27 May 2015


Adblock Plus Victorious Again In Court

New submitter Xochil writes: AdBlock Plus has successfully defended itself in court for the second time in five weeks. The Munich Regional Court ruled against media companies ProSiebenSat1 and IP Deutschland. The companies sued Eyeo, the company behind Adblock Plus, asking the court to ban the distribution of the free ad-blocking software, saying it hurts their ad-based business model. An Eyeo release says in part: "We are elated at the decision reached today by the Munich court, which is another win for every internet user. It confirms each individual's right to block annoying ads, protect their privacy and, by extension, determine his or her own internet experience. This time it also confirms the legitimacy of our Acceptable Ads initiative as a compromise in the often contentious and rarely progressive world of online advertising."

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27 May 2015 7:25pm GMT

feedArs Technica

Arms control treaty could land security researchers like me in jail

Op-ed: Proposed restrictions on the export of malware could make the world less safe.

27 May 2015 7:06pm GMT


Don’t Fix Your Yoga Pose By (Just) Looking at the Instructor

When you look at your yoga instructor (or that super talented person in the front row), you may realize your pose doesn't look quite the same as theirs. But you don't want to imitate others exactly. In fact, doing so can be detrimental to you.


27 May 2015 7:00pm GMT


A Ph.D Thesis Defense Delayed By Injustice 77 Years

Taco Cowboy writes: A story about a 102-year old lady doing her PhD thesis defense is not that common, but when the thesis defense was delayed by a whopping 77 years, that gotta raise some eyebrows. Ingeborg Syllm-Rapoport studied diphtheria at the University of Hamburg in Germany and in 1938, the 25-year old Protestant-raised, German-born Ingeborg submitted for her doctorate thesis defense. She was denied her chance for her defense because her mother was of the Jewish ancestry, making her an official "cross-breed". As such the Nazi regime forbid the university from proceeding with her defense, for "racial reasons". She became one of the thousands of scholars and researchers banished from German academe, which at the time included many of the world's most prestigious research institutions, because of Jewish ancestry or opposition to Nazi policies. Many of them ended up suffering or dying in concentration camps. Rudolf Degkwitz, Syllm's professor, was imprisoned for objecting to euthanizing children. Syllm, however, was able to reach the United States and earned her medical degree from the old Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Eventually she married a fellow physician named Samuel Mitja Rapoport, had a family, and moved back to Germany in the 1950s, where she achieved prominence in neonatology. Syllm-Rapoport, who is now 102 years old, might have remained just a doctor (if a very accomplished one) had not the present dean of the Hamburg medical school, Uwe Koch-Gromus, heard her story from a colleague of her son, Tom Rapoport, a Harvard cell biologist. Determined to do what he could to mitigate this wrong, Koch-Gromus arranged Syllm-Rapoport's long-delayed defense. Despite failing eyesight, she brushed up on decades of developments in diphtheria research with the help of friends and the Internet. Koch-Gromus called the 45-minute oral exam given by him and two colleagues on 13 May in her Berlin living room "a very good test. Frau Rapoport has gathered notable knowledge about what's happened since then. Particularly given her age, she was brilliant."

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27 May 2015 6:42pm GMT


A Touch Screen Drains Your Laptop Battery, Even with Touch Disabled

You probably already know that a touch screen laptop is more expensive than the non-touch version. But there are other, non-monetary premiums you have to pay for the touch capability, including a bigger drain on your battery.


27 May 2015 6:30pm GMT


Prospects and Limits For the LHC's Capabilities To Test String Theory

StartsWithABang writes: The Large Hadron Collider has just been upgraded, and is now making the highest energy collisions of any human-made machine ever. But even at 13 TeV, what are the prospects for testing String Theory, considering that the string energy scale should be up at around 10^19 GeV or so? Surprisingly, there are a number of phenomenological consequences that should emerge, and looking at what we've seen so far, they may disfavor String Theory after all.

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27 May 2015 6:00pm GMT


Personal Finance Is Simple, We Fail When Our Money Lacks Purpose

The most basic rules of personal finance are pretty simple and constant . Yet it's really hard for us to save more than we spend, and the reason may be because we lack a "why."


27 May 2015 6:00pm GMT

feedArs Technica

Prosecutors: Silk Road founder Ulbricht deserves a long prison sentence

"If Silk Road did not exist then Preston would still be with us," a father writes.

27 May 2015 5:57pm GMT

Beware of the text message that crashes iPhones

Newly discovered iOS bug triggers wave of text messages that causes iDevice reboot.

27 May 2015 5:21pm GMT

feedThe Register - Software: Operating Systems

Mozilla: We don't give a damn about cheap smartphones

Get ready for 'Ignite', whatever that is

Browser-turned-OS-institution Mozilla has acknowledged that its $25 phone has failed.…

27 May 2015 3:29pm GMT

Shuttleworth delivers death blow in Umbongoland dispute

Kubuntu chief's head placed on cloud-based, open source spike

A storm of accusations, claims, and furious counterclaims has hit the Ubuntu penguins, with a community cleaved of its head following allegations of unsavory behavior.…

27 May 2015 12:57pm GMT

Finally! It's the year of Linux on the desktop TITSUP

Mandriva goes into liquidation

Mandriva, a French purveyor of desktop Linux, is being wound up, after becoming totally incapable of supporting usual performance (TITSUP), financially at least.…

27 May 2015 12:54am GMT

26 May 2015


Microsoft announces Cortana for Android, iOS

Part of the power of a personal assistant comes from being available on the go, on the device you carry with you everywhere. And for people who don't have the benefit of a Windows phone, we want to extend the advantage of Cortana in Windows 10. How will this work? Today, we're announcing a Cortana application for Android phones and for iPhones which works as a companion to Cortana on your Windows 10 PC. The 'Phone Companion' app on the PC will help you install the Cortana app from the Google Play or Apple App Store onto your phone so you’ll be able to take the intelligence of Cortana with you, wherever you go. I've never seen anyone use Siri, save for the occasional parlour trick and the odd one out using it to set alarms. I'm not sure these anthropomorphised ones and zeros are really as a big a deal as these companies want us to believe.

26 May 2015 11:31pm GMT

The mystery of the power bank phone taking over Ghana

Have you noticed an odd bulge in people's shorts around Accra? It's likely because, like many of my friends, they've recently acquired a new phone. But it's not the iPhone 6 Plus, and it's not the Samsung Galaxy S6. It's this thing. I like it. It's functional and has a certain charm to it.

26 May 2015 10:14pm GMT

Apple drops discoveryd in latest OS X beta

After many complaints from the developer community about poor networking performance on Yosemite, the latest beta of OS X 10.10.4 has dropped the discoveryd in favor of the old process used by previous versions of Mac operating system. This should address many of the network stability issues introduced with Yosemite and its new networking stack. A clearer sign that discoveryd was a mess, there is not.

26 May 2015 10:13pm GMT

25 May 2015

feedPlanet Arch Linux

Using python-Zarafa in Zarafa-dagent/Zarafa-spooler plugins

Creating plugins for the Zarafa Dagent and Spooler has been quiet complicated since it requires a lot of low-level MAPI knowledge. Since a year ago, we have been focussing on our new high-level Python API called Python-Zarafa, so it made sense to be able to use our preferred API in Spooler and Dagent plugins. The current version on Github made this functionality possible, with a few changes you can now use Python-Zarafa objects such as the Store, Folder and Item in your plugin.

import Zarafa

class MyPlugin(IMapiDAgentPlugin):
    def PostConverting(self, session, addrbook, store, folder, message):
        server = Zarafa.Server(mapisession=session)
        if store:
                store = Zarafa.Store(server, mapiobj=store)
        if folder:
                folder = Zarafa.Folder(store, mapiobj=folder)
        item = Zarafa.Item(mapiobj=message)
        # My plugin logic

The example censorship plugin can now be rewritten to the following code.

import os
import re

from plugintemplates import IMapiDAgentPlugin

import Zarafa

CENSOR = '*censored*'

class CensorShip(IMapiDAgentPlugin):
    def PostConverting(self, session, addrbook, store, folder, message):
        server = Zarafa.Server(mapisession=session)
        if store:
            store = Zarafa.Store(server, mapiobj=store)
        if folder:
            folder = Zarafa.Folder(store, mapiobj=folder)
        item = Zarafa.Item(mapiobj=message)
        body = item.body.text

        if os.path.isfile('/etc/Zarafa/censorship.txt'):
            badwords = [line.strip() for line in file('/etc/Zarafa/censorship.txt')]
            body = re.compile('|'.join(map(re.escape, badwords)), re.I).sub(CENSOR, body)
            self.logger.logDebug('%d badword(s) in body' % len(badwords))
            # Also saves body
            item.body = body
            self.logger.logError("!--- censorship.txt file not found")

Hopefully this will make it easier to develop dagent/spooler plugins.

Using python-Zarafa in Zarafa-dagent/Zarafa-spooler plugins was originally published by Jelle van der Waa at Jelly's Blog on May 25, 2015.

25 May 2015 12:00am GMT

22 May 2015

feedPlanet Arch Linux

Data corruption on software RAID 0 when discard is used

Recent Linux kernels (4.0.2+, LTS 3.14.41+), pushed to the [core] repository in the past couple of weeks, suffered from a bug that can cause data corruption on file systems mounted with the discard option and residing on software RAID 0 arrays. Even if discard is not specified, the fstrim command can also trigger this bug. (If you do not use software RAID 0 or the discard option, then this issue does not affect you.)

The issue has been addressed in the linux 4.0.4-2 and linux-lts 3.14.43-2 updates. Due to the nature of the bug, however, it is likely that data corruption has already occurred on systems running the aforementioned kernels. It is strongly advised to verify the integrity of affected file systems using fsck and/or restore their data from known good backups.

For further information please read the LKML post by Holger Kiehl, the related article on Phoronix, as well as the proposed fix that was backported to the Arch kernels.

22 May 2015 8:32pm GMT

17 May 2015

feedPlanet Arch Linux

Puppet 4.0 enters [community]

Puppet 4 has been released and breaks compatibility with version 3. Therefore users will need to upgrade a server to Puppet 4 before updating their clients. Note that if only a Puppet 4 server is available, Puppet 3 clients will not work. Also a number of locations for things have changed including the config, manifest and module files. You will need to follow upgrade instructions for your servers and clients:

17 May 2015 4:27pm GMT

20 May 2012

feedPlanet Sun

Annular Solar Eclipse on Sunday, May 20th 2012

On Sunday, May 20th 2012, people in a narrow strip from Japan to the western United States will be able to see an annular solar eclipse, the first in 18 years. The moon will cover as much as 94% of the sun. An Annular Solar Eclipse is different from a Total Solar Eclipse, when the […]

20 May 2012 9:51pm GMT

09 Nov 2011

feedIGN PC

2 Million Leave World of Warcraft

In the last year the number of World of Warcraft subscribers has fallen in the from 12 million to 10.3 million...

09 Nov 2011 11:55am GMT

AC: Revelations First-Person Missions

Assassin's Creed: Revelations will have first-person missions...

09 Nov 2011 10:58am GMT

feedPlanet Security

Zone-H: http://gkppondokmelati.org

http://gkppondokmelati.org defaced by Arakloverz

09 Nov 2011 7:01am GMT

Zone-H: http://www.gentapublishing.com

http://www.gentapublishing.com defaced by Arakloverz

09 Nov 2011 6:42am GMT

Zone-H: http://gagap.net

http://gagap.net defaced by Arakloverz

09 Nov 2011 6:42am GMT

feedIGN PC

An Experience Loophole in Battlefield 3

Via YouTube user DarkSydeGeoff, we came across a Battlefield 3 exploit that allows friends to boost enormous amounts of experience in hardcore matches...

09 Nov 2011 1:43am GMT

13 May 2011

feedPlanet Sun

The story behind Planet Sun

Some words about history of Planet Sun. For round about six years Planet Sun has been an aggregation of public weblogs written by employees of Sun Microsystems. Though it never was a product or publication of Sun Microsystems itself. The website was powered by Planet and run by David Edmondson. On 01 Mar 2010 David […]

13 May 2011 12:36am GMT

10 May 2011

feedPlanet Sun

Hello world!

A warm welcome to our guests. This is your first wordpress post. We should edit or delete it, and then start blogging! Let's save our planet. Renewable energy is the future. Bio & Nature.

10 May 2011 10:18pm GMT