22 Aug 2017

feedGlobal Economy

Daily briefing: Trump’s Afghanistan plan, Cambridge quashes censorship, Iceland’s tourism pain

Donald Trump announces new strategy for the longest war in US history

22 Aug 2017 5:04am GMT

Emmanuel Macron’s hopes of a grand euro bargain are misplaced

French president risks undermining his programme for economic reform at home

22 Aug 2017 4:03am GMT

21 Aug 2017

feedGlobal Economy

Globalisation in retreat: capital flows decline since crisis

The volume of funds crossing borders has fallen sharply and long-term investment is playing a bigger role. But is the system more resilient?

21 Aug 2017 8:00pm GMT

feedBBC News - Economy

How to cash in on a solar eclipse

A total solar eclipse is visible across the US on Monday for the first time in nearly a century.

21 Aug 2017 4:05pm GMT

Musk warns of 'killer robot' arms race

Artificial intelligence experts say the development of autonomous weapons poses grave threats.

21 Aug 2017 6:04am GMT

Crawford Falconer takes up post as UK's top trade negotiator

Crawford Falconer is expected to "build bridges" on trade before Brexit is formally agreed.

21 Aug 2017 5:55am GMT