18 Oct 2010

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Gullfoss: New Chart features in OpenOffice.org 3.3 Beta (part 3)

And here are some more Chart features in OOo 3.3 Beta:

Several defaults were changed to allow a faster creation of a pleasant looking and readable chart.
So the diagram size is now larger with 9x16cm wide screen. That allows also for larger fonts at the axes, data labels and legend entries. We have 10pt here now. The somewhat outdated comic style with black borders around all the data points and symbols was left behind in favor of a modern clean look without borders.

The 3D charts have received some tuning in the geometry creation and the default lights to brighten things up. They have been too dark and grey so far. Pyramids have got a new geometry also and are rotated with the flat side to front now. The floor in 3D charts has been flattened. And 3D charts are now created with "realistic look" by default, that means (no borders and smooth shading).



If you have further ideas what defaults should be changed you are invited to join here: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/User_Experience/Improving_OOo_Default_Settings

A tip. If all these defaults do not fit your needs, und you have typically many changes to make on each chart, the following might help saving time. Create a chart from some dummy data with as much data series as you will need at maximum. Create also some dummy titles if you have them typically. Then make all the settings on this chart. Set your own typically used chart type, colors, line style, line thickness, fonts etc. Save the Document with the Chart somewhere where you have easy access to it.
Now every time you need a new chart, open this document and copy the chart from there. Afterwards simply drag and drop new cell ranges on it.

18 Oct 2010 11:03am GMT

IssueZilla: New issues: Mon Oct 18 03:43:01 UTC 2010

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#i115102# - sw: Saving to .doc (97) with a column break adds a paragraph before the break.
#i115103# - sw: line spacing less than 100% doesn't display properly

18 Oct 2010 3:43am GMT

17 Oct 2010

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Michael Meeks: 2010-10-17: Sunday.

17 Oct 2010 9:00pm GMT