19 Jan 2021


Lenovo's new Titanium Yoga laptop will feature Sensel's force-sensing tech

To date, Sensel's force-sensing technology has only been found in its own Morph product, but at CES 2021, the company showed off a touchpad that might appear in other company's laptops. Now, Sensel has announced that the first product to use its tech...

19 Jan 2021 1:00pm GMT

The Morning After: Your smartwatch might detect signs of COVID-19 before you do

Your wearable, whether it's an Apple Watch, Fitbit or another fitness tracker, might offer an early detection system for COVID-19, based on your heart rate variability (HRV). In a Mount Sinai study, researchers followed a group of 297 healthcare work...

19 Jan 2021 12:30pm GMT

Synthetic cornea helped a legally blind man regain his sight

A legally blind 78-year old man has regained his sight after being the inaugural patient to receive a promising new type of corneal implant, Israel Hayom has reported. Developed by a company called CorNeat, the KPro is the first implant that can be i...

19 Jan 2021 10:11am GMT