22 Aug 2019

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Cloud Cipher Capabilities

… or, the lack of it. A recent discussion at a customer made me having a closer look around support for encryption in the context of XaaS cloud service offerings as well as concerning Hadoop. In general, this can be broken down into over-the-wire (cf. SSL/ TLS ) and back-end encryption. While the former is widely used, the latter is rather seldom to find. Different reasons might exits why one wants to encrypt her data, ranging from preserving a competitive advantage to end-user privacy issues. No matter why someone wants to encrypt the data, the question is do systems support ...

22 Aug 2019 4:09pm GMT

20 Aug 2019

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Want to hire me?

I have been happily working as a self-employed semantic web developer for the last seven years. With steady progress, I dare to say, but the market is still evolving a little bit too slowly for me (well, at least here in Germany) and I can't invest any longer. So I am looking for new challenges and an employer who would like to utilize my web technology experience (semantic or not). I have created a new personal online profile with detailed information about me, my skills, and my work. My dream job would be in the social and/or data web area, ...

20 Aug 2019 8:18am GMT

12 Aug 2019

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SPARQL* for Wikidata

I recently asked Olaf Hartig on twitter if he was aware of anyone using RDF* or SPARQL* for modeling qualified statements in Wikidata. These qualified statements are a feature of Wikidata that allow a statement such as "the speed limit in Germany is 100 km/h" to be qualified as applying only to "paved road outside of settlements." Getting the Most out of Wikidata: Semantic Technology Usage in Wikipedia's Knowledge Graph by Malyshev, et al. published last year at ISWC 2018 helps to visualize this data: Although Olaf wasn't aware of any work in this direction, I decided to look a ...

12 Aug 2019 6:06pm GMT

10 Aug 2019

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Semantic WYSIWYG in-place editing with Swipe

Several months ago (ugh, time flies) I posted a screencast demo'ing a semantic HTML editor. Back then I used a combination of client-side and server-side components, which I have to admit led to quite a number of unnecessary server round-trips. In the meantime, others have shown that powerful client-side editors can be implemented on top of HTML5, and so I've now rewritten the whole thing and turned it into a pure JavaScript tool as well. It now supports inline WYSIWYG editing and HTML5 Microdata annotations. The code is still at beta stage, but today I put up an early demo ...

10 Aug 2019 9:06am GMT

I'm joining Talis!

I received a number of very interesting job offers when I began searching for something new last month, but there was one company that stood out, and that is Talis . Not only do I know many people there already, I also find Talis' new strategic focus and products very promising. In addition, they know and use some of my tools already, and I've successfully worked on Talis projects with Leigh and Keith before. The job interview almost felt like coming home (and the new office is just great). So I'm very happy to say that I'm going to become ...

10 Aug 2019 9:06am GMT

Dynamic Semantic Publishing for any Blog (Part 2: Linked ReadWriteWeb)

The previous post described a generic approach to BBC-style "Dynamic Semantic Publishing", where I wondered if it could be applied to basically any weblog. During the last days I spent some time on a test evaluation and demo system using data from the popular ReadWriteWeb tech blog . The application is not public (I don't want to upset the content owners and don't have any spare server anyway), but you can watch a screencast (embedded below). The application I created is a semantic dashboard which generates dynamic entity hubs and allows you to explore RWW data via multiple dimensions. To ...

10 Aug 2019 9:06am GMT

01 Aug 2019

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DBpedia Day @ SEMANTiCS 2019

We are happy to announce that SEMANTiCS 2019 will host the 14th DBpedia Community Meeting at the last day of the conference on September 12, 2019. Highlights/Sessions Keynote #1: Katja Hose , Aalborg University, Denmark Keynote #2: Dan Weitzner from WPSemantix DBpedia Databus presentation and training session DBpedia Association hour DBpedia Showcase session DBpedia Chapter session Call for Contribution Tell us what cool things you do with DBpedia: Present your tools and datasets at the DBpedia Community Meeting! Please submit your presentations, posters, demos or other forms of contributions through our web form . Quick Facts Web URL: ...

01 Aug 2019 9:05am GMT

24 Jul 2019

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How do data publishing choices shape data ecosystems?

This is the latest in a series of posts in which I explore some basic questions about data . In our work at the ODI we have often been asked for advice about how best to publish data. When giving trying to give helpful advice, one thing I'm always mindful of is how the decisions about how data is published shapes the ways in which value can be created from it. More specifically, whether those choices will enable the creation of a rich data ecosystem of intermediaries and users. So what are the types of decisions that might help to ...

24 Jul 2019 9:05pm GMT

20 Jul 2019

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Real_libby – a GPT-2 based slackbot

In the latest of my continuing attempts to automate myself , I retrained a GPT-2 model with my iMessages, and made a slackbot so people could talk to it. Since Barney (an expert on these matters) felt it was unethical that it vanished whenever I shut my laptop, it's now living happily(?) if a little more slowly in a Raspberry Pi 4. It was surprisingly easy to do, with a few hints from Barney. I've sketched out what I did below. If you make one, remember that it can leak out private information - names in particular - and can ...

20 Jul 2019 7:10pm GMT

Simulating crap networks on a Raspberry Pi

I've been having trouble with libbybot (my Raspberry Pi / lamp based presence robot) in some locations. I suspect this is because the Raspberry Pi 3's inbuilt wifi antenna isn't as strong as that in, say a laptop, so wifi problems that go unnoticed most of the time are much more obvious. The symptoms are these: Happily listening / watching remotely Stream dies I get a re-notification that libbybot is online, but can't connect to it properly My hypothesis is that the Raspberry Pi is briefly losing wifi connectivity, Chromium auto-reconnects, but the webRTC stream doesn't re-initiate. Anyway, the first step ...

20 Jul 2019 2:10pm GMT

Leaving Flickr

I'm very sad about this, especially because of all the friends I have made on Flickr, but with Verizon's acquisition of Yahoo (and so Flickr) and the consequent sharing of Flickr user data with the new "Oath" """"family"""" I feel like it's time for me to admit just how shit Flickr has become and finally leave. I've been using it (and paying for it) for 10 years though, so I've a lot of pictures, about 13K in number, about 23G. I've got all my data and will delete my account tomorrow (which I think it's their deadline, but they seem ...

20 Jul 2019 2:10pm GMT

Etching on a laser cutter

I've been struggling with this for ages , but yesterday at Hackspace - thanks to Barney (and I now realise, Tiff said this too and I got distracted and never followed it up) - I got it to work. The issue was this: I'd been assuming that everything you lasercut had to be a vector DXF, so I was tracing bitmaps using inkscape in order to make a suitable SVG, converting to DXF, loading it into the lasercut software at hackspace, downloading it and - boom - "the polyline must be closed" for etching: no workie. No matter what I ...

20 Jul 2019 2:10pm GMT

Cat detector with Tensorflow on a Raspberry Pi 3B+

Like this Download Raspian Stretch with Desktop Burn a card with Etcher. (Assuming a Mac) Enable ssh touch /Volumes/boot/ssh Put a wifi password in nano /Volumes/boot/wpa_supplicant.conf country=GB ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev update_config=1 network={ ssid="foo" psk="bar" } Connect the Pi camera, attach a dial to GPIO pin 12 and ground, boot up the Pi, ssh in, then sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade sudo raspi-config # and enable camera; reboot install tensorflow sudo apt install python3-dev python3-pip sudo apt install libatlas-base-dev pip3 install --user --upgrade tensorflow Test it python3 -c "import tensorflow as tf; tf.enable_eager_execution(); print(tf.reduce_sum(tf.random_normal([1000, 1000])))" get imagenet git clone ...

20 Jul 2019 2:10pm GMT

Balena’s wifi-connect – easy wifi for Raspberry Pis

When you move a Raspberry Pi between wifi networks and you want it to behave like an appliance, one way to set the wifi network easily as a user rather than a developer is to have it create an access point itself that you can connect to with a phone or laptop, enter the wifi information in a browser, and then reconnect to the proper network. Balena have a video explaining the idea . Andrew Nicolaou has written things to do this periodically as part of Radiodan. His most recent suggestion was to try Resin (now Balena)'s wifi-connect . Since ...

20 Jul 2019 2:10pm GMT

An i2c heat sensor with a Raspberry Pi camera

I had a bit of a struggle with this so thought it was worth documenting. The problem is this - the i2c bus on the Raspberry Pi is used by the official camera to initialise it. So if you want to use an i2c device at the same time as the camera, the device will stop working after a few minutes. Here's more on this problem . I really wanted to use this heatsensor with mynaturewatch to see if we could exclude some of the problem with false positives (trees waving in the breeze and similar). I've not got it ...

20 Jul 2019 2:10pm GMT


@ chickengrylls ' #makevember manifesto / hashtag has been an excellent experience. I've made maybe five nice things and a lot of nonsense, and a lot of useless junk, but that's fine - I've learned a lot, mostly about servos and other motors. There's been tons of inspiration too (check out these beautiful automata , some characterful paper sculptures , Richard's unsuitable materials, my initial inspiration's set of themes on a tape , and loads more ). A lovely aspect was all the nice people and beautiful and silly things emerging out of the swamp of Twitter. Of my ...

20 Jul 2019 2:10pm GMT