13 Feb 2016

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AKSW Colloquium, 15.02.2016, Mandolin + X-Feasible

On the 15th of February at 3 PM, Tommaso Soru will present his ongoing research titled "Mandolin: Markov Logic Networks for Discovering Links" . Abstract Among the several approaches for Knowledge Discovery in non-relational databases which have been proposed so far, many are based on Markov Logic Networks (MLNs). However, no existing MLN framework which implements the entire workflow scales well on large datasets. In this paper, we fill this gap by proposing Mandolin, a MLN-based hybrid approach for discovering any type of relationships specifically on RDF datasets. Mandolin transforms RDFS/OWL rules into MLN rules, makes use of federated queries ...

13 Feb 2016 7:48pm GMT

09 Feb 2016

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DL-Learner 1.2 (Supervised Structured Machine Learning Framework) Released

Dear all, we are happy to announce DL-Learner 1.2. DL-Learner is a framework containing algorithms for supervised machine learning in RDF and OWL. DL-Learner can use various RDF and OWL serialization formats as well as SPARQL endpoints as input, can connect to most popular OWL reasoners and is easily and flexibly configurable. It extends concepts of Inductive Logic Programming and Relational Learning to the Semantic Web in order to allow powerful data analysis. Website: http://dl-learner.org GitHub page: https://github.com/AKSW/DL-Learner Download: https://github.com/AKSW/DL-Learner/releases ChangeLog: http://dl-learner.org/development/changelog/ DL-Learner is used for data analysis tasks within other tools such as ORE and RDFUnit . Technically, it ...

09 Feb 2016 3:19pm GMT

01 Feb 2016

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AKSW Colloquium, 01.02.2016, Co-evolution of RDF Datasets

At the todays colloquium, Natanael Arndt will discuss the the paper "Co-evolution of RDF Dataset" by Sidra Faisal, Kemele M. Endris, Saeedeh Shekarpour and Sören Auer (2016, available on arXiv) Link: http://arxiv.org/abs/1601.05270v1 Abstract: For many use cases it is not feasible to access RDF data in a truly federated fashion. For consistency, latency and performance reasons data needs to be replicated in order to be used locally. However, both a replica and its origin dataset undergo changes over time. The concept of co-evolution refers to mutual propagation of the changes between a replica and its origin dataset. The co-evolution process ...

01 Feb 2016 2:53pm GMT

Holographic Embeddings of Knowledge Graphs

During the upcoming colloquium, Nilesh Chakraborty will give a short introduction on factorising RDF tensors and present a paper on "Holographic Embeddings of Knowledge Graphs": Holographic Embeddings of Knowledge Graphs Authors : Maximilian Nickel, Lorenzo Rosasco, Tomaso Poggio Abstract : Learning embeddings of entities and relations is an efficient and versatile method to perform machine learning on relational data such as knowledge graphs. In this work, we propose holographic embeddings (HolE) to learn compositional vector space representations of entire knowledge graphs. The proposed method is related to holographic models of associative memory in that it employs circular correlation to create ...

01 Feb 2016 1:32pm GMT

25 Jan 2016

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AKSW Colloquium, 25.01.2016, LargeRDFBench and Introduction To The Docker Ecosystem

On the upcoming colloquium, Muhammad Saleem will present his paper "LargeRDFBench: A Billion Triples Benchmark for SPARQL Endpoint Federation" about the benchmarking of federated SPARQL endpoints. The other talk will be an introduction to the Docker ecosystem by Tim Ermilov. LargeRDFBench: A Billion Triples Benchmark for SPARQL Endpoint Federation Authors: Muhammad Saleem, Ali Hasnain, Axel Ngonga Abstract. Gathering information from the Web of Data is commonly carried out by using SPARQL query federation approaches. However, the fitness of current SPARQL query federation approaches for real applications is difficult to evaluate with current benchmarks as they are either synthetic, too small ...

25 Jan 2016 1:39pm GMT

22 Jan 2016

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HOBBIT project kick-off

HOBBIT , a new InfAI project within the EU's "Horizon 2020″ framework program kicked-off in Luxembourg on 18 and 19 january in 2016. The main goal of the HOBBIT project ( @hobbit_project on Twitter) is to benchmark linked and big data systems and assess their performance using industry-relevant key performance indicators. To achieve this goal, the project develops 1) a holistic open-source platform and 2) eight industry-grade benchmarks for systems of different parts of the linked data lifecycle. These benchmarks will contain datasets based on industry-related, real-world data and can be scaled up to evaluate even Big Data solutions. Our partners ...

22 Jan 2016 1:52pm GMT

17 Jan 2016

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The past and present of hypertext

You know, links in the middle of sentences.

17 Jan 2016 3:58pm GMT

14 Jan 2016

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AKSW Colloquium, 18.01.2016, Natural Language Processing and Question Answering

On the upcoming colloquium, Ivan Ermilov and Konrad Höffner, members of AKSW, will present two papers from the natural language processing (NLP) and Question Answering (QA) research areas. ClausIE: Clause-Based Open Information Extraction Authors . Del Corro, Luciano, and Rainer Gemulla. Abstract. We propose ClausIE, a novel, clause-based approach to open information extraction, which extracts relations and their arguments from natural language text. ClausIE fundamentally differs fr om previous approaches in that it separates the detection of "useful" pieces of information expressed in a sentence from their representation in terms of extractions. In more detail, ClausIE exploits linguistic knowledge about ...

14 Jan 2016 9:25am GMT

13 Jan 2016

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LinkedGeoData: New RDF versions of OpenStreetMap datasets available

The AKSW research group is happy to announce that a new LinkedGeoData maintenance release with more than 1.2 billion triples based on the OpenStreetMap planet file from 2015-11-02 is now online. Enjoy! Quick Links Project Website Downloads SPARQL Endpoint Virtual SPARQL Endpoint (experimental) via Sparqlify - HTML Interface Example Queries Github & Issue Tracker

13 Jan 2016 3:07pm GMT

11 Jan 2016

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New Semantic Publishing Benchmark Record

There is a new SPB (Semantic Publishing Benchmark) 256 Mtriple record with Virtuoso . As before, the result has been measured with the feature/analytics branch of the v7fasttrack open source distribution, and it will soon be available as a preconfigured Amazon EC2 image. The updated benchmarks AMI with this version of the software will be out there within the next week, to be announced on this blog. On the Cost of RDF Query Optimization RDF query optimization is harder than the relational equivalent; first, because there are more joins, hence an NP complete explosion of plan search space, and second, ...

11 Jan 2016 3:22pm GMT

Webinar: Creating Content Intelligence: Harmonized Taxonomy and Metadata in the Enterprise Context

2016-01-11, Many organizations have content dispersed across multiple independent repositories, often with a real lack of metadata consistency. The attention given to enterprise data is often not extended to unstructured content, widening the gap between the two worlds and making it near impossible to provide accurate business intelligence, good user experience, or even basic findability. How do you bring all those disparate efforts together to create content intelligence across the organization? This webinar will describe the benefits and challenges in developing metadata and taxonomy across multiple functional areas, creating a unified Enterprise Content Architecture (ECA). Hear Stephanie Lemieux, President and ...

11 Jan 2016 8:06am GMT

Valentine Charles and Lars G. Svensson named DC-2016 Technical Program Co-Chairs

2016-01-11, DCMI is pleased to announce that Valentine Charles, Europeana , and Lars G. Svensson, Deutsche Nationalbibliothek , have agreed to serve as Co-Chairs of the DC-2016 Technical Program. In their capacity as Co-Chairs, Valentine and Lars with oversee the peer review processes for the conference. The DC-2016 Conference website is open at http://dcevents.dublincore.org/IntConf/dc-2016 and the Call for Participation has been published at http://dcevents.dublincore.org/index.php/IntConf/dc-2016/schedConf/cfp .

11 Jan 2016 8:06am GMT

DC-2016 Call of Participation published

2016-01-11, The DC-2016 Call for Participation (CfP) has been published. DC-2016 will take place in Copenhagen and will be collocated with the ASIS&T Annual Meeting. The conference program will include a Technical Program of peer reviewed papers, project reports, and posters tracks. The Professional Program will include special sessions and panels, tutorials, workshops and best practice posters & demonstrations tracks. The Conference Committee is seeking submissions in all tracks. The CfP is published at http://dcevents.dublincore.org/index.php/IntConf/dc-2016/schedConf/cfp .

11 Jan 2016 8:06am GMT

01 Jan 2016

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Read Write Web — Q4 Summary — 2015

Summary A quiet end to the year in terms of discussions, but lots of work going on in implementations. Perhaps this is a sign that read write standards for the web are entering a maturation process and 2016 will be a year of using them to see what they can do. Many of the participants of this group attended TPAC 2015 , in Sapporo Japan, and it was by all accounts it was a very exciting experience, with the W3C moving towards working groups in Payments, among other things. A good wrapup of W3C data activity included: data on the ...

01 Jan 2016 9:33pm GMT

30 Dec 2015

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Olimex ESP 8266 dev with Arduino IDE

Bits and pieces of this are everywhere but I've not found it all in one place. The

30 Dec 2015 8:27pm GMT

28 Dec 2015

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A cheap BTLE button with Android

Thanks to the marvellous

28 Dec 2015 12:38pm GMT