22 Jun 2018

feedGlobal Economy

Week ahead: Turkey elections, EU summit, US data

22 Jun 2018 9:55pm GMT

Debt relief deal gives Greece hope after years of austerity

Agreement with bailout creditors sets terms for Athens that stretch over decades

22 Jun 2018 5:35pm GMT

feedBBC News - Economy

How British is a Mini?

When it comes to symbols of British manufacturing, it doesn't get more iconic than this - but how British is the Mini?

22 Jun 2018 5:01pm GMT

feedGlobal Economy

Trump threatens 20% tariff on EU car imports

Shares of European carmakers fall on new risk of trade war following president's tweet

22 Jun 2018 3:49pm GMT

feedBBC News - Economy

EU tariffs on US goods come into force

The European Union has gone ahead with retaliatory duties against $2.8bn worth of US-made products.

22 Jun 2018 2:49pm GMT

Greece hails 'historic' debt relief deal

The eurozone agrees a long-awaited deal, which pushes back the repayment schedule for Greece's debt.

22 Jun 2018 7:55am GMT