12 Nov 2018

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Samsung's redesigned One UI will come to Galaxy S8 and Note 8

When Samsung unveiled its cleaner, easier-to-use One UI, it initially promised a beta for Galaxy S9 and Note 9 owners. But what if you're toting an older phone? You might be set. Android Authority has learned that One UI will also be available for Sa...

12 Nov 2018 7:24pm GMT

'Detective Pikachu' movie trailer offers a look at 'lifelike' Pokémon

After years of build-up, Warner Bros. has released the first trailer for the Detective Pikachu movie... and it's promising, if also slightly disconcerting. The movie follows the basic thread of the game, with young Tim meeting a Pikachu he can actual...

12 Nov 2018 7:03pm GMT

Facebook will cooperate with French hate speech investigation

Facebook plans to cooperate with the French government as it investigates the company's content moderation policies and systems, according to TechCrunch. Facebook will reportedly grant the government significant access to its internal processes for t...

12 Nov 2018 6:49pm GMT