24 Nov 2014

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Highlights of the 1st Meetup on Question Answering Systems – Leipzig, November 21st

On November 21st, AKSW group was hosting the 1st meetup on "Question Answering" (QA) systems. In this meeting, researchers from AKSW/University of Leipzig , CITEC/University of Bielefeld , Fraunhofer IAIS/University of Bon , DERI/National University of Ireland and the University of Passau presented the recent results of their work on QA systems. The following themes were discussed during the meeting: Ontology-driven QA on the Semantic Web . Christina Unger presented Pythia system for ontology-based QA. Slides are available here . Distributed Semantic Models for achieving scalability & consistency on QA . André Freitas presented TREO and EasyESA which employ vector-based ...

24 Nov 2014 9:09am GMT

21 Nov 2014

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Product Space and Workshops

I ran a workshop this week for a different bit of the organisation. It's a bit like holding a party. People expect to enjoy themselves (and this is an important part of the process). But workshops also have to have outcomes and goals and the rest of it. And there's no booze to help things along. I always come out of them feeling a bit deflated. Even if others found them enjoyable and useful, the general stress of organising and the responsibility of it all mean that I don't, plus I have to co-opt colleagues into quite complicated and full-on ...

21 Nov 2014 11:12am GMT

20 Nov 2014

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Announcing GERBIL: General Entity Annotator Benchmark Framework

Dear all, We are happy to announce GERBIL - a General Entity Annotation Benchmark Framework , a demo can be found at! With GERBIL, we aim to establish a highly available, easy quotable and liable focal point for Named Entity Recognition and Named Entity Disambiguation (Entity Linking) evaluations: GERBIL provides persistent URLs for experimental settings. By these means, GERBIL also addresses the problem of archiving experimental results. The results of GERBIL are published in a human-readable as well as a machine-readable format . By these means, we also tackle the problem of reproducibility. GERBIL provides 11 different datasets and 9 ...

20 Nov 2014 9:08am GMT

17 Nov 2014

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Insight Visualised

An InsightNG thought canvas (click to open) The past few years I have been heavily involved in a new concept for e-learning and knowledge discovery, called InsightNG . Recently, we released the first public beta of our platform. It is free to sign up for while we are in beta, so by all means give it a try, we would love to hear what you think of it. Or if you want to have a quick look at InsightNG to get an idea of what it's about, visit this public canvas on The Semantic Web I created. So what is ...

17 Nov 2014 11:29pm GMT

@BioASQ challenge gaining momentum

BioASQ is a series of challenges aiming to bring us closer to the vision of machines that can answer questions of biomedical professionals and researchers. The second BioASQ challenge started in February 2013. It comprised two different tasks: Large-scale biomedical semantic indexing (Task 2a), and biomedical semantic question answering (Task 2b). In total 216 users and 142 systems registered to the automated evaluation system of BioASQ in order to participate in the challenge; 28 teams (with 95 systems) finally submitted their suggested solutions and answers. The final results were presented at the BioASQ workshop in the Cross Language Evaluation Forum ...

17 Nov 2014 2:29pm GMT

16 Nov 2014

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Bitmap to SVG

Creating an SVG from a bitmap is pretty easy in Inkscape. Copy and paste your bitmap into a new Inkscape file, select it, do path -> trace bitmap

16 Nov 2014 3:13pm GMT

13 Nov 2014

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LDBC: Making Semantic Publishing Execution Rules

LDBC SPB (Semantic Publishing Benchmark) is based on the BBC Linked Data use case. Thus the data modeling and transaction mix reflect the BBC's actual utilization of RDF. But a benchmark is not only a condensation of current best practice. The BBC Linked Data is deployed on Ontotext GraphDB (formerly known as OWLIM). So, in SPB we wanted to address substantially more complex queries than the lookups than the BBC linked data deployment primarily serves. Diverse dataset summaries, timelines, and faceted search qualified by keywords and/or geography, are examples of online user experience that SPB needs to cover. SPB is ...

13 Nov 2014 9:19pm GMT

LDBC: Creating a Metric for SNB

In the Making It Interactive post on the LDBC blog , we were talking about composing an interactive Social Network Benchmark (SNB) metric. Now we will look at what this looks like in practice. A benchmark is known by its primary metric. An actual benchmark implementation may deal with endless complexity but the whole point of the exercise is to reduce this all to an extremely compact form, optimally a number or two. For SNB, we suggest clicks per second Interactive at scale (cpsI@ so many GB) as the primary metric. To each scale of the dataset corresponds a rate ...

13 Nov 2014 9:09pm GMT

11 Nov 2014

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Data Management – Serendipity in Academic Career

A few days ago I began to think about the topic for a blog and the first reflection in my mind was 'data management' and then a Chinese poem sentence '无心插柳柳成荫' followed. I went to Google for an English translation of that sentence and the result was 'Serendipitiously'. Interesting, I never saw that word before and I had to use a dictionary to find that 'serendipity' means unintentional positive outcomes, which expresses the meaning of that Chinese sentence quite well. So, I regard data management as serendipity in my academic career. I think that's because I was trained as a ...

11 Nov 2014 11:32pm GMT

09 Nov 2014

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Querying aggregated Walmart and BestBuy data with SPARQL

From structured data in their web pages!

09 Nov 2014 2:35pm GMT

07 Nov 2014

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Encouraging Commercial Use of Open Data

I went to Paris this week to give a talk at SemWeb.Pro, an event that, like SemTechBiz in Silicon Valley or SEMANTiCS in Germany/Austria, is firmly established in the annual calendar. These are events where businesses and other 'real world' … Continue reading →

07 Nov 2014 12:21pm GMT

05 Nov 2014

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Working out which wire does what for USB

Occasionally I want to solder the power wires for something 5V to USB (A) so I can power it from that (most recently a lovely little

05 Nov 2014 10:44am GMT

03 Nov 2014

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clj-turtle: A Clojure Domain Specific Language (DSL) for RDF/Turtle

Some of my recent work leaded me to heavily use Clojure to develop all kind of new capabilities for Structured Dynamics. The ones that knows us, knows that every we do is related to RDF and OWL ontologies. All this work with Clojure is no exception. Recently, while developing a Domain Specific Language (DSL) for using the Open Semantic Framework (OSF) web service endpoints, I did some research to try to find some kind of simple Clojure DSL that I could use to generate RDF data (in any well-known serialization). After some time, I figured out that no such a ...

03 Nov 2014 5:58pm GMT

29 Oct 2014

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ISWC 2014

Last week I attended ISWC 2014 in Riva del Garda and had a very nice time. I presented a paper at the Developers Workshop about designing the new PerlRDF and SPARQLKit systems using trait-based programming . Covering more PerlRDF work, Kjetil presented his work on RDF::LinkedData . Answering SPARQL Queries over Databases under OWL 2 QL Entailment Regime by Kontchakov, et al. caught my attention during the main conference. The authors show a technique to map query answering under OWL QL entailment to pure SPARQL 1.1 queries under simple entailment, allowing OWL QL reasoning to be used with SPARQL 1.1 ...

29 Oct 2014 2:44am GMT

28 Oct 2014

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AKSW successful at #ISWC2014

Dear followers, 9 members of AKSW have been participating at the 13th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) at Riva del Garda, Italy. Next to listening to interesting talks, giving presentations or discussing with fellow Semantic Web researchers, AKSW won 4 significant prizes: Best Research Paper Award : AGDISTIS - Graph-Based Disambiguation of Named Entities using Linked Data Ricardo Usbeck, Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo, Michael Röder, Daniel Gerber, Sandro Athaide Coelho, Sören Auer and Andreas Both. More information on this project at http://aksw.org/projects/agdistis Outstanding Paper Award (The Semantic Web journal 2014): DBpedia - A Large-scale, Multilingual Knowledge Base Extracted from Wikipedia Jens ...

28 Oct 2014 4:03pm GMT

24 Oct 2014

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DCMI/ASIS&T; Webinar - The Learning Resource Metadata Initiative, describing learning resources with schema.org, and more?

2014-10-24, The Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI) is a collaborative initiative that aims to make it easier for teachers and learners to find educational materials through major search engines and specialized resource discovery services. The approach taken by LRMI is to extend the schema.org ontology so that educationally significant characteristics and relationships can be expressed. In this webinar, Phil Barker and Lorna M. Campbell of Cetis will introduce schema.org and present the background to LRMI, its aims and objectives, and who is involved in achieving them. The webinar will outline the technical aspects of the LRMI specification, describe some example ...

24 Oct 2014 11:59pm GMT