18 Jan 2017

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Eugene Zaikonnikov: New in CL-JPEG

In course of last few months there were numerous small changes introduced to CL-JPEG. None substantial enough to warrant own announcement, but taken together perhaps it's due for an update. So here we go, as of version 2.6:

18 Jan 2017 3:00pm GMT

Zach Beane: Common Lisp in the Wild - Deploying Common Lisp Applications.

Common Lisp in the Wild - Deploying Common Lisp Applications.

18 Jan 2017 11:54am GMT

Zach Beane: MKCL 1.1.10 is now available

MKCL 1.1.10 is now available

18 Jan 2017 11:43am GMT

02 Jan 2017

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Lispjobs: Web Technologist, Cadence, San Jose, California

They're looking for a "full stack Java programmer," but must also have 3+ years hand-on experience in Lisp/Tk Programming on Linux.

See web technologist job posting.

02 Jan 2017 3:52pm GMT

31 Dec 2016

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Quicklisp news: Thank you

Today (December 31) is the last day for the Quicklisp appreciation fundraiser. It has met and exceeded the matching fund goal by a wide margin. I am so thankful of all the support for this fundraiser, but also for the many kind words of appreciation, and for the "Quicklisp supporter club" donors, over the years. The positive feedback has made the work very satisfying.

Thank you, and best wishes for a happy 2017!

31 Dec 2016 3:33pm GMT

28 Dec 2016

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McCLIM: Progress report #5

Dear Community,

During this iteration I have continued working on the tutorial, fixing the issues and assuring CLIM II specification compatibility.

The most notable change is standard-application-frame implementation refactor which simplifies the code and moves some computation to creation time (until now we have searched through sheet hierarchy at each iteration of command loop and at various other occasions at runtime).

The rest of the time was spent on peer review of the contributions, merging pull requests, development discussions, questions on IRC and other maintenance tasks.

Alessandro Serra has created a Framebuffer Backend - a working proof of concept that McCLIM may work on top of a frame buffer. Albeit a bit slow you may find instructions how to run it here:


A detailed report is available at:


If you have any questions, doubts or suggestions - please contact me either by email (daniel@turtleware.eu) or on IRC (my nick is jackdaniel).

Happy new year!

Sincerely yours,
Daniel Kochmański

28 Dec 2016 12:00am GMT

27 Dec 2016

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ABCL Dev: An Armed Bear in Hock with the Dock

This season finds us remembering Wilde's remark about fashion being so unbearable that it must be utterly destroyed every six months. In that spirit, we submit to current fashion in documenting how ABCL repl may be obtained locally viz:

docker run --tty easye/abcl /usr/local/bin/abcl

Happy holidays!

One may need to explicitly update the base openjdk8 container that easye/abcl is based on via:

docker pull easye/openjdk8
docker run easye/abcl /usr/local/bin/abcl

[Docker Engine]: https://www.docker.com/products/docker-engine

If you want a specific packaging to add your own Java/Lisp artifacts, you may easily rebuild the Docker image that the container starts with from cloning the ABCL source and then issuing:

docker pull easye/openjdk8
docker build -t easye/abcl .

See http://abcl.org/svn/trunk/abcl/Dockerfile for build instructions.

27 Dec 2016 6:32pm GMT

Marco Antoniotti

Orangutans grok Common Lisp

This being the season to be jolly (and eat bananas), I produced a magical piece of software: a compiler and decompiler for the language Ook! Which proves that orangutans grok Common Lisp.

You can try out this recreational and magical piece of software by downloading the library from common-lisp.net. A brief introduction can be found, of course, in the library (if you can see it!)

Please send bananas and DO NOT say "monkey"!



27 Dec 2016 1:01pm GMT

22 Dec 2016

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Zach Beane: Bringing back random-state.net

When I tried to find Nikodemus Siivola's nice post about load-time-value and inline caches, I found his site, random-state.net, was no longer working.

At my request, he managed to get it up and running at a new address long enough for me to make a mirror of all his posts and articles.

Until the "real" location is fully restored, you can access the content of the site at random-state.xach.com, including the nice article about load-time-value and inline caches.

When random-state.net comes back, I'll redirect everything back there.


22 Dec 2016 2:43pm GMT

21 Dec 2016

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Zach Beane: Make FFI callabacks work properly on 64 bit Windows OSes. · sharplispers/cormanlisp@2156983

Make FFI callabacks work properly on 64 bit Windows OSes. · sharplispers/cormanlisp@2156983:

Making a project open source is no guarantee that anyone will care. But in the case of Corman Lisp, Artem Boldarev's hard work on fixing problems has not only revived the project, but revived Roger Corman's interest in it:

Artem, thanks so much for this fix!!!!! I believe this was the one the caused me to stop working on it for some time, and ultimately just open source it. I wasn't sure anyone else would be able (or willing) to track it down. I had dealt with and fixed many such issues during corman lisp development. However when I hit this issue specific to 64-bit OS (and those were fairly rare then, but of course now ubiquitous) I spent some evenings and just decided I couldn't do it any more. I got as far as noticing that the callback code broke and was getting a garbled address (I think an 8 byte address/4 byte address mismatch), and this probably happened when an access violation occurs (these are employed for garbage collection heap management). Now that I see it is working well on 64-bit systems I am inspired to get back into it.

Thank you, Roger, for sharing the source, and thank you, Artem, for diligently hacking on it!

21 Dec 2016 11:32am GMT