23 Jun 2015

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Ninth Circuit Upholds EPA Decision Retroactively Correcting Prior Erroneous Approval of Clean Air Act State Implementation Plan for San Joaquin Valley

On June 23, the Ninth Circuit (Schroeder, Silverman, Garbis (by designation)) issued a decision in Association of Irritated Residents v. EPA. In 2004, EPA approved revisions to the Clean Air Act state implementation plan for the San Joaquin Valley of...

23 Jun 2015 8:40pm GMT

18 Jun 2015

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A Fathers' Day Post

Lawnmowers make my think of my father. Not the loud, smoke-belching kind; we never had those. Ours were always hand mowers. And because my father discovered, almost fifty years ago, that one of the benefits of stumbling into a relatively...

18 Jun 2015 5:09pm GMT

12 Jun 2015

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D.C. Circuit Holds that Timber Companies Lack Standing to Challenge BLM and Forest Service Timber Sales in Oregon and Washington

On June 12, the D.C. Circuit (Garland, Rogers, Randolph) issued a decision in Swanson Group Manufacturing LLC v. Jewell. Two timber companies and three timber organizations sued the Secretaries of Interior and Agriculture alleging that the Bureau of Land Management...

12 Jun 2015 6:29pm GMT

02 Jun 2015


Superhydrophobic Coating Makes Better Solar Panels

Scientists at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory have developed a coating for glass that is superhydrophobic, making it so that it will literally bounce water off the surface. This coating also decreases the amount of light that reflects away from the glass. The benefits for solar collectors are immediately evident. The ability to be self-cleaning […]

02 Jun 2015 6:53pm GMT

11 Mar 2015


Solar Impulse Begins Round-the-World Journey

Earlier this week, the Solar Impulse aircraft took off from Abu Dhabi on the first leg of it's atempt to fly around the globe entirely on solar power. We've been especially interested in this project from its beginnings as it has moved along setting new records, and we will now be watching as they make […]

11 Mar 2015 3:24am GMT

22 Jan 2015


Solar-Powered Window Sensors for Smarter Buildings

Sensors are the next step needed on the road to developing smarter buildings, and a new, very-low power device has been developed to allow information about window to be transmitted to a control system for a building without a need for extra building wiring or power supply. The sensors are self-powered by the sun through […]

22 Jan 2015 6:08pm GMT

12 Nov 2011

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Use Etsy to Find Local and Handcrafted Holiday Yoga Treats

My flame for the small-business and artisan supporting marketplace was re-kindled surfing the 263 items -- from mat bags, to hand-knit yoga socks, calming wall art and more -- made locally in Brooklyn alone.

12 Nov 2011 6:08pm GMT

Ringo Starr Designs Timberland Boots for Charity

Ringo Starr lends his oriiginal peace sign artwork to 75 pairs of Timberland boots to support WaterAid.

12 Nov 2011 4:41pm GMT

Turkish Photographers Capture Climate Change

Traveling exhibit in Turkey prompts audiences to put on their 'climate glasses' and see how floods, fires, and drought in the country are all connected.

12 Nov 2011 4:30pm GMT