06 Feb 2008

feedGames.net Daily Update

Blog: Assassins, The Elderly, and Other Annoying Enemies

February may be the shortest month, but it sure is long on features. Here's the best new stuff we've found in the last week!

06 Feb 2008 5:33pm GMT

05 Feb 2008

feedGames.net Daily Update

Feature: Q&I: A Chat With Team Ninja's Itagaki

Team Ninja's Tomonobu Itagaki makes great games, and even greater interview fodder. We sat down with the man behind Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden and picked his brain about the latter's Xbox 360 debut.

05 Feb 2008 2:29pm GMT

31 Jan 2008

feedGames.net Daily Update

Blog: Newest Brawl Screens and Sexy Videos

Also on this week's screens and vids Charles Barkley travels to the future to fight for our right to jam!

31 Jan 2008 3:20pm GMT

Blog: NES Techno Beats and Battery Life Experiments

This week's features also include controversial video games, inept villians, and a list of Presidential Candidates and their views on gaming.

31 Jan 2008 1:38pm GMT

29 Jan 2008

feedGames.net Daily Update

Blog: RE5, Tiberium, and Borderlands also Interviews

This week's previews are all the rave when you mix them with some nice interviews with Ubisoft's creative director and one of gaming's most famous composers.

29 Jan 2008 1:22pm GMT

Blog: Boogie Bunnies Are The Hottest Party

They say that if you stand in front of your bathroom mirror, lights out, eyes closed and repeat the above title three times while spinning Spyro the Dragon will appear.

29 Jan 2008 11:52am GMT

24 Jan 2008

feedGames.net Daily Update

Feature: Seven Gaming Genres New-Gen Has Changed

Motion sensing, increased graphical ability, constant internet access... this generation is changing the way we enjoy some of our favorite types of games. Here's the seven that have transformed the most.

24 Jan 2008 10:55am GMT

13 Dec 2007

feedGames.net Daily Update

Feature: Gaming Mag Graveyard! Ten Mags that Died Fast.

They couldn't find readers. They couldn't find advertising. Or maybe they just couldn't find a clue. We count down game media's biggest print flops.

13 Dec 2007 4:47pm GMT

Net Ten: Top Ten Blatant Loading Screen Cover-ups

There are normal loading screens and then there are, "Seriously? Is this a loading screen?" We're sure you've come across these poorly disguised loading screens. So, we're going to poke fun at developer's incompetence, and their ridiculous attempts to mask loading screens.

13 Dec 2007 3:36pm GMT

27 Nov 2007

feedGames.net Daily Update

Feature: Games.Net's Game Surname Spectacular!

Ever wonder what your favorite gaming character's last name would be? Wonder no longer. We've made up ones for them!

27 Nov 2007 2:34pm GMT