29 Oct 2014

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ISWC 2014

Last week I attended ISWC 2014 in Riva del Garda and had a very nice time. I presented a paper at the Developers Workshop about designing the new PerlRDF and SPARQLKit systems using trait-based programming . Covering more PerlRDF work, Kjetil presented his work on RDF::LinkedData . Answering SPARQL Queries over Databases under OWL 2 QL Entailment Regime by Kontchakov, et al. caught my attention during the main conference. The authors show a technique to map query answering under OWL QL entailment to pure SPARQL 1.1 queries under simple entailment, allowing OWL QL reasoning to be used with SPARQL 1.1 ...

29 Oct 2014 2:44am GMT

28 Oct 2014

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AKSW successful at #ISWC2014

Dear followers, 9 members of AKSW have been participating at the 13th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) at Riva del Garda, Italy. Next to listening to interesting talks, giving presentations or discussing with fellow Semantic Web researchers, AKSW won 4 significant prizes: Best Research Paper Award : AGDISTIS - Graph-Based Disambiguation of Named Entities using Linked Data Ricardo Usbeck, Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo, Michael Röder, Daniel Gerber, Sandro Athaide Coelho, Sören Auer and Andreas Both. More information on this project at http://aksw.org/projects/agdistis Outstanding Paper Award (The Semantic Web journal 2014): DBpedia - A Large-scale, Multilingual Knowledge Base Extracted from Wikipedia Jens ...

28 Oct 2014 4:03pm GMT

24 Oct 2014

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Tutorials, presentations and proceedings of DC-2014 published

2014-10-24, Over 236 people from 17 countries attended DC-2014 in Austin, Texas from 8 through 11 October 2014. Pre- and post-Conference tutorials and workshops were presented in the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center and at the Harry Ransom Center with 90 people attending in each of the two venues on the University of Texas at Austin campus. Over 190 people attended the 2-day conference. Presentation slides of the keynote by Eric Miller of Zepheira LLC as well as presentations from the special sessions and the tutorials/workshops are available online at the conference website at http://bit.ly/dc2014-presentations . The full text ...

24 Oct 2014 11:59pm GMT

Stewardship of LRMI specification transferred to DCMI

2014-10-24, After lengthy deliberations, the leadership of the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI) has determined that the stewardship of the LRMI 1.1 specification, as well management of future LRMI development, will be passed to DCMI and its long-standing Education Community. The LRMI specification on which schema.org educational properties and classes are based was created by the Association of Educational Publishers (AEP) and Creative Commons (CC) with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation . The three-phased development cycle of the LRMI 1.1 specification included closing processes for the orderly passing of stewardship to a recognized organization in the metadata ...

24 Oct 2014 11:59pm GMT

DCMI/ASIS&T; Webinar - The Learning Resource Metadata Initiative, describing learning resources with schema.org, and more?

2014-10-24, The Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI) is a collaborative initiative that aims to make it easier for teachers and learners to find educational materials through major search engines and specialized resource discovery services. The approach taken by LRMI is to extend the schema.org ontology so that educationally significant characteristics and relationships can be expressed. In this webinar, Phil Barker and Lorna M. Campbell of Cetis will introduce schema.org and present the background to LRMI, its aims and objectives, and who is involved in achieving them. The webinar will outline the technical aspects of the LRMI specification, describe some example ...

24 Oct 2014 11:59pm GMT

DCMI's first Governing Board officer transition

2014-10-24, In the closing ceremony of DC-2014, DCMI exercised the first Governing Board officer transition under the Initiative's new governance structure. Michael Crandall stepped into the role of Immediate Past Chair as Eric Childress assumed the roles of Chair of DCMI and the Governing Board. Joseph Tennis became the new Chair Elect of the Board and will succeed as Chair at DC-2015 in São Paulo, Brazil. Information about the new DCMI governance structure can be found in the DCMI Handbook at http://wiki.dublincore.org/index.php/DCMI_Handbook/orgStructure

24 Oct 2014 11:59pm GMT

23 Oct 2014

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AKSW internal group meeting @ Dessau

Recently AKSW members were at the city of Dessau for an internal group meeting. The meeting took place between 8th and 10th of October, in the modern university of architecture of Bauhaus were we also stayed hosted. Bauhaus is located in the city of Dessau, about one hour from Leipzig. Bauhaus operated from 1919 to 1933 and was famous for the approach to design that combined crafts and the fine arts. At that time the German term Bauhaus - literally "house of construction" - was understood as meaning "School of Building". It seemed to be a perfect getaway and an ...

23 Oct 2014 12:07am GMT

22 Oct 2014

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Conditional Sharing – Virtuoso ACL Groups Revisited

22 Oct 2014 8:25pm GMT

On Universality and Core Competence

I will here develop some ideas on the platform of Peter Boncz 's inaugural lecture mentioned in the previous post . This is a high-level look at where the leading edge of analytics will be, now that the column store is mainstream. Peter's description of his domain was roughly as follows, summarized from memory: The new chair is for data analysis and engines for this purpose. The data analysis engine includes the analytical DBMS but is a broader category. For example, the diverse parts of the big data chain (including preprocessing, noise elimination, feature extraction, natural language extraction, graph analytics, ...

22 Oct 2014 5:23pm GMT

Inaugural Lecture of Prof. Boncz at VU Amsterdam

Last Friday, I attended the inaugural lecture of Professor Peter Boncz at the VU University Amsterdam . As the reader is likely to know, Peter is one of the database luminaries of the 21st century, known among other things for architecting MonetDB and Actian Vector (Vectorwise) and publishing a stellar succession of core database papers. The lecture touched on the fact of the data economy and the possibilities of E-science. Peter proceeded to address issues of ethics of cyberspace and the fact of legal and regulatory practice trailing far behind the factual dynamics of cyberspace. In conclusion, Peter gave some ...

22 Oct 2014 5:21pm GMT

hostapd debugging

sudo hostapd -dd /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf tells you if your config file is broken. Which helps. Sample hostapd.conf for wpa-password protected access point: ssid=myssid interface=wlan0 driver=nl80211 hw_mode=g channel=1 wpa=2 wpa_passphrase=mypass wpa_key_mgmt=WPA-PSK # makes the SSID visible and broadcasted ignore_broadcast_ssid=0

22 Oct 2014 4:50pm GMT

21 Oct 2014

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The Importance of Use Cases Documents

The Data on the Web Best Practices WG is among those who will be meeting at this year's TPAC in Santa Clara. As well as a chance for working group members to meet and make good progress, it's a great … Continue reading →

21 Oct 2014 11:22am GMT

16 Oct 2014

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AKSW at #ISWC2014. Come and join, talk and discuss with us!

Hello AKSW Follower! We are very pleased to announce that nine of our papers were accepted for presentation at ISWC 2014. In the main track of the conference we will present the following papers: AGDISTIS - Graph-Based Disambiguation of Named Entities using Linked Data , Ricardo Usbeck, Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo, Michael Röder, Daniel Gerber, Sandro Coelho, Sören Auer and Andreas Both Best Research Paper Nominee HELIOS - Execution Optimization for Link Discovery , Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo. This year, the Replication, Benchmark, Data and Software Track started and we got accepted twice! Web-Scale Extension of RDF Knowledge Bases from Templated Websites , ...

16 Oct 2014 12:00pm GMT

15 Oct 2014

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Tarot scoring

Score keeping for the French card game Tarot is way too difficult, especially after a couple of cocktails. Here's my attempt to fix that problem.

15 Oct 2014 2:16am GMT

13 Oct 2014

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Wikidata article in CACM

Tweet I just noticed that Denny Vrandecic and Markus Krötzsch have an article on Wikidata in the latest CACM. Good work! Even better, it's available without subscription. Wikidata: a free collaborative knowledgebase , Denny Vrandecic and Markus Krötzsch, Communications of the ACM, v57, n10 (2014), pp 78-85. "This collaboratively edited knowledgebase provides a common source of data for Wikipedia, and everyone else. Unnoticed by most of its readers, Wikipedia continues to undergo dramatic changes, as its sister project Wikidata introduces a new multilingual "Wikipedia for data" (http://www.wikidata.org) to manage the factual information of the popular online encyclopedia. With Wikipedia's data ...

13 Oct 2014 12:51am GMT

09 Oct 2014

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Cross origin in Sinatra

I keep looking this up, so: require 'sinatra' require 'sinatra/base' require 'sinatra/cross_origin' class MyApp < Sinatra::Base register Sinatra::CrossOrigin get '/' do cross_origin ... end end

09 Oct 2014 12:04pm GMT