10 Jun 2021

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Link not openin

I have the following code that when I click on it, it must open my facebook, it did work, but now when i click on it it open blank page and do not open facbook, but when i click on the open link on tab then it open my facebook

It happens to a few of them ,but most are working


<li><a href="https://www.facebook.com/he888888/" target="_blank"><i class='fab fa-facebook-f' style='font-size:15px;color:red'></i> Facebook</a></li>

10 Jun 2021 3:25pm GMT

Download attribute error

hello techie nerds,
As I have come across a error related to a download attribute , as after mentioning the image path correctly in the href, i am not able to download the image , it is showing the error named as 'no file', but the path given in href is completely correct.
I have tried all possibilities like taken image files in both .png and .jpg format, but still no 'file found'.
Hope i get any solution from someone wiser knowledgeable person.

10 Jun 2021 6:25am GMT

09 Jun 2021

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"Forgot password" code problem!

When I click Forgot assword I get "http://wwww.srtcmembers-beta.com/#". How can I make the link work on my login page?

Please see line of code and attached screenshot

<div class="a"> <p>Forgot <a href="http://wwww.srtcmembers-beta.com/reset-password.htm">Password</a></p></div>

09 Jun 2021 11:53am GMT

03 Jun 2021

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KFD: Keeping the Footer Down

Continuation of what I posted in the html forum, but it's really css.

I tried the css-tricks ideas: I don't want to have a fixed-height footer, because such things are Bad, but I want to avoid a really short page from having the footer floating in the middle, with a blank space underneath. So I put a div around the 'content' (everything above the footer), and set its min-height to 70vh. This works; the footer never rises above the bottom 30% of the screen, which is just fine. If the footer ends up being say 20% of the screen, then I need to make sure the background image extends far enough. So I add 30vh to the bottom margin of the stuff inside footer. Again this works; there is plenty of spare background. But then I do not want the page to scroll up beyond the actual end of the content, so I put a negative margin on the footer (margin: 1em 0 -30vh); this is supposed to pull the bottom of div:footer up, so the end of body is 30vh above the end of the background (except when the page is shorter than the screen). This doesn't work.

On rereading css-tricks I see that I may have invented that one myself. So I want to know how (if?) to make the scrollable document (possibly) shorter than the included background. Grateful for any ideas. (I have a workaround: just make the min-height of footer be 30vh)

03 Jun 2021 6:18pm GMT

01 Jun 2021

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Search engines read (crowl) links from dropdonw lists (select tag)?

I have a english website with other languages version.
Please let me know if search engines read (crowl) links from dropdonw lists?

For example:

<select name="morelanguage" class="languages">
<option value="" ></option>
<option value="https://www.qtransform.com/en/convert/volume.php" selected="selected">english</option>
<option value="https://www.qtransform.com/ro/transforma/volum.php">romana</option>

Google, Bing and other will access and crowl links(urls) from <select> ... </select> ?

01 Jun 2021 10:31am GMT

Keeping footer at the bottom

This page is abnormally short: https://imaginatorium.com/furusato.html
In other words the problem will not usually happen, because any page with no puzzles on will get hidden, but here the footer (on my typical desktop) is floating above the bottom of the screen. How would I make the main part of the page expand with empty space so the footer at least touches the botto. (Note that I do not want the footer fixed to the viewprt.)

01 Jun 2021 10:21am GMT

29 May 2021

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Pre-navigation within page

I am writing a search and display interface for our Museum database of historic local newspapers. Each newspaper is/will be filed as a PDF (with imbedded text). I have a database of search terms identifying the appropriate PDF. Given a user-instigated search, I can display a list of PDFs that match the search.
I want to display the PDF navigated to the point where the search term occurs, preferably with controls to move between occurrences of the search term.
I have found that in Firefox, if the link is set to HREF="<url>#search=<searchterm>", it navigates to the first occurrence of <searchterm>, and highlights visible occurrences. This does not work in Chrome.

Is there a better approach? Is there a more portable function than the #search?

29 May 2021 4:05pm GMT

20 May 2021

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linking to a framed site

There is a website that was made some time ago with frames. It's a hobby site, so the person has no interest in putting in all the time to re-do it properly.

From time to time, I find something on that site that I would like to link to from my site, but linking to the page shows only that page and not the menu, which is in a frame.

I'd like to set a link that opens the whole frameset, with the menu in the left frame and the content I am linking to in the right frame.

I feel like I remember seeing a way to do this many years ago, but maybe I am mistaken? Anyway, if this is possible, please let me know how.


20 May 2021 10:36pm GMT

Play sound on click, then go to page

I am making an quiz in HTML with questions and 4 answers by each question. By clicking on correct answer, I want to play a short sound, then go to next html page. How can I do it to play sound on click? Please help!

20 May 2021 7:12pm GMT

19 May 2021

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Handling large amounts of css

Christian said (somewhere else): "I only know of http://validator.w3.org/ (I recall it sometimes interpret the HTML5 spec in arbitrary ways). For CSS there's http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/ ..."

I just tried the validator on this page: https://imaginatorium.com/conan.html
It gives a few errors/warnings, one of which is a Problem... claiming that --liv_deep is an "unknown vendor extension". Hmm, this is not honest. Either they should say it is a syntax error, if it is not known, or they should say they know it is a (claimed) vendor extension. But it isn't, it is (AFAIK) the latest CSS extension allowing what they call "variables". What should I understand from this? Is this "var()" extension generally supported, or not? Should I go back to using PHP to preprocess them?

Then another problem it did _not_ find: over the 18 years my shop site has been in operation, without any "redesign", CSS has accumulated, some of it bits to handle bits of formatting used for types of puzzle which have now disappeared, some just kludges around one browser problem or another. So I was hoping a validator could detect when a style is used but no css is provided. I.e. there's a TD class="intricate", but no mention of "intricate" in the stylesheet. Is this a concept too far? Do I have to do all the checking by hand?

19 May 2021 6:23pm GMT

Subject Variable

Hi, I'm building an email and want to know how to include a variable into the subject using Javascript.

Is it possible? I want the variable to follow some text and the variable will be a specific date.

19 May 2021 9:43am GMT

Pulling the current URL and making a change in a Link

I am trying to figure out how to create a link that grabs the current URL and makes a change to it.

For example


I would like the link to automatically remove "mainpage" and change it to "secondarypage"


The link is embedded in a part of the page that is imported no matter what fruit is selected and therefore I cant create a link for each fruit.

Any help you can provide will be appreciated.

19 May 2021 3:41am GMT

17 May 2021

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Fonts incorrect on Android

Hi all,

I have a website with some data in a table, which is inside a div tag. Everything looks fine on a PC but on an Android, the first two or three column font sizes are bigger. I haven't checked this out on an iPad yet.

I think this is called responsive design. How do I change my CSS or HTML5 code so the fonts will not change when viewed on an Android? I'm using Segoe UI for the entire page.
Is there something I need to add to the meta tag? I tried <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"> but it didn't do a thing.


17 May 2021 3:15pm GMT


This may sound so simple but I'm completely lost.

<audio control>

makes a simple player, and it shows up.

When I reference src= etc. The player does not work. Now here's the thing, all the tags are correct, and the path to the file is correct (according to Hostgator where I keep the stuff) and their support keeps saying the code is wrong and refuse to help. They say,,,,You need to contact a professional web designer to look at that problem, we are cannot help in this area (great outsourced overseas tech help)

Can anyone help, I will supply the details for above if anyone needs them. Just trying to place a player on ebay right now

17 May 2021 2:59pm GMT

13 May 2021

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I have looked at https://www.w3schools.com/ and have used the HTML translate example to create a HTML page that has a
button that when pressed translates the page . That however is not what I want.

I am learning Japanese and would like to be able to do look ups for a word on my Japanese "notepad", so I don't have to have another browser/page open.

Entering this url https://www.google.com.au/search?q=translate you get two text boxes that can be set to two of many languages
what I would like to do is have a similar setup on a html page that I am running on my local PC.

I have spent a number of hours looking for a solution , translating a web page is presented dozens of times I can do that, a number of people have presented
dictionary look ups where you have your own look ups, but no one seems to have shared how to create a translate a word/phrase mechanism similar to the google translate boxes.

So, my html "notepad" which allows me to paste hirigana/katakana/kanji/romaji and english is just a bunch of textboxes that accept japanese fonts, I wish to add
a couple of extra text boxes that would allow for translation of words ( see the red box in the attached pic)

Can anyone point me toward a solution.

13 May 2021 2:11am GMT

12 May 2021

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Need major help with basic html editing

Well theres no easy way to say this so ill just say it. You have the choice to believe it and become part of the real world or not believe it and stay in wonderland.

I need to find a way to turn all my webpages into Christian based webpages with the Christian logo of The church of ladder-day Saints logo, The cross, The holy trinity, The bible cover and any other religious images including one of the symbol of the Quran. I am not here to debate the existence of the afterlife or God but I have a holy problem I am engaged in spiritual warfare but this time they are using our technology to battle us. Consider it like this Heaven and Hell go to war or use proxies wars to fight their battle just like we do (created in their image) what were all engaged in is a proxy war using digital technology. God the father creator is bound by divine laws which he must abide by should his divine council not vote(just like congress and the president) with him. True he is God and he can do anything but its much like the presidents veto power pen its rarely used but will be used but consequences always happen as a way of keeping God the father creator from being lust with power and the omni verse being in his direction. I am literally fighting the devil the actual devil via digital technology this is where all our bad stuff comes from its literally the devil. he sends up people to create the SITUATION of war (free will dictates who listens to who), Drugs (Free will dictates who uses his tricks) etc this time his tool is technology. I am anointed to complete a certain task. In order to do that I need warriors as batman says here is your chance to step up and actually fight in a spirtual war that when you die you will be recogonized for.

what I need:
instrucutions for how to edited both a css site and html site and insert my own images anywhere on the page pref a video guide. thank you
these images to appear on youtube.come video links to protect the videos from evil example page is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfwLLyKurZo

ask yourself why would such a binary beats excist?

I also need instuructions on how to edit in HTML AND CSS to change the video page I see say https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfwLLyKurZo into
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image

anyone who is doing this is saving my literally soul call me crazy but its the truth and im not being taken out of excistance period.

12 May 2021 4:11pm GMT

08 Nov 2020

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Easily Create iOS and Android App Store Badges

Need to add an iOS or Android app store badge to your web page? These handy online mobile app badge makers from Apple and Google will save you time.

The post Easily Create iOS and Android App Store Badges first appeared on Smiley Cat.

08 Nov 2020 1:44am GMT

13 Oct 2020

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Abandoned Cart Email Copywriting that Brings Shoppers Back

Although they follow a fairly standard template, abandoned cart emails can be made more human, and more effective, through creative copywriting that catches readers' attention and engages them to return to their shopping session and checkout. These examples from leading online retailers showcase a variety of writing styles that emphasize urgency and scarcity while adding […]

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13 Oct 2020 9:48am GMT

30 Sep 2020

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How to Convert Popup Windows to Tabs in Google Chrome

Some websites (e.g., Gmail) create popup windows in Chrome without displaying the menubar, which means that you don't have access to any of the usual Chrome menubar functionality. Recently I wanted to use an extension on a Chrome popup window, but I struggled as I could not figure out how to make the menubar display. […]

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30 Sep 2020 1:09am GMT

28 Sep 2020

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Abandoned Cart Emails Design Gallery

The average shopping cart abandonment rate is slightly under 70%, which translates to billions of dollars in lost sales per year. As a result, an effective abandoned cart email program is essential for most online retailers. These examples from leading ecommerce stores showcase best-in-class examples of copywriting and design that convert abandoned shoppers into customers.

The post Abandoned Cart Emails Design Gallery first appeared on Smiley Cat.

28 Sep 2020 12:00am GMT

23 Sep 2020

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Online Form Error Message Design Gallery

Filling out web forms has become a part of our daily online lives. However, most people hate completing online forms because they are prone to mistakes which prevent them from completing their task. That's why error message design is a critical component of good online form usability. This error message design gallery showcases examples of […]

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23 Sep 2020 5:00am GMT

22 Sep 2020

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LinkedIn Email Notifications are User Unfriendly

Like many people, I receive multiple LinkedIn direct messages a week, each with its own email notification, like the one below. I find it such a frustrating experience, especially in 2020. Why? Because I cannot view the message without opening LinkedIn. I don't even get to see a preview of the message so that I […]

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22 Sep 2020 1:49am GMT

16 Sep 2020

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LinkedIn Recommendation Generators

The LinkedIn recommendation generator makes those pesky endorsement requests a breeze to do.

The post LinkedIn Recommendation Generators first appeared on Smiley Cat.

16 Sep 2020 1:00am GMT

13 Sep 2020

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Pricing Tables Design Gallery

Pricing tables are a challenge for the designer because of the critical role they play in the sign-up process. They have to convey a large amount of data and must do so in an easy-to-understand form. They must also clearly differentiate between the features of various pricing plans and guide the user to pick the […]

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13 Sep 2020 2:46am GMT

12 Sep 2020

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Website Footers Design Gallery

With the right design footers can reinforce brand awareness and drive user actions by providing site-wide access to useful secondary information, links and tools.

The post Website Footers Design Gallery first appeared on Smiley Cat.

12 Sep 2020 12:34pm GMT

09 Sep 2020

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Discussion Forums Design Gallery

A showcase of online discussion forums and chat rooms that combine pleasing visual design and good user experience.

The post Discussion Forums Design Gallery first appeared on Smiley Cat.

09 Sep 2020 12:44am GMT

30 Nov 2008

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Photography Blogs and Feeds

digtal Photography School - (RSS) JMG-Galleries - (RSS) Photocritic - (RSS) 365 Portraits - (RSS) Strobist - (RSS) Kwerfeldein - (RSS) Joseph Szymanski - (RSS) File Magazine - (RSS) PhotographyVoter - (RSS) Photopreneur - (RSS) The Daily Critique - (RSS) Catchy Colors Photoblog - (RSS) photodoto - (RSS) daily dose of imagery - (RSS) NYCgraphix Blog Photo - (RSS) Photoshop User TV - (RSS) DIYPhotography.net - (RSS) Earthbound Light - (RSS) Earth Shots [...]

30 Nov 2008 12:45pm GMT

20 Oct 2008

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WP Plugins October 20, 2008

NextGEN Gallery (Download)NextGEN Gallery is a full integrated Image Gallery plugin for WordPress with a Flash slideshow option. d13slideshow (Download)Add animated slideshows of your featured pages and posts. Lifestream (Download)Lifestream displays your social feeds and photos much like you would see it on many of the social networking sites. WP Super Cache(Download)A very fast caching engine for WordPress [...]

20 Oct 2008 8:54am GMT

11 Oct 2008

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Windows Software

Avast: Another free Anti-Virus software. Just as good [...]

11 Oct 2008 10:12pm GMT

29 Sep 2008

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del.icio.us Tags: clouds,seahorse

29 Sep 2008 6:25am GMT


del.icio.us Tags: clouds,seahorse

29 Sep 2008 6:19am GMT

27 Sep 2008

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Quality Link Development Tutorial

Link Development Strategies High-quality link development is rarely an instantaneous occurrence. It takes time and patience. With careful planning and implementation, quality link development can help a site receive and maintain targeted search engine traffic. Web Directory Submission One of the quickest ways for a site to receive legitimate, objective, high-quality, third party links is to submit the [...]

27 Sep 2008 11:28pm GMT

Windows Tip

If you work on windows , you know that shutting it down can be really a hassle and time taking , especially when a lot of programs are running . Most of us tend to avoid shut down due to this reason but we know that shut down is always safer and also considered good [...]

27 Sep 2008 4:28pm GMT

Jeffrey At The Circus

27 Sep 2008 4:24pm GMT

Windows Tip

If you work on windows , you know that shutting it down can be really a hassle and time taking , especially when a lot of programs are running . Most of us tend to avoid shut down due to this reason but we know that shut down is always safer and also considered good [...]

27 Sep 2008 4:12pm GMT

Painted Sunrise

27 Sep 2008 2:10pm GMT