19 Oct 2017

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How to start multiple Artemis brokers inside Red Hat JBoss EAP-7 container in Master/Slave fashion

To be as simple as possible, we will walk through a stand-alone use-case. Usually, when we require having messaging features in our stand-alone environment, we use full profile for EAP container. If we have a requirement with clustering functionalities then we prefer to have HA profile but if clustering and messaging both are required then we go for a full-HA profile. By default with a full/full-H...

19 Oct 2017 7:00pm GMT

Jug Summer Camp 2017, Vert.x and collaborative DJ mix

I had the pleasure to present "Eclipse Vert.x for Dj fun and for profit!" at the latest edition of the Jug Summer Camp in La Rochelle, France. The Jug Summer Camp is a popular developer conference organized by Serli in western France, gathering regional attendees as well as speakers and participants from other French Java user groups. My talk was an introduction to reactive programming with Eclips...

19 Oct 2017 11:00am GMT

Bean Validation has a new website!

Bean Validation just got a new website and we hope you will like it! New layout We developed a more modern layout based on Semantic UI. It should be easier to the eye and more readable too. The logo, contributed by Hendrik Ebbers for Bean Validation 2.0, is now in good place. New organization In the old website, the information about a given version of the spec was spread over multiple pages. It w...

19 Oct 2017 12:00am GMT