23 Apr 2019

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How to change part of the border color

Here's a sample navigation menu:

nav {
border-top: 5px solid;

nav a {
font-size: 12px;
padding: 1em;

<a href="#">Page 1</a>
<a href="#" id="current">Page 2</a>
<a href="#">Page 3</a>
<a href="#">Page 4</a>


How can I change the part of the border color above the current page so it looks like this:

IPB Image

23 Apr 2019 7:07am GMT

22 Apr 2019

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Converted from ANSI to UTF-8 and now my text is running together


I was playing around with some older html files I had created a few years ago, brushing up on my html and css, and I converted a file from ANSI to UTF-8, and now some of my text on that page is running together. Specifically my ordered lists have now merged with text. (I converted the file to fix an issue with apostrophes showing as black diamonds with questions marks inside, and that issue was solved, lol). Does anyone know how to fix this issue?
See image for example:
IPB Image

I don't think the css has anything to do with the problem as it wasn't there before I converted my file. Thanks in advance! smile.gif Here's the html:

<! DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8"?>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device width, initial-scale=1/0">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device width, initial-scale=1/0">

<head><title>Club Bylaws</title>

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="stamp.css">



<img src="stampbanner2.png" class="banner">

<span class="ulspan">
<ul class="dropul">
<li><a href="index.html">Home</li>
<li class="dropdown"><a href="java script:void(0)" class="dropbtn">About the Club</a>
<div class="dropdown-content">
<a href="about.html">About</a>
<a href="bylaws.html">Club Bylaws</a>

<li class="dropdown"><a href="java script:void(0)" class="dropbtn">Membership</a>
<div class="dropdown-content">
<a href="membership.html">Membership Information</a>
<a href="memapp.html">Membership Application</a>

<li><a href="http://wscc.freeforums.net">Club Forum</a></li>
<li class="dropdown"><a href="java script:void(0)" class="dropbtn">Links</a>
<div class="dropdown-content">
<a href="stamplinks.html">Stamp Links</a>
<a href="coinlinks.html">Coin Links</a>
<a href="generalhobbies.html">General Hobbies</a>

<li><a href="newsletters.html">Newsletters</a></li>
<li><a href="contact.html">Contact Us</a></li>


<img src="yellowsquare.png" class="bgimgbylaw">

<table class="bylawtable">
<td><b><font size="6" color="#6b540d"><u>Warrenton Stamp & Coin Club Bylaws</u></font></b><br><br>

<a href="#name">Name</a> --- <a href="#purpose">Purpose</a> --- <a href="#membership">Membership</a> --- <a href="#memberob">Members' Obligations</a> --- <a href="#officers">Officers</a> --- <br>
<a href="#execboard">Executive Board</a> --- <a href="#meetings">Meetings</a>
<a href="#committees">Committees</a> --- <a href="#exhibit">Exhibitions</a> --- <a href="#rules">Rules And Regulations</a> --- <a href="#pa">Parliamentary Authority</a> --- <a href="#amend">Amendments</a>---
<a href="#diss">Dissolution</a><br><br><br>

<h3><a name="name">I. NAME</h3></a>

The name of this club shall be the WARRENTON STAMP AND COIN CLUB (WSCC).<br><br>

<h3><a name="purpose">II. PURPOSE</h3></a>

The purpose of this club shall be:
<OL class="withloweralpha">
<li>To socialize among other stamp and coin collecting interest members.</li>

<li>To provide educational activities and demonstrations for the general public.</li>

<li>To preserve and display various stamp and coin collecting related materials.</li>

<li>To promote the stamp and coin collecting hobbies to all interested persons, especially the young people in our community.</li>

<li>To support the Boy Scouts and to meet requirements for their Coin Collecting and Stamp Merit Collecting Badges.</li>

<li>To promote stamp and coin shows as fund raisers to provide scholarships to three high schools in our area.</li>

<h3><a name="membership">III. MEMBERSHIP</h3></a>

<OL class="withnumbers">
<li>There shall be one class of membership. A single membership shall be an individual acting alone or together with those immediate family members, under the age of 16 years, who desire to assist the individual in the pursuit of the objectives of this club.</li>

<li>Membership shall be open to anyone who subscribes to the purposes, bylaws, rules and regulations of the club.</li>

<li>Members may be removed for cause by a two thirds (2/3) vote of the membership in good standing.</li>

<li>Membership and good standing shall be determined by compliance with the financial obligations of the club that is including, but notlimited to, having paid club dues.</li>

<li>Upon the recommendation of one member, seconded by another member, and by unanimous affirmative vote by the executive board,honorary life membership may be conferred upon a person who shall have rendered notable service to the club.</li>


<h3><a name="memberob"> IV. MEMBERS' OBLIGATIONS</h3></a>

<OL class="withnumbers">
<li>In order to maintain good standing, a member must remain current on his financial obligations to the club. Any member falling delinquent in his financial obligations shall be deemed not in good standing and shall have a grace period of three (3) months in which to rectify this delinquency.</li>

<li>Each member shall pay dues in the amount of twelve ($12.00) per calendar year . Thereafter, the member shall pay annual dues of twelve dollars ($12.00), which shall be due in every June of each calendar year.</li>

<li>Any member desiring to resign from the club shall notify the club officers. Dues are non-refundable upon resignation.</li>

<li>The club newsletter shall be sent to each member in good standing. Prospective members shall be able to receive two consecutive editions of the newsletter before being dropped for non payment of dues.</li>

<li>An honorary member shall have none of the financial obligations of membership in the club. An honorary member shall be entitled to all non-financial club privileges, excluding those of making motions, of voting, and of holding office.</li>


<h3><a name="officers">V. OFFICERS</a></h3>

<OL class="withnumbers">
<li>The officers of the club shall be the elected officers, which shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Directors. <br> These officers shall perform the duties prescribed by these bylaws and by authority adopted by the club.</li>

<li>All officers shall be members in good standing in the club. Officers shall be elected at the June meeting by a majority vote of members in good standing. New officers will take office beginning the 1st of the next month and will serve for a period of one year. Any officer may be removed from office for cause by a two thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of the membership in good standing.</li>

<li>Officers' Duties:

<b> a. PRESIDENT</b> - It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all regular business meetings. In addition, the president shall:<br>

<OL class="withnumbers">
<li>Call special meetings.</li>

<li>Preserve order.</li>

<li>Carry out and enforce the bylaws of the club.</li>

<li>Sign all obligations of the club for the purposes of borrowing money and entering contracts.</li>

<li>The President shall have the general supervision over all the administrative operations of the club.</li>

<li>The President shall appoint or dissolve committees as the club shall require.</li>

<b> b. VICE PRESIDENT</b> - All the duties of the President shall be the Vice President's duties during the absence or inability of the President and it shall be the duty of the Vice President to assist the President in the discharge of all his official duties. In absence of both, the duties will be assumed by the Treasurer followed by the Secretary to conduct and preside over the meeting club business.

<b> c. SECRETARY</b> - It shall be the Secretary's duty to:

<OL class="withnumbers">
<li>Keep a record of all business transacted at meetings.</li>

<li>Maintain copies of the bylaws and any amendments thereto.</li>

<li>Maintain the status of any operating or safety rules and general regulations adopted, revised, or rescinded.</li>

<b> d. TREASURER</b> - It shall be the Treasurer's duty to receive and keep a regular account of all moneys due the club. <br> The Treasurer shall also:

<OL class="withnumbers">
<li> Pay all bills authorized by the club.</li>

<li>Preserve all receipts and bills.</li>

<li>Give a statement at each regular business meeting of the finances of the club.</li>

<b> e. DIRECTORS</b> - The duties of the Directors shall include:

<OL class="withnumbers">
<li>Sitting as members of the executive Board, usually in addition to the other officers.</li>

<li>Perform such duties as the bylaws and officers have established.</li>

<li>Nominations for officers shall be held on the first Thursday in June of each year.</li>

<li>The officers shall meet at the call of the President, as required for the administrative operations of the club. Minutes of all officers' meetings shall be recorded and reported to the membership at the next regular business meeting.</li>

<li>All checks issued by the club shall be signed by the Treasurer, or in his/her absence or inability, by the President.</li>

<li>In the event of a vacancy occurring in any elected office an election to fill this vacancy shall be held at the next regular business meeting, or at a special meeting called by the President.</li>

<li>Elected officers shall be eligible to serve more than one consecutive term in office.</li>

<li>A quorum at an Officers' meeting shall be three 3.</li>

<li> The fiscal year of the club will be based on the calander year.</li>


<h3><a name="execboard"> VI. THE EXECUTIVE BOARD</a></h3>

<OL class="withnumbers">
<li>The officers of the club, including the Directors, shall constitute the Executive Board.</li>

<li>The Executive Board shall have general supervision responsibility of the affairs of the club between its regular business <br> meetings. They shall also:<br>

<b>a.</b> Set the time and place of meetings.<br>
<b>b.</b> Make reccomendations to the club.<br>
<b>c.</b> Perform such duties as are prescribed in these bylaws.

<li>The Board shall be subject to the orders of the club and shall abide by the decisions of the club and its officers.</li>


<h3><a name="meetings">VII. MEETINGS</a></h3>

<OL class="withnumbers">
<li>The regular business meeting of the club shall be held on the first Thursday of each month.</li>

<li>Election of officers and directors for the upcoming fiscal year will held on every June (at our monthly meeting) every calendar year.</li>

<li>Regular Board meeting will be held periodically as required at the call of the President.</li>

<li>Special meetings may be called by the President for a specific purpose. The purpose of the special meeting must be included in the meeting notice.</li>

<li>Notice of the regular and special meetings must be made known to all members by mail, email or phone in advance <br> of such meeting.</li>

<li>The order of Business for a regular business meeting shall be:

<b>a.</b>Reading of minutes.<br>
<b>b.</b>Officers' and Committee reports.<br>
<b>c.</b>Old Buisness.<br>
<b>d.</b>New Business.<br>
<b>e.</b>Agenda and Program.


<h3><a name="committees"> VIII. COMMITTEES</a></h3>

Committees, standing or special, shall be appointed by the President as the club or the Executive Board shall from time to time deem necessary to carry on the work of the club. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees. In the absence of the President, the Vice-President assumes the President's duties and responsibilities.


<h3><a name="exhibit">IX. EXHIBITIONS</a></h3>

The club will endeavor to hold exhibitions and other such money raising operations as the membership shall deem appropriate.


<h3><a name="rules"> X. RULES AND REGULATIONS </a></h3>

The club may adopt such operating and safety rules and general regulations as may from time to time deemed necessary for the routine operation of the club. The custodian for these rules and regulations, as well as all other documentation pertaining to the club,shall be the Secretary.


<h3><a name="pa"> XI. PARLIAMENTARY AUTHORITY</a></h3>

The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall govern the club in all areas in which they are applicable, but not where they are inconsistent with these bylaws or any special rules the club may adopt.


<h3><a name="amend"> XII. AMENDMENTS</a></h3>

<OL class="withnumbers">
<li>Amendments to these bylaws must be presented in writing at any regular business meeting.</li>

<li>A two thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of the members in attendance and in good standing shall be necessary to pass said amendment.</li>


<h3> <a name="diss"> XIII. DISSOLUTION </a></h3>

<OL class-"withnumbers">
<li>Our club members in good standing for five (5) consecutive years will receive a refund of a maximum of $50 of club fees. </li>

<li>The remaining funds will be donated to organization or club or association that benefits the numismatic or philatelic endeavors.</li>

<li>A majority vote by members will be the deciding factor if there is a disagreement as to what organization is to receive funds if our club is terminated.</li>







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20 Apr 2019

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HTML Script for Placing Text

Hey.... is there basic html script to allow the following?:

In our church app, we can use basic html. What I am trying to do, is have the user type within a "fill in the blank" field, but I want what they typed to also appear way down the page in another paragraph, targeting a specific spot in a sentence in the paragraph down the page. I need to get this done today if it's possible. It's for our Easter service tomorrow. Our pastor just had this idea... hence the urgency!

Thanks for any input!!


20 Apr 2019 8:44pm GMT

04 Apr 2019


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