21 Aug 2017

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Gluster for OpenShift – Part 1: Container-Ready Storage

OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) offers many different types of persistent storage. Persistent storage ensures that data should be insistent between builds and container migrations. When choosing a persistent storage backend to ensure that the backend supports the scaling, speed, dynamic provisioning, RWX/RWO support and redundancy that the project requires. Container-Ready Storage (CRS), or nat...

21 Aug 2017 4:00pm GMT

Meet Anghel Leonard

In this post, I'd like you to meet Anghel Leonard, a software developer, blogger, book author, and Java EE aficionado. Hi, Leonard. Would you like to introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your developer experience? Hi Vlad, thanks for having me. My name is Anghel Leonard (@anghelleonard on Twitter), I'm living in a small village in Romania, and I've been a software developer for the la...

21 Aug 2017 12:00am GMT

Introducing Vert.x MQTT client

In this article we will see how to sett up the new Vert.x MQTT client. Actually, I have a real example so you can try it quickly. If you are using Maven or Gradle, add the following dependency to the dependencies section of your project descriptor to access the Vert.x MQTT client: Maven (in your pom.xml): <dependency> <groupId>io.vertxgroupId> <artifactId>vertx-mqttartifactId> <version...

21 Aug 2017 12:00am GMT