23 Jun 2017


Canyon is Red Dot: Design Team of the Year 2017

Canyon is Red Dot - Design Team of the Year 2017The Canyon Design Team has been named the 2017 Red Dot: Design Team of the Year. Since 1988, Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen has been selecting a team each year that produces excellent product design year after year.stats

23 Jun 2017 4:46pm GMT

15 Jun 2017


Destination America On-Air Refresh

Destination America On-Air RefreshDestination America has recently pivoted to become the only network that aims to bridge the gap between true life experiences and the unknown.stats

15 Jun 2017 9:25pm GMT

14 Jun 2017


SST Typeface Goes Global

SST Typeface Goes GlobalMonotype has announced the widespread availability of the SST typeface, which was originally designed in exclusive partnership with the creative department of Sony Corporation to be used on a global scale.stats

14 Jun 2017 10:29pm GMT

06 Nov 2011

feedAbout.com Architecture

Born on November 6: Jean Louis Charles Garnier

The Paris Opéra in FranceFrench architect Jean Louis Charles Garnier was born on November 6, 1825. Inspired by Roman pageantry, Garnier wanted ...

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06 Nov 2011 1:00am GMT

04 Nov 2011

feedAbout.com Architecture

Architecture Updates: Oct. 29-Nov. 4, 2011

Postmodernism, house plans, and New Orleans captured our attention this week. Updated material includes:

04 Nov 2011 10:30am GMT

The Dawn of Deco

King Tutankhamen Archaeologist Howard Carter thrilled the world when, on November 4, 1922, he discovered steps leading down to the ancient tomb of King Tutankhamen. Soon a fascination for Egypt found expression ...

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04 Nov 2011 1:00am GMT