06 Feb 2024

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jQuery 4.0.0 BETA!

jQuery 4.0.0 has been in the works for a long time, but it is now ready for a beta release! There's a lot to cover, and the team is excited to see it released. We've got bug fixes, performance improvements, and some breaking changes. We removed support for IE<11 after all! Still, we expect disruption … Continue reading

06 Feb 2024 4:43pm GMT

28 Aug 2023

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jQuery 3.7.1 Released: Reliable Table Row Dimensions

jQuery 3.7.1 has been released! This release fixes a regression from jQuery 3.6.0 that resulted in rounded dimensions for <tr /> elements in Chrome and Safari. Also, a (mostly) internal Sizzle method, jQuery.find.tokenize that was on the jQuery object was accidentally removed when we removed Sizzle in jQuery 3.7.0. That method has been restored. As … Continue reading

28 Aug 2023 1:40pm GMT

11 May 2023

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jQuery 3.7.0 Released: Staying in Order

jQuery 3.7.0 is now available! This release has it all: bug fixes, a new method, and a performance improvement! We even dropped our longtime selector engine: Sizzle. Or, I should say, we moved it into jQuery. jQuery no longer depends on Sizzle as a separate project, but has instead dropped its code directly into jQuery … Continue reading

11 May 2023 6:38pm GMT