13 Mar 2018

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Quark Market Capitalization Tops $3.28 Million

Quark traded 3.5% lower against the U.S. dollar during the one day period ending at 11:00 AM Eastern on March 13th. Over the last seven days, Quark has traded 35% lower against the U.S. dollar.

13 Mar 2018 11:30pm GMT

Wedding videographer's computer use monitored after child porn sentence

A wedding videographer's computer use will be monitored for the next five years following his sentencing for possession of child pornography. David Ruddock was made the subject of a five-year sexual harm prevention order and must sign the sex offenders register for the next seven years after he admitted downloading an indecent video involving two girls aged 10 or 11. The 45-year-old wedding videographer, from Glemsford, near Sudbury, was also handed a 16-week jail term - suspended for a year - and ordered to carry out 180 hours of unpaid work by Ipswich magistrates on Tuesday.

13 Mar 2018 6:45pm GMT

Quantum1Net Solves Structural Flaws in Security & Energy Consumption for Crypto-currency

Quantum1 Network Technologies , a quantum computing technology company, is announcing today a technology platform to address structural flaws preventing the mass adoption of crypto-currency and blockchain solutions. "With the hacking of crypto-currency exchanges causing assets valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars to be lost, existing cybersecurity measures are clearly failing.

13 Mar 2018 4:24pm GMT

17 Jun 2017


Hide My Ass VPN: Setup and Installation Guide

How to guide for getting one of the more popular VPN services up and running so that you can begin protecting your traffic from the prying eyes of hackers. We can all agree

17 Jun 2017 8:00am GMT

14 Jun 2017


Top 5 Free VPN Services

List of the top five free VPN services around for circumventing censorship at home and at the workplace, and for protecting your identity and data from prying eyes; especially useful

14 Jun 2017 9:49am GMT

17 Apr 2017


How to Get What You Pay for When Buying an iPhone

If there is one thing the iPhone is not, it's zero pay. While not the most expensive smartphone you can buy, it is always at the top of the range.

17 Apr 2017 11:02pm GMT