22 Jul 2018

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What is an algorithm?

Well, I know what it is, sort of. But I've never understood the difference between a (computer) algorithm and a short procedural program or script. Though it's about time I find out. cool.gif

22 Jul 2018 7:07am GMT

21 Jul 2018

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Distorted Text

I am pasting text from a Google doc (have tried .txt file and .doc as well). When I save in the WYSIWYG version, it appears garbled. Can anyone help me find what is in the code that is causing the distortion?

This is the html that appears after I save:

<p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in; text-align:justify"><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif"><strong><span style="font-size:16.0pt">HOW TO PLAN A WEBSITE</span></strong></span></span></p>

<p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in; text-align:justify"> </p>

<p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in; text-align:justify"><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">Aѕ the оld аdаgе gоеѕ, if уоu fail to рlаn, уоu plan tо fаіl. Buіldіng a website wіthоut a plan is lіkе соnѕtruсtіng a buіldіng wіthоut bluерrіntѕ. Things еnd uр in thе wrоng place, fеаturеѕ аrе overlooked, and thе situation іѕ ripe for miscommunication between wеbѕіtе builder and client. Plаnnіng уоur wеbѕіtе аhеаd оf tіmе wіll gіvе іt сlеаr dіrесtіоn аѕ well as рrеvеnt mіѕѕеd dеаdlіnеѕ and backtracking. If you are a wеb dеѕіgnеr wоrkіng wіth clients, thеn thіѕ guіdе will hеlр bоth of уоu tо рlаn рrореrlу. If уоu аrе a buѕіnеѕѕ owner оr еmрlоуее оf аn оrgаnіzаtіоn, then this guide wіll help lау thе groundwork fоr уоur соmіng website. </span></span></p>

<p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in; text-align:justify"><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif"><strong><span style="font-size:14.0pt">1. Sеt уоur purpose and goals. </span></strong></span></span></p>

<p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in; text-align:justify"><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">Whаt іѕ thе purpose оf уоur wеbѕіtе? Is it tо gаіn рublісіtу fоr your buѕіnеѕѕ? To ѕеll уоur іnvеntоrу? Tо rally ѕuрроrt fоr a cause? It'ѕ important tо identify уоur wеbѕіtе'ѕ purpose, аѕ wеll аѕ your tаrgеt аudіеnсе. Yоu ѕhоuld аlѕо define your gоаlѕ. Hоw mаnу vіѕіtоrѕ dо уоu еxресt реr mоnth? How many dо уоu expect wіll sign uр fоr уоur newsletter? Hоw muсh in ѕаlеѕ do you еxресt to make? Sеt mеаѕurаblе, ѕресіfіс goals fоr уоur website thаt аrе іn line wіth your mаrkеtіng gоаlѕ. An аnаlуtісѕ tооl lіkе Gооglе Anаlуtісѕ will аllоw you tо mоnіtоr уоur wеbѕіtе'ѕ performance оvеr tіmе. </span></span></p>

21 Jul 2018 4:58am GMT

20 Jul 2018

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Lining up captions with pictures


Apologies in advance, this is no doubt a really basic one but it has been a long time since I last needed to do this!

On our club website, there are individual images of the players. Each player will (hopefully!) have an individual sponsor, and I would like to list the sponsor and their link if applicable underneath the image of the player - see http://hailshamtownfc.org.uk/firsts.html (Scroll down to 'First Team Squad').

Is there an easy way of getting the text to line up with the images, or is it a case of trial & error using non-breaking spaces?


20 Jul 2018 9:02pm GMT

18 Jul 2018

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"Safe areas" on notched iPhone screens


I could have posted this in the CSS forum, but seriously I don't think it deserves such recognition. laugh.gif IPB Image

18 Jul 2018 6:00pm GMT

15 Jul 2018

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Help with Tumblr Navigation


I'm working on a Tumblr site and I'm having some trouble with the navigation.
Here is the link to the site: http://blaneskiles.news

As you can see, when you scroll down the page, the navigation bar also scrolls and covers up content.
This happens on every page on the site.

Does anybody know what I can do to keep this from happening?

15 Jul 2018 5:24pm GMT

12 Jul 2018

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how to remove time from an html field

Hello, is there an HTML formatting option that will remove the time field from a datetime value on an HTML row?

For example, i dummied out the "datepicker" below because i just want to show the date without the time, but not show a text box and date selector, just a label and the date and so i tried using the "date-format" utility from the "datepicker" hoping it would allow me to just show the date on a regular HTML display field like below, but the "date-format" utility didn't seem to work


<td width="9%" class="lbl-text">Selection Date:</td>
<td width="16%">
<input class="k-textbox" type="text" disabled="disabled" style="border:none" data-bind="value: bipVm.selectionDate" data-format="{0:MM/dd/yyyy}"/>

<!-- <td width="16%">
<input data-role="datepicker"
data-bind="enabled: isEmpEnabled, value: bipVm.selectionDate" />
</td> -->

what is showing on the screen:
Selection Date: 2018-06-06T00:00:00.000

12 Jul 2018 4:14pm GMT

10 Jul 2018

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Organization of Files on Web Server

My tentative website has two files, Login.php and Main.php. They are both in the root of the web server.
I want users to go to MySite.com/Login.php and see a login screen which asks for a user name and password. If the user enters a correct name and password they are linked to Main.php, otherwise they get an error message.
How do I prevent the user from just going to MySite.com/Main.php and bypassing Login.php?

Thank you,

10 Jul 2018 2:16pm GMT

09 Jul 2018

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Code is showing in my blog preview but working fine in actual post--

Hi everyone!

The coding on one of my blog posts is funky from the blog post page itself but looks totally fine and works great on the actual post.
The code I embedded was from a quiz maker website, so it may be flawed at some point.

You can see the post preview HERE.

You can see the actual post HERE.

If anyone could help me with this that'd be amazing.
Thanks so much!

09 Jul 2018 1:52pm GMT

Simplified view in chrome Android browser

I was wondering if anyone knew of a "simple" way to stop the "Simplified View" option in Android Chrome browsers when people visit my site and click on the option? When my site is viewed in "Simplified View," the table of contents links disappear along with most of the important content, and there is no way to navigate further into my website. I'm pretty HTML illiterate. So, I ask this question with the suspicion that I won't have the technical skills to follow through on your suggestions-- assuming there is a way to disable this option. However, I'm sure the information wont go to waste. Even if I can't put the suggestion to use, I'm sure there are others in the Web world with the same problem who might find the answer useful. Thanks so much!

09 Jul 2018 2:05am GMT

05 Jul 2018

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Adjacent Tables Overflow div boundaries

I have two tables in separate divs, the divs display left to right because of css floats.
The tables are big, both in the number of headings and the number of rows.
I want the two tables to stay within their respective divs and have horizontal and vertical scroll bars to navigate the table.
Below is my unsuccessful attempt to get what I want. The html has been validated.
Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.
---------------------- cut here
<!doctype html>


.box {
float: left;
width: 45%;
margin: 1em;
border-style: solid;
padding: 1em;

.after-box {
clear: left;
margin: 1em;
border-style: solid;
padding: 1em;

table {
font-size: medium;
border-collapse: collapse;

table, td, th {
border: 1px solid black;




<div class="box">

<div class="box">

<div class="after-box">
Mollis pretium lorem primis senectus habitasse lectus scelerisque donec, ultricies tortor suspendisse adipiscing fusce morbi volutpat pellentesque, consectetur mi risus molestie curae malesuada *beep*. Dignissim lacus convallis massa mauris enim ad mattis magnis senectus montes, mollis taciti phasellus accumsan bibendum semper blandit suspendisse faucibus nibh est, metus lobortis morbi cras magna vivamus per risus fermentum. Dapibus imperdiet praesent magnis ridiculus congue gravida curabitur dictum sagittis, enim et magna sit inceptos sodales parturient pharetra mollis, aenean vel nostra tellus commodo pretium sapien sociosqu.


05 Jul 2018 1:18pm GMT

03 Jul 2018

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How to add blog extension in magento?

Hello Guzs,

I am working for this website flowerportal and i uploading blog to add new pages in magento but it does help to rank a blog as i am not able to get a better ranking also for the same. kindly suggest me.

03 Jul 2018 7:59pm GMT

02 Jul 2018

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Cannot Find My Website's Code to Edit!

My website is public, I am completing a rapid survey of W3C's edex.org clas "Introduction to HTML5 and CSS," I have spent much time examining menu items at the backend of my website at wordpress.org YET, to my shock (no exaggeration), I don't have a clue how I can find the complete and editable source code of my website. So without this, everything I have learned is useless. Although I have not quite finished my W3C class I am non-plussed that no lesson ever explained how to access a website and edit it. All exercises are experiments at codepen.io, for example.

The wp.org website even given that it is open-source and not proprietary like wordpress.com, offers merely a GUI window in which I can add HTML or CSS code but, without context, this is useles.

I am being wordy. Question recap: How do I access the complete source code of my website in a version that is editable?

02 Jul 2018 10:35pm GMT

HTML for work

Hey all,

after a mate at work got fired i have the special task to refresh out HTML side. Easy answer i dont know much about HTML. i use normally Python.

Can anyone help me with a easy code that just switch like a diashow between 17 other html.. At end it should start with the first again.

thanks for all help.

Best option for later if it has time in and in a special time it just show 2 html from the 17.

02 Jul 2018 3:18pm GMT

Inspect Source Basics

Noob!! When I inspect a page source, say wikipedia.org, my first experience, I find the DOM element for title, double click it, and replace it with "My Wikipedia," Then I hit Enter. However, there is no change in the output sample page. If I refresh, my edit disappears from the source code. I have failed both on Chrome and Edge. What am I doing wrong/

Also, I am low vision and I am having an accessibility issue. If I view "page source," no problem, I can CTRL+. But when I am doing "Inspect Source" and looking at HTML5 DOM elements, CTRL+ fails. I have checked through menus and queried Help. I can find no way to increase the font size to read the code. It is so small for me that I have to hand hold a magnifying glass.

Thank you for any assistance!

02 Jul 2018 12:39am GMT

01 Jul 2018

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Why does this playlist code work fine on only about half the browsers/platforms/html test sites?

I have tested this code on three different test sites using three different browsers on two different MacOS versions. It works perfect on some and not at all on the others. I even tried an alternate manual playlist code wizard using SCM Player at https://scmplayer.co/ but the embed code that produced works nowhere. Anyway, here is the code that works half the time (placed within the tags). Any help would be greatly appreciated! smile.gif

Here is a link to the web page to see if works (plays music) on your browser or platform; maybe you can extract the code from there if necessary: Here is a link to the web page to see if works (plays music) on your browser or platform; maybe you can extract the code from there if necessary: http://rvratptcavailability.x10host.com/afhsclassof1986/

<script type="text/javascript">
var numberOfSongs = 26
var sound = new Array(numberOfSongs+1)
sound[0]= "http://rvratptcavailability.x10host.com/afhsclassof1986/highschoolflashbacksongs/Rio.mp3"
sound[1]= "http://rvratptcavailability.x10host.com/afhsclassof1986/highschoolflashbacksongs/Alive%20And%20Kicking.mp3"
sound[2]= "http://rvratptcavailability.x10host.com/afhsclassof1986/highschoolflashbacksongs/Key%20Largo.mp3"
sound[3]= "http://rvratptcavailability.x10host.com/afhsclassof1986/highschoolflashbacksongs/Come%20On%20Eileen.mp3"
sound[4]= "http://rvratptcavailability.x10host.com/afhsclassof1986/highschoolflashbacksongs/Tainted%20Love.mp3"
sound[5]= "http://rvratptcavailability.x10host.com/afhsclassof1986/highschoolflashbacksongs/Everybody%20Wants%20You.mp3"
sound[6]= "http://rvratptcavailability.x10host.com/afhsclassof1986/highschoolflashbacksongs/Eyes%20Without%20A%20Face.mp3"
sound[7]= "http://rvratptcavailability.x10host.com/afhsclassof1986/highschoolflashbacksongs/Hungry%20Like%20The%20Wolf.mp3"
sound[8]= "http://rvratptcavailability.x10host.com/afhsclassof1986/highschoolflashbacksongs/I%20Ran%20%28So%20Far%20Away%29.mp3"
sound[9]= "http://rvratptcavailability.x10host.com/afhsclassof1986/highschoolflashbacksongs/If%20I%27d%20Been%20The%20One.m4a"
sound[10]= "http://rvratptcavailability.x10host.com/afhsclassof1986/highschoolflashbacksongs/It%27s%20My%20Life%20%5BTalk%20Talk%5D.mp3"
sound[11]= "http://rvratptcavailability.x10host.com/afhsclassof1986/highschoolflashbacksongs/Let%27s%20Go%20%5BWang%20Chung%5D.mp3"
sound[12]= "http://rvratptcavailability.x10host.com/afhsclassof1986/highschoolflashbacksongs/Obsession.mp3"
sound[13]= "http://rvratptcavailability.x10host.com/afhsclassof1986/highschoolflashbacksongs/On%20The%20Dark%20Side.mp3"
sound[14]= "http://rvratptcavailability.x10host.com/afhsclassof1986/highschoolflashbacksongs/The%20Other%20Guy.mp3"
sound[15]= "http://rvratptcavailability.x10host.com/afhsclassof1986/highschoolflashbacksongs/Promises%20Promises.mp3"
sound[16]= "http://rvratptcavailability.x10host.com/afhsclassof1986/highschoolflashbacksongs/Rock%20Me%20Amadeus.mp3"
sound[17]= "http://rvratptcavailability.x10host.com/afhsclassof1986/highschoolflashbacksongs/The%20Safety%20Dance.mp3"
sound[18]= "http://rvratptcavailability.x10host.com/afhsclassof1986/highschoolflashbacksongs/She%27s%20A%20Beauty.mp3"
sound[19]= "http://rvratptcavailability.x10host.com/afhsclassof1986/highschoolflashbacksongs/Somebody%27s%20Baby.m4a"
sound[20]= "http://rvratptcavailability.x10host.com/afhsclassof1986/highschoolflashbacksongs/Someday%20%5BGlass%20Tiger%5D.mp3"
sound[21]= "http://rvratptcavailability.x10host.com/afhsclassof1986/highschoolflashbacksongs/Vacation.m4a"
sound[22]= "http://rvratptcavailability.x10host.com/afhsclassof1986/highschoolflashbacksongs/Whisper%20To%20A%20Scream%20%28Birds%20Fly%29.mp3"
sound[23]= "http://rvratptcavailability.x10host.com/afhsclassof1986/highschoolflashbacksongs/What%20Is%20Love_.mp3"
sound[24]= "http://rvratptcavailability.x10host.com/afhsclassof1986/highschoolflashbacksongs/Take%20It%20Easy%20On%20Me.mp3"
sound[25]= "http://rvratptcavailability.x10host.com/afhsclassof1986/highschoolflashbacksongs/The%20Old%20Man%20Down%20The%20Road.mp3"
function randomNumber(){
var randomLooper = -1
while (randomLooper < 0 || randomLooper > numberOfSongs || isNaN(randomLooper)){ randomLooper = parseInt(Math.random()*(numberOfSongs+1))
return randomLooper
var randomsub = randomNumber()
var soundFile = sound[randomsub]
document.write ('<EMBED src= "' + soundFile + '" hidden=true type="audio/mpeg" autostart=true loop=true>')

01 Jul 2018 4:56am GMT

27 Jun 2018

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Updating hosted images

I work for a business that hosts images we use for our website and email campaigns on our domain. We've recently revamped most of our images across all platforms, and to make the new images appear when someone opens an older email, we replaced some images(mostly icons and logos) using the same file names. Unfortunately, we've had varying levels of success with this, with some emails displaying the new images while others still displaying the old versions of the images, and even new emails I've coded displaying the old images.

Does anyone know how to force all code that is using images from our repository to display the current versions of the images?

27 Jun 2018 6:22pm GMT

07 Apr 2018

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Thoughts on Starting a New Side Hustle

I've been thinking about starting a side hustle for a while now. As a Ramit Sethi email subscriber I'm well aware of the myriad of opportunities to generate income on the side, doing something(ideally) I love. The challenge is that I've been having a hard time coming up with what that something I love is. Like many […]

07 Apr 2018 2:01pm GMT

12 Nov 2017

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The Most Popular Medium Articles on Product Management

A collection of the most popular articles of all time about product management on Medium.

12 Nov 2017 10:09am GMT

28 Aug 2017

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Innovative Approaches to Mobile PDP Design: Part 2

A collection of novel approaches to mobile product detail page design from leading ecommerce retailers to drive conversions and increase sales.

28 Aug 2017 6:01am GMT

12 Aug 2017

feedSmiley Cat: Christian Watson's Web Design Blog

14 Innovative Approaches to Mobile Product Detail Page Design

Mobile product detail pages follow a fairly standard template. Here are 14 examples of mobile retailers trying new approaches to displaying content and offering functionality on their mobile PDPs.

12 Aug 2017 9:39pm GMT

27 Jun 2017

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Micro-interactions Improve the Chase Bank Online User Experience

The Chase bank website shows some thoughtful use of micro-interactions to make the user experience more delightful.

27 Jun 2017 1:08am GMT

03 Jun 2017

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11 Tips to Improve Your Ecommerce Mobile Site Search

If you run an ecommerce website or app, it's likely that 30-50% of your transactions involved your site search. That's why it's critical that your mobile site search is well optimized, both in terms of functionality and user experience. Here are 11 tips for taking your ecommerce mobile search to the next level. 1. Dedicated […]

03 Jun 2017 5:17am GMT

14 Jan 2017

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My Favorite Productivity Tools of 2016

A selection of the software and web apps that I used most frequently in 2016 to improve my productivity at work and personal activities.

14 Jan 2017 5:14am GMT

04 Dec 2016

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Scaling Mobile App Development Using a Decentralized Model

Collection of videos showing the best practices followed by leading tech companies to scale mobile app development across multiple teams.

04 Dec 2016 4:06am GMT

28 Oct 2016

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My Favorite Free Stock Photography Sites

A selection of the free stock photography sites I visit the most in order to find high-quality free stock photos with a CC0 license.

28 Oct 2016 1:55pm GMT

15 Oct 2016

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Fresh Insights From Global Mobile Commerce Study [Infographic]

Survey of mobile users in 19 countries shows that...

15 Oct 2016 10:09am GMT

30 Nov 2008

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Photography Blogs and Feeds

digtal Photography School - (RSS) JMG-Galleries - (RSS) Photocritic - (RSS) 365 Portraits - (RSS) Strobist - (RSS) Kwerfeldein - (RSS) Joseph Szymanski - (RSS) File Magazine - (RSS) PhotographyVoter - (RSS) Photopreneur - (RSS) The Daily Critique - (RSS) Catchy Colors Photoblog - (RSS) photodoto - (RSS) daily dose of imagery - (RSS) NYCgraphix Blog Photo - (RSS) Photoshop User TV - (RSS) DIYPhotography.net - (RSS) Earthbound Light - (RSS) Earth Shots [...]

30 Nov 2008 12:45pm GMT

20 Oct 2008

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WP Plugins October 20, 2008

NextGEN Gallery (Download)NextGEN Gallery is a full integrated Image Gallery plugin for WordPress with a Flash slideshow option. d13slideshow (Download)Add animated slideshows of your featured pages and posts. Lifestream (Download)Lifestream displays your social feeds and photos much like you would see it on many of the social networking sites. WP Super Cache(Download)A very fast caching engine for WordPress [...]

20 Oct 2008 8:54am GMT

11 Oct 2008

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Windows Software

Avast: Another free Anti-Virus software. Just as good [...]

11 Oct 2008 10:12pm GMT

29 Sep 2008

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del.icio.us Tags: clouds,seahorse

29 Sep 2008 6:25am GMT


del.icio.us Tags: clouds,seahorse

29 Sep 2008 6:19am GMT

27 Sep 2008

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Quality Link Development Tutorial

Link Development Strategies High-quality link development is rarely an instantaneous occurrence. It takes time and patience. With careful planning and implementation, quality link development can help a site receive and maintain targeted search engine traffic. Web Directory Submission One of the quickest ways for a site to receive legitimate, objective, high-quality, third party links is to submit the [...]

27 Sep 2008 11:28pm GMT

Windows Tip

If you work on windows , you know that shutting it down can be really a hassle and time taking , especially when a lot of programs are running . Most of us tend to avoid shut down due to this reason but we know that shut down is always safer and also considered good [...]

27 Sep 2008 4:28pm GMT

Jeffrey At The Circus

27 Sep 2008 4:24pm GMT

Windows Tip

If you work on windows , you know that shutting it down can be really a hassle and time taking , especially when a lot of programs are running . Most of us tend to avoid shut down due to this reason but we know that shut down is always safer and also considered good [...]

27 Sep 2008 4:12pm GMT

Painted Sunrise

27 Sep 2008 2:10pm GMT