15 Dec 2017


Xamarin: Contest: Get Started with Xamarin

At Xamarin, we pride ourselves on creating and providing great educational tools for developers. Between our extensive developer center, and the interactive classes at Xamarin University, there's no limit to the knowledge you can obtain. We want every Xamarin developer everywhere to succeed at creating amazing apps, even those who haven't yet realized that they are Xamarin developers! With this in mind, our documentation team recently launched a new getting started guide, offering steps […]

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15 Dec 2017 8:30pm GMT

Códice Software: Introducing Plastic SCM's external tools actions

External tool actions have been around since release, thanks to some of you asking for them.

You can create custom actions to run on selected objects such as labels, changesets, branches, and items, and invoke those custom actions directly from Plastic SCM.

External tool actions - Branches

Add custom actions to branches and files

Okay, this is a little bit difficult to understand without an example, so I'm going to teach you how to implement two different actions: one for branches, and one for items. I'll let you tinker around with action for labels and changesets on your own, but it is just as easy. Remember, this feature is available on Windows, macOS, and GNU/Linux, but only in the regular Plastic SCM client, and not in Gluon.

For the action to a branch, I'm going to add a custom action to directly apply an attribute to the branch. This is instead of the alternative of having to navigate to attributes, then selecting the attribute I want to apply, and then looking for the value, which is a real hassle if you do this a lot, like we do.

For the action to an item, I'm going to add a custom action to directly open that item in Visual Studio Code.

Ready? Ok, let's go.

15 Dec 2017 11:28am GMT

14 Dec 2017


Xamarin: Introducing the SmartHotel360 Reference Mobile Apps

If you managed to catch any of Microsoft Connect(); 2017, you probably saw a beautiful suite of apps for a fictitious smart hospitality company called SmartHotel360 that showcases the future of connected travel. Their vision is to provide: Intelligent, conversational, and personalized apps and experiences to guests. Modern workplace experiences and smart conference rooms for […]

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14 Dec 2017 8:52pm GMT