21 Oct 2014

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The Importance of Use Cases Documents

The Data on the Web Best Practices WG is among those who will be meeting at this year's TPAC in Santa Clara. As well as a chance for working group members to meet and make good progress, it's a great … Continue reading →

21 Oct 2014 11:22am GMT

16 Oct 2014

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AKSW at #ISWC2014. Come and join, talk and discuss with us!

Hello AKSW Follower! We are very pleased to announce that nine of our papers were accepted for presentation at ISWC 2014. In the main track of the conference we will present the following papers: AGDISTIS - Graph-Based Disambiguation of Named Entities using Linked Data , Ricardo Usbeck, Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo, Michael Röder, Daniel Gerber, Sandro Coelho, Sören Auer and Andreas Both Best Research Paper Nominee HELIOS - Execution Optimization for Link Discovery , Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo. This year, the Replication, Benchmark, Data and Software Track started and we got accepted twice! Web-Scale Extension of RDF Knowledge Bases from Templated Websites , ...

16 Oct 2014 12:00pm GMT

15 Oct 2014

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Tarot scoring

Score keeping for the French card game Tarot is way too difficult, especially after a couple of cocktails. Here's my attempt to fix that problem.

15 Oct 2014 2:16am GMT

13 Oct 2014

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Wikidata article in CACM

Tweet I just noticed that Denny Vrandecic and Markus Krötzsch have an article on Wikidata in the latest CACM. Good work! Even better, it's available without subscription. Wikidata: a free collaborative knowledgebase , Denny Vrandecic and Markus Krötzsch, Communications of the ACM, v57, n10 (2014), pp 78-85. "This collaboratively edited knowledgebase provides a common source of data for Wikipedia, and everyone else. Unnoticed by most of its readers, Wikipedia continues to undergo dramatic changes, as its sister project Wikidata introduces a new multilingual "Wikipedia for data" (http://www.wikidata.org) to manage the factual information of the popular online encyclopedia. With Wikipedia's data ...

13 Oct 2014 12:51am GMT

09 Oct 2014

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Cross origin in Sinatra

I keep looking this up, so: require 'sinatra' require 'sinatra/base' require 'sinatra/cross_origin' class MyApp < Sinatra::Base register Sinatra::CrossOrigin get '/' do cross_origin ... end end

09 Oct 2014 12:04pm GMT

Notes on uploading images via sinatra in ruby

In case it's useful to anyone else. I got tips via

09 Oct 2014 11:50am GMT

08 Oct 2014

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Creating an Application Using the British National Bibliography

This is the fourth and final post in a series (

08 Oct 2014 4:38pm GMT

Accessing the British National Bibliography Using SPARQL

This is the third in a series of posts (

08 Oct 2014 4:38pm GMT

Loading the British National Bibliography into an RDF Database

This is the second in a series of posts (

08 Oct 2014 4:38pm GMT

An Introduction to the British National Bibliography

This is the first of a series of posts (

08 Oct 2014 4:35pm GMT

07 Oct 2014

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Dropping OPTIONAL blocks from SPARQL CONSTRUCT queries

And retrieving those triples much, much faster.

07 Oct 2014 12:42am GMT

06 Oct 2014

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LIMES Version 0.6 RC4

It has been a while but that moment has arrived again. We are happy to announce a new release of the LIMES framework . This version implements novel geo-spatial measures (e.g., geographic mean) as well as string similarity measures (jaro, jaro-winkler, etc.). Moreover, we fixed some minor bugs (thanks for the bug reports). The final release (i.e., version 0.7) will soon be available so stay tuned! Link on, Axel

06 Oct 2014 10:49pm GMT

In Hoc Signo Vinces (part 20 of n): 100G and 1000G With Cluster; When is Cluster Worthwhile; Effects of I/O

In the introduction to scale out piece, I promised to address the matter of data-to-memory ratio, and to talk about when scale-out makes sense. Here we will see that scale-out makes sense whenever data does not fit in memory on a single commodity server. The gains in processing power are immediate, even when going from one box to just two, with both systems having all in memory. As an initial take on the issue we run 100 GB and 1000 GB on the test system. 100 GB is trivially in memory, 1000 GB is not, as the memory is 384 ...

06 Oct 2014 5:53pm GMT

03 Oct 2014

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Jenkins-CI: automating lab processes

Our group organizes public Science Cafes where people from Maastricht University can see the research it is involved in. Yesterday it was my turn again, and I gave a presentation showing the BiGCaT and eNanoMapper Jenkins-CI installations (set up by Nuno) which I have been using for a variety of processes which Jenkins conveniently runs based on input it gets. For example, I have it compile and run test suits for a variety of software projects (like the CDK , NanoJava), but also have it build R packages, and even daily run Andra Waagmeester 's code to create RDF for ...

03 Oct 2014 8:33am GMT

01 Oct 2014

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Simmons College and Infocom Corporation renew organizational memberships

2014-10-01, DCMI is very pleased to announce the renewal of two of its organizational members for the coming year. The Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Simmons College in Boston, USA, has renewed as an Institutional Member and Infocom Corporation of Japan has renewed as a Supporting Member. The DCMI Supporting Member Program is open to all private sector companies that want to support DCMI financially in continuing its work to the benefit of a healthy metadata ecosystem. The Institutional Member Program is open to all public sector organizations interested in supporting DCMI while participating actively in DCMI ...

01 Oct 2014 11:59pm GMT

Join Our Team!

We are looking for: Business Development Enterprise Sales Data Scientist Natural Language Processing Scientist Machine Learning Engineer Design UX Designer Platform Engineering Frontend Engineer Site Reliability Engineer Senior Backend Engineer Send your application to careers@redlink.co

01 Oct 2014 12:45pm GMT