20 Jul 2014

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FOSDEM 2010 Video – Women in Open Source and Free Software ...

FOSDEM 2010 Video - Women in Open Source and Free Software. A quick 'n dirty vlog featuring some of the women attending this year's FOSDEM conference. I was really glad to see so many women attendees, a much higher ra…

20 Jul 2014 3:45pm GMT

Fedora Info: On Fedora's Localization platform

At FOSDEM I'll go out for drinks with Friedel. When there are tools like Pootle out there, why on Earth would Fedora even consider Zanata? Where is the research and comparison between the options we have? TRANSIFEX. Transifex has 20+ ...

20 Jul 2014 3:27am GMT

19 Jul 2014

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No such pipe, or this pipe has been deleted | Planet FreeBSD

This data comes from pipes.yahoo.com but the Pipe does not exist or has been deleted.

19 Jul 2014 8:27am GMT

18 Jul 2014

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openSUSE任命Richard Brown为董事会主席_Linux伊甸园开源社区 ...

最近几年,他致力于领导openSUSE出席自由及开源软件开发者欧洲会议(FOSDEM)的组织工作,FOSDEM大会是欧洲最大的自由和开源软件(FOSS)行业的盛事。他拥有超过10年的系统管理员经验,现在担任SUSE的质量保证工程师。 Richard ...

18 Jul 2014 6:40pm GMT

editor-manu-sharma: openSUSE Project Board Chaired By Richard ...

In 2012, Brown was a mentor for openSUSE's involvement in Google's Code-In. In recent years he has led the organization of openSUSE's presence at the FOSDEM conference, the largest FOSS event in Europe. He has more than 10 years of ...

18 Jul 2014 2:48pm GMT


5インチは良いね. 670: >>666だけど. Pyraに関してだけどFOSDEMの映像がUpされてたよ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEbu-0kAtjU. Pyra development kitということで、現状は. OMAP5432 Processor-based EVMにつながっているらしい↓これね

18 Jul 2014 4:09am GMT

Meet LibreOffice Volunteer Robinson Tryon (Video) - WES Computing

Document Format sort of dev room or a talk room at FOSDEM this year. And so, I think that we collaborate a lot on a number of different. issues relating to the file formats. Obviously, we look at some of. the developments and some of the ideas ...

18 Jul 2014 1:09am GMT

17 Jul 2014

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openSUSE tiene nuevo jefe del proyecto: Richard Brown ...

Richard se ha encargado del "branding" de la distro (en los aspectos más técnicos de la misma), mantiene Gnome, ha participado en organizaciones de los eventos de Fosdem, y otros y además de estar siempre disponible vía IRC…

17 Jul 2014 4:31pm GMT

陳雲:為何我以狂獅撲兔之力 - mango pudding 香港起義 - Blogger

這塊土地好的東西,或者它有一點,壞的,亦在它身上體現出來。有什麼人民,就有什麼政黨。 這樣說,並非為共產黨開脫,它不是沒有責任。共產黨最大的責任,是在執政的頭三十年,將中國人民所有最劣根性的東西,發揚光大。這是... 1 年前. FOSDEM ...

17 Jul 2014 10:40am GMT

16 Jul 2014

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Совместная работа над переводами через Интернет | Право на ...

Помню, как Dimitris Glezos выступал с презентацией о Transifex на FOSDEM 2008 в Брюсселе. Тогда Transifex был просто инициативой по локализации Fedora. А теперь это, похоже, многообещающий стартап, предлагающий свои ...

16 Jul 2014 1:12pm GMT

Grant Proposal: Start ACT - Voyager - The Perl Foundation

(thank you Ovid for encouraging me in Brussels during the FOSDEM not to be shy amongst the big people of the community). For some it may take quite a while to get around once introduced to the Perl Community, luckily I had a head start ...

16 Jul 2014 3:47am GMT

15 Jul 2014

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No such pipe, or this pipe has been deleted | Planet FreeBSD

... forums (8), fosdem (4), fossil (2), Foundation (1), foundations (1), Fourms (1), free bsd (1), Free software (20), FreeBSD (1,162), FreeBSD 7.3 (1), FreeBSD 8.0 (3), FreeBSD 8.0 BETA1 (1), FreeBSD Audio (1), FreeBSD Developer Summit (1) ...

15 Jul 2014 9:14am GMT

14 Jul 2014

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Open Mic Spotlight, 4th Birthday Edition: Kashyap Chamarthy » The ...

I was there to participate in the (no-nonsense) FOSDEM conference. For most of the second (and the last) day of the conference I was hanging out in the "Virtualization Dev" room and attended the final session of the day: an OpenStack ...

14 Jul 2014 8:00pm GMT

12 Jul 2014

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wilson rojas: mi entrada al blooger

Durante la conferencia FOSDEM 2005, Tristan Nitot, el presidente de Mozilla Europe, dijo: Conozco a unas cuantas compañías que han migrado a Firefox, o al cliente de correo Thunderbird. Esas compañías no revelaron la migración por la ...

12 Jul 2014 9:35pm GMT

Google 3D Mapping Phones To Help Robots On The Internat

Google Maps API ° BigTable KHTML ° Google Shopping Picasa ° Google Analytics Google Page Creator ° Google Finance Google Notebook ° FOSDEM PyCon. GOTO ° Google I/O OSCON 2012 ° O'Reilly Open Source Convention Orkut

12 Jul 2014 11:53am GMT

11 Jul 2014

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Minix-Professor Tanenbaum geht in Ruhestand » Linux-Magazin

Ähnliche Artikel. Fosdem 2010: Andrew Tanenbaum setzt Verlässlichkeit vor Performanz. Der Informatik-Veteran Andrew Tanenbaum hat den Entwicklern auf der Fosdem, die am 6. und 7. Februar 2010 in Brüssel stattfindet, die dritte Version ...

11 Jul 2014 8:44am GMT

26 Jul 2008

feedFOSDEM - Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

Update your RSS link

If you see this message in your RSS reader, please correct your RSS link to the following URL: http://fosdem.org/rss.xml.

26 Jul 2008 5:55am GMT

25 Jul 2008

feedFOSDEM - Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

Archive of FOSDEM 2008

These pages have been archived.
For information about the latest FOSDEM edition please check this url: http://fosdem.org

25 Jul 2008 4:43pm GMT

09 Mar 2008

feedFOSDEM - Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

Slides and videos online

Two weeks after FOSDEM and we are proud to publish most of the slides and videos from this year's edition.

All of the material from the Lightning Talks has been put online. We are still missing some slides and videos from the Main Tracks but we are working hard on getting those completed too.

We would like to thank our mirrors: HEAnet (IE) and Unixheads (US) for hosting our videos, and NamurLUG for quick recording and encoding.

The videos from the Janson room were live-streamed during the event and are also online on the Linux Magazin site.

We are having some synchronisation issues with Belnet (BE) at the moment. We're working to sort these out.

09 Mar 2008 3:12pm GMT

02 Mar 2008

feedFOSDEM - Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

Lost and found

If one of these things is yours, contact info@fosdem.org. Please keep in mind only valuable things will be sent back. The other items will be brought back at the next edition: FOSDEM 2009.
Pictures can be found here: http://tmp.fosdem.org/found/

Email us now !

Get these next year at the infodesk:

02 Mar 2008 11:12am GMT

25 Feb 2008

feedFOSDEM - Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

Draw results

To thank our donators, we had some nice packages provided by some of our sponsors to give away:

5 O'Reilly books

2 Sun Workstations

5 Nokia N810

10 Linux+DVD

20 Linux Magazine

Should you be one of our lucky winner, please send an email to aburet@fosdem.org with a copy of your donation recept and your full address details.

25 Feb 2008 8:02pm GMT

22 Feb 2008

feedFOSDEM - Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

Feedback form

FOSDEM lives thanks to its visitors. Please tell us what you think about it and help us make it better.

22 Feb 2008 9:41am GMT

LPI exam online registration closed

The online registration for LPI exams at FOSDEM has now been closed.

If interested in having a LPIC-1/2/3 or Ubuntu certification at a discounted rate at FOSDEM, you may still apply on site.
Every exam session lasts 1.5 hours with a break of 30min in between, which is the best moment to go to Guillissen (in the U building) and register.

Note that the 1st session on Saturday is already fully booked.

22 Feb 2008 8:57am GMT

Pink Elephants Tonight!

Don't forget! Tonight, Friday 22 February 2008, is the FOSDEM Pink Elephant beer event at the Delirium Café.

See the Friday Beer Event page for practical information or call Philip if you manage to lose your way.

Please note that the beer event is taking place at the Delirium Café. This is not the same place as previous years!

22 Feb 2008 8:53am GMT

Linux+DVD subscription offers for FOSDEM participants

Linux+ DVD/Linux+ Magazine is making a special offer for FOSDEM participants.

See details here: 10% discount, win a TuxDroid, Total Pack (PDF), 2007 archive for free, 10% discount for corporate subscription.

22 Feb 2008 8:45am GMT

21 Feb 2008

feedFOSDEM - Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

Saturday Free Beer Party

Some visitors organize a free beer event. Here's a quote from their site:
Brussels, Saturday 23 February from 9pm (21h).
What, exactly?
A party held at the iMatix HotSpot, a warehouse on the wrong side of town that's been the scene of many heavy parties over the years. We invite all FOSDEM attendees to come and enjoy.
The program includes live West African music and a great lineup of DJs. Belgian beer, snacks, and other drinks, compliments of iMatix. We love free software, and we love free beer!
More info: here

21 Feb 2008 8:24am GMT