10 Nov 2011

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Consistency, cloud and the PHP mysqlnd replication plugin

Elastic, fantastic: click here to add a MySQL replication database cluster to your cloud configuration. Click - yes, we can! Just one little thing, you need to update your application: consistency model changed. Plan for it. Some thoughts for PECL/mysqlnd_ms 1.x, the PHP mysqlnd replication plugin. Problem: C as in ACID is no more A MySQL [...]

10 Nov 2011 6:49pm GMT

Egeniq Development Process

Egeniq is a highly distributed company. Unlike most other software development companies our developers do not work from a central office but from various locations. In this post I'll try to explain what our development process looks like.

10 Nov 2011 5:47pm GMT

09 Nov 2011

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PHP 5.4 RC1 released

The PHP development team is proud to announce the first release candidate of PHP 5.4. PHP 5.4 includes new language features and removes several legacy (deprecated) behaviours. Windows binaries can be downloaded from the Windows QA site. THIS IS A RELEASE CANDIDATE - DO NOT USE IT IN PRODUCTION! This is the first release candidate. No new features will be included before the final version of PHP 5.4.0. The release candidate phase is intended as a period of bug fixing prior to the stable release. Changes since the last beta version include:Added class member access on instantiation (e.g. (new Foo)->bar()).Changed silent conversion of array to string to produce a notice.Numerous bug fixes and improvements in the Core and other extensions. Please help us to identify bugs in order to ensure that the release is solid and all things behave as expected. Please test this release candidate against your code base and report any problems that you encounter to the QA mailing list and/or the PHP bug tracker. Read the NEWS file for a complete list of changes in this release.

09 Nov 2011 11:00pm GMT

State of the Symfony2 CMF

People keep asking me when the CMF will be ready. Or they say that they will join once its further along because they think its too far away to be relevant for their clients today. So the good news is that Liip already has a huge client using CMF components. The combination of Jackalope with Jackrabbit and the PHPCR ODM (provides a similar API than the other Doctrine ORM/ODM) is ready for prime time. There are also already a fair number of components in different state that are close to be finished, simply concepts or not yet compatible. In other words we sort of have all the ideas and many pieces. We just need to put them all together which I will hope will be done no later than Q1 2012. I think we can hit this date even if no new contributors join and we just have the same slow but steady stream of patches. That being said, right now I would guess that 80% of the work is done by Liip employees, either sponsored by Liip, directly funded through client projects or done during spare time. Essentially the only other significant code contributions have been made by Ideato as well as Uwe, Johannes, Thomas and since very recently Nacho. So the numbers are growing, but given the over 200 people on the mailing list this previous list seems a bit short.

09 Nov 2011 1:32pm GMT

Executing MySQL queries with PHP mysqli

The mysqli quickstart series is coming to an end. Today, the post is about non-prepared statements. You may also want to check out the following related blog posts: Using MySQL prepared statements with PHP mysqli Using MySQL multiple statements with PHP mysqli Using MySQL stored procedures with PHP mysqli Using mysqli to execute statements Statements can be executed by [...]

09 Nov 2011 8:45am GMT

08 Nov 2011

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Using MySQL with PHP mysqli: Connections, Options, Pooling

Opening a database connection is a boring tasks. But do you know how defaults are determined, if values are omitted? Or, did you know there are two flavours of persistent connections in mysqli? Of course you, as a german reader, know it. I blogged about it in 2009 over at phphatesme.com (Nimmer Ärger mit den [...]

08 Nov 2011 8:16am GMT

MAMP PRO, PECL, SSH2, and OSX CLI (AKA acronym madness)

Install the PECL SSH2 extension to MAMP PRO and the PHP CLI in OSX.

08 Nov 2011 5:47am GMT

07 Nov 2011

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Getting started writing ZF2 modules

07 Nov 2011 6:19pm GMT

Faster Arrays

Arrays, long considered the work horse of PHP have one flaw: they can be incredibly slow. There is however an alternative - at least, for a small subset of use cases. SplFixedArray. You use SplFixedArray like so: <?php $array = new SplFixedArray($size); $array[0] = 'foo'; $array[1] = 'bar'; ... $array[100000] = 'baz'; ?> The SplFixedArray class provides a super-fast, fixed size array implementation. There are some limitations however, first you must use numeric keys and secondly you cannot use anonymous assignment (i.e. $array[] = 'value';). You'll notice one requirement was missing, that it should have a fixed size. While having a [...]

07 Nov 2011 12:50pm GMT

Using MySQL multiple statements with PHP mysqli

The series Using X with PHP mysqli continues. After notes on calling stored procedures and using prepared statements, its time for a multiple statement quickstart. A mighty tool, if used with care… Using Multiple Statements with mysqli MySQL optionally allows having multiple statements in one statement string. Sending multiple statements at once reduces client-server round trips [...]

07 Nov 2011 9:26am GMT