25 Aug 2016

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How to block ads in 4 simple steps

Heavy ads on websites can slow down your browsing experience significantly. Many ads also demand a lot of data, which can make your mobile data plan run out way too soon. Because we know that big, heavy ads are a problem for many of you, we have gathered some tips on how to block ads,...

25 Aug 2016 2:08pm GMT

23 Aug 2016

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Data Saver in Android Nougat: testing mobile data savings

The latest Android OS update, Nougat, rolled out today to select phones. According to Lifehacker, it is now available for Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, Nexus Player, Pixel C and General Mobile 4G (Android One) devices. It will also be available for users who signed up for the beta program, like me....

23 Aug 2016 2:45pm GMT

Free VPN for Android without data limits: Opera VPN

Keen on checking your Wi-Fi security and getting more online content with a free VPN for Android? Head over to Google Play today and get our newest app, Opera VPN for Android. It has no data limits and requires neither a log-in nor a subscription. If you have an iPhone, you can also get Opera...

23 Aug 2016 12:00pm GMT

19 Aug 2016

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How to set up a personalized newsreader: Your browser, your news

Personalized newsreaders and news apps make it easier to get direct news without having to scan through tons of different news websites. The personalized newsreader in Opera for computers is easy to customize in just a couple of clicks.You can decide which outlets you want to receive news from. All you have to do is...

19 Aug 2016 3:00pm GMT

18 Aug 2016

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Custom themes and other personalization features in Opera Mini

Want to bring more personal style into your mobile browser? Do that with Opera Mini! Let me tell you more about its custom themes and other personalization options. 1. Custom themes A great way to customize your browser is with color themes! Choose your favorite color to make it visible over Opera Mini's top bar, "data savings" menu...

18 Aug 2016 3:10pm GMT

16 Aug 2016

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“Why Opera?” Our summer interns share their stories

Every summer, interns join our teams at various Opera offices to gain work experience, apply what they study to a real-life workplace, and develop new skills. For the last summers, I have been one of them. This is actually my third summer interning with the HR team at Opera, and I am still super happy...

16 Aug 2016 8:00am GMT

10 Aug 2016

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Rio games’ results: Best sources of live sports news

Rio games are finally here and they are not leaving our side for 17 days straight! 🙂 Keep track of live sports news and results on your mobile with these sites: NBC Olympics BBC Olympics Rio official games' page ESPN Olympics Olympic.org Browse the best Olympics live news websites in the Opera Mini mobile browser,...

10 Aug 2016 12:58pm GMT

06 Aug 2016

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Get Boomerang for Gmail as an Opera extension

Even in the age of Slack and video-chat apps, email remains relevant, especially for work communication that needs a concrete, viewable thread for reviewing progress on projects and tasks. Boomerang for Gmail is an extension that lets you take even better control of your inbox. It lets you schedule emails, snooze messages, get follow-up reminders...

06 Aug 2016 7:00am GMT

29 Jul 2016

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Top Android apps: which apps are rising in the ranks

Already tried all the top Android apps out there and want more? Keep one step ahead by knowing the apps that are climbing the charts. Below are some of the apps listed in ironSource's Top 10 fastest-growing apps. Take your pick! Sing! Karaoke This app is so much fun that there's no question why it's...

29 Jul 2016 2:56pm GMT

28 Jul 2016

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In memory of Opera pioneer Per Hedbor

It is with deep sorrow that we share that our close Opera colleague, Per Hedbor, has passed away. We have lost a valued colleague, a brilliant mind, a good friend, a true internet pioneer and the main developer behind the Opera Mini servers. Per started in Opera back in 2002 in our office in Linköping,...

28 Jul 2016 1:25pm GMT