27 Oct 2021

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GerGray posted a photo:


Ricoh TF-900
Expired Kodak Gold 200
Tetenal C41
Epson F3200

Unplanned double exposure.
The kids are not mine, neither are the adults, the Tree is.

27 Oct 2021 10:28am GMT


huangdid posted a photo:


27 Oct 2021 10:23am GMT

Man in Short Shorts

CandidMale posted a photo:

Man in Short Shorts

Backside of a muscular young blonde man at the gay pride parade in Houston, Texas - circa, 1986.

27 Oct 2021 10:19am GMT

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krashkraft posted a photo:


27 Oct 2021 8:57am GMT

Neptune grass prairie (Posidonia oceanica) in the Mediterranean Sea

Entoñete posted a photo:

Neptune grass prairie (Posidonia oceanica) in the Mediterranean Sea

Posidonia Oceanica, also known as Neptune Grass, is an endemic seagrass from the Mediterranean. It is commonly mistaken with algae but in fact it is a plant and it is particularly important for the ecosystems as it produces 5 times the amount of oxygen as a byproduct compared to the Amazon rainforest.

27 Oct 2021 8:09am GMT

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27 Oct 2021 7:20am GMT

26 Oct 2021

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Happy birthday to me ♥

míss hєll 荒野 posted a photo:

Happy birthday to me ♥

Thank you my friends to make this party... but thank you to be here for good moments, and bad moments ♥ Love u ♥

26 Oct 2021 4:55pm GMT


=Logan= posted a photo:


Having fun on the Finchwick Fair 🍡

More photos here.

26 Oct 2021 2:48pm GMT

Leolist Kamloops

johnnydepppji posted a photo:

Leolist Kamloops

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26 Oct 2021 11:15am GMT