09 Oct 2015

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Red Crackle: Managing Inventory

We will go through the basic steps required to set up inventory management on your Drupal Commerce site. You will learn how to manage the quantity of products in your store.

09 Oct 2015 1:59pm GMT

frobiovox.com: Reflecting on Elixir and Phoenix

The New Hotness I read a post recently that had the click bait title "Is Drupal Dying?" Ironically I read this while attending ElixirConf. The basis of that post was clients asking for the next thing --expecting Drupal to be old and busted in five years. I am at ElixirConf because I see great potential in Elixir, Erlang, and Phoenix. I expect it to be the next big thing and...

09 Oct 2015 12:02pm GMT

OpenLucius: Headless Drupal & Node.js | Part 3/3: Express JS and Drupal API integration

Creepy stuff

Here at Lucius HQ we are always interesting in cool new technologies. So to discover the decoupled world, we build our new corporate website with Node.js and headless Drupal 8. In this blog serie we explain the implementation.

So this is the third and last part of the 'Headless Drupal & Node.js' series.

In this last part I'll show you:

  1. Installation and intro Express JS in Node.js
  2. Routes and dynamic templates with EJS in Express JS.
  3. Connect the JSON data from the REstful Drupal 8 web service

1) Installation and intro Express JS in Node.js

09 Oct 2015 10:50am GMT

roomify.us: Introducing Tours - Tours Search, Booking and Management in Drupal

Here at Roomify our long-term goal is to provide tools that can support the widest possible range of booking problems. There is an increasing demand for such solutions both from "traditional" companies (especially within travel) that want to leverage new online tools, as well as from the new breed of "sharing economy" startups. We view our role as technology providers to all of them. We build platforms that allow you to create your own special coctail of Content + Reservation/Booking + Commerce + Community and target your particular niche. Our Agency solution does this for whoever is interested in building their niche AirBnB-style site and today we are very excited to introduce Tours! Tours enables people to create platforms through which to describe and offer tours that can either last a few hours or a few days. In this post we present some of the highlights of tours.

09 Oct 2015 9:35am GMT

WDTutorials.com: How To Install Drupal 8 With MAMP (Drupal 8 Tutorial #1) (Article + Video)

First release candidate for Drupal 8 is out. Here is how to install it with Mamp.

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09 Oct 2015 9:00am GMT

Don't Panic: A blog about Drupal: Podcast on DrupalCon Barcelona

I've been a part of the Swedish podcast Drupalsnack for over 2 years now, and it's always fun to do a podcast while at a DrupalCon. This year, we managed to record the podcast in one of the BoF rooms, but some interference with the recording led up to a re-recording a couple of days later.

This year, we did three interviews: Kristoffer's colleague Kevin who was a first-time-attendee at a Drupal event ever, Antje from the Drupal Documentation Group and Holly Ross. Furthermore we talked about the conference itself, highlighted some of the sessions we attended and also covered the upcoming release of Drupal 8 RC1 (that was released two days ago).

You can click here to download the mp3-file or visit the official site of the Drupalsnack podcast to listen in your browser. We apologize for grammatical errors and that we sometimes sound like The Swedish Chef (hurdy-burdy-gloop).

09 Oct 2015 8:31am GMT

INsReady: Update your Nginx config to support Drupal 8

If you are running Drupal 7 on Nginx, the good news is that your existing Nginx configuration is almost fully compatible with hosting Drupal 8. Except one thing: Drupal 8 Update module has been re-implemented, and your existing Nginx configuration will probably return 404. For more details on Drupal 8 Update module change, please see Move update.php back to a front controller.

The change matters to Nginx config is that Drupal 7 update.php URL is like

/update.php?op=info or /update.php?op=selection

while Drupal 8 update.php URL pattern is like

/update.php/selection or /update.php/result

So, what we need to change in the existing configuration is very simple. Look for your matching condition like

location ~ \.php$ {...}

then, change it to

location ~ \.php$|^/update.php {...}

This change is adding a new case to tell Nginx, if you run into update.php on the root level, just pass it to your upstream.

I have updated my Nginx template for running Drupal 7 and Drupal 8, you can see it https://gist.github.com/skyred/4248423 to look at the full picture.

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Drupal 8

09 Oct 2015 7:41am GMT

Jim Birch: Login Destination: Sending us where we need to go!

Lego Uncle Jim at the Pool Waterfall

Rare is the site where the user who logs into the site, and needs to end up on their User page. This is the default behavior of Drupal. It makes sense if you are making a community or social media type website. But for most of us, building publishing, marketing, and general business sites, we want to send our users to a specific place so they can start or continue their workflow.

The Drupal Login Destination module comes to our rescue. With this module, we can redirect a user after logging in, after registering to the site, after using a one-time login link, or after logging out. We can set rules based on the user's Role, and can direct users to internal or external links, keeping any variables needed. It is a very powerful tool that you can use to help administrators on their way into their work, or help users into a conversion funnel of your design.

Installing Login Destination

Installation is simple, download to your modules folder and enable to the modules screen, or do so using drush:

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09 Oct 2015 5:06am GMT

flink: Leaflet 1.0.0 flies!

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Planet Drupal

09 Oct 2015 4:35am GMT

08 Oct 2015

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Cocomore: DrupalCon Barcelona 2015 – Personal summary from Philip

This years DrupalCon was in Barcelona and my first DrupalCon. Therefore i attented the First Time Attendee Social on Monday afternoon. This event was for all people that had never attended to a Drupalcon before...

08 Oct 2015 10:00pm GMT

Larry Garfield: Visiting other islands this fall

In case you hadn't heard yet, Drupal 8 RC 1 is out. And there has been much rejoicing! I'm going to save my own lengthy celebration-and-thank-you post for the 8.0.0 release, so for now I will just point everyone at Campbell Vertesi's post and say "what he said!".

But it's also a good time to consider the impact that Drupal 8 has had on the PHP community. The "off the island" movement has grown large, and people outside of Drupal are echoing the same message. In fact, not one but two conferences this fall are actively trying to build bridges between PHP sub-communities: ZendCon and php[world].

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08 Oct 2015 7:49pm GMT

Doug Vann: Bringing Drupal 8 to the Global Training Days

Drupal 8 training

Drupal 8 is almost here! If you're ready to learn it, I'm ready to teach it!

Monday October 12th 1pm ET to 5pm ET REGISTER [FREE bonus day not associated with 2015 Global Training Days]
Friday November 20th 1pm ET to 5pm ET REGISTER [This is part of the FREE 2015 Global Training Days]
Saturday November 21st 1pm ET to 5pm ET REGISTER [This is part of the FREE 2015 Global Training Days]

Pick a day. Click the link. Get the skills!

For 4 hours, we're going to take a byte sized chunk of Drupal 8 as we wrap our minds around the NEW way of doing the old things and the NEW things we can do now!

We will be installing Drupal 8, creating content, creating pages, managing users, and finding out what all the fuss is about!
Big Thanks to PANTHEON for letting anyone launch a FREE Drupal 8 site with this link: https://dashboard.pantheon.io/products/drupal8/spinup
What we'll do together:
[1] Install Drupal 8 via PANTHEON.
[2] cruise around the User Interface to familiarize ourselves with the new layout and options.
[3] Next we'll create some content and experience the NEW UI.
[4] We'll experiment with the new, fancy way that imaged are handled.
[5] We'll create some Listing Pages & Dynamic Blocks with the new VIEWS module included in Drupa Core.
[6] Manage users
[7] Some time for QnA at the end.

Drupal Planet

View the discussion thread.

08 Oct 2015 2:34pm GMT

Dries Buytaert: Reaching the next billion with Drupal

I feel lucky to be a part of creating and building Drupal. According to BuiltWith, Drupal powers 2.8% of websites in the top 1 million. That translates to 1 out of 35 websites. I've been thinking about what that means in terms of real impact: if any of the 3.2 billion internet users today have visited 35 or more of the top 1 million websites, they've "used" Drupal. I imagine most active internet users have visited more than 35 websites, and as such, Drupal must have "reached" almost everyone on the internet. That is a pretty incredible thought.

I've heard so many amazing stories about how Drupal sites have been a part of cultural, social and political movements. One of the stories that I'll never forget is from the Egyptian uprising in 2011, when the internet shut down for days and people took to the streets in protest of the Mubarak regime. This moment showed the profound impact of the web and the injustice citizens feel when it is taken away. The Drupal site Al Jazeera was an essential news source on this uprising for the rest of the world and remained online despite traffic to its live blog spiking 2,000 percent during the crisis.

Another such story is that of the Global Disaster Preparedness Center (GDPC), whose 189 partner organizations (including the American Red Cross) needed a better way to collaborate on disaster relief issues. GDPC embraced Open Source and built a multilingual Drupal site where disaster preparedness professionals can share information and resources that otherwise wouldn't be available. Considering the recent rise in natural disasters, this information has saved lives.

These two stories show how the web has the power to change lives, fuel economies, educate the masses and make the world much smaller in the best of ways. According to Cisco, Internet traffic in 2019 will be 64 times the volume in 2005. It is expected that another 1.8 billion people could come online by the end of 2018.

Yesterday, we announced the first Drupal 8 release candidate after almost five years of hard work by thousands of people in our community. The road towards Drupal 8 has been long and hard, but I'm excited that Drupal 8 will touch the next billion people who join the internet. They are joining fast. I hope you'll share stories of the impact Drupal has made on your lives as we continue to grow.

08 Oct 2015 2:12pm GMT

Microserve: Why Drupal 8 entering Release Candidate phase matters

Why Drupal 8 entering Release Candidate phase matters

Oct 8th 2015

We're really excited to see that Drupal 8 has officially passed Beta and entered the Release Candidate phase on schedule.

What does this mean for Drupal 8?

Drupal 8 has been a long-time coming (development started in early 2011!) but a lot has changed in that time. Fortunately the Drupal community has done an admirable job of keeping pace with advances in the web and supporting technologies, and have made numerous improvements over Drupal 7, but this has meant a lot of ongoing churn within Drupal 8's internals.

The Release Candidate phase marks the beginning of guaranteed backwards compatibility between releases, and means that the Drupal 8 community are now focussing on stabilisation and bug-fixes ahead of the official 8.0 launch rather than new features and improvements.

The recent announcement at DrupalCon Barcelona and subsequently meeting their target release date for Drupal 8 RC1 stands to highlight changes within the Drupal 8 roadmap and project planning mechanisms which are taking place throughout the Drupal community and the Drupal Association. This shows just how rapidly Drupal and the Drupal community are growing up to become a truly enterprise-grade system.

And most importantly of all it means that the wider Drupal community, including agencies, businesses and end-users, are readying for Drupal 8's widespread adoption.

How does this affect Drupal 8 adopters?

The most obvious benefit is for Drupal 8 developers, who can now be confident that when they next update Drupal 8 they won't be caught out having to fix their own custom work or wait for module maintainters to release an update. This will help spur adoption within the community as more and more developers can be confident that their hard work won't be wasted the next time a new version of Drupal 8 is released.

Perhaps less obvious, but arguably more important, is that it means businesses can push forward with adopting Drupal 8 as an enterprise-ready product, without fear of compatibility issues or feature regressions down the line. Now that Drupal 8 is entering the final stabilisation phase you can be confident that this means only bug fixes and incremental improvements - no one is thrashing around under the hood anymore.

What does this mean for Drupal agencies?

We've been working internally with Drupal 8 for a while now, but this latest announcement has triggered a shift in our own perceptions of Drupal 8 from 'cool new toy' to enterprise-ready product.

We're already starting to see growing interest in Drupal 8 amongst our existing customer base and from new business, and only expect this to grow even faster now that Drupal 8 is approaching final release.

You can find more information about Drupal 8's features and benefits in the official release announcement.

If you're interested in a Drupal 8 project or want to know more about how Drupal 8 can help your business, please get in touch.

Mark Pavlitski's picture

Written by: Mark Pavlitski, Technical Director

Microserve is a Drupal Agency based in Bristol, UK. We specialise in Drupal Development, Drupal Site Audits and Health Checks, and Drupal Support and Maintenance. Contact us for for further information.

08 Oct 2015 12:44pm GMT

iterate.: Drupal 8 is finally here

After what has seemed like an eternal wait, yesterday's announcement that the first release candidate of Drupal 8.0 is ready means that we will be working with a very different Drupal going forward.

08 Oct 2015 12:23pm GMT

Free Energy Media: Drupal or WordPress to iOS/Android Conversion Software

Too many websites claim to be able to turn your website into a mobile app but not one of them deliver results as expected, the simple truth is you can't automate the process, it will always leave something to be desired. Our software couple with custom implementation can turn your Drupal or WordPress website into a mobile feeling app. With native login functionality the user does not need to repeatedly login to the app giving the illusion of a 100% native mobile app from a website that lies behind a login. After logging in once the user simply clicks the homescreen icon and will be taken to the authenticated/logged in website area. All viewed from within a native iOS or Android wrapper. Custom offline messages and native navigation can all be implemented out of the box with our software. The overall time to implement the basic service for your app is $3000, the source code is yours forever with no annual fees, and you publish directly from your developer account. This services service will get you better results than an automated do-it-yourself platform,and also authentication and login which platforms like Appresser can't do. To convert a a website/webapp the one click homescreen icon app experience. The API currently exists for Drupal 6 or Drupal 7 sites. App software is written in both native iOS (Objective C) and Android (Java) code.


Sign up using your email or Facebook SDK, the app communicates via REST to your website.

Choose to sign in with Facebook once and then sign in automatically by clicking your homescreen icon.


App gets added to homescreen and login via one click.

Preloader provides instant touch feedback for a native feel.


Custom offline message instead of web browser "page not found".


Turn any responsive website into an app.

08 Oct 2015 9:16am GMT