19 Sep 2018

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PlayStation Classic jumps on the retro trend December 3rd for $100

With "Classic" game systems occasionally outselling modern ones, Sony is bringing back its own old school system. The PlayStation Classic will launch in December, loaded with 20 "generation-defining" games for $100 (€99.99 RRP). It's 45 percent...

19 Sep 2018 6:09am GMT

Google gives its Slack rival the ability to snooze notifications

You can now stop Hangouts Chat notifications from breaking your concentration when you're in the zone... or taking a short nap after a stressful task. Google has updated its Slack rival with the ability to block notifications for a set amount of time...

19 Sep 2018 5:38am GMT

Capcom closes Vancouver studio behind ‘Dead Rising’

Video game publisher Capcom is shutting down its Vancouver studio and around 158 employees will be let go. The company told Variety that operations were suspended Tuesday and a skeleton crew would remain on board until January in order to finalize th...

19 Sep 2018 3:51am GMT