20 Apr 2009

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The YouTube for artistes.

The YouTube for artistes.:

"Vimeo attracts a high-art, film-buff set-the kind of people who, when making movies for the Web, pause to consider such virtues as cinematography, framing, music, and composition."

via article19:

or, why Vimeo is Better than YouTube!

20 Apr 2009 3:48pm GMT

Introducing the New York City Dance and Technology Meetup

Introducing the New York City Dance and Technology Meetup:

So Doug is putting together some offline meet-ups for the New York Dance/Tech community. I think the name "DanceTech" is confusing because of its similarity to Dance + Tech which I don't think is related.

The topics sound good, it could be interesting if you can actually get people offline and away from their computers.

Some of the suggested topics really annoy me though, such as "How dancers can create professional websites without any technical training or background, and do this very inexpensively."

That's one of the most insulting things to read as a designer and web developer. 'Hey, dancers with no training or technical knowledge could do your job.'

I think I'm going to start my own workshop called "How over-weight web designers with no training can create professional ballets and do it inexpensively."

It's just the hight of conceit to believe that you can create professional results in my field without training. I respect your work, please respect mine.

20 Apr 2009 3:39pm GMT

"Hubbard Street Dance Chicago currently seeks an Artistic Director to continue to lead and inspire..."

"Hubbard Street Dance Chicago currently seeks an Artistic Director to continue to lead and inspire the company as it enters its 33rd year. The company's board of directors has convened a selection committee and welcomes interest from qualified candidates through April 30, 2009. For more information, click here."


-HSDC Job Opportunities

I find it really hard to believe that there is no plan of succession for Jim Vincent. You don't just put out an open call for an Artistic Director. (I didn't check to see if they posted an ad on Craigslist.) This is something that you need to plan for and train someone for. Even at a repertory company like Hubbard Street, the Artistic Director provides the artistic mainstay of the organization and curates the work. You can't just pull someone off the street to do that. The person needs to be familiar with the work and the company.

20 Apr 2009 3:22pm GMT

19 Apr 2008



We've entered into a new phase with My ocean is never blue as we're getting ready for our semi-site specific performance on June 22 at the Bladensburg Waterfront Park, right along the Anacostia River. For this performance we've pulled the work completely apart and are restructuring it from the ground up. Two Fridays ago we went to the park to see what we could structure specifically for this space. We ended up working on a dock that goes about half way into the river. I had one idea that we tried (doing the Drench section) and then asked for suggestions from the dancers. We ended up creating a nice 10 minute section there on the dock that will serve as the beginning section of our performance.

One of the challenges with this project is bringing in material that is specific to the site - we already have alot of material from this project that we want to include, but I don't want to ignore where we are. We also want to not make it only about the river, but still keep the multi-faceted aspect of the work intact. So, bringing in more specifics about the Anacostia River and keep the larger, more general observations about water present. I'm not too worried about this, but it is an interesting balance to explore and, hopefully, find.

19 Apr 2008 4:09pm GMT

31 Mar 2008


50 Liters a Day, honestly

Still struggling with our internet connection... but, here are the totals for the week that I was trying to only use 50 liters a day (they are the actual amounts, honestly)...

Day 1: 64
Day 2: 41
Day 3: 41.75
Day 4: 63.5
Day 5: 45.75
Day 6: 51.75
Day 7: 42

total: 349.75

round that up to 350, divide by 7 and you get an even 50 liters per day. So, its possible, but certainly difficult.

31 Mar 2008 10:05pm GMT

24 Mar 2008


More Water Days

Well, I survived my days of a 50 liters limit pretty well. On Saturday, my last day of the water week, I took what was the most satisfying 4 minute shower of my life. After spending all week taking a 2 liter "bath", having water run down my body was so pleasing. As the week went on the most interesting aspect of the experiment was not figuring out how to use less water - that was interesting at first - but, it was the development of my awareness of water use. Each time I went to wash my hands, take a drink, or wash a dish, I would pause and make sure I really needed to do that action right then. Each time I began to ask, "can I wait alittle while before I use this water?". It became an interesting meditation of sorts. I'm still not exactly sure how I will incorporate this experience into the final work, but it will be interesting to continue to reflect and see how it effects my day-to-day life.

24 Mar 2008 6:44pm GMT