02 Feb 2023

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Part I: Creating Custom API Endpoints in Salesforce With Apex

Part One: SOAP-Based APIs

Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) is a messaging protocol based on requests and responses using an XML format. Although some legacy systems still use SOAP over SMTP, the transport method typically used for SOAP requests is HTTP. As an API protocol, SOAP is platform-and language-agnostic, allowing for two applications running on completely different systems to communicate with one another.

This post is part of a two-part series covering how to create custom API endpoints in Salesforce with APEX. In Part One, we'll walk through how to create a SOAP-based API endpoint for other applications to use when communicating with your Salesforce org.

02 Feb 2023 1:18pm GMT

Remote Debugging Dangers and Pitfalls

This is the last part of the debugging series. To learn the rest, you'll need to get the book "Practical Debugging at Scale: Cloud Native Debugging in Kubernetes and Production" or the course. One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is: can we do these things in VS Code?

The answer is, unfortunately, no. But I elaborate on the debugging capabilities of VS Code in this video: "16 Missing Features in the VS Code Debugger" on YouTube. I'll do a blog post that covers that next week.

02 Feb 2023 1:37am GMT

01 Feb 2023

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How and Why You Should Start Automating DevOps

DevOps is not new. Every business in the IT world knows it is the right software development methodology. Indeed, DevOps has enticed the world with its promise of high-quality product delivery at a faster pace. Despite the clear promise of DevOps, many businesses are failing to realize its complete potential. While cultural inertia and skillset sparsity are some of the reasons, the inability to completely automate the DevOps lifecycle remains the greatest impediment for businesses to drive full value from their DevOps investments. Integration of DevOps and automation is what leads to a more efficient software development lifecycle (SDLC). So, let's understand what it is all about automating DevOps and how you can start automating your DevOps processes.

What Is DevOps Automation?

Automation is the fundamental principle of DevOps. In fact, "automating everything" is the ultimate objective of the DevOps methodology. So, DevOps automation is the process of automating nearly every repetitive and manual task across the DevOps SDLC, from design and development to deployment and release management.

01 Feb 2023 11:20pm GMT

27 Jan 2022

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Lua 5.4.4 released

Lua 5.4.4 has been released. It fixes all known bugs in Lua 5.4.3.

27 Jan 2022 10:21am GMT

29 Mar 2021

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Lua 5.4.3 released

Lua 5.4.3 has been released. It fixes all known bugs in Lua 5.4.2.

29 Mar 2021 11:53am GMT

03 Dec 2020

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Lua 5.4.2 released

Lua 5.4.2 has been released. It fixes all known bugs in Lua 5.4.1.

03 Dec 2020 10:53am GMT