12 Nov 2018

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U.S. bishops delay action on clergy abuse at Vatican's request

U.S. bishops delay action on clergy abuse at Vatican's requestThe Catholic Church worldwide is reeling from crises involving sexual abuse of minors, deeply damaging confidence in the Church in the United States, Chile, Australia, Ireland and elsewhere. Cardinal DiNardo of Galveston-Houston said the Congregation for Bishops in Rome had sent a letter asking U.S. bishops to wait until after the Vatican-convened global meeting on sex abuse takes place in February.

12 Nov 2018 8:19pm GMT

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Women really are more empathetic and men more analytical, biggest ever study shows 

Women really are more empathetic and men more analytical, biggest ever study shows If you often sit on a train pondering how the rail networks are coordinated then you are more likely to be male, new research suggests. Likewise if friends often come to you with their problems, then chances are you're a woman. In the biggest ever study examining differences between the sexes, scientists have concluded that women really are more empathetic while men are more analytical and logical. Researchers at the University of Cambridge tested more than 680,000 people and found that on average women have a greater ability to recognise what another person is thinking intuitively and respond appropriately. On the other hand men have a stronger drive to view the world through 'rule-based systems', striving to learn how things work through their underlying parts. The study found that the traits can even predict which professions people choose, with those working in science, technology engineering and mathematics (Stem) scoring more highly in 'systemizing' or masculine traits, while those in non-stem jobs more likely to have 'empathetic' or feminine traits. Dr Varun Warrier, from the Cambridge team, said: "These sex differences in the typical population are very clear. "We confirmed that typical females on average are more empathic, typical males on average are more systems-oriented. "We know from related studies that individual differences in empathy and systemizing are partly genetic, partly influenced by our prenatal hormonal exposure, and partly due to environmental experience. "We need to investigate the extent to which these observed sex differences are due to each of these factors, and how these interact." How systems-focused are you? For the study, men and women were asked to respond to 20 statements measuring their level of empathy and systems-oriented thinking. Sentences included "I am interested in knowing the path a river takes from its source to the sea" and "I can easily work out what another person might want to talk about." On average men scored 9.87 out of 20 for empathy while women scored 10.79. Likewise for systems based thinking men scored 6.73 while women scored 5.45. The research, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), also showed that people with autism are far more likely to display 'masculinized' traits and less likely to score highly for empathy, a phenomenon dubbed 'the Extreme Male Brain Theory.' 'Extreme Male Brain Theory' and theory of sex differentiation were first proposed by Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, Director of the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge, nearly two decades ago but in the past is has been branded as 'neurosexism' by critics. The researchers said the huge study backed his claim that there really are fundamental differences between the minds of men and women at population level, although individuals can still be 'atypical' for their sex. "This research provides strong support for both theories," said Prof Baron-Cohen. "This study also pinpoints some of the qualities autistic people bring to neurodiversity. "They are, on average, strong systemizers, meaning they have excellent pattern-recognition skills, excellent attention to detail, and an aptitude in understanding how things work. "We must support their talents so they achieve their potential - and society benefits too." If you'd like to complete these measures and participate in studies at the Autism Research Centre please register here: http://www. cambridgepsychology.com

12 Nov 2018 8:00pm GMT

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Fierce winds fan California wildfires, more than 200 missing

Fierce winds fan California wildfires, more than 200 missingAuthorities searched on Monday for more than 200 people unaccounted for in one of the wildfires rampaging through parts of California, voicing concern about a possible rising death toll, as gusty, dry winds spurred the flames. The so-called Camp Fire, California's most destructive on record, had left at least 228 people missing as of early Monday, according to Kory Honea, sheriff of northern California's Butte County, site of the fire. Both fires have been whipped up by hot dry winds expected to continue through Tuesday evening, according to officials.

12 Nov 2018 7:09pm GMT

Miley Cyrus, Neil Young lose homes in Malibu wildfires

Miley Cyrus, Neil Young lose homes in Malibu wildfiresSingers Miley Cyrus and Neil Young were among hundreds of people who lost their homes in wildfires that destroyed parts of the California seaside town of Malibu, where flames burned for a fourth day on Monday. Cyrus is engaged to actor Liam Hemsworth. Lady Gaga and members of the Kardashian family said they were forced to evacuate their homes because of the Woolsey Fire, which fire officials said has destroyed more than 370 structures and was only 20 percent contained on Monday morning.

12 Nov 2018 6:56pm GMT

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Here's How LeBron James and the Lakers Paid Tribute to the Thousand Oaks Shooting Victims

Here's How LeBron James and the Lakers Paid Tribute to the Thousand Oaks Shooting VictimsThe names of the victims were also read over the Staples Center PA system

12 Nov 2018 5:19pm GMT

Space photos show smoke smothering a burning California

Space photos show smoke smothering a burning CaliforniaFires at opposite ends of California have smothered the Golden State in smoke. Fall may be here, but rapidly-moving flames are still torching the exceptionally dry land, killing dozens of people in the state. Photos captured by NASA satellites gazing down at the Earth from space show smoke blanketing hundreds of miles of the state on Friday, when northeast winds blew smoke from the deadly Camp Fire across the California. The fire, which has burned 113,000 acres since November 8, has become the most destructive fire in state history. Smoke-blanketed California on Nov 9., 2018.Image: NASA earthdataDown in Southern California, the Woolsey and Hill Fires have also contributed considerable amounts of smoke. The Woolsey Fire, which has forced tens of thousands to evacuate from entire communities in Malibu, Thousand Oaks, and Calabasas, has burned over 91,000 acres. The Camp Fire burning on Nov. 9, 2018.Image: DigitalglobeHere, winds pushed thick clouds of smoke off the coast, over the Pacific Ocean. California's modern wildfire woes have been stoked by the well-understood and intertwined culprits of dry, powerful seasonal winds, climate change, and mismanaged forests. However, climate change has almost certainly played an outsized role in these recent fires, as well as California's terrible 2018 fire season. NASA's Terra satellite captures the Woolsey (bottom) and Camp Fire on November 9, 2018.Image: nasa Earth Observatory Warming climes dry out the land - and the state has experienced some of its hottest summer months in recorded history. Combined with sustained dry winds and little-to-no autumn rain, the vegetation and forests across much of the state are at record or near-record seasonal lows for dryness. Pick your timescale. 1-week, 3-week, 6-week, 3-month EDDI all at record levels. Unprecedented dryness from heat, winds, low humidity & lack of precipitation. #CAwx #CampFire @hydromet_man pic.twitter.com/CB6u6VwPmf - Rob Elvington (@RobElvington) November 10, 2018 The Camp Fire, which has burned down nearly 6,500 structures while taking the lives of at least 29 people - tying the record for the most deadly fire in state history - is 25 percent contained. The Woolsey Fire is 20 percent contained, and fire-promoting winds are expected to keep blowing through Monday. WATCH: Ever wonder how the universe might end?

12 Nov 2018 5:12pm GMT

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Trump makes baseless 'infected' ballot claims amid Florida recount

Trump makes baseless 'infected' ballot claims amid Florida recountPresident Trump on Monday suggested that the ongoing recounts in Florida should be halted and the races called for Republican candidates while floating baseless claims of voter fraud.

12 Nov 2018 3:04pm GMT

11 Nov 2018

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2018 Veterans Day Parade in New York City

2018 Veterans Day Parade in New York CityNew York City hosted its annual Veterans Day Parade, the largest celebration of service in the nation, on Nov. 11. "America's Parade" featured more than 20,000 participants, with 300 marching bands, floats, veterans' groups and military units. Medal of Honor recipient Florent Groberg (U.S. Army, Afghanistan) was this years grand marshal.

11 Nov 2018 10:13pm GMT

An injured Yemeni child's image went viral. Then she disappeared to Saudi Arabia.

An injured Yemeni child's image went viral. Then she disappeared to Saudi Arabia.Over a year after an airstrike killed Buthaina's immediate family, remaining relatives are accusing Saudi authorities of kidnapping the girl in a bid to hide a powerful symbol of the war in Yemen.

11 Nov 2018 5:59pm GMT

07 Nov 2011

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Rocking YUI on Node.js and Mobile

Just over a year and a half ago I broke onto the scene with some demos of running YUI on the server with Node.js. This started out as an exercise in just stressing YUI's modularity and its ability to be used in more places than just the browser. Back in April of 2010 I started [...]

07 Nov 2011 7:21pm GMT

25 Oct 2011

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YUIConf 2011 Update: Announcing More Talks and a Free Workshop!

We've been busy rounding out our stellar lineup of tech talks for YUIConf 2011! See the latest schedule and register now - early bird registration ends Tuesday, October 24. In conjunction with the Yahoo! Mail team, we're excited to announce the addition of a free workshop: Developing Apps for Yahoo! Mail. Get the hands-on expertise [...]

25 Oct 2011 4:44am GMT

18 Oct 2011

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YUI: Open Hours Thurs Oct 20th

Modules and Loaders inside and outside of YUI Authoring JavaScript in modules is definitely picking up steam these days, and I'm not just talking about YUI. Node.js uses CommonJS 1.1 modules, dojo and others use AMD, and the next version of JavaScript (ok, ECMAScript) will include new syntax for creating and working with modules. So [...]

18 Oct 2011 5:22am GMT