12 Nov 2018

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Improved support information for RHEL on Azure: sosreport plugin updated

Red Hat Enterprise Linux has a tool called sosreport that improves the ability to get support by collecting accurate current details of system information, configuration, and diagnostic information. The "sos" command is an excellent point to start the investigation when your system has an issue. In addition, the file generated by sosreport is usually a starting point when a Red Hat support enginee...

12 Nov 2018 1:00pm GMT

The fastest path to running Infinispan on OpenShift!

Creating an Infinispan Server cluster in OpenShift has never been easier! We've just given the OpenShift templates for Infinispan server their biggest makeover yet which should help both Infinispan and OpenShift users: The repository has been simplified and flattened out to only leave essential information. Minishift is the preferred way to get started with Infinispan and OpenShift, so we've tailo...

12 Nov 2018 8:41am GMT

AppDev in Cloud - How to put Red Hat Decision Manager in your Cloud

Red Hat Decision Manager easy installation on OpenShift Container Platform It's been some time since I last talked with you about business logic engines and using them in your application development cloud architecture. At that time, I showcased running JBoss BRMS in a container on OpenShift Container Platform (OCP). This gives you the cloud experience, one that's portable across private and publi...

12 Nov 2018 6:00am GMT