25 Jun 2017

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Facebook, not presidential ambition, is why Zuckerberg’s on tour

There's been a lot of speculation around whether Mark Zuckerberg is or is not planning to run for office. From his nationwide tour to his rejection of atheism, there have been quite a few moments that could be interpreted as a lead-up to a presidenti...

25 Jun 2017 10:26pm GMT

Artificial iris responds to light like real eyes

The human iris does it's job of adjusting your pupil size to meter the amount of light hitting the retina behind without you having to actively think about it. And while a camera's aperture is designed to work the same way as a biological iris, it's...

25 Jun 2017 8:48pm GMT

Custom Spectacles takes snaps under the sea

Spectacles have made sharing marginally exciting videos on land via Snapchat easier. It also helps that you no longer need to hunt down a vending machine to snag a pair in the US. But a partnership between the social network and Royal Caribbean cruis...

25 Jun 2017 7:14pm GMT