03 Feb 2016

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The Florida Fracking Bill

Many of you have likely heard that Florida is slowly moving toward allowing hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") within the state. The debate began when a company from Texas drilled a horizontal well in Collier County, Florida, into the Lower Sunniland shale...

03 Feb 2016 5:13pm GMT

26 Jan 2016

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Win Money, Prestige, and Glory, and Improve the Human Condition

Several environmental law writing contests are currently seeking student submissions: The ABA SEER's Public Land and Resources Writing Competition (more information at http://www.americanbar.org/groups/environment_energy_resources/membership/law_student_resources/writing_competitions.html) ABA SEER 2016 Endangered Species Writing Competition (more information at http://www.americanbar.org/groups/environment_energy_resources/membership/law_student_resources/writing_competitions.html) The ELI/Beveridge & Diamond Constitutional Environmental...

26 Jan 2016 6:09pm GMT

25 Jan 2016

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Federal Bureaucrats Outside Washington

Few clichés are more timeworn than equating federal governance with bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. And that equation is rarely meant kindly. Federal bureaucrats, according to common critiques, cannot match the particularized knowledge and localized sensitivities of their counterparts in state...

25 Jan 2016 9:19pm GMT

22 Jan 2016


Using Metals as Carbon Free Fuel Alternatives

Researchers are exploring the novel idea of using metals as fuels. This is not some new, exotic science-fiction material, but rather plentiful, ordinary metals such as iron that could be used in a novel way for storing and transporting renewable energy. According to a McGill University article, the research being led by Professor Jeffrey Bergthorson […]

22 Jan 2016 2:44pm GMT

13 Jan 2016


Still Plugging Electric Cars at NAIAS 2016

Nobody is trying to save the planet with green cars anymore. The days of green cars being featured at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) seem to be over. Gone are the days of rainforest themes and bamboo floors and ostentatiously placed recycling bins. But we've been reporting that for the past few years. […]

13 Jan 2016 5:29pm GMT

05 Jan 2016


Osmosis Power Is Off the Table Now

Not every energy technology that is explored is going to lead to a successful new power industry. Osmosis power was one of the more unusual technologies we've come across. But now, after a few years of investigation, it appears that this technology is not a viable option for larger scale power generation. Statkraft, the Norwegian company […]

05 Jan 2016 2:06pm GMT

12 Nov 2011

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Use Etsy to Find Local and Handcrafted Holiday Yoga Treats

My flame for the small-business and artisan supporting marketplace was re-kindled surfing the 263 items -- from mat bags, to hand-knit yoga socks, calming wall art and more -- made locally in Brooklyn alone.

12 Nov 2011 6:08pm GMT

Ringo Starr Designs Timberland Boots for Charity

Ringo Starr lends his oriiginal peace sign artwork to 75 pairs of Timberland boots to support WaterAid.

12 Nov 2011 4:41pm GMT

Turkish Photographers Capture Climate Change

Traveling exhibit in Turkey prompts audiences to put on their 'climate glasses' and see how floods, fires, and drought in the country are all connected.

12 Nov 2011 4:30pm GMT