23 May 2019

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PHP extensions status with upcoming PHP 7.4

23 May 2019 11:44am GMT

Interview with Robert McFrazier

23 May 2019 8:36am GMT

PHP Internals News: Episode 11: Parallel Extension

PHP Internals News: Episode 11: Parallel Extension

London, UK
Thursday, May 23rd 2019, 09:11 BST

In this eleventh episode of "PHP Internals News" I talk with Joe Watkins (Twitter, Patreon, Website, GitHub) about his parallel extension.

The RSS feed for this podcast is https://derickrethans.nl/feed-phpinternalsnews.xml, you can download this episode's MP3 file, and it's available on Spotify and iTunes. There is a dedicated website: https://phpinternals.news

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Music: Chipper Doodle v2 - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) - Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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23 May 2019 8:11am GMT

21 May 2019

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426 Upgrade Required

21 May 2019 6:22pm GMT

Interview with Tim Bond

@timb0nd Show Notes xDebug Audio This episode is sponsored by Day Camp 4 Developers

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21 May 2019 1:04pm GMT

PHP Session Locking and cURL timeout error

Although PHP sessions seem to be pretty straightforward on the first sight, underestimating their complexity can lead to some hard to track problems.

One of such things is session locking mechanism. It's purpose is noble - protect session data from being overwritten by other instances of the same or other scripts running at the same time.

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21 May 2019 1:14am GMT

20 May 2019

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How to build a Docker development setup for PHP Projects [Tutorial Part 3]

In the third part of this tutorial series on developing PHP on Docker we'll lay the fundamentals to build a complete development infrastructure and explain how to "structure" the Docker setup as part of a PHP project. Structure as in

We will also create a minimal container setup consisting of php-fpm, nginx and a workspace container that we refactor from the previous parts of this tutorial.

Published parts of the Docker PHP Tutorial

All code samples are publicly available in my Docker PHP Tutorial repository on github. The branch for this tutorial is part_3_structuring-the-docker-setup-for-php-projects.

If you want to follow along, please subscribe to the RSS feed or via email to get automatic notifications when the next part comes out :)


Shout out to Nils Meyer for giving the final "[...] nichts offensichtlich falsch" ("nothing obviously wrong") :)

Table of contents

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20 May 2019 8:07am GMT

17 May 2019

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Newcrafts 2019 Day 1

17 May 2019 2:15pm GMT

Command Pattern for Legacy Code Refactoring

Just recently I run into an issue on one of my projects which I gracefully solved using the Command pattern. The project has a lot of legacy code, and to avoid the pain of major refactoring we do it gradually, piece by piece.

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17 May 2019 1:49pm GMT

Interview with Phil Jackson

17 May 2019 10:06am GMT