25 May 2016

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How to take a screenshot of a full webpage

Making a capture of your computer screen is fairly easy with the default keyboard shortcuts. But, if you need to take a full page screenshot in your browser, it'll take a couple of extra steps or require a special tool. Here are 4 different ways to capture a full page: Zoom out the page and...

25 May 2016 12:37pm GMT

24 May 2016

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What is the internet of things and how are we all a part of it?

Do you have a smartphone or a tablet? If yes, then you're a part of the internet of things, which has turned into a very popular topic lately. Let's take a closer look at this concept and figure out why we're all involved into it. So, what is the internet of things in the first...

24 May 2016 9:18pm GMT

23 May 2016

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What’s the best ad blocker? Check out the stats

Online advertising helps drive the internet, but bloated ads and heaving tracking can damage your browsing experience by slowing down page loading, compromising privacy and jacking up costs on your mobile data bill. If you don't have an ad blocker yet, then it's time you consider getting one. So, what's the best ad blocker option for...

23 May 2016 1:13pm GMT

10 May 2016

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3 Tips for a better YouTube experience on Opera for computers

Through YouTube, we get instant access to a variety of content, from short movies to pranks to our favorite music videos. In this post, we will share 3 tips to enhance your next YouTube experience. Magic Actions for YouTube™ The first amazing feature is the Magic Actions video app. When using this app, you can...

10 May 2016 2:03pm GMT

09 May 2016

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Get more of the internet with the free, Opera VPN app for iOS

We're thrilled to announce the launch of Opera VPN, a free VPN app for iOS that will let you enjoy more of your favorite apps and of the internet. It allows you to change your virtual location by connecting you to one of five regions and borrowing an IP address from that area. You can choose...

09 May 2016 12:30pm GMT

04 May 2016

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Built-in ad blocker in Opera Mini and Opera for computers

Installing ad blocker extensions for your phone and computer? Why not try one for free that's built right into your browser. Opera for computers and Opera Mini for Android now come with integrated ad-blocking technology, so you can browse faster and more smoothly. The ad blocker in Opera Mini means you save time while browsing,...

04 May 2016 7:00am GMT

03 May 2016

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It’s time to take a stand on ad blockers

Ads have been an important part of the internet since its very beginning. Advertising is the main income for many web sites, and by accepting ads, we have been able to consume online content free of charge. In time, though, ads have turned out to be one of the major annoyances of web browsing, and...

03 May 2016 1:23pm GMT

02 May 2016

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Book for a cause: Mobilized for mobile

A great new book is on the scene for people like me who work in the mobile industry. Mobilized by SC Moatti is a book full of practical advice for those of us who want to understand and succeed with mobile. It touches on several case studies from none other than Facebook, Uber, Slack, Tinder,...

02 May 2016 12:44pm GMT

25 Apr 2016

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How to sync bookmarks – and more! – in Opera – A sync FAQ

When you switch between several devices, you don't have to worry about losing track of an interesting webpage. By enabling the sync feature in your Opera browsers, you can access your bookmarks, Speed Dials and open tabs from any of your computers, Android and iOS devices! It has now been a year since we enabled...

25 Apr 2016 1:57pm GMT

What does sync mean in Opera?

Enabling our browser sync feature is super helpful and really easy. If you have several devices that have the Opera browser installed, you don't have to worry about losing track of interesting websites when you switch devices. So, what does sync mean in Opera? With Opera, you can sync your Speed Dials, bookmarks, tabs and...

25 Apr 2016 1:45pm GMT