22 Mar 2019

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Rust All Hands 2019: Array iterators, Rayon, and more

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the second annual Rust All Hands meeting, hosted by Mozilla at their Berlin office. The attendees were a mix of volunteers and corporate employees covering the full range of Rust development, including the compiler, language, libraries, docs, tools, operations, and community. Although I'm sure there will be an official summary of the meeting (like l...

22 Mar 2019 7:05am GMT

Hibernate Search 6.0.0.Alpha3 released!

We just published Hibernate Search 6.0.0.Alpha3, the third release for the still-in-development 6.0 branch. This release mainly adds support for more field types and predicates, and brings more consistent and less verbose APIs. Getting started with Hibernate Search 6 If you want to dive right into the new, shiny Hibernate Search 6, a good starting point is the getting started guide included in the...

22 Mar 2019 12:00am GMT

Hibernate ORM 5.4.2.Final released

We just released the second maintenance release of Hibernate ORM 5.4. It is designed to be a drop in replacement for ORM 5.4.1. What's new Bugfixes You can find the full list of changes in this version here (or, for people without a Hibernate Jira account, here). Getting 5.4.2.Final All details are available and up to date on the dedicated page on hibernate.org. What's next? We will release regula...

22 Mar 2019 12:00am GMT