23 May 2019

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Camel Rebirth with Subsecond Experiences

This post was originally published here. Check out my new Kubernetes Patterns book and follow me @bibryam for future blog posts. A look at the past decadeThe integration space is in constant change. There are many open source projects and closed source technologies that have not passed the test of time and disappeared from the middleware stacks for good. After a decade, Apache Camel is still here...

23 May 2019 10:33am GMT

Data as a microservice: Distributed data-focused integration

Microservices is the architecture design favored in new software projects; however, getting the most from this type of approach requires overcoming several previous requirements. As the evolution from a monolithic to a distributed system takes place not only in the application space but also at the data store, managing your data becomes one of the hardest challenges. This article examines some of ...

23 May 2019 7:00am GMT

How To Setup Data Virtualization Tooling for CodeReady Studio 12

The release of the latest Red Hat developer suite version 12 brings with it a name change from Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio to Red Hat CodeReady Studio. The focus here is not on the Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces, a cloud and container development experience, but on the locally installed developers studio. The new release brings with it the questions around how to get started with the various Red ...

23 May 2019 5:00am GMT