02 Jul 2018

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CH Does The Purge (Full Version!)

In honor of the upcoming Purge movie, here's our whole Purge series strung together!

CH Does The Purge (Full Version!)

02 Jul 2018 1:06pm GMT

30 Jun 2018

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My Mom Is Stalking Me

Raph's creepy stalker was taking pictures of him 9 months before he was even BORN.

My Mom Is Stalking Me

30 Jun 2018 5:30pm GMT

29 Jun 2018

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Hot Date: How City People Talk about Townies

There's nothing sadder than someone who stays in their hometown and makes a fulfilling life there.

Sponosred by Captain Morgan. Summer #LikeACaptain.

29 Jun 2018 8:04pm GMT

23 Nov 2013

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Top 20 Chemistry Jokes of Some Time

It's not everyday we regurgitate a few old (and new!) chemistry jokes. How often do we tell them? Periodically. We told one the other day, but there was no reaction. Hahaha! Wait? How come nobody else is laughing? Ehem… well, anyways, here are a few more: When I first heard oxygen and magnesium got together […]

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23 Nov 2013 10:20pm GMT

18 Nov 2013

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God Will Save Me!

Somewhere in the Southeastern United States, probably Louisiana or Arkansas (you know, the bible belt), a huge hurricane came through and threatened to take out an entire town. At the local church, people were praying. Their pastor, a fervent young man, asked for people to remain calm and wait for God's help. Mid-prayer, the flood […]

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18 Nov 2013 4:10pm GMT

17 Nov 2013

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Getting Married in Heaven

A young couple was on their way to get married when they were involved in a fatal car accident. It was really bad, like something from a Quentin Tarantino movie. At any rate, they soon found themselves standing in front of the pearly gates of heaven staring at St. Peter himself. Upset, but wanting to […]

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17 Nov 2013 12:41pm GMT