24 Apr 2019

feedGlobal Economy

America’s dollar privilege is not exactly exorbitant

Generous yields on US Treasuries undermine critics of greenback's reserve currency role

24 Apr 2019 3:00am GMT

Australian dollar drops 1% on subdued inflation  

24 Apr 2019 2:00am GMT

Mnuchin and Lighthizer to head to Beijing as trade talks resume

Talks to focus on stubborn hurdles of intellectual property, technology transfers

24 Apr 2019 1:43am GMT

23 Apr 2019

feedBBC News - Economy

How 'digital twins' make a factory more efficient

The "digital twin" system allows the robots of the Siemens factory in Bad Neustadt to work more efficiently.

23 Apr 2019 11:01pm GMT

Herman Cain withdraws bid for Federal Reserve seat

President Trump tweeted that he would respect Mr Cain's wishes and not pursue the nomination.

23 Apr 2019 2:31am GMT

22 Apr 2019

feedBBC News - Economy

Your next new car will try to stop you speeding

Drivers will find it harder to break speed limits, thanks to "intelligent speed assistance" systems.

22 Apr 2019 11:06pm GMT