25 Oct 2021

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Precommitment Strategies to Avoid the Justice Worst Case in the Climate Worst Case

Open-eyed assessment of the potential for and on-the-ground realities of 4 degrees of warming supports the implementation of extraordinary and immediate mitigation measures and portends that, even with such measures, climate impacts will strain adaptive capacity to the breaking point...

25 Oct 2021 7:49pm GMT

22 Oct 2021

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Catastrophic Inequality in a Climate-changed Future

Climate change has consistently proven to be more extreme than climate models have projected. If this trend towards extremely unpleasant surprises holds, more drastic adaptive responses will be required. Climate change poses an existential threat to human societies because it...

22 Oct 2021 5:14pm GMT

21 Oct 2021

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Letting Go of 2˚ C, Letting Go of Race?: What does climate justice mean at 4˚ C?

Given the "existential threat to democratic governance" posed by a sober assessment of continued global climate warming, J.B. Ruhl and Robin Kundis Craig, in their provocative article 4˚C, posit the need for a reframing of established approaches to climate adaptation....

21 Oct 2021 2:22pm GMT