22 Dec 2014

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Join Our Team!

Our vision is to build outstanding software based on linked data, smart document indexes and content analysis. We are hiring, join the team! Junior Java Developer We are looking for graduates and young professionals, with Bachelor/Master degree in Computer Science or related discipline. Skills should include: Object-oriented analysis and design skills Development of software components using Java/J2EE technologies Willing to learn and adapt to new technologies These things are not required but are certainly pluses: Spring, CDI or any other IoC framework experience Relational databases and SQL Maven build tools Please send your application to careers@redlink.co Senior Java Developer We are seeking innovative, ...

22 Dec 2014 12:45pm GMT

Join Our Team!

Redlink - Our vision is to build outstanding software based on linked data, smart document indexes and content analysis. We are hiring. Join the team! (1) Java Developer We are seeking innovative, organized and proactive individuals with a positive, energetic attitude with Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related discipline. Skills should include: Object-oriented analysis and design skills Development of software components and products using Java/J2EE technologies Server side Java application development experience Willing to learn and adapt to new programming languages or paradigms Knowledge of Spring framework, CDI or related IoC frameworks Familiar with Maven build tools Experience with designing and implementing ...

22 Dec 2014 12:45pm GMT

Open Science in an Open World

I began to think about a blog for this topic after I read a few papers about Open Codes and Open Data published in Nature and Nature Geoscience in November 2014. Later on I also noticed that the editorial office of Nature Geoscience made a cluster of articles themed on Transparency in Science ( http://www.nature.com/ngeo/focus/transparency-in-science/index.html ), which really created an excellent context for further discussion of Open Science. A few weeks later I attended the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting at San Francisco, CA. That is used to be a giant meeting with more than 20,000 attendees. My personal ...

22 Dec 2014 1:39am GMT

18 Dec 2014

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XInclude 1.1 (Last Call mark II)

Implementation experience, there's nothing like it.

18 Dec 2014 1:05pm GMT

17 Dec 2014

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Simplify Clinical Trials Metadata Management with Semantic Technology

The FDA has adopted the CDISC SDTM standard for clinical trial submission. While the standard has the potential to simplify the reporting processes, adoption poses challenges to and raises questions for pharma companies testing their medicines in the clinic. In response, organizations have tasked groups with managing clinical trial metadata in compliances with these standards. We at Cambridge Semantics have been working with these groups to address these challenges with Anzo Pharma SmartBench, a user-driven platform for developing flexible data collaboration, integration and analytics solutions. Anzo Pharma SmartBench is based on Semantic Web Technology - the same standards used by ...

17 Dec 2014 4:46pm GMT

15 Dec 2014

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Semantics for Privacy and Shared Context

Tweet Roberto Yus, Primal Pappachan, Prajit Das, Tim Finin, Anupam Joshi, and Eduardo Mena, Semantics for Privacy and Shared Context , Workshop on Society, Privacy and the Semantic Web-Policy and Technology, held at Int. Semantic Web Conf., Oct. 2014. Capturing, maintaining, and using context information helps mobile applications provide better services and generates data useful in specifying information sharing policies. Obtaining the full benefit of context information requires a rich and expressive representation that is grounded in shared semantic models. We summarize some of our past work on representing and using context models and briefly describe Triveni, a system for ...

15 Dec 2014 5:01pm GMT

13 Dec 2014

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What it is and how people use it: my own summary.

13 Dec 2014 2:13pm GMT

Catwigs: A conversation with your project

13 Dec 2014 10:47am GMT

11 Dec 2014

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Schema.org v1.92: Music, Video Games, Sports, Itemlist, breadcrumbs and more!

We are happy to announce version v1.92 of schema.org . With this update we "soft launch" a substantial collection of improvements that will form the basis for a schema.org version 2.0 release in early 2015. There remain a number of site-wide improvements, bugfixes and clarifications that we'd like to make before we feel ready to use the name "v2.0". However the core vocabulary improvements are stable and available for use from today. As usual see the release notes page for details. Please get in touch via the W3C Web Schemas group or our Github issue tracker if you'd like ...

11 Dec 2014 3:28pm GMT

10 Dec 2014

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DCMI/ASIST Webinar: The Libhub Initiative: Increasing the Web Visibility of Libraries

2014-12-10, In this webinar, Eric Miller, President of Zepheira , will talk about the transition libraries must make to achieve Web visibility, explain recent trends that support these efforts, and introduce the Libhub Initiative -- an active exploration of what can happen when libraries begin to speak the language of the Web. As a founding sponsor, Zepheira's introduction of the Libhub Initiative creates an industry-wide focus on the collective visibility of libraries and their resources on the Web. Libraries and memory organizations have rich content and resources that the Web can not see or use. The Libhub Initiative aims to ...

10 Dec 2014 11:59pm GMT

Huffduffer / Radiodan Digression – NFC control

I'd like to be able to change the URL of the RSS feed using NFC (~RFID). This is a tiny bit of over-engineering, but could also be very cool. I have a couple of NFC boards I've been planning on playing with for a while. One's an

10 Dec 2014 5:37pm GMT

09 Dec 2014

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Open Semantic Framework 3.1 Released

Structured Dynamics is happy to announce the immediate availability of the Open Semantic Framework version 3.1. This new version includes a set of fixes to different components of the framework in the last few months. The biggest change is deployment of OSF using Virtuoso Open Source version 7.1.0 . We also created a new API for Clojure developers called: clj-osf . Finally we created a new Open Semantic Framework web portal that better describes the project and is hopefully easier to use and more modern. Quick Introduction to the Open Semantic Framework What is the Open Semantic Framework? The Open ...

09 Dec 2014 5:08pm GMT

Hufferduffer Radiodan part 4 – server side Radiodan API and buttons

Server side calls Andrew has been helping me with server-side radiodan calls. I was close with

09 Dec 2014 3:30pm GMT

08 Dec 2014

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Huffduffer Radiodan part 3 – using the switch with Radiodan code

Yesterday I got a microswitch working - today I want to make it turn on the radio. Given that I can only start my podcasts in client-side mode at the moment, I'll have to bodge it a bit so I can actually see it working (Andrew is going to help me understand the server side API better tomorrow). So my plan is to 1. Switch back to the radiodan "magic button" radio 2. Make my switch replace the default on button 3. Make my switch turn the radio on when it's open and if I have time 4. attach a ...

08 Dec 2014 5:08pm GMT

07 Dec 2014

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Huffduffer Radiodan part 2 – a switch

I wanted to make a nice box for the

07 Dec 2014 5:10pm GMT

05 Dec 2014

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Huffduffer Radiodan

I've been wanting a physical radio that plays podcasts for a long time, and it's something we've discussed quite a lot in the

05 Dec 2014 10:15am GMT