04 Nov 2011

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Apple iOS 5: HTML5 Developer Scorecard

Whenever a new device or mobile operating system comes out, we do a HTML5 Developer Scorecard, to help folks who are building mobile web apps understand how to take advantage of these new devices. Today, we look at HTML5 on Apple's iOS 5.

04 Nov 2011 4:00pm GMT

02 Nov 2011

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The Sencha Hackathon Recap

SenchaCon in Austin last week really reaffirmed our belief in the strength of the Sencha community - and most especially on day three, when we hosted our biggest ever Sencha Hackathon.

02 Nov 2011 5:00pm GMT

01 Nov 2011

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SenchaCon 2011—The Mega Recap

SenchaCon 2011 was an awesome event for the team and the community. We had over 600 attendees attending more than 50 unique sessions, a rocking party and a fantastic hackathon. Here's the highlights of last week's mega-event!

01 Nov 2011 5:00pm GMT