18 May 2018

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Red Hat Summit: An Eventful Tour from Enterprise Integration to Serverless

Red Hat Senior Architects Marius Bogoevici and Christian Posta recently presented an overview of event-driven architecture, taking the audience from the basics of enterprise integration to microservices and serverless computing. Standing in front of a packed room at Red Hat Summit, their talk addressed four basic points: Event-driven architectures have been around for a while. What are they, why a...

18 May 2018 11:00am GMT

17 May 2018

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This week in JBoss (17 May 2018)

Sorry, we missed last week. We're pulling double duty this week to get you all caught up on the latest with JBoss! Red Hat Summit 2018 First, we would like to thank everyone who attended Red Hat Summit 2018 in San Francisco! This was a tremendous week full of amazing talks, keynotes, and fun! Middleware played a big role in many of the keynotes, which if you happened to miss are available on our...

17 May 2018 5:38pm GMT

Scaling AMQ 7 Brokers with AMQ Interconnect

Red Hat JBoss AMQ Interconnect provides flexible routing of messages between AMQP-enabled endpoints, including clients, brokers, and standalone services. With a single connection to a network of AMQ Interconnect routers, a client can exchange messages with any other endpoint connected to the network. AMQ Interconnect can create various topologies to manage a high volume of traffic or define an ela...

17 May 2018 4:45pm GMT