01 Jul 2022

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How to Classify NSFW (Not Safe for Work) Imagery with AI Content Moderation using Java

The purpose of this article is to highlight some of the contemporary challenges in moderating degrees of explicit NSFW (Not Safe for Work) image content on websites and to demonstrate a cloud-based Artificial Intelligence Content Moderation API which can be deployed to increase the efficacy of the content moderation process.

Pornographic images are typically banned on mainstream websites and professional networks. That's because failing to ban such content means exposing website patrons and employees alike to unsolicited, sexually explicit imagery, which can amount to charges of sexual harassment, depending on how litigious your region of the world is. Enforcing a ban on such content is no small task, however, due to the large volume of image files that are uploaded to content-curating networks each day, and in part due to the difficulty of clearly defining policies against imagery which is some degree of sexually suggestive (i.e., content that is racy) rather than fully pornographic.

01 Jul 2022 4:23pm GMT

29 Jun 2022

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Top 7 Features in Jakarta EE 10 Release

Java EE was the dominant force behind all the enterprise development in Java. Lately, it was renamed Jakarta EE, transitioning from JCP to Eclipse Foundation.

This transition opened the door to open governess, open compatibly testing (earlier Technology Compatibility Kit -TCK was closed source), and of course, open-source. That means no specific vendor has more influence than others; it's more distributed now.

29 Jun 2022 7:59pm GMT

Java’s Encapsulation - When the Getter and Setter Became Your Enemy

Encapsulation is the key to a good code design, but how to archive it? Java developers automatically think about putting getter and setter in a private attribute.

The encapsulation is a wrapping up of data under a single unit. It is the way to protect the data with OOP and avoid any security issues. The main idea around encapsulation is the data's guardian or a shield from being accessed by the code outside this shield when it makes sense.

29 Jun 2022 6:28pm GMT

07 Oct 2021

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jQuery maintainers continue modernization initiative with deprecation of jQuery Mobile

By: Michal Golebiowski-Owczarek, Felix Nagel, and the jQuery team Editor's Note: the following blog post was originally published to the OpenJS Foundation Blog. jQuery maintainers are continuing to modernize its overall project that still is one of the most widely deployed JavaScript libraries today. The team announced that the cross-platform jQuery Mobile project under its … Continue reading

07 Oct 2021 3:22pm GMT

jQuery maintainers update and transition jQuery UI as part of overall modernization efforts

By: Michal Golebiowski-Owczarek, Felix Nagel, and the jQuery team Editor's Note: the following blog post was originally published to the OpenJS Foundation Blog. The jQuery project is actively maintained and widely implemented - it's used by 73% of 10 million most popular websites. As part of its ongoing effort to modernize the project, jQuery maintainers … Continue reading

07 Oct 2021 3:19pm GMT

17 Jun 2021

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jQuery project updates addressing temporary CDN issues

As part of its ongoing infrastructure updates, the jQuery infrastructure team is making configuration and deployment changes to address intermittent outages reported by some users. The issue is the result of faulty IP allowlisting which affects users downloading jQuery project assets from certain IP addresses. This issue is expected to be resolved in the next … Continue reading

17 Jun 2021 5:21pm GMT

14 Jan 2016

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10th Anniversary of jQuery

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the release of jQuery. I announced it back at BarCamp NYC 2006 when I was still in college. It's incredible to think of how far it's come and just how many people have contributed to its success. To them I am forever grateful, thank you. Last year I wrote […]

14 Jan 2016 5:17pm GMT


1.6.0 is out!

Today marks the release of MooTools Core and More versions 1.6.0. This is a minor revision that delivers a number of bug fixes as well as the introduction of new features.

The main new adition is Class.Thenable which is a new Class mixin that can be used in Promise style flows by using its then method. When implemented in a Class, it makes the class "thenable" in the Promises/A+ sense of the word, meaning it can be used in Promise style flows by using its then method.

The implementation, however, is more than just a "then" method. Any instance of a Class implementing Class.Thenable is a Promises/A+ compliant object (generally referred to as "a Promise") with only one exception: it is possible to reset the Class's value resolution state fully (rejecting pending reactions, and starting empty) to support a Class instance living for longer than just the lifetime of one value resolution.

Example using Request:

var request = new Request();
request.send().then(function(response){ console.log(response.text); });

Example hooking into a native Promise:

var request = new Request();
var promise = Promise.resolve(request);
promise.then(function(response){ console.log(response.text); });

You can find this new version 1.6.0 in the website or within the dist folder of the 1.6.0 tag (Core).


IE warning: This will be the last version to support old IE browsers. Next minor and/or major versions should be only IE11+ compatible. We might still release some patch in the 1.6.x version if needed.

Array.from deprecated, now called Array.convert: Following the conclusion of the ES6 specs we know now that Array.from will have a different implementation than the one MooTools uses.
Because of this we renamed Array.from to Array.convert to not overwrite the Native implementation.
We kept it as it was though in the compat layer for compatibility reasons if you really to use it still.

To keep the API consistency we changed also the name of the method in Function, Number and String Types.

The main changes in this release are:



14 Jan 2016 12:00pm GMT

13 Sep 2015


1.5.2 is out!

Today we release MooTools Core versions 1.5.2. In this new version there are some fixes for raised issues and also some new stuff!

You can find the new version in the dist/ folder of the Github repo or on the website.

The main things in this release are:



13 Sep 2015 12:25pm GMT

28 May 2015

feedJohn Resig

Building an Art History Database Using Computer Vision

Since the fall of 2013 I've had the opportunity to collaborate with the Frick Art Reference Library Photoarchive, a venerable art history research institution here in New York City. We've been especially interested in finding ways of applying computer vision technology to improve art history research. Art history photo archives are an interesting tool used […]

28 May 2015 3:02pm GMT

20 May 2015

feedJohn Resig

Using Waifu2x to Upscale Japanese Prints

In my spare time I've been working on a database of Japanese prints for a little over 3.5 years now. I'm fully aware that I've never actually written about this, personally very important, project on my blog - until now. Unfortunately this isn't a post explaining that project. I do still hope to write more […]

20 May 2015 10:42pm GMT

29 Aug 2014


1.5.1 is out!

Today we release MooTools Core and More versions 1.5.1. This continues our improvement work for both Core and More and introduces also some features that were in the queue for being added. This release fixes also a regression related to the mousewheel event.
When preparing the 1.5 release we decided that Core 1.5.x will work with More 1.5.x. This means that, inside the 1.5 space, versions should be compatible and you might be seeing Core or More releases that are not simultaneous.

In 1.5.1 we added a new dist/ folder in Core, present at the tagged commit, for those who want the Core source, as well as a needed update so you can get MooTools via Bower.

Worth a notice is also the new MooTools Packager. MooTools has always been about modularity, and for those of you that want to choose which modules to use you can now use the new MooTools Packager (for Node.js/Grunt), as well as the website builder. The new Packager allows to compile source files from the dependencies in the YAML header. You can find it on GitHub and NPM.

The main things in this release are:



29 Aug 2014 12:25pm GMT

10 Nov 2011


OSDir.com - Java: Oracle Introduces New Java Specification Requests to Evolve Java Community Process

From the Yet Another dept.:

To further its commitment to the Java Community Process (JCP), Oracle has submitted the first of two Java Specification Requests (JSRs) to update and revitalize the JCP.

10 Nov 2011 6:01am GMT

OSDir.com - Java: No copied Java code or weapons of mass destruction found in Android

From the Fact Checking dept.:

ZDNET: Sometimes the sheer wrongness of what is posted on the web leaves us speechless. Especially when it's picked up and repeated as gospel by otherwise reputable sites like Engadget. "Google copied Oracle's Java code, pasted in a new license, and shipped it," they reported this morning.

Sorry, but that just isn't true.

10 Nov 2011 6:01am GMT

OSDir.com - Java: Java SE 7 Released

From the Grande dept.:

Oracle today announced the availability of Java Platform, Standard Edition 7 (Java SE 7), the first release of the Java platform under Oracle stewardship.

10 Nov 2011 6:01am GMT

09 Nov 2011

feedAggregated feed of all JBoss feeds

Single lock owner: an important step forward

The single lock owner is a highly requested Infinispan improvement. The basic idea behind it is that, when writing to a key, locks are no longer acquired on all the nodes that own that key, but only on a single designated node (named "main owner").

How does it help me?

Short version : if you use transactions that concurrently write to the same keys, this improvement significantly increases your system' throughput.

Long version : If you're using Infinispan with transactions that modify the same key(s) concurrently then you can easily end up in a deadlock. A deadlock can also occur if two transaction modify the same key at the same time - which is both inefficient and counter-intuitive. Such a deadlock means that at one transaction(or both) eventually rollback but also the lock on the key is held for the duration of a lockAquistionTimout config option (defaults to 10 seconds). These deadlocks reduces the throughput significantly as transactions threads are held inactive during deadlock time. On top of that, other transactions that want to operate on that key are also delayed, potentially resulting in a cascade effect.

What's the added performance penalty?

The only encountered performance penalty is during cluster topology changes. At that point the cluster needs to perform some additional computation (no RPC involved) to fail-over the acquired locks from previous to new owners.
Another noticeable aspect is that locks are now being released asynchronously, after the transaction commits. This doesn't add any burden to the transaction duration, but it means that locks are being held slightly longer. That's not something to be concerned about if you're not using transactions that compete for same locks though.
We plan to benchmark this feature using Radargun benchmark tool - we'll report back!

Want to know more?

You can read the single lock owner design wiki or/and follow the JIRA JIRA discussions.

09 Nov 2011 8:57pm GMT

More locking improvements in Infinispan 5.1.0.BETA4

The latest beta in the Infinispan 5.1 "Brahma" series is out. So, what's in Infinispan 5.1.0.BETA4? Here are the highlights:

As always, please keep the feedback coming. You can download the release from here and you get further details on the issues addressed in the changelog .


09 Nov 2011 5:57pm GMT

RichFaces 4.1.0.M4 Release Announcement

The RichFaces 4.1 Milestone 4 release is now available for download! With this M4 release we focused on stabilizing the features we introduced in the earlier 4.1 release-train milestones (M1, M2, M3). The release following M4 will be our 4.1 release candidate, so we want to make sure we achieve maximum stability with M4. Some of the key areas we touched are listed below.

If your keen and want to get started right away, you can download the distribution directly, or for maven users, increment the RichFaces version in your pom.xml to For more information on setting up a RichFaces 4 application, refer to our getting started guide.

Mobile showcase improvements
The CSS 3 overlay was improved to provide better mobile compatibility of the components. We also added an ajax status indicator to the mobile showcase. Since it is entirely an ajax driven application, the status indicator improves the user experience dramatically.

Resource mapping
The resource mapping feature introduced in M3 has been made more usable, adopting a consistent naming convention, with reasonable defaults. Additionally the ability to completely disable the feature was introduced, should you want to handle resources yourself in your applications.

Client Side validation
Improvements to the client-side validation (CSV) involved better aligning the client-side regexp with the Bean Validation specification. The CSV mechanism for discerning component values on the client (using javascript) was enhanced to improve the CSV interop with other JSF component providers.

Individual component fixes
The file upload component has some new attributes, allowing for more fine-grained control over what the user is able to upload to the server. The pickList saw the switchByClick and switchByDblClick functionality from RichFaces 3 ported to RichFaces 4, further improving the RF 3 to RF 4 migration story.

Misc. Fixes
Some additional issues resolved include a jQuery update (to version 1.6.4), and improvements to both the simpleapp and GAE RichFaces archetypes. Many more fixes and improvements were checked, feel free to browse the issues fixed to see what else has been improved.

Forward: CR1 & Further Stabilisation
The CR1 development is currently ongoing, with a focus on providing documentation for all the new 4.1 features, and further stabilisation. So give M4 a spin, and let us know what you think! Drop a note in the forums, or join us for our weekly community/team meetings in IRC.

09 Nov 2011 5:35pm GMT

feedjquery - Google Blog Search

HTC Thunderbolt getting official MIUI support, download the ROM ...

CDATA[ jQuery(document).ready(function() { var origHeight = jQuery('#ac_device_wrapper').height(); var startHeight = jQuery('#ac_device_wrapper').height(); jQuery('#toggle_device a').text('See More'); jQuery('.ac_device_spec ...

09 Nov 2011 4:52pm GMT

Use JQuery Notification Plugin with ASP.Net « Yasserzaid's Weblog

Filed under: AJAX, ASP.Net - yasserzaid @ 4:17 pm. Hi all,. try this example to use JQuery Notification Plugin with ASP.Net. <html xmlns="<a href="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml</a>"> <head runat="server"> ...

09 Nov 2011 4:17pm GMT

jquery response in mvc | Coders & Admins

jquery response in mvc. No Comments. i wish to select an item from dropdownlist and display its corresponing status in a label i m using the following jquery script but when i run the code in firefox n view the result using firebug, then the ...

09 Nov 2011 4:16pm GMT

07 Nov 2011

feedYahoo! User Interface Blog

Rocking YUI on Node.js and Mobile

Just over a year and a half ago I broke onto the scene with some demos of running YUI on the server with Node.js. This started out as an exercise in just stressing YUI's modularity and its ability to be used in more places than just the browser. Back in April of 2010 I started [...]

07 Nov 2011 7:21pm GMT

04 Nov 2011

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Apple iOS 5: HTML5 Developer Scorecard

Whenever a new device or mobile operating system comes out, we do a HTML5 Developer Scorecard, to help folks who are building mobile web apps understand how to take advantage of these new devices. Today, we look at HTML5 on Apple's iOS 5.

04 Nov 2011 4:00pm GMT

02 Nov 2011

feedSencha Blog

The Sencha Hackathon Recap

SenchaCon in Austin last week really reaffirmed our belief in the strength of the Sencha community - and most especially on day three, when we hosted our biggest ever Sencha Hackathon.

02 Nov 2011 5:00pm GMT

01 Nov 2011

feedSencha Blog

SenchaCon 2011—The Mega Recap

SenchaCon 2011 was an awesome event for the team and the community. We had over 600 attendees attending more than 50 unique sessions, a rocking party and a fantastic hackathon. Here's the highlights of last week's mega-event!

01 Nov 2011 5:00pm GMT

25 Oct 2011

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YUIConf 2011 Update: Announcing More Talks and a Free Workshop!

We've been busy rounding out our stellar lineup of tech talks for YUIConf 2011! See the latest schedule and register now - early bird registration ends Tuesday, October 24. In conjunction with the Yahoo! Mail team, we're excited to announce the addition of a free workshop: Developing Apps for Yahoo! Mail. Get the hands-on expertise [...]

25 Oct 2011 4:44am GMT

18 Oct 2011

feedYahoo! User Interface Blog

YUI: Open Hours Thurs Oct 20th

Modules and Loaders inside and outside of YUI Authoring JavaScript in modules is definitely picking up steam these days, and I'm not just talking about YUI. Node.js uses CommonJS 1.1 modules, dojo and others use AMD, and the next version of JavaScript (ok, ECMAScript) will include new syntax for creating and working with modules. So [...]

18 Oct 2011 5:22am GMT

03 Aug 2011

feedscript.aculo.us web 2.0 javascript

Online JavaScript Master Classes in August 2011, US-friendly time zones!

Dear script.aculo.us user!

Announcing our next JavaScript Master Class, Virtual Edition on August 29/30!

Here's what attendees of our first Virtual Edition JavaScript Master Class said:

This time around, we're splitting the class in two half days, for your learning pleasure. The half-days are designed to take up 9am-1pm PT, ideal if you are in the US, Canada, or South America.

See http://javascriptmasterclass.com/ for details &emdash; but don't book until you've read the bit about your discount!

Save $100 if you book now!

Since we don't have to travel, pay for a class venue, rent a projector, etc., we can pass the savings on to you! The normal ticket price is $549, and the Early Bird price is just $499.
Because you're an awesome script.aculo.us fan, you get $50 off the Early Bird price, saving $100 over the final ticket price.

Here's how to get your ticket for just $449. Go to: http://javascriptmasterclass.com/

Click the bigass pink button to book your ticket. Then enter the fancy code:

But hurry, as the early bird pricing expires soon, on August 17!

See you at the class!

03 Aug 2011 11:49am GMT

23 Dec 2010

feedscript.aculo.us web 2.0 javascript

scriptaculous V1.9.0: Prototype 1.7 service release

This is a bugfix release that bumps script.aculo.us to version 1.9.0.

Most importantly, the included Prototype 1.7 provides performance and compatibility improvements with the latest browsers.

One other fix is includes, that makes the script.aculo.us loader work better if you use script tags in the BODY of your page.

Download at http://script.aculo.us/, or grab/fork the source at http://github.com/madrobby/scriptaculous.

23 Dec 2010 10:02pm GMT

22 Nov 2010

feedPrototype JavaScript framework - blog

Prototype 1.7

Last week, we tagged the first stable release of 1.7, marking the end of a far-too-long release cycle. We've made more than 50 improvements since the last stable version and are already working on

22 Nov 2010 7:52pm GMT

12 Oct 2010

feedPrototype JavaScript framework - blog

Prototype 1.7 RC3: Support for IE9

Release Candidate 3 of Prototype 1.7 is now out. This long-delayed version includes full support for Internet Explorer 9.

12 Oct 2010 8:49pm GMT

30 Jul 2010

feedjQuery (English) Google Group


Does anyone here had use the jqGrid?
If yes, how can I use *onclickSubmit* event in the edit submit button?
I cant understand this documentation:

30 Jul 2010 8:34pm GMT

09 Jul 2010

feedjQuery (English) Google Group

How to know if a string is simply text or a good jQuery expression?

Hi all.
I need some suggestion for performing this task: a user using a
function common provide to the function a string, however sometimes he
must be able to provide a jQuery selector expression and I need to
perform different action is this case.
How can I do this?

09 Jul 2010 1:18pm GMT

30 Jun 2010

feedscript.aculo.us web 2.0 javascript

Online JavaScript Master Classes in July 2010, US-friendly time zones!

Dear script.aculo.us user!

We're announcing not one but two new JavaScript Master Classes, Virtual Edition on July 13/14 and July 29/30!

Here's what attendees of our first Virtual Edition JavaScript Master Class said:

This time around, we're splitting each class in two half days, for your learning pleasure. The half-days are designed to take up 9am-1pm ET for our first class, and 9am-1pm PT for the second class, ideal if you are in the US, Canada, or South America.

See http://javascriptmasterclass.com/ for details &emdash; but don't book until you've read the bit about your discount!

Save $100 if you book now!

Since we don't have to travel, pay for a class venue, rent a projector, etc., we can pass the savings on to you! The normal ticket price is $429, and the Early Bird price is just $349.
Because you're an awesome script.aculo.us fan, you get $20 off the Early Bird price, saving $100 over the final ticket price.

Here's how to get your ticket for just $329. Go to: http://javascriptmasterclass.com/

Click the bigass pink button to book your ticket. Then enter the fancy code:

But hurry, as the early bird pricing expires soon, on July 4 for the Class on July 13/14, and on July 19, for the Class that's on on July 29/30.

See you at the class!

30 Jun 2010 8:26pm GMT

28 May 2010

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Pete Cashmore: Travelocity Gnome Now Roaming on Foursquare

Already moonlighting on Chatroulette, the beloved Travelocity Roaming Gnome has decided to participate in the location-sharing movement as well, and will be updating followers about his exotic whereabouts on Foursquare.

The move rounds out the Gnome's social media portfolio - which, in addition to Chatroulette, includes a very active presence on Facebook and Twitter.

Fans can look for the gnome to check in at various locations across London over the course of the weekend, says Travelocity representative Joel Frey.

Frey also tells us that the Gnome's foray into Foursquare was timed with Virgin Atlantic's first seasonal flight from Chicago to London yesterday. In fact, Gnome lovers can check out photos from the glamorous first-class trip on his Facebook Page.

Which brings us to the bigger picture. Location-sharing isn't exactly an activity that can be completed behind a desk. I asked Frey whether or not the Gnome would be open to meeting up with fans during his worldly treks, to which he replied, "We'd love to run into Fousquare friends and will also being do a tweetup on Tuesday evening."

"To have an icon like the Gnome at our disposal to engage with travelers on all of these new communication channels is an amazing opportunity and we'd be foolish not to play," Frey concluded.

We tend to agree and find social media to be the perfect vehicle for the Gnome to spread the Travelocity message. Bon voyage!

[img credits: Travelocity]

For more social media coverage, follow Mashable Social Media on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook

Tags: foursquare, MARKETING, roaming gnome, travelocity

28 May 2010 10:59pm GMT

Richard MacManus: Digg's New Social Following and Publishing Tools [VIDEO]

In an interesting nugget of Friday afternoon news, Michael Arrington of TechCrunch has posted an article featuring a preview of the upcoming fourth version of the social news site Digg. Founder Kevin Rose has published a glorious 1080p video to YouTube aimed at explaining the new features to publishers. Among the most interesting features is the inclusion of social network contacts into the Digg ecosystem, as well as the ability for publishers to auto-publish stories to Digg via an RSS feed.


Just like when joining most Web services these days, users will be asked to search their Facebook and Twitter accounts (among others) to follow friends and contacts via Digg. The Digg homepage will then default to a page consisting entirely of stories dugg by the users they choose to follow. When browsing articles either on the social "My News" section, or on the more traditional "Top News" tab, users will be able to see which stories their friends have dugg, as well as view their friends' comments directly in-line with the story.


Rose says these new features play into the hands of publishers because the viral aspect of sharing stories with friends will help stories achieve higher digg counts. If one person diggs a story, it shows up on the homepages of their followers, and if they digg it, the process continues. To make the process of getting articles online even simpler, publishers can now claim their RSS feeds and automatically publish their content on Digg without having to visit the site.


These changes and additions may be just what the doctor ordered for Digg which has had to continually delay these updates. Personally the preview looks pretty slick, and may actually bring me back to using Digg on a more regular basis. Check our Rose's video below and let us know what you think in the comments.


28 May 2010 10:50pm GMT

Tech Crunch: leena

The first TechCrunch Disrupt conference kicked off with a bang this week in New York, with Charlie Rose interviewing renown venture capitalists John Doerr, and Yuri Milner. Highlights of the conference included a colorful exchange between TechCrunch editor Michael Arrington and Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz; Sean Parker and David Kirkpatrick discussing the past, present and future of Facebook, and VCs Fred Wilson and Ben Horowitz debating the virtue of the lean vs. fat startup. We also heard from Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber's managers and celebrated the winner of the startup battlefield competition: Soluto. Here's a comprehensive list of all of our coverage of the event.

Session One: Disruptive Ideas & Marketplaces

UJAM: UJAM Turns Whistling, Humming, And Even Tone Deaf Singing Into Musical Masterpieces (link), Chris Sacca Singing On UJAM (link)

Off & Away: Five Star Hotels At Motel Prices: Off & Away Is Swoopo For Hotel Rooms (link)

Fluidinfo FluidDB Aims To Become The Wikipedia Of Databases (link)

Soluto Soluto Figures Out What's Bogging Down Your PC (And Tells You How To Fix It) (link)

Betterment Betterment Wants To Be Your New, Higher-Yield Savings Account (link)

Session Two: Disruptive Apps & Services

Audioo: A "Blippy For Voicemail," Audioo Is A Fun Privacy Disaster Waiting To Happen (link)

Textingly: Textingly Lets Companies Manage Their Text Messaging Efforts (link)

VideoGenie: VideoGenie Aims To Help Brands And Consumers Connect Through Video (link)

Publish2: Publish2 Wants To Disrupt The Associated Press With An Online News Exchange (link)

Audience Choice: Live Intent: LiveIntent Turns Static Social Media Sharing Buttons Into Dynamic Ones (link)

Session 3: Disruptive Streams

Geotoko: Geotoko Allows Businesses To Set Up Location-Based Marketing Campaigns (link)

ChompOn: ChompOn Is A White-Label Platform For Groupon-Like Deals (link)

Tickreel: Tickreel Aims To Add A Powerful Filter To The Realtime Web (link)

keenkong: Keenkong Manages The Social Media Overload For Marketers (link)

WeReward: WeReward's iPhone App Lets You Earn Cash For Check-Ins (link)

Compass Labs Compass Labs Tries To Pinpoint Purchase Intent On Twitter (link)

Session 4: Disruptive Entertainment

NoiseToys: Jai Ho! A Rockstar Team Brings Social Gaming To Music With NoiseToys (link)

Live Matrix: The Entire Web Gets A TV Guide With Live Matrix (like)

MOVIECLIPS: Movieclips Wants To Drink Other Movie Clips Sites' Milkshake With Mashups (like)

Art.sy: Screw The Gallery, Discover The Next Great Picasso At Art.sy (like)

Audience Choice: Plantly: "Plantly Is An Investment Tool That Aims Not To Suck" (like)

Panels and Presentations:

The Hackathon:

Over 300 Battle At Disrupt Hackathon (link), Inside Disrupt Hackathon [Video] (link), Future Mario, Twitter Demographics And Worst Phone Ever Win The #TCDisrupt Hackathon (link)

Day One:

The Big Picture: Tectonic Shifts in Technology, Special Series with Charlie Rose
John Doerr, Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (link)
Yuri Milner, CEO & Founding Partner, Digital Sky Technologies (link)

TweetUp (link)

Hollywood-Flavored Fireside: Funny or Die Disrupts (link)

Evolve or Die: The Evolution of Music, TV, Games and Publishing (link)

Tunerfish (link)

Fireside Chat With Carol Bartz (link), Carol Bartz To Michael Arrington: "F*ck Off!" (link), Video (link)

Fireside: Social Networks & Online Content: Where's it Going? (link)

Does The IPad Change Everything For News, Or Is It Still All About The Web? (link)

Day Two:

Scribd HTML5 Presentation (link)

The Mobile Disruption-What's Next? (link), Google's Gundotra On Apple, The Fight For Developers' Hearts [Video] (link), Facebook, It's OK To Want To Make Money [Video] (link)

Social & Local Demo by Yext (link)

Mayor Bloomberg Calls For More NYC Startups At TechCrunch Disrupt (link)

Fireside: Local Content, Local Ads, and Everything in Between. How is AOL Changing? (link), AOL Now Employs 4,000 Journalists (But Only 500 Are Full-Time) (link)

The Lean vs Fat Startup Debate (link)

Fireside Chat With Steve Case (link), Steve Case Recalls When AOL Almost Bought Yahoo For $2 Million (link)

Digital Crowds into Dollars (link), Help GE "Avoid The Lame" For Their Next Digital Advertising Campaign (link)

Exits: The 2010 Outlook (link)

Day Three

Success Strategies for Musicians in the Digital Era (link)

Mobile & Commerce Demo of Square by Jack Dorsey (link), Video: Jack Dorsey Shakes Down Arrington, Calacanis, And Google In Seconds (link)

Social Advertising Demo of Clickable (link)

Fireside Chat: Online Advertising (link)

Social Networking & Social Change (link)

Getting it Built (link)

Venture Capitalists Get Grilled (And Pitched At Urinals) At #TCDisrupt (link)

The Facebook Effect (link), Wirehog, Zuckerberg's Side Project That Almost Killed Facebook (link), Sean Parker: Credits Poised To Make Up 1/3 Of Facebook's Income In The Next 12 Months (link)

The TechCrunch Disrupt Final Five: Betterment, MOVIECLIPS, Publish2, Soluto And UJAM (link)

Measurement Demo: ComScore (link)

Hack Day Finalists (link)

Art.sy Wins The TechCrunch Rookie Disruptor Award (link)

Startup Battlefield Finale (link)

The Winner: Soluto (link)

Checkout all the photos from the conference here. And in case you missed it, you can also watch videos from the event here.

28 May 2010 10:35pm GMT

13 May 2010

feedPrototype JavaScript framework - blog

Prototype 1.7 RC2

We've just tagged Release Candidate 2 of Prototype 1.7, with the intent of putting out a final 1.7 release very soon.

13 May 2010 12:19am GMT

21 Apr 2010

feedjQuery (English) Google Group

[jQuery] simple ajax not working in FF but works great in IE what am I doing wrong?

<script type="text/javascript">
// get faculty default A
url: 'myvalidurl',
type: "post",
async: true,
dataType: "html",
contentType: "html",
error:function (XMLHttpRequest, textStatus, errorThrown) {
//alert(eval('(' + XMLHttpRequest.responseText + ')').Message);

21 Apr 2010 5:22pm GMT

15 Jun 2008

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Extending Request class → Request.HTML stops working in General : Get Help: Advanced

Topic: Extending Request class → Request.HTML stops working Message: I have extended the Request class to create this sort of functionality. However; this causes the Request.HTML to stop working. I think I understand what the problem is, but I am unsure if this should be considered impossible, or simply a bug? A simple testcase; running on top of 1.2 Request = new Class({ Extends: Request, initialize: function(options) { this.parent(options); this.addEvent('onRequest', this.onAjaxRequest); }, onAjaxRequest: function() { alert('waa?'); }, }); console.log(new Request({url: '/'})); console.log(new Request.HTML({url: '/'})); This code throws 'Request.HTML is not a constructor' when the second Request is performed. Any ideas on how to fix this?

15 Jun 2008 7:24pm GMT

modal popup w/ arrows and easy placement for 1.11 in Contribute : Your Scripts

Topic: modal popup w/ arrows and easy placement for 1.11 Message: Good job! Unfortunately it does not work with opera 9.5 :( The position of the modal window is messed up.

15 Jun 2008 4:39pm GMT

The forums are kind of down in General : Abstract

Topic: The forums are kind of down Message: Since the 1.2 release; the forum homepage says 'MooTools websites are under maintenance. We'll be back soon with new content.'. It seems to me someone forgot to update the index.php?

15 Jun 2008 2:33pm GMT