02 Feb 2023

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Apple’s revenue growth streak snapped after supply chain woes

iPhone sales fell more than expected during holiday quarter as tech group grappled with 'significant' disruptions in China

02 Feb 2023 9:31pm GMT

feedYahoo Finance

Ford sinks after Q4 profits miss expectations, CEO says $2 billion left on the table

02 Feb 2023 9:20pm GMT

Amazon stock drops after revenue beat, EPS miss

02 Feb 2023 9:18pm GMT

Starbucks earnings miss estimates as China sales crater 29%

02 Feb 2023 9:11pm GMT

Qualcomm stock rises following slight earnings beat

02 Feb 2023 9:11pm GMT

Qualcomm Posts 12% Drop in Sales

02 Feb 2023 9:11pm GMT

Alphabet misses on earnings expectations, as ad revenue falls

02 Feb 2023 9:10pm GMT

Amazon Stock Falls on Mixed Earnings Report and Weak Forecast. AWS Missed Too.

02 Feb 2023 9:10pm GMT

Gilead Issues Unexpectedly Bullish Outlook After Cancer Drug Sales Rocket

02 Feb 2023 9:00pm GMT

Bed Bath & Beyond Is Closing 87 More Stores: See the List

02 Feb 2023 9:00pm GMT

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Ofgem orders halt to pre-pay meters being forcibly installed

Energy regulator steps in after reports of agents breaking into the homes of vulnerable British Gas customers

02 Feb 2023 8:16pm GMT

feedYahoo Finance

AI-related stocks soar on ChatGPT craze

02 Feb 2023 8:08pm GMT

I’m 72, have a cushy amount invested and was withdrawing 4% a year. But once I pay my financial adviser’s fees and California taxes that won’t be enough. What’s my move?

02 Feb 2023 8:07pm GMT

UnitedHealth stock can be blamed for most of the Dow's decline, while the rest of the stock market rallies

02 Feb 2023 7:49pm GMT

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BoE takes a newly pessimistic view of the economy

Central bank thinks UK cannot sustain GDP growth of 1% or more each year without inflation

02 Feb 2023 7:23pm GMT

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'Big Short' Michael Burry Bets on a Stock Market Crash

02 Feb 2023 6:05pm GMT

Cathie Wood on Tesla price cuts: Rival EV makers will 'have trouble keeping up'

02 Feb 2023 5:44pm GMT

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Stocks and bonds soar as investors bet that rates are close to peak

Central bankers raise borrowing costs but express confidence in battle to control inflation

02 Feb 2023 5:36pm GMT

feedYahoo Finance

Jim Cramer Astonished by Mark Zuckerberg's Terminology, Messaging During Meta's Earnings Call

02 Feb 2023 5:26pm GMT

How to Become a 401(k) Millionaire

02 Feb 2023 5:23pm GMT

feedBBC News - Economy

Bank chief Andrew Bailey: 'We think inflation will fall rapidly'

Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey says lower energy prices should help lower inflation.

02 Feb 2023 4:05pm GMT

feedGlobal Economy

Bank of England raises interest rates by 0.5 percentage points to 4%

Central bank indicates rates may have peaked and now predicts milder recession than before

02 Feb 2023 3:25pm GMT

FirstFT: More dovish Fed chair raises investor hopes

Also in today's newsletter, Meta's shares soar and banks recover as little as 5 cents on the dollar from Archegos collapse

02 Feb 2023 11:23am GMT

The bad news in the good economic news

Evidence is accumulating that tightening is not a good idea, but the IMF is not for turning

02 Feb 2023 10:46am GMT

Is the Fed ignoring market risk?

And Meta stock doubles

02 Feb 2023 6:30am GMT

The EU will struggle to de-risk its trade with China

Brussels doesn't yet have the tools or the strategy to fine-tune economic disengagement

02 Feb 2023 5:00am GMT

Economists detect dovish undertones from ‘more optimistic’ Jay Powell

Fed chair insists 'there is a long way to go' but investors zero in on sanguine comments

02 Feb 2023 5:00am GMT

01 Feb 2023

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China Belt and Road dreams fade in Germany’s industrial heartland

Geopolitical tensions including Beijing's close ties with Moscow derail Duisburg's hopes of trade bonanza

01 Feb 2023 11:00pm GMT

US stocks jump after Fed announces smaller rate rise

Investors emboldened after central bank chair says focus is 'not on short-term moves' in markets

01 Feb 2023 9:19pm GMT

Fed shifts to quarter-point rate rise but warns of more to come

Markets rally as traders focus on smattering of dovish notes from chair Jay Powell

01 Feb 2023 9:14pm GMT

Leaks pose danger to UK-EU deal on N Ireland trading regime, says Brussels

European Commission issues warning as pressure mounts on Rishi Sunak over potential compromise on protocol

01 Feb 2023 8:14pm GMT

The world lacks an effective global system to deal with debt

Unstable balance sheets are a threat to our collective financial stability

01 Feb 2023 7:00pm GMT

Inflation adds to the picture of an improving eurozone economy

Also in this newsletter: the UK's biggest day of industrial action since 2011 and getting the most out of office introverts

01 Feb 2023 6:15pm GMT

feedBBC News - Economy

House prices fall for fifth month in a row

The price of the average property in January was £258,297, a decline of 0.6% on December.

01 Feb 2023 11:43am GMT

31 Jan 2023

feedBBC News - Economy

What impact has Brexit had on the UK economy?

It is three years since the UK left the EU and time to start looking at the evidence.

31 Jan 2023 5:29pm GMT

UK expected to be only major economy to shrink in 2023 - IMF

Even sanctions-hit Russia is expected to grow this year, but the IMF says the UK is "on the right track".

31 Jan 2023 2:55pm GMT

Tech War: Biden moves to halt US exports to Huawei, reports say

Washington has been tightening its rules on exports of US technology to China for several years.

31 Jan 2023 5:50am GMT

Green projects are boosting UK growth - CBI report

Projects aimed at lowering carbon emissions are boosting growth in poorer parts of the country.

31 Jan 2023 1:05am GMT

27 Jan 2023

feedBBC News - Economy

Jeremy Hunt says significant tax cuts in Budget unlikely

The chancellor, who outlined a growth plan, says there will be little room for cuts in March.

27 Jan 2023 2:26pm GMT

HS2 will run through to London Euston, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt says

This follows reports that rising costs could mean the rail link might stop in the suburbs of west London.

27 Jan 2023 1:00pm GMT

26 Jan 2023

feedBBC News - Economy

US economic growth stronger than expected

The US economy grew at an annual rate of 2.9% at the end of 2022, but home sales and construction tumbled.

26 Jan 2023 3:07pm GMT

UK car production collapses to lowest for 66 years

Car production in the UK continued to fall last year, lagging further behind the US and EU.

26 Jan 2023 10:48am GMT

25 Jan 2023

feedBBC News - Economy

Premium Bond prize rate set to hit highest for 14 years

The boost from next month comes as analysts warn the peak in savings rates may be approaching.

25 Jan 2023 1:47pm GMT

24 Jan 2023

feedBBC News - Economy

Warning that thousands of firms face collapse

There are fears that 2023 could see a wave of company failures as the cost of living crisis continues.

24 Jan 2023 12:40pm GMT

Debt costs help push government borrowing to 30-year high

Government borrowing hit the highest level for a December since records began in 1993.

24 Jan 2023 10:36am GMT

Energy saving scheme: National Grid pays people to cut power again due to cold weather

Discounts will be offered to people who cut their energy use between 16:30 and 18:00 on Tuesday.

24 Jan 2023 9:32am GMT

23 Jan 2023

feedBBC News - Economy

Government to offer £600m for green steel switch

The UK's two biggest steelmakers are expected to get support to move away from old-fashioned coal.

23 Jan 2023 12:08am GMT

20 Jan 2023

feedBBC News - Economy

Christmas cutbacks cause shock drop in shop sales

Sales fell in December, as shoppers reined in spending in the face of rising prices.

20 Jan 2023 11:40am GMT