25 Oct 2016

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Matt: Common at Tiny Desk

This Tiny Desk concert at the White House with Common and some of my favorite musicians Robert Glasper, Derrick Hodge, and Bilal was incredible.

25 Oct 2016 2:28pm GMT

24 Oct 2016

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WPTavern: WordPress 4.7 to Introduce User-Specific Language Setting for the Admin

WordPress 4.7 will allow users to select a language to use in the admin. Prior to this change, using a different language for the admin required installing the necessary translations and editing the wp-config.php file or using a plugin.

A user-specific language setting makes it possible to run a WordPress site in one language on the front end and administrate it in another without all of the previous hassle. For example, if a German newspaper site has contributors from all around the world, WordPress 4.7 makes it possible for each contributor to use the admin in his or her native language. The setting is available as a language dropdown on the user profile edit screen at wp-admin/profile.php.


During my first test of the new feature I thought it was broken, but it turns out the setting is not visible if the site language is set to the default en_US. Change the site language under Settings to something else and WordPress will then show available translations in the user profile language dropdown.

The user-specific language setting comes as a result of work on a two-year-old ticket and contributors' discussions at several European WordCamps during the past few years. It introduces a new get_user_locale() function that plugin developers will want to be aware of, especially those who have built other solutions that allow users to set a language for the admin.

24 Oct 2016 9:22pm GMT

WPTavern: LinkedIn Learning Is Offering Free Access This Week to Its Library of More Than 5,000 Courses

Lynda.com, a site that offers thousands of online training courses is giving everyone an opportunity to access any course they want for free. Dubbed the "Week of Learning", starting today and ending on October 30th, visitors can take any course they want without any strings attached. The only thing that's required is a LinkedIn account which is used to login to LinkedIn Learning.

Morten Rand-Hendriksen, an instructor for a number of courses on Lynda.com, is excited about the event, "It gives everyone a chance to check out all the amazing content available on LinkedIn Learning and further their personal skills and professional careers," Hendriksen said.

To help newcomers decide which courses to take, Jillian Senechalle has compiled a list of the 10 most viewed courses this year. Some of them include, Excel 2013 Essential Training, Communication Fundamentals, and JavaScript Essential Training. If you've ever wanted to take a course on Lynda.com but didn't have the funds, now is your chance.

24 Oct 2016 9:18pm GMT

WPTavern: Automattic Releases Free WordPress Stickers App for iOS 10

iOS 10 was released last month with support for stickers in the the iMessage apps for iPhone and iPad. If you want to add a little WordPress flavor to your mobile communications, check out the new free WordPress World iMessage sticker app from Automattic. The app includes some of the company's mascots and logos, such as WooCommerce and Jetpack, as well as a collection of "sticker-ized" wapuus from the community.

image credit: WordPress.comimage credit: WordPress.com

The sticker set is also being ported for use with Telegram, which has supported an open sticker platform since May 2015. Aaron Douglas, an iOS mobile developer at Automattic, has added the stickers from the iOS app into a WordPress World sticker pack for Telegram.


"The process of porting is manual but doesn't take a terrible amount of time," Douglas said. "The only weird thing is Telegram associates an emoji with every sticker so finding an appropriate emoji for a particular sticker is tricky. Some people on Telegram just pick random emoji and they don't care about the equivalence."

The Telegram sticker collection matches those in the iMessage sticker app after an update Douglas pushed this morning. Just a handful of the planned stickers are currently available, but users will automatically receive the new ones as the iOS app and Telegram pack are updated. Douglas said Automattic is planning to add more Wapuu created for the WordCamps and is looking into commissioning a few new ones for the app.

24 Oct 2016 5:58pm GMT

Post Status: WordPress REST API in Core — Draft podcast

Welcome to the Post Status Draft podcast, which you can find on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and via RSS for your favorite podcatcher. Post Status Draft is hosted by Joe Hoyle - the CTO of Human Made - and Brian Krogsgard.

In this episode, Joe and Brian talk about the WordPress REST API and the core approval process


Direct Download



Sponsor: OptinMonster

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24 Oct 2016 1:39pm GMT

22 Oct 2016

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Matt: Taking Sides

From Elie Wiesel's Nobel Peace Price acceptance speech in 1986:

And then I explained to him how naive we were, that the world did know and remain silent. And that is why I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. Sometimes we must interfere. When human lives are endangered, when human dignity is in jeopardy, national borders and sensitivities become irrelevant. Wherever men or women are persecuted because of their race, religion, or political views, that place must - at that moment - become the center of the universe.

22 Oct 2016 5:32pm GMT

21 Oct 2016

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Matt: Defrauding an Election

Wired has a fun and informative look at How to Rig a Presidential Election in 1000 Easy Steps. Basically it's impossible - I hadn't really thought of this before, but every precinct has its own officials from both parties that certify everything, there are just a ton of people involved at every step of the process. All that said, I would love if voting platforms were completely open source software and had paper receipts that could be verified manually.

Also speaking of politics getting dirty, the San Francisco State Senate race has had a ton of falsehoods and attacks from Scott Weiner, someone I've met before and previously thought was a nice guy, but the latest mailers I've seen have just been deceitful (especially considering the Guardian actually endorsed his opponent, Jane Kim).

21 Oct 2016 11:12pm GMT

WPTavern: Peter Meth Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Produce 7″ Wapuu Plush Toys

Wapuu is the unofficial mascot of the WordPress project and is quite the traveler appearing at WordCamps all over the world. While there is a variety of swag featuring Wapuu, outside of handmade items, there isn't a way to obtain a plush toy.

Wapuu Plush Toy PrototypeWapuu Plush Toy Prototype

Peter Meth, a Senior PHP Consultant based in Toronto, Canada, is looking to change that with a crowdfunding campaign using Kickstarter. Meth is seeking $11,338 to create a number of 7″ Wapuu plush toys.

"The factories that produce most of these items are in China and there are large minimum orders," Meth said. "I have done the calculations and have tried to keep the Kickstarter goal at a minimum."

Meth has previous experience creating plush toys for other software projects. Last year, he successfully raised $35K from 432 backers to create a PHP Woolly Mammoth plush toy. While the web version of Wapuu features the WordPress logo, the plush toy does not.

"The WordPress logo is a trademark of the WordPress Foundation," Meth said. "I did not get permission to use their logo. I am in no way affiliated with WordPress. This product is a plush toy, not software and on his chest is just a regular W with a circle around it."

If successfully funded, backers won't receive the product for at least a few months as the orders are created, processed, and shipped from China to Canada. Meth will then package the orders and ship them to backers, "I have done it before and have figured out the best ways to get these items to backers quickly and efficiently," he said.

Pledges range from purchasing one plush toy up to five. There's also a pledge available for about $763 where companies can have their advertising materials shipped with each toy.

So far, Meth has raised $676 from 20 backers with 29 days left to go. Considering the lack of Wapuu plush toys in existence, these would be excellent collectibles to give away at WordCamps.

21 Oct 2016 8:22pm GMT

WPTavern: WordCamp Orlando Rescheduled for November 12-13

WordCamp Orlando which was originally scheduled for October 9-10 will now take place the weekend of November 12-13. The event was cancelled after the venue was ordered closed due to Hurricane Matthew.

The event is being held at the UCF Rosen Campus and features a different schedule than the October event. Saturday will have a networking brunch, keynote session, and three tracks of hour-long sessions. The Developer's and WordPress for Beginners workshops will be held on Sunday along with a track of sessions dedicated to business and marketing.

Lisa Melegari, lead organizer for WordCamp Orlando, says the team was unable to re-negotiate a discounted rate for hotel rooms with Rosen Shingle Creek. If your reservation was cancelled due to the storm, she suggests contacting the hotel directly and try booking the room at the same rate.

Extra tickets will go on sale once sessions are decided and speakers are confirmed. Those who purchased tickets for the October event and did not request a refund are able to use the same ticket to attend in November.

21 Oct 2016 7:24pm GMT

WPTavern: LoopConf Rescheduled for February 6-8, 2017, in Salt Lake City, Utah

LoopConf, a conference geared towards WordPress developers has been rescheduled for February 6-8, 2017, and will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah. The event was originally scheduled to take place in Florida but was cancelled due to Hurricane Matthew.

Ryan Sullivan, lead organizer of the event who lives in Salt Lake City, says one of the reasons he chose his hometown is to take advantage of local connections.

"When we chose to reschedule LoopConf, there was a very large financial impact attached to that," Sullivan said.

"Had we chosen another resort destination, our money would have been committed to the logistics and venue there, and we would have had to scale back on attendee experience.

"That wasn't something we were willing to sacrifice, so we brought the event back home so we could lean on some local connections, and still put on a fantastic event without asking anything else of the attendees or sponsors."

Tickets that were purchased for the Florida event are automatically being transferred to the Salt Lake City event. Those who can't make it and would like to request a refund need to send an email to info @ loopconf.com and add Refund Request to the subject line. Refund requests should be submitted before October 31st.

Those who couldn't attend the event in October but can in February are in luck as tickets are back on sale to the public, "We're hoping to bolster and regain some of what we've lost, and we know that won't be possible without the support of the WordPress community at large," Sullivan said.

Sullivan has also negotiated a deal with the Little America hotel located a few blocks from the venue. Room rates are $179 per night instead of the usual $229 and ground transportation will be provided each day to and from the venue. While rooms are not currently available for reservation at the lower price, Sullivan says a special link will be published soon.

For detailed information on the event and to purchase tickets, visit the LoopConf website.

21 Oct 2016 6:26pm GMT

WPTavern: BuddyPress 2.7 Released, Features Groups Query Overhaul and Improvements for Site Administrators

photo credit: Eater NYphoto credit: Eater NY

BuddyPress 2.7 "Migliaccio" was released yesterday, named after the family who runs Sam's Restaurant in Brooklyn. The sign in front of the establishment features steaks and chops, but the restaurant's pizza is "one of the great under-appreciated pies in all of NYC," according to BuddyPress core developers.

This release is heavy on features for developers, in line with the project's recent change of course. The BuddyPress core team is now focusing on the experience of developers and site builders, as opposed to providing something that is 100% turnkey.

Version 2.7 delivers significant performance improvements to sites that are using the Groups component. Group queries have been completely re-written to be less memory-intensive by following WordPress' move to use the "split" model for object queries.

"The changes we've made for BP 2.7 should lead to a huge performance improvement on sites using persistent caching," BuddyPress lead developer Boone Gorges said. "When querying groups, not only are group objects now fetched from the cache when available, but the ID queries themselves are cached as well."

Version 2.7 is rather lean on user-facing features but one helpful addition is a new email token that makes it possible for users to unsubscribe from BuddyPress-generated emails. The unsubscribe links have been added to the emails that are listed on the email settings page.

This release also introduces many improvements for site administrators, which will make BuddyPress easier to manage and customize:

This is the first release since the project's new developer-oriented direction was announced. The improvements shipped in 2.7 reflect the core development team's commitment to better serve those who are developing and managing BuddyPress sites. For a list of all the changes and links to documentation, check out the full 2.7 changelog.

21 Oct 2016 4:16am GMT

20 Oct 2016

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WPTavern: New WordPress Default Theme Twenty Seventeen Merged into 4.7


WordPress 4.7 will ship with a new default theme in December. David Kennedy merged Twenty Seventeen into core yesterday as his first commit to WordPress. Any remaining development issues for the project will now be managed via Trac.

In the merge proposal, Kennedy described Twenty Seventeen as "an ambitious theme that focuses on a creative home page and an easy site setup experience for users." It is the first default theme designed specifically for business websites. The theme includes four customizable panels on the front page (as seen in Kennedy's demo video below), which can be set to display content from existing pages. It includes support for uploading a custom logo and uses SVG icons throughout the theme, which Kennedy notes is a first for a default theme.


Twenty Seventeen will offer three different options for a color scheme: light, dark, or custom (which can be set via a user-friendly color-picker):


"Twenty Seventeen will ship with its current implementation of panels in the theme and without video headers," Kennedy said during yesterday's core development meeting. A ticket for adding core support for video headers is open on Trac and contributors are still working out all of the intricacies of the feature. It may not be ready to ship with the first version of Twenty Seventeen, but it's an exciting step forward for standardizing an approach for developers who want to build video headers into their themes.

"Video headers are definitely doable," Nick Halsey said during yesterday's meeting. "It's a matter of getting consensus on the best approach on the ticket."

Contributors have also discussed creating a multi-panel page that lets users select content for the different sections. It would benefit Twenty Seventeen but contributors are considering giving it more time in development as a feature plugin.

"Regarding multi-panel, I'd agree that it's not going to make it," Kennedy said in the #core Slack channel today. "That isn't to diminish the awesome work done so far, but it needs more. I'd like to start making plans for it to be a feature plugin, perhaps. I want to see the momentum continue. Core needs a solution around this, and it will take more people to help make it even better."

Twenty Seventeen has had 59 contributors to date and may gain a few more before the 4.7 release cycle is finished. The theme will benefit from testing in as many different environments as possible, since it will immediately be high profile as the next default WordPress theme.

20 Oct 2016 6:19pm GMT

19 Oct 2016

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WPTavern: WordCamp WarmUp Is a Success

Rebecca Gill, founder of Web-Savvy-Marketing, has published a postmortem of WordCamp WarmUp, an event that took place two days before WordCamp Ann Arbor aimed at breaking the ice for new WordCamp attendees. The event surpassed its goal of 50 attendees forcing Gill to close registration early.

"Not only did most WarmUp guests arrive right on time, we had a full room of WarmUp attendees and even had a few unexpected friends show up," Gill said.

Gill created three different lists that included interesting things about attendees, their interests, and their talents. She then created packets that attendees could use to seek out specific people, "I'm not sure how many people used my lists, but I will say most people took packets with them when they left the event," Gill said.

She challenged attendees to meet at least 20 people during WordCamp Ann Arbor. While a handful of people completed the challenge, its purpose was to provide an additional incentive.

"I really don't care how many people an individual met," Gill said. "My goal was to get them to meet more than they would without WarmUp and to encourage them to get to know others if their personalities allowed."

Gill conducted a poll shortly after the event to gather feedback and received 15 responses. When asked how the event made their WordCamp experience more meaningful, a number of people offered positive feedback:

To read all of the feedback and view photos of the event, check out the wrapup post. If you attended WordCamp Warmup, tell us about your experience in the comments.

19 Oct 2016 9:12pm GMT

WPTavern: WP REST API Content Endpoints Officially Approved for Merge into WordPress 4.7


After a lengthy and impassioned meeting in the WordPress #core Slack channel on Monday evening, the WP REST API content endpoints were conditionally approved for merge into 4.7. Since that time Brian Krogsgard published a document with input from the team on how they plan to measure the success of the API.

The conditions included some last minute work from the team on demonstrating how the API can benefit core development. Contributors produced multiple proofs of concept, including leveraging the REST API endpoints for Press this and Quick Draft features.

"I think the team has come together really well over the last couple days to tackle the merge tasks," WordPress core committer Jeremy Felt said. "It seems that the momentum is on the right track to merge and then continue knocking out issues throughout the rest of the cycle as we start testing it as part of core. I'm also pretty excited about the pieces of the admin that are about to start using it with such a short window. 4.8 and 4.9 have a ton of potential with the API."

Contributors in attendance at today's core development meeting agreed that the team had made significant strides to meet the conditions previously identified for merge. After a short few minutes of discussion, WordPress 4.7 release lead Helen Hou-Sandí officially approved the WP REST API content endpoints for merge into core.

Code on the GitHub repository will now be frozen and continued development will be managed via WordPress trac. The WP REST API has had 99 contributors on the project to date. The content endpoints identified in the merge proposal will ship with WordPress 4.7 and contributors will focus on authentication for the 4.8 release cycle.

19 Oct 2016 9:10pm GMT

WPTavern: WordPress 4.7 to Ship with Infrastructure from the Customize Snapshots Feature Plugin

photo credit: Chantel Lucasphoto credit: Chantel Lucas

Customize Changesets, the technical term for the infrastructure in the Customize Snapshots feature plugin, was merged into WordPress 4.7 yesterday. The project, formerly known as Customizer Transactions, brings the underlying architecture required for the ability to save a session as a draft. It enables WordPress to save a set of changes made in the Customizer so that it can be shared, previewed outside of the iframe, and even published at a future date.

Although the initial introduction of Customize Changesets will ship with no UI, it is the gateway for a host of exciting new features in the Customizer.

"The new APIs make possible many new user-facing features in future releases and feature plugins, including saving long-lived drafts, submitting changesets as pending for review, scheduling changes, seeing the previewed state on the frontend without being in an iframe, sharing preview URLs with others who do not have customizer access, and others," project lead Weston Ruter said in the merge proposal.

Users will be able to detect the Customize Changesets architecture in WordPress in two ways. A new customize_uuid query parameter is added onto the URL. Also, users can now reload pages in the Customizer and the changes that have already been made will persist.

"In future releases we can explore new UIs to take advantage of the new capabilities that changesets provide," Ruter said. "New UIs can provide a way to schedule changes, the ability to undo the last change, show an audit log (revision history) for changes, collaborative editing of a customizer changeset, and so on. Future feature projects will explore many of these and feature plugins will start to prototype them."

Ruter also noted that Customize changesets fixes "several long-standing issues related to incompatibilities between JavaScript running on the site's frontend when previewed in the customizer." This should make the experience of customizing WordPress less buggy for users.

When I asked Ruter if the UI for core will come from the Customize Snapshots feature plugin, he said he's not certain whether the team will migrate the features into a separate "Customize Changesets UI" plugin or adapt it to make use of changesets instead.

"Either way, the UI features will live on and will be prototyped in feature plugin form before proposal for core merge," Ruter said. "The underlying plumbing from Snapshots was adapted for changesets now in core. So the snapshots itself needs its internals to be gutted to re-use changesets."

From there contributors will begin building a UI for managing changesets, which includes listing existing changesets and their revisions, as well as moving a changeset post from auto-draft to draft, pending, or future. Ruter encourages those who want to contribute to a changesets UI for core to get involved in the Customize Snapshots plugin on GitHub.

19 Oct 2016 7:25pm GMT

BuddyPress: BuddyPress 2.7.0 – “Migliaccio”

BuddyPress 2.7 "Migliaccio" is now available for download from the WordPress.org plugin repository, or right from your WordPress Dashboard. "Migliaccio" focuses on new features for developers and site builders.

Groups Query Overhaul
Huge performance improvements on sites using persistent caching. Learn more about the Groups Query rewrite.

Improved Profile Date Field
New Date Field settings, "Date format" and "Range", make it easier for site administrators to decide how date-based data will be collected and displayed.

Group Types Integration in Templates
Enable developers to show Group Types on the front end as well as control where the group type information is rendered. Learn how to implement this feature.

Use the Site Icon as Your Site's Profile Photo
BuddyPress sets the site admin's profile photo as the default site profile photo on the Sites Directory page. You can now use the Site Icon introduced in WordPress 4.3 instead.

Member Type and Group Type Filters in Users and Groups Admin Screens
Easily filter your members and groups by type and set types in bulk on the users and groups list tables in the dashboard.

Localized Timestamps
Fix inaccurate timestamps due to time zones or page caching with new client-side timestamp handling.

Links to Unsubscribe from Emails
Improve user experience by facilitating the removal of any or all subscriptions via new email tokens and unsubscribe links.

Use WP Page Names for Headings of BP Directory Pages
Whatever you choose as the title of your Activity, Sites, Members, or Groups directory pages on the back end, is what you'll get as the heading on the front end.

Accessibility Updates for the Front End and Back End
Continued improvements for universal access help make BuddyPress back- and front-end screens usable for everyone (and on more devices).

Refactored BP_Button Class to Accept New Arguments
Provides developers with improved syntax and more control over the rendering of buttons.

Improvements to a Single Group's Management Screens
Improved markup, new modular group management templates, and a new member search form are just some of the enhancements added to the single group admin screens.

Support for Querying for Groups by New Column parent_id
Query support for hierarchical groups makes it much easier for developers to add custom front-end functionality.

Many, Many Performance Improvements
Improved performance by removing extra database queries, adding new cache calls, and removing the number of loops in bp_get_user_groups().

…and much more!
Read about all the bug fixes and feature enhancements introduced in BuddyPress 2.7.0 at our official 2.7.0 changelog.

Thank You to Our Contributors
Many, many thanks to all those who contributed during this development cycle. This is a volunteer-run project, and these contributors freely gave of their time and expertise to make BuddyPress better than ever:
Aaron Jorbin (jorbin), abwebstudio1, Boone B Gorges (boonebgorges), Brajesh Singh (sbrajesh), Christian Wach (needle), danbp, Daniel Hüsken (danielhuesken), David Cavins (dcavins), demon_ru, Dennis (wpdennis), Eric Andrew Lewis (ericlewis), Henry Wright (henry.wright), herbovec, Hugo (hnla), J.D. Grimes (jdgrimes), John James Jacoby (johnjamesjacoby), Joseph G. (dunhakdis), kitsunesolar, lakrisgubben, Laurens Offereins (Offereins), Mathieu Viet (imath), mercime, Michael Beckwith (tw2113), Michael Beil (michaelbeil), Pascal Birchler (swissspidy), Paul Gibbs (DJPaul), r-a-y, Renato Alves (espellcaste), scharc, Slava Abakumov (slaffik), spenser4551, Stephen Edgar (netweb), Sven Lehnert (svenl77), tharsheblows, thomaslhotta, tomas711, venturavan2, and wordpressrene.

Thank You BuddyPress Translators!
Thank you to all of our multilingual friends who make BuddyPress available in a bouquet of languages. The following generous volunteers have 95% complete translations (or better!) of BuddyPress in your language:
baardkr (nb_NO), casiepa (it_IT), danbp (fr_FR), dancaragea (ro_RO), espellcaste (pt_BR), kidsguide (en_CA), netweb (en_AU), slaffik (ru_RU), trkr (tr_TR), vanespenamaury (fr_FR), webaware (en_NZ)

Many more are nearly complete. We could use your help!

Meet you at Sam's

We've called BuddyPress 2.7 "Migliaccio", in honor of the family that runs Sam's Restaurant in Brooklyn. Don't be fooled by the "Steaks" and "Chops" signs out front: the Italian food here is great, but the pizza stands apart as one of the great underappreciated pies in all of NYC. As a bonus, careful observers just might spot hanging in Sam's a photo of a certain BuddyPress developer, taken on the day he became a father. It's a real family joint!

Time to Go Get 2.7.0!

Download BuddyPress 2.7 "Magliaccio" from the wordpress.org plugin repository, or install/upgrade right from your WordPress Dashboard.

Questions, comments, feature requests, or bug reports? Please use our support forums or our development tracker.

19 Oct 2016 7:16pm GMT