29 Aug 2014

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Final Program published for DC-2014

29, The Texas Digital Library and the Conference Committee of DC-2014 in Austin, Texas on 8-11 October have published the final program of the DCMI International Conference at http://dcevents.dublincore.org/IntConf/index/pages/view/program14 . Join us in Austin for an exciting agenda including 46 papers, project reports and best practice posters and presentations. Parallel with the peer reviewed program is an array of special sessions of panels and discussions on key metadata issues, challenges and new opportunities. Pre- and post-conference workshops and tutorials round out the program by providing 1/2 day to full day instruction. Every year the DCMI community gathers for both its ...

29 Aug 2014 11:59pm GMT

LOD2 Finale (part 3 of n): The 500 Giga-triple Runs

In the evening of day 8, we have kernel settings in the cluster changed to allow more mmaps . At this point, we notice that the dataset is missing the implied types of products ; i.e., the most specific type is given but its superclasses are not directly associated with the product . We have always run this with this unique inference materialized, which is also how the data generator makes the data, with the right switch. But the switch was not used. So a further 10 Gt (Giga-triples) are added, by running a SQL script to make the superclasses ...

29 Aug 2014 4:49pm GMT

24 Aug 2014

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Exploring a SPARQL endpoint

In this case, semanticweb.org.

24 Aug 2014 6:03pm GMT

18 Aug 2014

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Upgrade complete

All systems back to normal? Well, no, probably not. There's tremendous room for error...

18 Aug 2014 10:50pm GMT

LOD2 Finale (part 2 of n): The 500 Giga-triples

No epic is complete without a descent into hell. Enter the historia calamitatum of the 500 Giga-triples (Gt) at CWI 's Scilens cluster. Now, from last time , we know to generate the data without 10 GB of namespace prefixes per file and with many short files. So we have 1.5 TB of gzipped data in 40,000 files, spread over 12 machines. The data generator has again been modified. Now the generation was about 4 days. Also from last time, we know to treat small integers specially when they occur as partition keys: 1 and 2 are very common values and skew ...

18 Aug 2014 8:54pm GMT

LOD2 Finale (part 1 of n): RDF Before The Dawn

The LOD2 FP7 ends at the end of August, 2014. This post begins a series that will crown the project with a grand finale, another decisive step towards the project's chief goal of giving RDF and linked data performance parity with SQL systems. In a nutshell, LOD2 went like this: Triples were done right, taking the best of the column store world and adapting it to RDF . This is now in widespread use. SQL was done right, as I have described in detail in the TPC-H series . This is generally available as open source in v7fasttrack . SQL ...

18 Aug 2014 8:54pm GMT

15 Aug 2014

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Scheduled maintenance

I'm going to upgrade my "production" server this weekend. Expect some downtime...

15 Aug 2014 1:55pm GMT

AKSW Colloquium “Towards an Open Question Answering Architecture” conference pre-presentation on Monday, August 18 in P702

Towards an Open Question Answering Architecture On Monday, August 18 ,13.30, Edgard Marx , will give a pre-presentation of his Semantics' conference talk about the accepted paper Towards an Open Question Answering Architecture. About the AKSW Colloquium This event is part of a series of events about Semantic Web technology. Please see http://wiki.aksw.org/Colloquium for further information about previous and future events. As always, Bachelor and Master students are able to get points for attendance and there is complimentary coffee and cake after the session.

15 Aug 2014 11:14am GMT

AKSW member will participate in ECAI 2014, Prague, Czech Republic

Hello! The 21st European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI) will be held in the city of Prague, Czech Republic from 18th to 22nd August 2014. Various excellent papers on artificial intellegence, logic, rule mining and many more topics will be presented. AKSW member Ricardo Usbeck will present a poster of AGDISTIS - Agnostic Disambiguation of Named Entities using Linked Data. To the best of our knowledge AGDISTIS is able to outperform the state-of-the-art approaches in entity linking by up to 29% f-meassure. Come and visit him at ECAI 2014. A demo of AGDISTIS is available here: http://agdistis.aksw.org/demo and the ...

15 Aug 2014 8:09am GMT

13 Aug 2014

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Preliminary Program published for DC-2014

2014-08-13, The Texas Digital Library and the Conference Committee of DC-2014 in Austin, Texas has published the preliminary program of the DCMI International Conference at http://dcevents.dublincore.org/IntConf/index/pages/view/program14 . The conference on Thursday and Friday, 9-10 October, features keynote speaker, Eric Miller, paper sessions, project reports, posters (including best practice posters and demonstrations), and an array of special sessions. Wednesday and Saturday pre- and post-conference events include tutorials and workshops: Training the Trainers for Linked Data , RDF Validation in the Cultural Heritage Community , Fonds & Bonds: Archival Metadata, Tools, and Identity Management , and Positioning DCMI & Dublin Core in ...

13 Aug 2014 11:59pm GMT

11 Aug 2014

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Graph Analysis of a Big Structure: UMBEL

In this blog post, I will show you how we can use basic graph analysis metrics to analyze Big Structures. I will do the analysis of the UMBEL reference concept structure to demonstration how graph and network analysis can be used to better understand the nature and organization of possible issues with Big Structures such as UMBEL. I will first present the formulas that have been used to perform the UMBEL analysis. To better understand this section, you will need some math knowledge, but there is nothing daunting here. You can probably safely skip that section if you desire. The ...

11 Aug 2014 7:18pm GMT

08 Aug 2014

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Sratom 0.4.6

Sratom 0.4.6 is out. Sratom is a small C library for serialising LV2 atoms to/from Turtle . Changes: Update for latest LV2 Atom Object simplification. Don't set eg prefix in sratom_to_turtle. Upgrade to waf 1.7.16.

08 Aug 2014 10:17pm GMT

Sord 0.12.2

Sord 0.12.2 is out. Sord is a lightweight C library for storing RDF statements in memory. Changes: Fix iteration over an entire graph (* * * graph). sordmm.hpp: Remove unused members. Update to waf 1.7.16.

08 Aug 2014 10:14pm GMT

Serd 0.20.0

Serd 0.20.0 is out. Serd is a lightweight, high-performance, dependency-free C library for RDF syntax which supports reading and writing Turtle and NTriples. Changes: Support new RDF 1.1 Turtle. Don't write xsd:decimal literals to Turtle bare if they would not be read back with the same type. Fix possible crash in serd_writer_end_anon() when writing invalid lists. Generate blank names like _:b1 and _:B2 not _:genid1 _:docid2. Correctly handle posix_memalign failure. Fix const-correctness violation for reader input string. Add -lm to pkg-config libs. Update to waf 1.7.16.

08 Aug 2014 10:12pm GMT

06 Aug 2014

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Consider the demographics of an airline club

Now consider these phones. They have stickers with the...

06 Aug 2014 4:45pm GMT

05 Aug 2014

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Additional contributions to SEMANTiCS 2014

Hello again! Unfortunately, we missed the opportunity to inform you about other contributions of AKSW to the SEMANTiCS 2014 . First, we missed to tell you about another accepted paper: Towards Question Answering on Statistical Linked Data ( Konrad Höffner and Jens Lehmann ) Second, there is also another excellent and interesting series of workshops. Date Title Hosts Room Room Website ________________________________ ____________ 09:00 - 12:30 14:00 - 17:30 01.09.2014 Link Discovery of the Web of Data (Organized by GeoKnow & LinkingLOD) Axel Ngonga (Uni Leipzig) yes - Website 01.09.2014 GeoLD - Geospatial Linked Data (organised by the GeoKnow Project) ...

05 Aug 2014 8:31am GMT