20 May 2018

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Information wars: Europe aims to set the global standard with GDPR

The EU's rules for data privacy were once derided as restrictive, but after the Facebook scandal Brussels hopes they will help bring big tech to heel

20 May 2018 7:00am GMT

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Duterte Says Philippines Won't Oppose China on Sea Activity

Duterte Says Philippines Won't Oppose China on Sea ActivityPhilippine's President Rodrigo Duterte reiterated that he would not provoke China into a war following reports that the Chinese military landed long-range bombers on an airport in the South China Sea. "You know they have the planes, not stationed in Spratly but near the provinces facing -- Chinese provinces facing the Spratly and the China Sea. Facing criticism over his apparent inaction on China's increasing military activity in the South China Sea, Duterte questioned where his country would end up should war erupt in the region.

20 May 2018 3:08am GMT

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Investors scruntinise the weak links in Emerging Markets

Higher US bond yields and dollar apply pressure to countries with large debts

20 May 2018 3:00am GMT

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Alibaba's Cloud Segment Is Red Hot

Alibaba's Cloud Segment Is Red HotAlibaba Cloud is the infrastructure-as-a-service market leader in China.

20 May 2018 12:05am GMT

AT&T's Dash-like smart button doesn't need WiFi

AT&T's Dash-like smart button doesn't need WiFiAT&T has launched a new product called LTE-M button, which allows users to

20 May 2018 12:02am GMT

19 May 2018

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China stops short of accepting US trade demands

Beijing willing to open up to more imports as administration backs away from ZTE resolution

19 May 2018 7:10pm GMT