28 Jun 2017

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3 Chicago officers indicted in Laquan McDonald case

Three current or former Chicago police officers were indicted Tuesday on state felony charges of conspiracy in the investigation of the 2014 shooting death of Laquan McDonald.

28 Jun 2017 12:39pm GMT

16 Jun 2017

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Activists push to force Chicago police reform

As a former principal on Chicago's South Side, Liz Dozier fought to turn around a school where gang violence was rampant. After school, she often would march down the surrounding streets as if on patrol, shouting at teens hanging out, "Get out of the street! I'm not gonna say it again!"

16 Jun 2017 7:22pm GMT

26 Nov 2015

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Laquan McDonald's short life

In death, Laquan McDonald has countless defenders, people who want justice for him. They know him as the teenager in a police dashboard camera video who is seen walking away from a police officer who, in the span of 15 seconds, shoots him 16 times.

26 Nov 2015 12:23am GMT