19 Oct 2017

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Prevent Image Stretching

IPB Image

Above is a picture of the problem I am having. Ideally, I want that calendar image on the right side of the text box. I know the CSS is causing the issue, but I am using a template and not sure how to counteract the CSS. I don't want to change it, but prefer to simply wrap the image in a div or span to cause it to display correctly. Here is the HTML and CSS.


.contact-form {
position: relative;
vertical-align: top;
z-index: 1;
margin: 0;
top: -10px;
.contact-form .txt-form {
display: none;
.contact-form .coll-1, .contact-form .coll-2, .contact-form .coll-3 {
margin-bottom: 23px;
float: left;
width: 200px;
.contact-form .coll-1 p, .contact-form .coll-2 p, .contact-form .coll-3 p {
margin-bottom: 3px;
.contact-form .coll-1, .contact-form .coll-2 {
margin-right: 10px;
.contact-form fieldset {
top: 9px;
border: none;
padding: 0;
width: 100%;
position: relative;
z-index: 10;
.contact-form label {
display: block;
min-height: 45px;
position: relative;
margin: 0;
padding: 0;
float: left;
width: 100%;

<div id="contact-form" class="contact-form">
<div class="coll-2">
<p>Due Date*</p>
<label class="bidduedate">
<asp:TextBox ID="txtBidDueDate" runat="server"></asp:TextBox><asp:ImageButton ID="imgPopup" ImageUrl="/img/calendar.png" ImageAlign="Middle" runat="server" />
<ajaxToolkit:CalendarExtender ID="CalendarExtender1" PopupButtonID="imgPopup" runat="server" TargetControlID="txtBidDueDate" Format="MM/dd/yyyy">

19 Oct 2017 3:38am GMT

16 Oct 2017

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image not loading


I am trying to retrieve the file path when a user clicks a link and opens a dialog box.

Can anybody help please?


16 Oct 2017 2:28pm GMT

15 Oct 2017

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I am trying to build a calculator for a board game. At the start of the game, an input is sought for the number of players (say 2) and the amount of game currency given to each player (say 1000). Once this input is stored, another screen appears as follows:

Player 1: 1000 Add: Less:

Player 2: 1000 Add: Less:

Bank : 0

In the above, "Player 1" and "Player 2" are labels. "Add" and "Less" are buttons with the space in front of them have input fields. So if Player 1 makes a purchase of 200, in front of the "Less" button against Player 1, 200 is entered and the "Less" button is pressed. On that action, the Bank increases by 200 and Player 1 balance reduces from 1000 to 800. Similar actions lead to similar result. The game ends when the Bank becomes 0 after at least [number of players] * 3 clicks of add or less.

I want to build this as a HTML code that I can embed on a third party application.

15 Oct 2017 9:08am GMT

11 Oct 2017

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30 Best Free HTML & CSS Cheat Sheets for Web Designers 2017

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11 Oct 2017 8:30am GMT

07 Oct 2017

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Exit Intent Pop Up Script

jQuery exit intent pop up script with support for 40+ intro animations, frequency control, and mobile fallback.

07 Oct 2017 9:11pm GMT

04 Oct 2017

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40+ Free Resume Templates 2017

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04 Oct 2017 5:57am GMT

03 Oct 2017

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Our Guide to the Best Free Stock Photo Websites in 2017

These days if you are looking for high quality and free stock photos to use, you are spoiled for choice, more and more websites have been appearing which offer photos which you can download for free and use under a license like Creative Commons Zero. Creative Commons Zero or CC0, is a license which means […]

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03 Oct 2017 8:51am GMT

15 Sep 2017

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Best WordPress Page Builders Compared and Reviewed

5 of the best Wordpress Page Builder plugins you should consider to format and create complex layouts in Wordpress like a Pro.

15 Sep 2017 8:03pm GMT

28 Aug 2017

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Innovative Approaches to Mobile PDP Design: Part 2

A collection of novel approaches to mobile product detail page design from leading ecommerce retailers to drive conversions and increase sales.

28 Aug 2017 6:01am GMT

24 Aug 2017

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5 Amazing Hamburger Menu Trends to Emulate

5 amazing hamburger icon menu trends we can expect more of in 2018 and beyond.

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12 Aug 2017

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14 Innovative Approaches to Mobile Product Detail Page Design

Mobile product detail pages follow a fairly standard template. Here are 14 examples of mobile retailers trying new approaches to displaying content and offering functionality on their mobile PDPs.

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27 Jun 2017

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Micro-interactions Improve the Chase Bank Online User Experience

The Chase bank website shows some thoughtful use of micro-interactions to make the user experience more delightful.

27 Jun 2017 1:08am GMT

22 Mar 2011

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Easy Percentage Grid System with HTML5

Web grid systems help front end coders to layout a document faster. In this article I am presenting a percentage based grid system that is included in the Easy framework's CSS.

22 Mar 2011 10:04am GMT

09 Mar 2011

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Easy Paginate jQuery plugin for pagination

This plugin allows you to browse easily through the list of items with pagination controls. It is very easy to implement and very lightweight so it might come in handy to use in your own projects.

09 Mar 2011 11:16am GMT

21 Feb 2011

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jQuery plugin Easy Image Zoom

I have been working on a little script for a client of mine, that required product image magnification. The task was to create a script that will allow users to see large details of the product while moving cursor over medium sized image. During the process I decided to create a jQuery plugin and share it with you guys!

21 Feb 2011 11:29am GMT

30 Nov 2008

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Photography Blogs and Feeds

digtal Photography School - (RSS) JMG-Galleries - (RSS) Photocritic - (RSS) 365 Portraits - (RSS) Strobist - (RSS) Kwerfeldein - (RSS) Joseph Szymanski - (RSS) File Magazine - (RSS) PhotographyVoter - (RSS) Photopreneur - (RSS) The Daily Critique - (RSS) Catchy Colors Photoblog - (RSS) photodoto - (RSS) daily dose of imagery - (RSS) NYCgraphix Blog Photo - (RSS) Photoshop User TV - (RSS) DIYPhotography.net - (RSS) Earthbound Light - (RSS) Earth Shots [...]

30 Nov 2008 12:45pm GMT

20 Oct 2008

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WP Plugins October 20, 2008

NextGEN Gallery (Download)NextGEN Gallery is a full integrated Image Gallery plugin for WordPress with a Flash slideshow option. d13slideshow (Download)Add animated slideshows of your featured pages and posts. Lifestream (Download)Lifestream displays your social feeds and photos much like you would see it on many of the social networking sites. WP Super Cache(Download)A very fast caching engine for WordPress [...]

20 Oct 2008 8:54am GMT

11 Oct 2008

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Windows Software

Avast: Another free Anti-Virus software. Just as good [...]

11 Oct 2008 10:12pm GMT