16 Jan 2019

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Daniel Berrange: Announce: Entangle “Sodium“ release 2.0 – an app for tethered camera control & capture

I am pleased to announce a new release 2.0 of Entangle is available for download from the usual location:


This release is largely bug fixes with a couple of small features

16 Jan 2019 9:44pm GMT

Stephen Smoogen: NOTICE: Epylog has been retired for Fedora Rawhide/30

Epylog is a log analysis code written by Konstantin ("Icon") Ryabitsev, when he was working Duke University in the early 2000's. It was moved to FedoraHosted and then never got moved to other hosting afterwords. The code is written in early python2 syntax (maybe 2.2) and has been hacked to work with newer versions over time but has not seen any major development since 2008. I have been sort of looking after the package in Fedora with the hopes of a 'rewrite for Python3' that never got done by me. [This is on me as I have been licking the cookie here.]

Because it requires a lot of work, and Python 2's End of Life is coming up in a year, I retired it from rawhide so that it would not branch to Fedora 30. I would recommend that users of epylog look for newer replacements (we in Fedora infrastructure will be doing so and I will post any recommendations as time goes by).

16 Jan 2019 7:44pm GMT

Alvaro Castillo: Detecta cambios en tus archivos con aide

Aide es un sistema avanzado de detección de intrusión que nos permite visualizar cambios en los archivos. Si una persona accede de forma ilegal a nuestro servidor y modifica un archivo que no tiene que tocar, este sistema de intrusión te lo detecta mediante el hash del archivo.

También permite revisar nuevos archivos creados, eliminados o modificados. Al realizar un escaneo a los archivos puede devolver diversos códigos de salida como errores de escritura, argumentos inválidos, funciones incom...

16 Jan 2019 7:20pm GMT