01 Jul 2015

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DC-2015 Preliminary Program published

2015-07-01, São Paulo State University (UNESP) and the Conference Committee of DC-2015 have published the preliminary program of the DCMI International Conference at http://dcevents.dublincore.org/IntConf/index/pages/view/schedule-15 . The conference days--Wednesday and Thursday, 2-3 September--feature keynote speakers, Paul Walk and Ana Alice Baptista, paper sessions, project reports, posters (including best practice posters and demonstrations), and an array of special sessions. Tuesday and Friday are pre- and post-conference, full-day workshop events: "Development of Metadata Application Profiles", "Training the Trainers for Linked Data", and "Elaboration of Controlled Vocabularies Using SKOS". Special Session include "Schema.org Structured Data on the Web--An Extending Influence" sponsored by OCLC, "Current ...

01 Jul 2015 11:59pm GMT

Read Write Web — Q2 Summary — 2015

Summary Q2 was a relatively quiet, yet has seen quite a bit of progress. Some work is being done on the EU INSPIRE directive and ESWC took place in Slovenia with some interesting demos . One that caught the eye was QueryVOWL , a visual query language, for linked data. For those that enjoy such things, there was some interesting work and discussion on deterministic naming of blank nodes . Also a neat new framework called Linked Data Reactor , which can be used for developing component based applications. The web annotation group has also published an Editor's draft . ...

01 Jul 2015 4:36pm GMT

30 Jun 2015

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Redlink API, moving to 1.0

In the last months we've being working very hard to provide a reliable and valuable service as the Redlink Platform . Today finally we can announce we move out of public beta for going to 1.0 . That means you would need to move to the new endpoint. Don't worry. if you are using a Redlink SDK or one of our plugins , we're updating all for having an easy transition. This does not affect current running applications, since 1.0-BETA is deprecated but still available until the end of 2015. If you need further support about the transition, please contact ...

30 Jun 2015 3:32pm GMT

29 Jun 2015

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“The scribe and the djinn’s agreement”, an open data parable

In a time long past, in a land far away, there was once a great city. It was the greatest city in the land and the vast marketplace at its centre was the busiest, liveliest marketplace in the world. People of all nations could be found there buying and selling their wares. Indeed, the marketplace was so large that people would spend days, even weeks, exploring its length and breadth would still discover new stalls selling a myriad of items. A frequent visitor to the marketplace was a woman known only as the Scribe. While the Scribe was often found ...

29 Jun 2015 8:50pm GMT

Rethink Big and Europe?s Position in Big Data

I will here take a break from core database and talk a bit about EU policies for research funding. I had lunch with Stefan Manegold of CWI last week, where we talked about where European research should go. Stefan is involved in RETHINK big , a European research project for compiling policy advice regarding big data for EC funding agencies. As part of this, he is interviewing various stakeholders such as end user organizations and developers of technology. RETHINK big wants to come up with a research agenda primarily for hardware, anything from faster networks to greener data centers. CWI ...

29 Jun 2015 7:36pm GMT

28 Jun 2015

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Improved Customer Experience by use of Semantic Web and Linked Data technologies

With the rise of Linked Data technologies , there come several new approaches into play for the improvement of customer experience across all digital channels of a company. All of these methodologies can be subsumed under the term " the connected customer ". These are interesting not only for retailers operating a web shop, but also for enterprises seeking for new ways to develop tailor-made customer services and to increase customer retention. Linked Data methodologies can help to improve several measurements alongside a typical customer experience lifecycle . Personalized access to information, e.g. to technical documentation Cross-selling through a better contextualization ...

28 Jun 2015 9:08am GMT

26 Jun 2015

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Using SPARQL clause VALUES in PoolParty

Since PoolParty fully supports SPARQL 1.1 functionalities you can use clauses like VALUES . The VALUES clause can be used to provide an unordered solution sequence that is joined with the results of the query evaluation. From my perspective it is a convenience of filtering variables and an increase in readability of queries. E.g. when you want to know which cocktails you can create with Gin and a highball glass you can go to http://vocabulary.semantic-web.at/PoolParty/sparql/cocktails and fire this query: PREFIX skos:<http: //www.w3.org/2004/02/skos/core#> PREFIX co: <http: //vocabulary.semantic-web.at/cocktail-ontology/> SELECT ?cocktailLabel WHERE { ?cocktail co:consists-of ?ingredient ; co:uses ?drinkware ; skos:prefLabel ?cocktailLabel ...

26 Jun 2015 1:15pm GMT

22 Jun 2015

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OpenAIRE Guidelines: Promoting Repositories Interoperability and Supporting Open Access Funder Mandates

2015-06-01, The OpenAIRE Guidelines for Data Source Managers provide recommendations and best practices for encoding of bibliographic information in OAI metadata. Presenters Pedro Príncipe, University of Minho, Portugal, and Jochen Schirrwagen, Bielefeld University Library, Germany, will provide an overview of the Guidelines, implementation support in major platforms and tools for validation. The Guidelines have adopted established standards for different classes of content providers: (1) Dublin Core for textual publications in institutional and thematic repositories; (2) DataCite Metadata Kernel for research data repositories; and (3) CERIF-XML for Current Research Information Systems. The principle of these guidelines is to improve interoperability of ...

22 Jun 2015 11:59pm GMT

AKSW Colloquium, 22-06-2015, Concept Expansion Using Web Tables, Mining entities from the Web, Linked Data Stack

Concept Expansion Using Web Tables by Chi Wang, Kaushik Chakrabarti, Yeye He,Kris Ganjam, Zhimin Chen, Philip A. Bernstein (WWW'2015), presented by Ivan Ermilov: Abstract. We study the following problem: given the name of an ad-hoc concept as well as a few seed entities belonging to the concept, output all entities belonging to it. Since producing the exact set of entities is hard, we focus on returning a ranked list of entities. Previous approaches either use seed entities as the only input, or inherently require negative examples. They suffer from input ambiguity and semantic drift, or are not viable options for ...

22 Jun 2015 10:11am GMT

20 Jun 2015

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Artificial Intelligence, then (1960) and now

Especially machine learning.

20 Jun 2015 3:50pm GMT

16 Jun 2015

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Virtuoso Elastic Cluster Benchmarks AMI on Amazon EC2

We have another new Amazon machine image, this time for deploying your own Virtuoso Elastic Cluster on the cloud. The previous post gave a summary of running TPC-H on this image. This post is about what the AMI consists of and how to set it up. Note: This AMI is running a pre-release build of Virtuoso 7.5, Commercial Edition. Features are subject to change, and this build is not licensed for any use other than the AMI-based benchmarking described herein. There are two preconfigured cluster setups; one is for two (2) machines/instances and one is for four (4). Generation and ...

16 Jun 2015 9:53pm GMT

12 Jun 2015

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AKSW Colloquium, 15-06-2015, Caching for Link Discovery

Using Caching for Local Link Discovery on Large Data Sets [ PDF ] by Mofeed Hassan Engineering the Data Web in the Big Data era demands the development of time- and space-efficient solutions for covering the lifecycle of Linked Data. As shown in previous works, using pure in-memory solutions is doomed to failure as the size of datasets grows continuously with time. In this work, presented by Mofeed Hassan, a study is performed on caching solutions for one of the central tasks on the Data Web, i.e., the discovery of links between resources. To this end, 6 different caching approaches ...

12 Jun 2015 9:33pm GMT

AWS new instance ssh timing out

In case this is any use to anyone else - I've had AWS instances running for a few years. Today I went to create another one for something and infuriatingly, couldn't connect to it over ssh at all: ssh just kept timing out. I found a few links to do with groups, but the default group created for me in the (much improved) wizard seemed to be fine for incoming ssh connections. I then found a bunch of

12 Jun 2015 4:19pm GMT

10 Jun 2015

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In Hoc Signo Vinces (part 21 of n): Running TPC-H on Virtuoso Elastic Cluster on Amazon EC2

We have made an Amazon EC2 deployment of Virtuoso 7 Commercial Edition, configured to use the Elastic Cluster Module with TPC-H preconfigured, similar to the recently published OpenLink Virtuoso Benchmark AMI running the Open Source Edition. The details of the new Elastic Cluster AMI and steps to use it will be published in a forthcoming post. Here we will simply look at results of running TPC-H 100G scale on two machines, and 1000G scale on four machines. This shows how Virtuoso provides great performance on a cloud platform. The extremely fast bulk load - 33 minutes for a terabyte! - ...

10 Jun 2015 4:03pm GMT

09 Jun 2015

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Introducing the OpenLink Virtuoso Benchmarks AMI on Amazon EC2

The OpenLink Virtuoso Benchmarks AMI is an Amazon EC2 machine image with the latest Virtuoso open source technology preconfigured to run - TPC-H , the classic of SQL data warehousing LDBC SNB , the new Social Network Benchmark from the Linked Data Benchmark Council LDBC SPB , the RDF/SPARQL Semantic Publishing Benchmark from LDBC This package is ideal for technology evaluators and developers interested in getting the most performance out of Virtuoso. This is also an all-in-one solution to any questions about reproducing claimed benchmark results. All necessary tools for building and running are included; thus any developer can use ...

09 Jun 2015 3:51pm GMT

SNB Interactive, Part 3: Choke Points and Initial Run on Virtuoso

In this post we will look at running the LDBC SNB on Virtuoso . First, let's recap what the benchmark is about: fairly frequent short updates, with no update contention worth mentioning short random lookups medium complex queries centered around a person's social environment The updates exist so as to invalidate strategies that rely too heavily on precomputation. The short lookups exist for the sake of realism; after all, an online social application does lookups for the most part. The medium complex queries are to challenge the DBMS. The DBMS challenges have to do firstly with query optimization, and secondly ...

09 Jun 2015 3:24pm GMT