02 Mar 2009

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Frank Silye: Walking home from work

Today I woke up to it snowing again, and we ended up with another 10 cm with snow. Luckily I brought my camera with me to work, so I quitted early and walked home. From Blindern to Sagene, and then a long Akerselva (the river) to Grünerløkka, and then through the Botanic Garden at Tøyen:


About two weeks ago I bought myself a new camera, a Nikon D60, and these pictures are some of the first pictures that I take outside with it.




The waterfall at Mølla, Grünerløkka is the perfect place to try shutter times. I wish I had brought a tripod with me too!


The spectacular waterfall located next to the small, red house "Hønse-Lovisas hus" and the Beier bridge.


How did you manage?

I guess your question is like mine: How on earth did you manage …? I found the car like this on a street corner quite high up in Markveien.


This last photo was taken up in Tøyen Botanic Garden, outside the Manor house. Normally the Botanical Garden is a green oasis, but today it was covered in snow:

Tøyen Botanic Garden

I can't wait for the spring to arrive.


02 Mar 2009 8:50pm GMT

01 Mar 2009

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Frank Silye: Aftenposten application for iPhone

aftenposten-iphoneThe iPhone application for the newspaper New York Times, is one of my favorite. I have not often read their paper or traditional Internet edition. Sadly, I didn't notice that also Aftenposten released such an application two weeks ago.

I have now installed it and find there to be pros and cons with this application. Two big pros: Reading the main news is easier then ever and including business news from E24.

I don't care about the Soccer news section, but I think it should be included. What I don't understand is why they have included a Gallery section. I don't think iPhone users view pictures to much on their phones. Bandwidth costs, but more important I have turned off 3G support most of the time, simply to have the longest possible battery time. What Aftenposten rather should do with their fourth news section in this application, is news based on geolocation awareness. Readers should simply get newsstreams from the biggest cities/towns in Norway.


01 Mar 2009 11:15am GMT

26 Feb 2009

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Frank Silye: Changes in Windows 7 RC

Today I read through an impressive list of improvement/features for the upcoming Release Candidate of Windows 7. Microsoft has really changed and gotten both speed and power behind it's development of Windows.

Most surprising that Microsoft is included native support for .mov and AVCHD content. Imagine that you will now be able to play Quicktime movies in both Windows Media Player and Media Center! Who would have thought we know longer will have to be nagged with pop-ups from the Apple update software prompting you to install yet another of the many security updates that Quicktime lately has had.


26 Feb 2009 6:05pm GMT