat ...

18 Sep 2020 2:13pm GMT

paper: Context Sensitive Access Control in Smart Home Environments

Sofia Dutta, Sai Sree Laya Chukkapalli, Madhura Sulgekar, Swathi Krithivasan, Prajit Kumar Das, and Anupam Joshi, Context Sensitive Access Control in Smart Home Environments , 6th IEEE International Conference on Big Data Security on Cloud, May 2020 The rise in popularity of Internet of Things (IoT) devices has opened doors for privacy and security breaches in Cyber-Physical systems like smart homes, smart vehicles, and smart grids that affect our daily existence. IoT systems are also a source of big data that gets shared via the cloud. IoT systems in a smart home environment have sensitive access control issues since they ...

18 Sep 2020 2:13pm GMT

paper: Automating GDPR Compliance using Policy Integrated Blockchain

Automating GDPR Compliance using Policy Integrated Blockchain Abhishek Mahindrakar and Karuna Pande Joshi, Automating GDPR Compliance using Policy Integrated Blockchain , 6th IEEE International Conference on Big Data Security on Cloud, May 2020. Data protection regulations, like GDPR, mandate security controls to secure personally identifiable information (PII) of the users which they share with service providers. With the volume of shared data reaching exascale proportions, it is challenging to ensure GDPR compliance in real-time. We propose a novel approach that integrates GDPR ontology with blockchain to facilitate real-time automated data compliance. Our framework ensures data operation is allowed only when ...

18 Sep 2020 2:13pm GMT

paper: Automated Knowledge Extraction from the Federal Acquisition Regulations System

Automated Knowledge Extraction from the Federal Acquisition Regulations System (FARS) Srishty Saha and Karuna Pande Joshi, Automated Knowledge Extraction from the Federal Acquisition Regulations System (FARS) , 2nd International Workshop on Enterprise Big Data Semantic and Analytics Modeling, IEEE Big Data Conference, December 2017. With increasing regulation of Big Data, it is becoming essential for organizations to ensure compliance with various data protection standards. The Federal Acquisition Regulations System (FARS) within the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) includes facts and rules for individuals and organizations seeking to do business with the US Federal government. Parsing and gathering knowledge from such ...

18 Sep 2020 2:13pm GMT

paper: Attribute Based Encryption for Secure Access to Cloud Based EHR Systems

Attribute Based Encryption for Secure Access to Cloud Based EHR Systems Maithilee Joshi, Karuna Joshi and Tim Finin, Attribute Based Encryption for Secure Access to Cloud Based EHR Systems , IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing, San Francisco CA, July 2018 Medical organizations find it challenging to adopt cloud-based electronic medical records services, due to the risk of data breaches and the resulting compromise of patient data. Existing authorization models follow a patient centric approach for EHR management where the responsibility of authorizing data access is handled at the patients' end. This however creates a significant overhead for the ...

18 Sep 2020 2:13pm GMT

Why does Google think Raymond Chandler starred in Double Indemnity?

In my knowledge graph class yesterday we talked about the SPARQL query language and I illustrated it with DBpedia queries, including an example getting data about the movie Double Indemnity. I had brought a google assistant device and used it to compare its answers to those from DBpedia. When I asked the Google assistant "Who starred in the film Double Indemnity", the first person it mentioned was Raymond Chandler . I knew this was wrong, since he was one of its screenwriters, not an actor, and shared an Academy Award for the screenplay. DBpedia's data was correct and did not ...

18 Sep 2020 2:13pm GMT

W3C Recommendation: Time Ontology in OWL

W3C Recommendation: Time Ontology in OWL The Spatial Data on the Web Working Group has published a W3C Recommendation of the Time Ontology in OWL specification. The ontology provides a vocabulary for expressing facts about relations among instants and intervals, together with information about durations, and about temporal position including date-time information. Time positions and durations may be expressed using either the conventional Gregorian calendar and clock, or using another temporal reference system such as Unix-time, geologic time, or different calendars. The post W3C Recommendation: Time Ontology in OWL appeared first on UMBC ebiquity .

18 Sep 2020 2:13pm GMT

Videos of ISWC 2017 talks

Videos of almost all of the talks from the 16th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) held in Vienna in 2017 are online at videolectures.net . They include 89 research presentations, two keynote talks, the one-minute madness event and the opening and closing ceremonies. The post Videos of ISWC 2017 talks appeared first on UMBC ebiquity .

18 Sep 2020 2:13pm GMT

29 Aug 2020

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Increasing inclusion around open standards for data

I read an interesting article this week by Ana Brandusescu , Michael Canares and Silvana Fumega . Called " Open data standards design behind closed doors? " it explores issues of inclusion and equity around the development of "open data standards" (which I'm reading as "open standards for data"). Ana, Michael and Silvana rightly highlight that standards development is often seen and carried out as a technical process, whereas their development and impacts are often political, social or economic. To ensure that standards are well designed, we need to recognise their power, choose when to wield that tool, and ensure ...

29 Aug 2020 12:09pm GMT

28 Aug 2020

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Four types of innovation around data

Vaughn Tan's The Uncertainty Mindset is one of the most fascinating books I've read this year. It's an exploration of how to build R&D teams drawing on lessons learned in high-end kitchens around the world. I love cooking and I'm interested in creative R&D and what makes high-performing teams work well. I'd strongly recommend it if you're interested in any of these topics. I'm also a sucker for a good intellectual framework that helps me think about things in different ways. I did that recently with the BASEDEF framework . Tan introduces a nice framework in Chapter 4 of the ...

28 Aug 2020 3:07pm GMT


This post is a bit of a diary entry. It's to help me remember a fun little activity that I was involved in recently. I'd seen little gifs and screenshots of Townscaper on twitter for months. But then suddenly it was in early access . I bought it and started playing around. I've been feeling like I was in a rut recently and wanted to do something creative. After seeing Jim Rossignol mention playing with townscaper as a nightly activity, I thought I'd do similar. Years ago I used to do lunchtime hacks and experiments as a way to be ...

28 Aug 2020 2:05pm GMT

07 Aug 2020

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Sharing Files With Whomever Is Simple

Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box.com - they all allow you to share files with others. But they all do it via the strange concept of public links. Anyone who has this link has access to the file. On first glance this might be easy enough but what if you want to revoke read access for just one of those people? What if you want to share a set of files with a whole group? I will not answer these questions per se. I will show an alternative based on OpenLink Virtuoso . Virtuoso has its own WebDAV file storage system ...

07 Aug 2020 12:33am GMT

Protecting And Sharing Linked Data With Virtuoso

Disclaimer : Many of the features presented here are rather new and can not be found in the open-source version of Virtuoso. Last time we saw how to share files and folders stored in the Virtuoso DAV system . Today we will protect and share data stored in Virtuoso's Triple Store - we will share RDF data. Virtuoso is actually a quadruple-store which means each triple lives in a named graph. In Virtuoso named graphs can be public or private (in reality it is a bit more complex than that but this view on things is sufficient for our purposes), public ...

07 Aug 2020 12:33am GMT

Digitally Sign Emails With Your X.509 Certificate in Evolution

Digitally signing Emails is always a good idea. People can verify that you actually sent the mail and they can encrypt emails in return. A while ago Kingsley showed how to sign emails in Thunderbird .I will now follow up with a short post on how to do the same in Evolution. The process begins with actually getting an X.509 certificate including an embedded WebID . There are a few services out there that can help with this, most notably OpenLink's own YouID and ODS. The former allows you to create a new certificate based on existing social service accounts. ...

07 Aug 2020 12:33am GMT

Zoom on a Pi 4 (4GB)

It works using chromium not the Zoom app (which only runs on x86, not ARM ). I tested it with a two-person, two-video stream call. You need a screen (I happened to have a spare 7″ touchscreen). You also need a keyboard for the initial setup, and a mouse if you don't have a touchscreen. The really nice thing is that Video4Linux (bcm2835-v4l2) support has improved so it works with both v1 and v2 raspi cameras, and no need for options bcm2835-v4l2 gst_v4l2src_is_broken=1 So: Install Raspian Buster Connect the screen keyboard, mouse, camera and speaker/mic. I used a Sennheiser usb speaker ...

07 Aug 2020 12:17am GMT