17 Dec 2014

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Fifth Circuit Denies Rehearing—Over Strong Dissent—in ESA Whooping Crane Case

Back on June 30, a Fifth Circuit panel (Jones, Smith, Garza) reversed a district court judgment, following an eight-day bench trial, in favor of The Aransas Project against directors of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Aransas Project v. Shaw,...

17 Dec 2014 4:20pm GMT

Seventh Circuit Upholds EPA Redesignations of Milwaukee, Chicago, and St. Louis as in Attainment with Ozone Air Quality Standard

On December 16, the Seventh Circuit (Flaum, Kanne, Sykes) issued a decision in Sierra Club v. U.S. EPA, a case challenging EPA's 2012 decision redesignating the Milwaukee-Racine, Greater Chicago, and Illinois portion of St. Louis areas as in attainment with...

17 Dec 2014 3:45pm GMT

16 Dec 2014

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Ninth Circuit Upholds California Timber Thinning Project

On December 16, the Ninth Circuit (Thomas, O'Scannlain, McKeown) issued a decision in Conservation Congress v. Finley. Two environmental groups-Conservation Congress and the Environmental Protection Information Center-sued the Forest Service and Fish and Wildlife Service, alleging that the agencies' approval...

16 Dec 2014 10:00pm GMT

12 Dec 2014


Solar-Powered, Concrete Hull Boat

Carter Quillen is an engineer who bought an old, concrete hulled sail boat named the 'Archimedes' and, instead of refitting it with new masts, decided instead to turn it into the largest solar powered concrete hulled boat in the world. The 'Archimedes' is a 50 feet (15.24 meters) long, with a displacement of 20 tons and is […]

12 Dec 2014 6:41pm GMT

05 Dec 2014


Is BEHA the Greenest Plane, or a Kitchen Sink?

Most people thought the triplane was a relic of the past, an ungainly aircraft from the early days, left behind as more modern designs came to the fore. But the triplane could be getting another lease on life if the Kickstarter campaign by Faradair Aerospace Limited is successful. The BEHA (which stands for Bio-Electric Hybrid […]

05 Dec 2014 10:35am GMT

26 Nov 2014


Super-Efficient Solar Water Desalination

A novel approach to desalinating water could be very beneficial in providing fresh water for many parts of the world needing clean water. This is a relatively inexpensive process which uses graphite to use solar energy far more efficiently than ever before. Desalination is an important way to provide fresh water in many parts of […]

26 Nov 2014 10:03am GMT

12 Nov 2011

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Use Etsy to Find Local and Handcrafted Holiday Yoga Treats

My flame for the small-business and artisan supporting marketplace was re-kindled surfing the 263 items -- from mat bags, to hand-knit yoga socks, calming wall art and more -- made locally in Brooklyn alone.

12 Nov 2011 6:08pm GMT

Ringo Starr Designs Timberland Boots for Charity

Ringo Starr lends his oriiginal peace sign artwork to 75 pairs of Timberland boots to support WaterAid.

12 Nov 2011 4:41pm GMT

Turkish Photographers Capture Climate Change

Traveling exhibit in Turkey prompts audiences to put on their 'climate glasses' and see how floods, fires, and drought in the country are all connected.

12 Nov 2011 4:30pm GMT