06 Oct 2011


ODF 1.2 Approved as Standard: Now with RDFa!

The new version of the Open Document Format, ODF 1.2, has been ratified as a standard. One of the changes to ODF 1.2 is the adoption of RDFa as a way of including metadata. Read more at the ODF technical committee chair's blog.

06 Oct 2011 1:57pm GMT

24 May 2011


RDFa: The Inside Story from Best Buy

Earlier we reported on Best Buy's successes as a result of using RDFa. Search New Central has now published an interview with Jay Myers, Lead Development Engineer for Best Buy, on the whys and wherefores of implementing RDFa on their site. "We really didn't go into it with any expectations. We just wanted to see [...]

24 May 2011 8:47am GMT

01 May 2011


Radify – RDFa Annotation Tool

Duncan Grant has created a new tool called Radify as a part of his university studies. It is a bookmarklet for the purposes of annotating a web page with RDFa. The bookmarklet features a triple viewer, edit mode and ability to load/parse new ontologies. You can read more about Duncan and his research on the [...]

01 May 2011 9:00pm GMT

31 Mar 2011


RDFa 1.1 Nears Completion

The RDFa Working Group has published two Second Last Call Working Drafts today - RDFa Core 1.1 and XHTML+RDFa 1.1. The first Last Call period for RDFa Core 1.1 and XHTML+RDFa 1.1 was started in late October 2010 and extended two times at the request of reviewers and comment submitters in order to get as [...]

31 Mar 2011 2:56pm GMT

26 Jan 2011


RDFa Experiences Explosive Growth

New research released by Yahoo! shows that RDFa demonstrated explosive growth in 2010. In fact, RDFa is the fastest growing data markup format on the Web, and is used on more than 430 million web pages. It accounts for roughly 3.6% of the all of the Web pages on the Internet. How much did RDFa [...]

26 Jan 2011 1:39am GMT

25 Jan 2011


Flickr uses RDFa

This happened some time ago, but we forgot to mention it. Flickr expresses information about images and the licenses associated with those images using RDFa. In fact, Flickr was one of the first services to adopt RDFa and use it to express metadata about the contents of the web page.

25 Jan 2011 1:25am GMT

07 Jan 2011


Drupal 7 released with native RDFa support!

Since so many sites use Drupal as their content management system (including the Whitehouse, the BBC, Ubuntu, CNN, NATO and Amnesty International, and, well, so many others) we can expect to see RDFa appearing on many new sites in the near future. More details here.

07 Jan 2011 2:53pm GMT

08 Oct 2010


Drupal 7 Beta 1 Featuring RDFa Released

The long-awaited Drupal 7 is on its way. Beta 1 has just been announced. Dries Buytaert discussed integrating RDFa into Drupal in Drupal, the semantic web and search, and shortly after that a a roadmap for RDFa in Drupal 7 was published. Since so many sites use Drupal as their content management system (including the [...]

08 Oct 2010 9:25am GMT

07 Oct 2010


Overstock.com adds RDFa to nearly one million pages

Recently major online retailer Overstock.com added RDFa to their website, marking up the nearly one million products they sell. An example: a book.

07 Oct 2010 10:53am GMT

31 May 2010


New RDFa Checker

Toby Inkster has created a new RDFa checker, available here: check.rdfa.info It checks RDFa 1.0 and the work-in-progress RDFa 1.1, extracts the RDF from pages, and also checks for the Facebook, Google, and CCrel uses of RDFa.

31 May 2010 7:37am GMT