25 Jun 2017

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Dirty secrets on dependency injection and Angular - part 2

In the previous post "Dirty secrets on dependency injection and Angular - part 1", you've explored how DI at component level, can produce different instances of a service. Then you've experienced DI at module level. Once a service is declared using one token in the AppModule, the same instance is shared across all the modules and components of the app. In this article, let's revisit DI in the cont...

25 Jun 2017 4:43pm GMT

23 Jun 2017

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Reactive Programming with Vert.x

This is the second session, which I gave at Red Hat Summit; this was an exploration of what is behind the reactive trend. Software is fiction, every season we have a new collection, we all have to follow this and right now, it's reactive. I spoke about what reactive programming is and how it can be used to build responsive systems. We covered what is reactive programming, and why it's interesting...

23 Jun 2017 4:00pm GMT

The Diamond in the Rough: Effective Vulnerability Management with OWASP DefectDojo

Managing the security of your projects applications can be an overwhelming and unmanageable task. In today's world, the number of newly created frameworks and languages is continuing to increase and they each have their own security drawbacks associated with them. The wide variety of security scanners available can help find vulnerabilities in your projects, but some scanners only work with certai...

23 Jun 2017 11:00am GMT