02 Mar 2021

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jQuery 3.6.0 Released!

Ajax Execute JSONP error script responses (#4771, 3bae54aa) Core Report browser errors in parseXML (#4784, 54d98835) Bring back QtWebKit support for jQuery 3.x (#4756, bf1430a7) Deferred Rename master to primary (15b62a2e) Dimensions Modify reliableTrDimensions support test to account for FF (#4529, bcd40aa7) Docs Change JS Foundation mentions to OpenJS Foundation (db43ef0b) Event Make focus re-triggering … Continue reading

02 Mar 2021 12:53pm GMT

04 May 2020

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jQuery 3.5.1 Released: Fixing a Regression

04 May 2020 5:57pm GMT

10 Apr 2020

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jQuery 3.5.0 Released!

Ajax Do not execute scripts for unsuccessful HTTP responses (#4250, #4655, da3dd85b) Overwrite s.contentType with content-type header value, if any (#4119, 065143c2) Deprecate AJAX event aliases, inline event/alias into deprecated (7a3cf9c0) Build Resolve Travis config warnings (7506c9ca) Enable ESLint one-var rule for var declarations in browser code (0fdfdd82) Test the no-Sizzle build on Travis (362075ae) … Continue reading

10 Apr 2020 11:34am GMT

09 Nov 2011

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HTC Thunderbolt getting official MIUI support, download the ROM ...

CDATA[ jQuery(document).ready(function() { var origHeight = jQuery('#ac_device_wrapper').height(); var startHeight = jQuery('#ac_device_wrapper').height(); jQuery('#toggle_device a').text('See More'); jQuery('.ac_device_spec ...

09 Nov 2011 4:52pm GMT

Use JQuery Notification Plugin with ASP.Net « Yasserzaid's Weblog

Filed under: AJAX, ASP.Net - yasserzaid @ 4:17 pm. Hi all,. try this example to use JQuery Notification Plugin with ASP.Net. <html xmlns="<a href="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml</a>"> <head runat="server"> ...

09 Nov 2011 4:17pm GMT

jquery response in mvc | Coders & Admins

jquery response in mvc. No Comments. i wish to select an item from dropdownlist and display its corresponing status in a label i m using the following jquery script but when i run the code in firefox n view the result using firebug, then the ...

09 Nov 2011 4:16pm GMT

30 Jul 2010

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Does anyone here had use the jqGrid?
If yes, how can I use *onclickSubmit* event in the edit submit button?
I cant understand this documentation:

30 Jul 2010 8:34pm GMT

09 Jul 2010

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How to know if a string is simply text or a good jQuery expression?

Hi all.
I need some suggestion for performing this task: a user using a
function common provide to the function a string, however sometimes he
must be able to provide a jQuery selector expression and I need to
perform different action is this case.
How can I do this?

09 Jul 2010 1:18pm GMT

21 Apr 2010

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[jQuery] simple ajax not working in FF but works great in IE what am I doing wrong?

<script type="text/javascript">
// get faculty default A
url: 'myvalidurl',
type: "post",
async: true,
dataType: "html",
contentType: "html",
error:function (XMLHttpRequest, textStatus, errorThrown) {
//alert(eval('(' + XMLHttpRequest.responseText + ')').Message);

21 Apr 2010 5:22pm GMT