19 Jul 2018


Warming Huts 2019: Call For Proposals

Warming Huts 2019 - Call For ProposalsWarming Huts, an open competition supported by the Manitoba Association of Architects, is now open for submissions for 2019. Started in 2009, this competition has been melding world-class design and art with Winnipeg's famous winters.stats

19 Jul 2018 11:24am GMT

Blue Sky Hospitality Creates Immersive Spaces for HYATT Centric Madrid

Blue Sky Hospitality Creates Immersive Spaces for HYATT Centric MadridHenry Chebaane, creative director of London studio Blue Sky Hospitality, seamlessly blended art, heritage and culture to craft the Hyatt Centric Madrid.stats

19 Jul 2018 11:10am GMT

Open House Macau

Open House MacauThis year, Macau will open doors to uncover its untold architecture history. On November 10-11, throughout a weekend, the first and only Open House initiative held in Asia will take off.stats

19 Jul 2018 9:15am GMT

06 Nov 2011

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Born on November 6: Jean Louis Charles Garnier

The Paris Opéra in FranceFrench architect Jean Louis Charles Garnier was born on November 6, 1825. Inspired by Roman pageantry, Garnier wanted ...

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06 Nov 2011 1:00am GMT

04 Nov 2011

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Architecture Updates: Oct. 29-Nov. 4, 2011

Postmodernism, house plans, and New Orleans captured our attention this week. Updated material includes:

04 Nov 2011 10:30am GMT

The Dawn of Deco

King Tutankhamen Archaeologist Howard Carter thrilled the world when, on November 4, 1922, he discovered steps leading down to the ancient tomb of King Tutankhamen. Soon a fascination for Egypt found expression ...

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04 Nov 2011 1:00am GMT