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Atlas.Orm 3.0 (“Cassini”) Now Stable

I am delighted to announce the immediate availability of Atlas.Orm 3.0 ("Cassini"), the flagship package in the Atlas database framework. Installation is as easy as composer require atlas/orm ~3.0. Atlas.Orm helps you build and work with a model of your persistence layer (i.e., tables and rows) while providing a path to refactor towards a richer … Continue reading Atlas.Orm 3.0 ("Cassini") Now Stable

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About fixtures

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08 Jul 2018

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How to setup PHP, PHP-FPM and NGINX on Docker in Windows 10 [Tutorial Part 1]

You probably heard from the new kid around the block called "Docker"? You are a PHP developer and would like to get into that, but you didn't have the time to look into it, yet? Then this tutorial is for you! By the end of it, you should know:

Note: I will not only walk on the happy path during this tutorial. That means I'll deep-dive into some things that are not completely related to docker (e.g. how to find out where the configuration files for php-fpm are located), but that are imho important to understand, because they enable you to solve problems later on your own.

But if you are short on time, you might also jump directly to the tl;dr.

This is the first part of a (probably) multi-part series on Docker. The next part will explain how to set up PHP in Docker containers in order to work nicely with PHPStorm when using XDebug.

Table of contents



I'm assuming that you have installed Git bash for Windows. If not, please do that before, see Setting up the software: Git and Git Bash.

Why use Docker?

I won't go into too much detail what Docker is and why you should use it, because others have already talked about this extensively.

As for me, my main reasons were

In general, Docker is kind of like a virtual machine, so it allows us to develop in an OS of our choice (e.g. Windows) but run the code in the same environment as it will in production (e.g. on a linux server). Thanks to its core principles, it makes the separation of services really easy (e.g. having a dedicated server for your database) which - again - is something that should happen on production anyway.

Transition from Vagrant

On Windows, you can either use the Docker Toolbox (which is essentially a VM with Docker setup on it) or the Hyper-V based Docker for Windows. This tutorial will only look at the latter.

A word of caution: Unfortunately, we cannot have other Gods besides Docker (on Windows). The native Docker client requires Hyper-V to be activated which in turn will cause Virtualbox to not work any longer. Thus, we will not be able to use Vagrant and Docker alongside each other. This was actually the main reason it took me so long to start working with Docker.

Setup Docker


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05 Jul 2018

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PHP 7.3.0 alpha 3 Released

The PHP team is glad to announce the release of the third PHP 7.3.0 version, PHP 7.3.0 Alpha 3. The rough outline of the PHP 7.3 release cycle is specified in the PHP Wiki. For source downloads of PHP 7.3.0 Alpha 3 please visit the download page. Windows sources and binaries can be found on windows.php.net/qa/. Please carefully test this version and report any issues found in the bug reporting system. THIS IS A DEVELOPMENT PREVIEW - DO NOT USE IT IN PRODUCTION! For more information on the new features and other changes, you can read the NEWS file, or the UPGRADING file for a complete list of upgrading notes. These files can also be found in the release archive. The next release would be Beta 1, planned for July 19th. The signatures for the release can be found in the manifest or on the QA site. Thank you for helping us make PHP better.

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04 Jul 2018

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Notes for working on the OpenWhisk PHP Runtime

These are some notes for working on the OpenWhisk PHP Runtime, but are probably applicable to the other runtimes too. Setting up I have a clone of the runtimes I'm interested in and core side-by-side in a directory. You then need various tools for development, which are documented here for macOS & Ubuntu in the Prerequites section. Build the container The PHP runtime creates two containers, one for PHP 7.1 and one for PHP 7.2.… continue reading.

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The Faster Web Meets Lean and Mean PHP!

September - EU
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Andrew Caya
September 20, 2018
20:00 CEST

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