17 Jul 2018


D-Wave's Quantum Computer Successfully Models a Quantum System

An anonymous reader shares an excerpt from Ars Technica: D-Wave's hardware has always occupied a unique space on the computing landscape. It's a general-purpose computer that relies on quantum mechanical effects to perform calculations. And, while other quantum-computer makers have struggled to put more than a few dozen qubits together, D-Wave's systems have already scaled to more than 2,000 addressable bits. But the D-Wave systems don't perform calculations in the same way and, despite all those bits, haven't clearly demonstrated performance that can outpace even traditional computing hardware. But D-Wave has come out with a research paper in Science that suggests that the system can do interesting things even in its current state. The company's researchers have set it loose modeling a quantum system that closely resembles the bits used in the hardware itself, allowing them to examine quantum phase transitions. While this still isn't cutting-edge performance, it does allow researchers full control over the physical parameters of a relevant quantum system as it undergoes phase changes.

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17 Jul 2018 3:30am GMT

Samsung's Galaxy S10 To Come In Three Sizes, With An In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says Samsung will launch the Galaxy S10 in three different sizes: 5.8 inches, 6.1 inches, and 6.4 inches. They are nearly the same sizes that Kuo expects Apple's next series of iPhones to come in. The Verge reports: The larger two S10 models will include in-display fingerprint sensors, Kuo says, while the smaller model will include a fingerprint sensor on the side. That suggests the smaller model will be Samsung's entry-level offering, while the larger two will potentially have higher-end specs and features. Another recent rumor says the S10 might include five cameras, adding an additional wide angle option to the back and another lens to the front for capturing portrait effects. It's very likely plans will change between now and when the Galaxy S10 launches, which should be early next year. The next flagship smartphone to come from the South Korean company will be the Galaxy Note 9. It's expected to make its appearance at an event on August 9th.

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17 Jul 2018 2:26am GMT

Hacking Campaign Targets iPhone Users With Data-Stealing, Location-Tracking Malware

ZDNet reports of a new mobile malware campaign that is "gaining access to iPhones by tricking users to download an open-source mobile device management (MDM) software package." From the report: Once in control, the unidentified hackers can steal various forms of sensitive information from infected devices, including the phone number, serial number, location, contact details, user's photos, SMS, and Telegram and WhatsApp chat messages. Thirteen users -- all in India -- have been been compromised in the attacks, which have been detailed by Cisco Talos. Those infected use a range of iPhone models and are running iOS versions ranging from 10.2.1 to 11.2.6. The campaign has been active since August 2015. The attackers take control by using the MDM package, which can give attackers complete control of the device and the ability to install fake versions of real apps. Two different MDM services are used in the campaign, enabling system-level control of multiple devices from one location and the ability to install, remove and exfiltrate data from apps. One method of stealing data comes via malicious versions of messaging services like Telegram and WhatsApp being pushed onto the compromised device via fake updates. The apps look legitimate to the user, but malicious code sends information -- including messages, photos and contacts -- to a central command and control server. Deploying these apps requires a side-loading injection technique, which allows for the ability to ask for additional permissions, execute code and steal information from the original application.

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17 Jul 2018 1:15am GMT

16 Jul 2018

feedArs Technica

Developer faces prison after admitting admin software was really a RAT

LuminosityLink was sold and supported online by defendant and his affiliates.

16 Jul 2018 11:29pm GMT

The Essential Phone at $250 is the best smartphone deal of the year

Get a 2017 flagship smartphone for half price.

16 Jul 2018 10:50pm GMT

News of Trump passing cognitive test may make it harder to detect dementia

Exposure to the test makes it easier to pass, doctors warn.

16 Jul 2018 10:18pm GMT

09 Nov 2011

feedYahoo! News: Science News

Russian craft on Mars mission stuck in orbit (Reuters)

The Zenit-2SB rocket blasts off from its launch pad at the cosmodrome Baikonur November 9, 2011. REUTERS/Oleg UrusovReuters - A Russian spacecraft designed to bring back soil samples from one of the moons of Mars veered off course Wednesday after its launch, clouding hopes Russia could pull off its first interplanetary mission in more than two decades.

09 Nov 2011 5:25pm GMT

Air pollution in EU still poses major health risks: report (Reuters)

Reuters - Air quality in the European Union remains below some World Health Organization standards, increasing the risk of premature deaths and environmental damage, the European Environmental Agency (EEA) said in a report Wednesday.

09 Nov 2011 5:23pm GMT

The world's most dazzling hot springs (Y! Green)

Y! Green - The same geothermal heat that can help you reduce your electricity bill is responsible for some of the world's most stunning natural wonders: Hot springs.

09 Nov 2011 4:49pm GMT