24 Aug 2015

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ASKW Colloquium, 24 August, 3pm, Lucene, SOLR, FEASIBLE

In this colloquium, first, Kay Müller and Nilesh Chakraborty will give an overview of Lucene and SOLR and how they can be used in information retrieval scenarios, along with a short peek into ElasticSearch, introducing a few recent features, their respective use-cases and how they compare with SOLR. Then, Muhammed Saleem will present his paper " FEASIBLE: A Featured-Based SPARQL Benchmark Generation Framework " Abstract: Benchmarking is indispensable when aiming to assess technologies with respect to their suitability for given tasks. While several benchmarks and benchmark generation frameworks have been developed to evaluate triple stores, they mostly provide a one-fits-all ...

24 Aug 2015 11:40am GMT

Data and information in the city

For a while now I've been in the habit of looking for data as I travel to work or around Bath. You can't really work with data and information systems for any length of time without becoming a little bit obsessive about numbers or becoming tuned into interesting little dashboards: Local data dashboard spotted in St Ives

24 Aug 2015 10:49am GMT

22 Aug 2015

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Querying machine learning movie ratings data with SPARQL

Well, movie ratings data popular with machine learning people.

22 Aug 2015 3:10pm GMT

19 Aug 2015

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DCMI RDF Application Profile Task Group completes deliverables

2015-08-19, The DCMI RDF-AP aims at defining best practices for documenting application profiles, requests for handling RDF application profiles, and for RDF constraints specification and validation. The first deliverable, Report on Use Cases , reports on the case studies collected in the Task Force, their use cases and their validation requirements. The second deliverable, Report on Validation Requirements , supplements the Report on Use Cases from which the requirements were derived. The full descriptions of case studies and use cases can be found in the task group wiki . Case studies and the corresponding use cases are collected in the ...

19 Aug 2015 11:59pm GMT

DCMI Governing Board announces 2015 revisions to Bylaws

2015-08-19, The DCMI Governing Board announces its GB2015-2 decision to revise the DCMI Bylaws. The major focus of the revisions is on the refactoring of roles of the Advisory Board and Directorate with regard to DCMI conferences, meetings, educational programming and Initiative outreach. The revisions are are part of the ongoing fine-tuning of the Bylaws following the major restructuring of DCMI governance in 2014. The revised Bylaws can be found at http://dublincore.org/about/bylaws/index.shtml

19 Aug 2015 11:59pm GMT

18 Aug 2015

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AKSW has 10 accepted publications in Semantics’2015 conference

The Semantics '2015 conference will take place in Vienna, Austria on September 15-17, 2015. AKSW is happy to announce 10 accepted publications: 6 for research track and 4 for demos/posters track. Semantics'2015 has received 93 submissions for research track, out of which 24 were accepted (an acceptance rate of 26%). For the research track our accepted papers are: An Optimization Approach for Load Balancing in Parallel Link Discovery by Mohamed Ahmed Sherif and Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo in SEMANTiCS 2015 [BibTex] MEX Vocabulary: A Lightweight Interchange Format for Machine Learning Experiments by Diego Esteves , Diego Moussallem , Ciro Baron Neto , Tommaso Soru , ...

18 Aug 2015 11:37am GMT

17 Aug 2015

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AKSW Colloquium, 17-08-2015, Relational Machine Learning for Knowledge Graphs, Zoo Keeper, Apache Mesos

Relational Machine Learning for Knowledge Graphs In this colloquium Patrick Westphal will present the paper "A Review of Relational Machine Learning for Knowledge Graphs" by Nickel, Murphy, Tresp and Gabrilovich. Abstract: Relational machine learning studies methods for the statistical analysis of relational, or graph-structured, data. In this paper, we provide a review of how such statistical models can be "trained" on large knowledge graphs, and then used to predict new facts about the world (which is equivalent to predicting new edges in the graph). In particular, we discuss two different kinds of statistical relational models, both of which can scale ...

17 Aug 2015 8:58am GMT

15 Aug 2015

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AWS Janus Gateway strangeness

Can anyone think of a reason why this might happen? (janus gateway is a webRTC gateway -

15 Aug 2015 12:36pm GMT

12 Aug 2015

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18 AKSW Papers at ISWC 2015

We are very pleased to announce that AKSW will be presenting 18 papers in the upcoming International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) 2015. Following are the details: Research track : TITLE: FEASIBLE: A Featured-Based SPARQL Benchmarks Generation Framework AUTHORS: Muhammad Saleem , Qaiser Mehmood, Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo TITLE: LANCE: Piercing to the Heart of Instance Matching Tools AUTHORS: Tzanina Saveta, Evangelia Daskalaki, Giorgos Flouris, Irini Fundulaki, Melanie Herschel, Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo In-Use and Software track : TITLE: ASSESS -Automatic Self-Assessment Using Linked Data AUTHORS: Lorenz Bühmann , Ricardo Usbeck , Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo TITLE: Assessing and Refining Mappings to RDF ...

12 Aug 2015 1:16am GMT

11 Aug 2015

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DBpedia Usage Report, August 2015

We recently published the latest DBpedia Usage Report , covering v3.3 (released July, 2009) to v3.10 (sometimes called "DBpedia 2014"; released September, 2014). The new report has usage data through July 31, 2015, and brought a few surprises to our eyes. What do you think?

11 Aug 2015 4:58pm GMT

06 Aug 2015

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Michael Röder at AKSW Colloquium, Monday, 10th August 2015, 3pm

Crawling the Linked Open Data Cloud by Michael Röder In the recent years the Linked Open Data Cloud matured to support various applications, e.g., question answering, knowledge inference or database enrichment. Such applications have to be supported by the recent data, which is impossible to retrieve without constant crawling, due to the dynamic nature of the World Wide Web and the cloud as a part of it. On this colloquium Michael is going to talk about the state of the art for Linked Data Crawling as well as the future work that will be done by Ivan Ermilov, Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo ...

06 Aug 2015 12:17pm GMT

05 Aug 2015

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HackspaceHat part 2: Streaming to a remote sever

We've made more progress on the HackspaceHat (HackspaceHat is a telepresence hat for exploring Hackspaces).

05 Aug 2015 7:51pm GMT

03 Aug 2015

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Hajira Jabeen and Ricardo Usbeck at AKSW Colloquium, Monday, 3rd August 2015, 3pm

Hybrid Question Answering at QALD 5 challenge by Ricardo Usbeck The plethora of datasets on the web, both structured and unstructured, enables answering complex questions such as "Which anti-apartheid activist was born in Mvezo?" Some of those hybrid (source) question answering system have been benchmarked at the QALD 5 challenge at CLEF conference. Ricardo is going to present some of the results and give future research directions. Slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1dccMwbPMIeOpzvV1PNCKKxg96xZBSdK2Gav9JynAJjo/edit?usp=sharing BDE, Hadoop MapR and HDFS by Hajira Jabeen Hajira will present brief introduction to BigData Europe project (BDE). Followed by , Hadoop HDFS and map reduce for distributed processing of large data ...

03 Aug 2015 11:13am GMT

How the PoolParty Semantic Suite is learning to speak 40+ languages

Business is becoming more and more globalised, and enterprises and organisations are acting in several different regions and thus facing more challenges of different cultural aspects as well as respective language barriers. Looking at the European market, we even see 24 working languages in EU28, which make cross-border services considerably complicated. As a result, powerful language technology is needed, and intense efforts have already been taken in the EU to deal with this situation and enable the vision of a multilingual digital single market (a priority area of the European Commission this year, see: http://ec.europa.eu/priorities/digital-single-market/ ). Here at the Semantic ...

03 Aug 2015 9:49am GMT

29 Jul 2015

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Japanese translation of "Guidelines for Dublin Core Application Profiles" published

2015-07-29, DCMI is please to announce that the National Diet Library of Japan has translated " Guidelines for Dublin Core Application Profiles ", a DCMI Recommended Resource. The link to the new Japanese translation is available on the DCMI Documents Translation page at http://dublincore.org/resources/translations/index.shtml .

29 Jul 2015 11:59pm GMT

Final Program announced for DC-2015 in São Paulo, Brazil

2015-07-29, São Paulo State University (UNESP) and the Conference Committee of DC-2015 in São Paulo, Brazil on 1-4 September have published the final program of the DCMI International Conference at http://dcevents.dublincore.org/IntConf/index/pages/view/schedule-15 . Join us in São Paulo for an exciting agenda including papers, project reports and best practice posters and presentations. Parallel with the peer reviewed program is an array of special sessions of panels and discussions on key metadata issues, challenges and new opportunities. Pre- and post-conference Professional Program workshops round out the program by providing full-day instruction. Every year the DCMI community gathers for both its Annual Meeting ...

29 Jul 2015 11:59pm GMT