17 May 2015

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Puppet 4.0 enters [community]

Puppet 4 has been released and breaks compatibility with version 3. Therefore users will need to upgrade a server to Puppet 4 before updating their clients. Note that if only a Puppet 4 server is available, Puppet 3 clients will not work. Also a number of locations for things have changed including the config, manifest and module files. You will need to follow upgrade instructions for your servers and clients:

17 May 2015 4:27pm GMT

16 May 2015

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PulseAudio split

Some modules have been split from the pulseaudio package to avoid having modules with missing dynamic libraries. Please check which modules you need and reinstall them.

The split out modules are:

16 May 2015 7:39am GMT

15 May 2015

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Keeping Packages Vanilla – 2. Configuration

Normally when you write an article and label it with part one, it is followed soon after with a part two. Well, a lot more than two years later, I discovered this draft…. So this is part two of me Continue reading

15 May 2015 3:22am GMT

04 May 2015

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The TalkingArch iso for May 2015 is out, and other news

The release TalkingArch 2015.05.03 is released. This release brings with it the Linux 4.0.1 kernel, systemd 219 and the alternative text editor vim-minimal, for anyone who has had problems with nano speaking too much. Find it in the usual place. Git Migration Due to the upcoming death of Gitorious, where the git repository for the [...]

04 May 2015 3:15am GMT

28 Apr 2015

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Help Me Out By Sending A Postcard

I am teaching my daughter about the world and all the different countries there are. She also likes receiving mail, so we came up with the idea of collecting postcards from all over the world. If you would like to Continue reading

28 Apr 2015 10:47am GMT

27 Apr 2015

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Practical fault detection on timeseries part 2: first macros and templates

In the previous fault detection article, we saw how we can cover a lot of ground in fault detection with simple methods and technology that is available today. It had an example of a simple but effective approach to find sudden spikes (peaks and drops) within fluctuating time series. This post explains the continuation of that work and provides you the means to implement this yourself with minimal effort. I'm sharing with you:

We reuse this stuff for a variety of cases where the data behaves similarly and I suspect that you will be able to apply this to a bunch of your monitoring targets as well.
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27 Apr 2015 1:05pm GMT

13 Apr 2015

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April 2015’s TalkingArch iso is here!

Yeah, it's about time! Announcing April's TalkingArch release, although this happened way back on the second. Seems somehow I left the blog neglected and abandoned this month. My apologies. Anyway, this TalkingArch snapshot includes all the latest packages as of the second of April, including Linux Kernel 3.19.2. As always, you will find the current [...]

13 Apr 2015 5:26pm GMT

08 Apr 2015

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Choqok is using KDE Frameworks

Hi there,

good news for the Choqok users out there: we are now using KDE Frameworks technology!

In fact, I spent the last month porting Choqok bits from Qt 4 to Qt 5, but I also fixed minor bugs you discover when doing this kind of work. Regressions could happen,

08 Apr 2015 6:24pm GMT

03 Mar 2015

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March for TalkingArch

It's new and it's live on the Talkingarch website. We present to you the latest and greatest TalkingArch live iso, which offers the latest versions of all core packages as well as Linux kernel 3.18.6. As always, you will find this iso on the TalkingArch download page, available via either a direct link or a [...]

03 Mar 2015 4:21pm GMT

02 Mar 2015

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csv-blobs improvements: windows binary, more speed, dramatically less memory

02 Mar 2015 4:51am GMT

01 Mar 2015

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Updating Arch Kernel On Digital Ocean

I have not bothered updating my Linux kernel package here since my VPS provider - Digital Ocean - went crazy and deprecated Arch Linux as an install option. That is obviously a bad thing… This backfired on me today. It Continue reading

01 Mar 2015 6:33pm GMT

25 Feb 2015

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More performance gains!

25 Feb 2015 11:37am GMT

23 Feb 2015

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Improvements on Manjaro Security Updates

I'll give credit where it is due. I had previously criticized Manjaro for holding back all package updates as this ignored security issues. But it appears that Manjaro has a new security policy, which means that packages that are rated Continue reading

23 Feb 2015 3:03pm GMT

21 Feb 2015

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Posting so more people can get entertainment value from this email. From: Daniel Skowroński <daniel@dsinf.net> Subject: -asroot Hi Allan, I'd like to say you are moron if you were thinking that commiting 61ba5c961e4a3536c4bbf41edb348987a9993fdb to pacman was good idea! I am Continue reading

21 Feb 2015 9:31pm GMT

15 Feb 2015

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xorg-server 1.17.1 is now available

The new version comes with the following changes:

15 Feb 2015 1:06pm GMT

09 Feb 2015

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February 2015’s TalkingArch is here

Announcing the February 2015 release of TalkingArch. This version updates the system packages to their latest versions, including the 3.18.4 Linux kernel. The brltty-minimal package that is included with this version is still somewhat older than the latest version of brltty, but this should be fixed in the March release. As usual, you will find [...]

09 Feb 2015 5:56am GMT