08 Nov 2011

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Tomáš Chvátal: libreoffice progress towards 3.5

Lets start with something slightly different

Tomorow there will be 3.4.4 release.

This is the last 3.4 release with upstream love. There also will be 3.4.5 after 3.5.0 release, but it is for 2012, nothing shiny will happen in this year for that branch.

Now for all awesome candies in master

I worked on nsplugin building with system libraries (xulrunner/firefox/npapi-sdk) which worked great, so now it is enabled by default and built against the system headers (note that the nsplugin was build by default even before and the useflag was quite bogus in gentoo).

The mozilla switch that many of you can see there is used for mozab and ldap backend stuff. It sadly requires INTERNAL mozilla to actually work, so I disabled it in Gentoo for now (both moz stuff and ldap) as it does not work. I am being quite skeptic about fixing it for 3.5.0 as freeze is comming around 5th Dec if my memory serves well.

The only issue I still didn't fix is that SampleICC bundling which is quite hard to do due to patches/magic done there in DMAKE…

Yet again completely unrelated ending section

Seems like I really enjoy to jump from one topic to another…
Anyway I did add really cool game to main tree which I think you should try out.
The package is games-strategy/openxcom which is opensource implementation of UFO: Enemy Unknown (first X-Com based game). It is still alpha quality as some research is not possible, manufactures are being done, ufopedia is not working, but you already can try out shooting ufos and doing missions.
The slightly problematic part is that the game does not provide the data files so you need the orginal game. Other than that it is pretty awesome it works on linux natively instead of requiring dosbox. (So far coolest stuff is that cheating is really simple by editing rulesets in the saved game :P [pistol that decimates whole building is pretty cool :P])

08 Nov 2011 9:44pm GMT

07 Nov 2011

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Mike Pagano: Gentoo users with RAID10 running Linux kernel 3.1.0 please read

Attention Gentoo RAID10 users running Linux kernel 3.1.0.

There is a serious bug introduced in the 3.1.0 code. The Gentoo Kernel Team advises any of our RAID10 users running 3.1.0 (vanilla or gentoo-sources) to patch their kernel or immediately upgrade to gentoo-sources-3.1.0-r1 which includes the upstream patch to correct the issue.

Upstream considers this a "serious flaw".

From the original patch submission on LKML:

"Anyone running RAID10 with 3.1 is advised to either apply this patch or revert an earlier kernel as soon as possible. In the mean time, remove any hot spares from an RAID10 array."

From the patch:

"It would normally be possible to recover the data, but that would need care and is not guaranteed."

Summary: RAID10 3.1.0 kernel users, please upgrade to gentoo-sources-3.1.0-r1 or patch your kernel manually.

07 Nov 2011 7:04pm GMT

06 Nov 2011

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Andreas K. Hüttel: Gentoo KDE stabilization and the KDE overlay

Here's two small news items that may be worth your attention.
First of all, we (as the Gentoo KDE team) have to decided to change our stabilization target from 4.7.2 to 4.7.3 - the main reason being that there have been many stability improvements e.g. in KDEPIM. This also means that for now the stabilization process is on hold, since version 4.7.3 needs some time to "ripen on the tree". Anyway, feel free to grab the stabilization list from bug 388279 and try it out. Most likely the list will still be updated a few times for minor fixes.
Second, if you are using the Gentoo KDE overlay, it has now been migrated to so-called thin manifests. This makes using git way easier for us committers. You as a user will however need sys-apps/portage from ~arch, because the current stable version does not support the new Manifest file format yet. This may sound like a dangerous requirement, but actually most the devs use testing portage and do not encounter any big problems. I'm running sys-apps/portage- here and all is fine.

06 Nov 2011 2:56pm GMT