08 Jan 2019

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Cudahy Writing Prize

Every year, the American Constitutional Society awards to Cudahy Prize to a top article on administrative or governance law. In hopes of getting more submissions from environmental lawyers, professors, and students, ACS asked me to post the announcement. Here's the...

08 Jan 2019 3:40pm GMT

07 Jan 2019

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Environmental law's canonical... regulations?

In recent weeks, a few environmental law professors have asked their colleagues to participate in efforts to identify the classic or canonical cases of environmental law. It's a fun exercise (and the professors who've asked the questions know that; they...

07 Jan 2019 10:30pm GMT

11 Dec 2018

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The New WOTUS Proposed Rule and the Myths of Clean Water Act Federalism

This morning, the US Army Corps of Engineers and EPA released a proposed new rule that would change the agencies' shared definition of "waters of the United States." That phrase defines the geographic scope of federal jurisdiction under the Clean...

11 Dec 2018 7:49pm GMT