28 Sep 2016

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Using Cognonto to Generate Domain Specific word2vec Models

word2vec is a two layer artificial neural network used to process text to learn relationships between words within a text corpus to create a model of all the relationships between the words of that corpus. The text corpus that a word2vec process uses to learn the relationships between words is called the training corpus . In this article I will show you how Cognonto 's knowledge base can be used to automatically create highly accurate domain specific training corpuses that can be used by word2vec to generate word relationship models. However you have to understand that what is being discussed ...

28 Sep 2016 7:27pm GMT

25 Sep 2016

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Semantic web semantics vs. vector embedding machine learning semantics

It's all semantics.

25 Sep 2016 4:01pm GMT

24 Sep 2016

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Using Recurrent Neural Networks to Hallucinate New Model Army Lyrics

I decided to follow the example of

24 Sep 2016 3:36pm GMT

23 Sep 2016

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Synaptica becomes DC-2016 Gold Sponsor<

2016-09-23, DCMI is pleased to announce that Synaptica is supporting DC-2016 in Copenhagen as a Gold Sponsor. Since 1995, Synaptica has been developing innovative software tools for organizing, indexing and classifying information, and for discovering knowledge. All of Synaptica's award-winning software products are built on a foundation of open standards and a commitment to client-led solutions and uncompromising customer service. Synaptica's Linked Canvas will be featured in a demonstration during the Conference Opening Reception. Linked Canvas is an easy-to-use tool designed for the cultural heritage community as well as schools and colleges to build interactive educational resources. For more information ...

23 Sep 2016 11:59pm GMT

Sutton stepping down as DCMI Managing Director<

2016-09-23, Stuart Sutton has announced his intention to step down as DCMI Managing Director effective 30 June 2017. Over the coming months, the DCMI Executive Committee and the Governing Board will be engaged in succession planning and the process of replacing the Managing Director. For additional information concerning the succession and appointment process, contact DCMI Chair-Elect Paul Walk at p[dot]walk[at]ed[dot]ac[dot]uk. Future announcements concerning the succession process will be posted here from time to time.

23 Sep 2016 11:59pm GMT

Join us! DC-2016 in Copenhagen on 13-16 October<

2016-09-23, DC-2016 in Copenhagen , Denmark on 13-16 October is rapidly approaching. The program promises a rich array of papers, project reports, presentations, demonstrations, posters, special panels, workshops and an exciting keynote by Elsevier's Bradley Allen. You will not want to miss this one! Register now at http://dcevents.dublincore.org/IntConf/index/pages/view/reg16 .

23 Sep 2016 11:59pm GMT

Danish Bibliographic Centre (DBC) becomes DC-2016 Sponsor<

2016-09-23, The Danish Bibliographic Centre (DBC) joins in supporting DC-2016 in Copenhagen as Sponsor of the Conference Delegate Bags. The DBC's main task in Denmark is the development and maintenance of the bibliographic and IT infrastructure of Danish libraries. The DBC handles registration of books, music, AV materials, Internet documents, articles and reviews in newspapers and magazines in the National Bibliography, develops Danbib, the Danish union catalogue, and the infrastructure for interlibrary loan. Danbib is comprised of the National Bibliography and the holdings of the libraries. DBC also develops bibliotek.dk - the citizen's access to all Danish publications and the ...

23 Sep 2016 11:59pm GMT

Ana Alice Baptista named Chair-Elect of the DCMI Governing Board<

2016-09-23, The DCMI Governing Board is pleased to announce that Ana Alice Baptista has been appointed to the DCMI Governing Board as an Independent Member. She also assumes the role of Chair-Elect of the Governing Board at the closing ceremony of DC-2016 in Copenhagen. She will succeed Paul Walk as Chair of the Board in 2017. Ana is a professor at the Information Systems Department and a researcher at ALGORITMI Center, both at University of Minho, Portugal. She graduated in computer engineering and has a PhD on Information Systems and Technologies. She is also a member of the Elpub conference ...

23 Sep 2016 11:59pm GMT

Web Page Analysis With Cognonto

Extract Structured Content, Tag Concepts & Entities Cognonto is brand new. At its core, it uses a structure of nearly 40 000 concepts. It has about 138,000 links to external classes and concepts that defines huge public datasets such as Wikipedia, DBpedia and USPTO. Cognonto is not a children's toy. It is huge and complex… but it is very usable. Before digging into the structure itself, before starting to write about all the use cases that Cognonto can support, I will first cover all of the tools that currently exist to help you understand Cognonto and its conceptual structure ...

23 Sep 2016 5:48pm GMT

21 Sep 2016

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I am proud to announce the start of a new venture called Cognonto . I am particularly proud of it because even if it is just starting, it is in fact more than eight years old. It is the embodiment of eight years of research, of experimentation, of a big deal of frustration and of great joy with my long-time partner Mike . Eight years ago, we set a 5-to-10-year vision for our work as partners. We defined an initial series of technological goals for which we outlined a series of yearly milestones. The goals were related to help solving ...

21 Sep 2016 1:19pm GMT

19 Sep 2016

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Why are bulk downloads of open data important?

I was really pleased to see that at the GODAN Summit last week

19 Sep 2016 5:47pm GMT

15 Sep 2016

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People like you are in this dataset

One of the recent projects we've done at

15 Sep 2016 10:38pm GMT

02 Sep 2016

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Tongfang Co., Ltd. becomes DC-2016 Reception Sponsor<

2016-09-02, DCMI is pleased to announce that Tongfang Co., Ltd. has become the DC-2016 Reception Sponsor. Tongfang is a high-tech company established in 1997. Over the years, Tongfang has taken 'developing into a world-class high-tech enterprise' as its goal, and 'serving the society with science and technology' as its mission. The company, by making use of strengths of Tsinghua University in research and human resources, has been implementing such strategies as 'technology + capital', 'cooperation and development' and 'branding + internationalization'. With a corporate culture featuring 'action, exploration and excellence; loyalty, responsibility and value', Tongfang has been making explorations and ...

02 Sep 2016 11:59pm GMT

RFID System Technology Co. Ltd. becomes DC-2016 Gold Sponsor<

2016-09-02, DCMI is pleased to announce that Shanghai RFID System Technology Co., Ltd. , has become a Gold Sponsor of DC-2016 in Copenhagen . Founded on October 10, 2004, Shanghai RFID System Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading automatic management solution provider for libraries in China. The library of Chenyi College, Jimei University was the first library installed with RFID automatic system in China. In the past 12 years, the company has provided services for more than 400 libraries in China such as National Library of China, Shanghai Library, and Hangzhou Library. The services provided include library self-service system, book ...

02 Sep 2016 11:59pm GMT

31 Aug 2016

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Help me use your data

I've been interviewed a couple of times recently by people interested in understanding how best to publish data to make it useful for others. Once by a startup and a couple of times by researchers. The core of the discussion has essentially been the same question: "how do you know if a dataset will be useful to you?" I've given essentially the same answer each time. When I'm sifting through dataset descriptions, either in a portal or via a web search, my first stage of filtering involves looking for: A brief summary of the dataset: e.g. a title and a description The ...

31 Aug 2016 6:12pm GMT

AKSW Colloquium, 05.09.2016. LOD Cloud Statistics, OpenAccess at Leipzig University.

On the upcoming Monday (05.09.2016), AKSW group will discuss topics related to Semantic Web and LOD Cloud Statistics. Also, we will have invited speaker from University of Leipzig Library (UBL) Dr. Astrid Vieler talking about OpenAccess at Leipzig University. LODStats: The Data Web Census Dataset by Ivan Ermilov et al. Presented by: Ivan Ermilov Abstract: Over the past years, the size of the Data Web has increased significantly, which makes obtaining general insights into its growth and structure both more challenging and more desirable. The lack of such insights hinders important data management tasks such as quality, privacy and coverage analysis. ...

31 Aug 2016 9:23am GMT