09 Nov 2011

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Safety Officer Demonstrates How New Safe Ladder isn't Safe

A place is only as safe as its top-ranking safety official.

09 Nov 2011 1:05pm GMT

Korean Punches of Fury

Let this be a lesson to all of you other guys out there who are thinking about asking his sister out on a date.

09 Nov 2011 1:04pm GMT

Best Buy Uniform Prank

That's one way to improv costumer service.

09 Nov 2011 1:03pm GMT

03 Nov 2011

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The Eskimo and Scotsman

One afternoon, in a land where Eskimos and Scotsman run into each other on the highway fairly often, an Eskimo was driving down the road when his truck breaks down. Shortly after, a friendly Scotsman pulls off to the side of the road to help him. Upon inspecting the smoking engine, the Scot proclaims to [...] Similar Funny Jokes You Might Like:

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  2. Artificial Insemination During a moment of brilliance, and a man buys several...
  3. Knock Knock #10 Knock Knock Who's there ! Ears ! Ears who ?...

03 Nov 2011 2:49pm GMT

27 Oct 2011

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The Not So Stupid Monkey

A man walks in a bar with his pet monkey. He sits down and orders a drink, meanwhile the monkey is running around all over the place and jumps up on a pool table. He grabs the 8 ball, shoves it into his mouth and swallows it hole. "Holy crap!" says the bartender, completely livid. [...] Similar Funny Jokes You Might Like:

  1. That Monkey Will Eat Anything A guy walks into a bar with his pet monkey,...
  2. Monkey Butt Tattoo Ok, seriously... what was he (or she?) thinking? Granted it's...
  3. Life's Tough When You're Stupid A classroom full of first year Veterinary students were participating in their...

27 Oct 2011 3:30pm GMT

13 Sep 2011

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Harvard vs. Yale

Two gentleman walked into the men's locker room at their prestigious country club; one was wearing a Harvard jacket, the other a Yale pullover. After taking a leak, the Harvard man stopped to wash his hands--while the Yale man walked towards the door. The Harvard man looked at the Yale man disapprovingly. "At Harvard, we [...] Similar Funny Jokes You Might Like:

  1. Military Restroom Two military guys go into a restroom. One is in...
  2. Your Dog Is Dead A man rushed into the veterinarian's office carrying his dog,...
  3. Drunk Poker A man walked into a bar room one day. He...

13 Sep 2011 3:16pm GMT