30 Oct 2014

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Google's PDF Reader for Android

The latest version of Google Drive for Android added a lot of new features: a new interface based on Material Design, a better search feature that shows results as you type, custom message for sharing files. "You can also turn on link sharing to make the file public and set access to view, comment, or edit. This automatically copies the link to the clipboard and allows you to paste it wherever you want."

Google Drive for Android now also includes a PDF reader. The application still uses the default PDF reader installed on your device, but you can now select Drive PDF Viewer. It works offline and it can be used from any other Android application, not just from Google Drive.

Google's PDF viewer is pretty basic: it has a search feature, it lets you select and copy text, upload files to Google Drive, print files and share them.

Updates are gradually rolled out, so you may not be able to install the latest version of the Google Drive app from Google Play. Android Police has a link to the APK file.

30 Oct 2014 12:28pm GMT

Chrome's New Bookmark Manager

Google has been working on a new bookmarking manager for Chrome. For now, it's available as an extension in the Chrome Web Store that replaces the regular bookmark manager, but it will probably become a standard Chrome feature.

The updated bookmark manager includes a new interface, search powered by Google, sharing and automatically generated folders.

"When you bookmark, you can now save an image and note to make your bookmarks more helpful. Also, Google will suggest a folder if it seems like it could be a fit," informs Google.

Here's the welcome screen, which suggests that some features are disabled if your bookmarks are encrypted:

Some of the existing bookmarks are updated with images and descriptions.

The card-based interface lets you remove images, edit titles, descriptions and URLs, select bookmarks just like in Google+ Photos, move them to a folder or delete them.

The new bookmark manager uses Google to search the full content of your bookmarks, but this doesn't work if your bookmarks are encrypted.

Other features that didn't work for me: sharing folders and topics, which should automatically group your bookmarks into categories like "Tokyo" and "Photography".

{ Thanks, Herin Maru. }

30 Oct 2014 9:57am GMT

25 Oct 2014

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Google Tests Material Design Mobile Search Interface

Opera Mini had a cool feature: when disabling images, the browser still displayed some placeholders with the dominant colors of the images. Google tests a similar feature for mobile image search: while waiting for the search results to load, placeholders are no longer gray, they use colors from the images.

Google also tests a Material Design mobile search interface with fluid animations and smoother interactions.

Update: Android Police has more screenshots from a Mechanical Turk account.

{ via Nedas }

25 Oct 2014 8:57pm GMT