21 Nov 2019

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Cloud Cipher Capabilities

… or, the lack of it. A recent discussion at a customer made me having a closer look around support for encryption in the context of XaaS cloud service offerings as well as concerning Hadoop. In general, this can be broken down into over-the-wire (cf. SSL/ TLS ) and back-end encryption. While the former is widely used, the latter is rather seldom to find. Different reasons might exits why one wants to encrypt her data, ranging from preserving a competitive advantage to end-user privacy issues. No matter why someone wants to encrypt the data, the question is do systems support ...

21 Nov 2019 4:06am GMT

19 Nov 2019

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Tensorflow – saveModel for tflite

I want to convert an existing model to one that will run on a USB stick 'accelerator' called Coral . Conversion to tflite is needed for any small devices like these. I've not managed this yet, but here are some notes. I've figured out some of it, but come unstuck in that some operations ('ops') are not supported in tflite yet. But maybe this is still useful to someone, and I want to remember what I did. I'm trying to change a tensorflow model - for which I only have .meta and .index files - to one with .pb files ...

19 Nov 2019 10:06am GMT

14 Nov 2019

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paper: Early Detection of Cybersecurity Threats Using Collaborative Cognition

The CCS Dashboard's sections provide information on sources and targets of network events, file operations monitored and sub-events that are part of the APT kill chain. An alert is generated when a likely complete APT is detected after reasoning over events. Early Detection of Cybersecurity Threats Using Collaborative Cognition Sandeep Narayanan, Ashwinkumar Ganesan, Karuna Joshi, Tim Oates, Anupam Joshi and Tim Finin, Early detection of Cybersecurity Threats using Collaborative Cognition , 4th IEEE International Conference on Collaboration and Internet Computing, Philadelphia, October. 2018. The early detection of cybersecurity events such as attacks is challenging given the constantly evolving threat ...

14 Nov 2019 8:05pm GMT

06 Oct 2011


ODF 1.2 Approved as Standard: Now with RDFa!

The new version of the Open Document Format, ODF 1.2, has been ratified as a standard. One of the changes to ODF 1.2 is the adoption of RDFa as a way of including metadata. Read more at the ODF technical committee chair's blog.

06 Oct 2011 1:57pm GMT

24 May 2011


RDFa: The Inside Story from Best Buy

Earlier we reported on Best Buy's successes as a result of using RDFa. Search New Central has now published an interview with Jay Myers, Lead Development Engineer for Best Buy, on the whys and wherefores of implementing RDFa on their site. "We really didn't go into it with any expectations. We just wanted to see [...]

24 May 2011 8:47am GMT

01 May 2011


Radify – RDFa Annotation Tool

Duncan Grant has created a new tool called Radify as a part of his university studies. It is a bookmarklet for the purposes of annotating a web page with RDFa. The bookmarklet features a triple viewer, edit mode and ability to load/parse new ontologies. You can read more about Duncan and his research on the [...]

01 May 2011 9:00pm GMT