20 Mar 2018

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UK wants answers from Zuckerberg regarding Cambridge Analytica

Following reports by The New York Times, The Guardian and The Observer detailing how Cambridge Analytica obtained data on some 50 million Facebook users and used it for targeted social media messaging, the UK Parliament is now looking for some answer...

20 Mar 2018 1:54pm GMT

Telegram loses appeal over encryption keys in Russia

The dispute between Russia and Telegram has become something of a saga, but today Telegram was dealt a blow. The messaging service wanted to prevent the Federal Security Service (FSB, the successor to the KGB) from accessing user data on its platform...

20 Mar 2018 1:47pm GMT

ESA plans to measure ocean plastic data from space

Scientists at the European Space Agency (ESA) are working on a technology that would allow them to identify from space just how much plastic there is floating around in oceans. Until now, researchers have used satellite maps to simulate the accumulat...

20 Mar 2018 1:29pm GMT