30 Oct 2020


Take great notes with this smart pen and writing pad combo

Most people need a good note-taking system. Students jot down useful information during classes to prepare for exams, professionals record a client's pain points and preferences to win business, creatives document their latest ideas and observations...

30 Oct 2020 5:55pm GMT

Facebook pauses recommendations of political and social issues groups

Amid a wave of actions Facebook has taken to prepare for next week's presidential election, it has stopped recommending groups that focus on political or social issues. For the time being, users won't see recommendations of new groups either.It's not...

30 Oct 2020 5:51pm GMT

Chevy will start selling EV retrofit kits in 2021

You'll soon be able to buy an electric Chevrolet motor just as easily as one of its gas engines. After years of prototypes, the automaker plans to start selling crate electric motors and batteries to consumers by the second half of next year (via aut...

30 Oct 2020 5:40pm GMT