17 Sep 2018

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A Successful DCMI 2018 Conference

The DCMI Annual Conference was held last week, hosted by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, Portugal. The conference was co-located with TPDL which meant that while many people arrived as part of one community, all left with the experience and appreciation of two! The full conference proceedings are now available, with copies of presentation slides where appropriate. Some photographs of the conference can be found on Flickr, tagged with 'dcmi18'.

17 Sep 2018 12:00am GMT

15 Sep 2018

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Wikidata Query Service recipe: qualifiers and the Greek alphabet

Just because I need to look this up each time myself, I wrote up this quick recipe for how to get information from statement qualifiers from Wikidata . Let's say, I want to list all Greek letters, with in one column the lower case and in the other the upper case letter. This is what our data looks like: So, let start with a simple query that lists all letters in the Greek alphabet: SELECT ?letter WHERE { ?letter wdt:P361 wd:Q8216 . } Of course, that only gives me the Wikidata entries, and not the Unicode characters we are ...

15 Sep 2018 9:12am GMT

13 Sep 2018

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AskNow 0.1 Released

Dear all, we are very happy to announce AskNow 0.1 - the initial release of Question Answering Components and Tools over RDF Knowledge Graphs. Website: http://asknow.sda.tech/ Demo: http://asknowdemo.sda.tech GitHub: https://github.com/AskNowQA The following components with corresponding features are currently supported by AskNow: EARL 0.1 EARL performs entity linking and relation linking as a joint task. It uses machine learning in order to exploit the Connection Density between nodes in the knowledge graph. It relies on three base features and re-ranking steps in order to predict entities and relations. ISWC 2018: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1801.03825.pdf Demo: https://earldemo.sda.tech/ Github: https://github.com/AskNowQA/EARL SQG 0.1: This is a SPARQL ...

13 Sep 2018 1:35pm GMT

06 Oct 2011


ODF 1.2 Approved as Standard: Now with RDFa!

The new version of the Open Document Format, ODF 1.2, has been ratified as a standard. One of the changes to ODF 1.2 is the adoption of RDFa as a way of including metadata. Read more at the ODF technical committee chair's blog.

06 Oct 2011 1:57pm GMT

24 May 2011


RDFa: The Inside Story from Best Buy

Earlier we reported on Best Buy's successes as a result of using RDFa. Search New Central has now published an interview with Jay Myers, Lead Development Engineer for Best Buy, on the whys and wherefores of implementing RDFa on their site. "We really didn't go into it with any expectations. We just wanted to see [...]

24 May 2011 8:47am GMT

01 May 2011


Radify – RDFa Annotation Tool

Duncan Grant has created a new tool called Radify as a part of his university studies. It is a bookmarklet for the purposes of annotating a web page with RDFa. The bookmarklet features a triple viewer, edit mode and ability to load/parse new ontologies. You can read more about Duncan and his research on the [...]

01 May 2011 9:00pm GMT