22 Feb 2019

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The printed pages have blank spaces

I have NO idea of coding at all. However, we as teachers are required to post our teaching material on a web portal. Once I type just as I type on a word document it gets coded to HTML and appears as a web page. The problem i have is that when printed - there are so much blank areas in the printout. (These spaces are not visible when I view the web page). How can I get rid of these blank spaces and get all that I type to flow one after the other?

22 Feb 2019 11:58am GMT

21 Feb 2019

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Internal links not working

I have some links internal to the document, in a Table Of Contents at the top. When I click on one of the highlighted section titles, it should go to that section in the same document. I have tried three solutions, but none of them work. My anchors in the body of the document are named with a short form of the section title, with no "#" at front.

(I'm converting the HTML document to PDF. In the PDF document, _external_ links work okay.)

(1) <a href="#secTitle">Section Title in TOC</a>
TOC gives a little jump.

(2) <a href="fileName.pdf#sectTitle">Section Title in TOC</a>

(3) <a href="files/theme/fileName.pdf#sectionTitle">Section Title in TOC</a>
The webhost (Weebly) gives me a light blue screen with "Bye!" on it.

When I open the box for "Link Properties" of the TOC item, the ballot box for "URL is relative to page location" is already checked. That looks correct; when I uncheck it, the address refers to a file on my computer ("file:///c:/..."), which I don't want when I upload.


21 Feb 2019 4:58pm GMT

18 Feb 2019

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WebEasy Professional 9

After previewing and building the pages all links work. The publishing is through a 3rd party. After publishing to the net the linked section is invisible until the pointer hovers over the area. This happens to most linked items. any one got any answers? :

18 Feb 2019 12:52am GMT

11 Feb 2019

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Help getting a form submission button to work

Hey folks,

I'm totally new here, and way over my head. Disclaimer: I have taught myself a little html for a work project over the last two weeks so someone here can create forms that are ADA compliant. As I get to the final step, I've realized that I cannot for the life of me get "submit" button to work. Ideally the button would automatically send all the relevant information in the document to my email address to be reviewed.

I've tried a few variations along the lines of

<form action="/action_page.php" method="get" id="form1">
</form method="post"action="mailto:myemail@website.com">
<input type="submit" value="Send Email"/>

But nothing has gotten to work. At one point I was able to send an email to myself through this but the email was blank and didn't include any part of the form.

So, I'm totally lost, I've been looking at guides online but can't seem to find anything that works.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks friends

P.S. If it helps, the rest of the documented is formatted like:

Last Name
<input type="text" name="">
First Name
<input type="text" name="">

Ultimately, the code I've "borrowed" (stolen) from other how-to guides aren't from the same place I got this format from. As such, I don't know if that's the reason why I'm not able to get this to work.

Thanks again for reading.

11 Feb 2019 7:54pm GMT

10 Feb 2019

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Reset button doesn't work after a failed reCaptcha

I have this line on my 'contact' form:-

<input type='reset' id='reset_form' class="button" value='Clear Form' />

The button works fine unless reCaptcha has been omitted and the reCaptcha omission message gets displayed. Then the button will not clear the form. dry.gif
Any ideas would be much appreciated.

10 Feb 2019 10:55am GMT

07 Feb 2019

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HELP with W3C Validator


A friend of mine have a website and we want to check it and validating for errors (WCAG 2.0 AA). So, when I check it in https://validator.w3.org I got some errors like above:

ERROR1: ------------Element head is missing a required instance of child element title.----------

From line 1, column 736; to line 1, column 742


Content model for element head:
If the document is an iframe srcdoc document or if title information is available from a higher-level protocol: Zero or more elements of metadata content, of which no more than one is a title element and no more than one is a base element.
Otherwise: One or more elements of metadata content, of which exactly one is a title element and no more than one is a base element.

ERROR2: ------------link element between head and body.-------------

From line 1, column 743; to line 1, column 914

"/></head><link type="text/css" media="all" href="https://www.yourphysiopath.gr/wp-content/cache/autoptimize/css/autoptimize_365c6b81cd9cf8d3a27dc3e25a4b9a5e.css" rel="stylesheet" /><link

ERROR3: ------------Cannot recover after last error. Any further errors will be ignored.----------------

From line 1, column 743; to line 1, column 914

"/></head><link type="text/css" media="all" href="https://www.yourphysiopath.gr/wp-content/cache/autoptimize/css/autoptimize_365c6b81cd9cf8d3a27dc3e25a4b9a5e.css" rel="stylesheet" /><link

The website is Wordpress site. I have tried several plugins to fix them and some edit in header.php but I can't find anything else. Where I can find those html codes to fix them? In which wordpress file/s? Can you help please?

Thank you.

07 Feb 2019 3:15pm GMT

check out my website, please


Here's a loan advice website I've been working on for some time, please check it out and give feedback on what could be improved, thank you!

Here's the website link: https://walletform.com/

07 Feb 2019 1:06pm GMT

multiple users edit a form

I have situation where I need to enroll 45 people into a program in order of their arrival.
The webpage below permits one user to click on a number and see its cell change color.
How do I permit 3 users to make changes to the form so each operator will know which numbers have been called permitting them to call the next candidate to the enrollment desk.

I do not have access to the LAN server. It can only run from a shared folder on a workstation.



<meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="en-us">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1252">
<title>Admission Numbers</title>


<p> </p>
<p align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">Click on the number you are
currently admitting.</font></p>
<p align="center"> </p>
<table border="1" width="100%">
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">1</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">2</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">3</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">4</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">5</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">6</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">7</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">8</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">9</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">10</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">11</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">12</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">13</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">14</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">15</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">16</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">17</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">18</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">19</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">20</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">21</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">22</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">23</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">24</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">25</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">26</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">27</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">28</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">29</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">30</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">31</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">32</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">33</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">34</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">35</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">36</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">37</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">38</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">39</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">40</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">41</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">42</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">43</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">44</font></td>
<td onclick="this.style.backgroundColor = 'Red';"align="center"><font size="4" face="Arial">45</font></td>
<td align="center"> </td>



07 Feb 2019 10:45am GMT

HTML5 audio player with sub-menus

I have the following script to play audio files sequence from the selection in menu 1 to the selection in menu 2. It looks like this (a list of Numbers, another for Letters):
IPB Image

What I need to do is add two other selection menus, before the action of playing the files, so the selection could be from any menu (even the same one), or other menus (to look like this):
IPB Image

So the menu beside the first `Select` I can choose `numbers` or `letters`, and when choosing one them the `sub-categories` menu beside it changes to show either the selection from `0-5` (if selected `numbers`), or from `A-C` (if the `letters` is selected).

An the same should work for the second two connected menus (they are the same as above).

I have both scripts, but I can't figure out how to merge them to reflect what is needed. Here the two scripts in Jsfiddle, along with a copy of the main from/to script here:

1- play from/to): https://jsfiddle.net/d5g8w4cn/2/

2- the connected menus: http://jsfiddle.net/2pza5/


<label for="from">From:</label>
<select id="from">
<option value="">- Numbers -</option>
<option value="0">0</option>
<option value="1">1</option>
<option value="2">2</option>
<option value="3">3</option>
<option value="4">4</option>
<option value="5">5</option>

<label for="to"> To:</label>
<select id="to">
<option value="">- Letters -</option>
<option value="6">A</option>
<option value="7">B</option>
<option value="8">C</option>


<audio id="player" controls="controls">
<source id="mp3_src" src="http://marvelhotelbangkok.com/audio/0.mp3" type="audio/mp3" />


$(document).ready(function() {

var audioUrls = [

$('select').on('change', function() {
var from = $("#from").val();
var to = $("#to").val();
if (!from || !to) return;
var audio = $("#player");
$("#mp3_src").attr("src", audioUrls[from]);
audio.data("currentidx", from);

$("#player").on("ended", function() {
var from = $("#from").val();
var to = $("#to").val();
if (!from || !to) return;
var audio = $("#player");
var src = $("#mp3_src").attr("src", audioUrls[from]);
var currentIdx = audio.data("currentidx") || 1;
var to = $("#to").val() || 8;
if(currentIdx <= to){
$("#mp3_src").attr("src", audioUrls[currentIdx]);
audio.data("currentidx", currentIdx)


07 Feb 2019 2:16am GMT

05 Feb 2019

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Contain javascript within a CSS Rounded Corner container

On my website, I have a section for GiveAwayOfTheDay.com offering Free software every day.
Website Here

I would like to contain the javascript with a CSS rounded corner container with a white background as I can't modify the javascript.
Here is the java script:


<script type="text/javascript">
var gaotd_SiteName = "N7AS.com";
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/ticker/">
<a href="http://www.giveawayoftheday.com">Giveaway of the Day</a>

05 Feb 2019 8:26pm GMT

Landing Page vs Home Page

Which is the more beneficial in between Landing Page vs Home Page, If we are talking about generating leads through seo ?

05 Feb 2019 4:07am GMT

03 Feb 2019

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Remove scroll bar from iframe

Hi All,

Ok, what is the trick to removing the scroll bar from an iframe. HTML5 specs state that CSS should be used but 'overflow: hidden;' has no effect. The only thing that does work is 'scrolling="no"' but HTML5 doesn't support it. The container that holds the iframe is big enough and the scroll bar should not appear but it does.

Does this mean I have to use HTML4 instead of HTML5?

Thanks for any help,


03 Feb 2019 11:56pm GMT

Proper framing

Please find the link below and click the green button RUN!


Question: how can one set up styles so that horizontal bars above and below "Peter Griffin" be continuous? (no small space in the middle)

Thank you in advance.

03 Feb 2019 5:06pm GMT

write file on server side

Goodmorning, I would like that input on html page are automatically saved in a txt file on server. I found that it could be reach with javascript and php scripts but I couldn't understand how.
The next step could be modify the file and read it in order to find if the client input are already in the file.
Could someone help me? thank you very much
Best Regards

03 Feb 2019 4:12pm GMT

01 Feb 2019

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Button Link

Hi, I would like to place a textbox on my web page, along with a button below it. Once a user enters text and clicks the button, have it go to that link.

For example, they are provided a random 8 letter code, which is actually the last part of a URL.


But instead of providing the full link, I'd like them to go to http://mysite.com, have a textbox where they can enter "whfysnes" and click GO to link them to the url.

I know, it seems easier to just give them the full link, but this is what I need to accomplish. Any thoughts?

That is what my client wants...

I have a snippet of html code, but when I use it, it tries to redirect to http://mysite.com/?page=whfysnes where whfysnes is where I want to go. (http://mysite.com/whfysnes).

<form action="/" method="get">
<p><label>Go to<input name="page" type="text" /></label></p>
<p><input type="submit" value="Go" /></p>
<p> </p>
<p> </p>

Thanks in advance for any help.

01 Feb 2019 5:50pm GMT

2muchcoffee | Full-Stack development and design company

Hello team!

Let us introduce ourselves. 2muchcoffee is inspired open source contributors team with deep knowledge in Angular and React. We proved our technical skills and narrow Angular specialization by contribution to open source - our project NGX-restangular got over 670 stars and moreover, thousands of MVP and start-ups used it in their Angular 2/4/5/6/7 based projects.

We would be glad to share our expertise with the community, get feedback and talk to those who are interested in web app development or have an idea of own startup.

Our team writes useful articles for enthusiasts programmers. The last 2 concern decorators and we think it would be really helpful for you.
- How to use the decorator syntax in React?
- Customizing Сreate React App without Eject
Besides tech, the blog also presents other educational articles based on our experience.

Feel free to contact us here or through emails.
Have a great day!

2muchcoffee team

01 Feb 2019 1:36pm GMT

07 Oct 2018

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30 Call-to-Action Examples that are Better than Learn More

Use these examples to create calls-to-action that will energize your visitors to take action and increase your conversion rates.

07 Oct 2018 12:00pm GMT

05 Oct 2018

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Banner Ads Design Gallery

An inspirational collection of over 100 examples of the very best in banner ad design, with lots of great calls-to-action also.

05 Oct 2018 2:00pm GMT

30 Sep 2018

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Easily Create iOS and Android App Store Badges

Need to add an iOS or Android app store badge to your web page? These handy online mobile app badge makers from Apple and Google will save you time.

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08 Sep 2018

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How to Mass Delete All the Emails in a Folder in Gmail

A step-by-step guide on how to delete all the emails in a folder or label in Gmail, with screenshots.

08 Sep 2018 12:48am GMT

01 Sep 2018

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8 Easy UX Improvements to Make the Grab App More User Friendly

A collection of my top usability issues with the Grab Android app and my suggestions for how to solve them.

01 Sep 2018 4:58am GMT

07 Apr 2018

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Thoughts on Starting a New Side Hustle

I've been thinking about starting a side hustle for a while now. As a Ramit Sethi email subscriber I'm well aware of the myriad of opportunities to generate income on the side, doing something(ideally) I love. The challenge is that I've been having a hard time coming up with what that something I love is. Like many […]

07 Apr 2018 2:01pm GMT

12 Nov 2017

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The Most Popular Medium Articles on Product Management

A collection of the most popular articles of all time about product management on Medium.

12 Nov 2017 10:09am GMT

28 Aug 2017

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Innovative Approaches to Mobile PDP Design: Part 2

A collection of novel approaches to mobile product detail page design from leading ecommerce retailers to drive conversions and increase sales.

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12 Aug 2017

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14 Innovative Approaches to Mobile Product Detail Page Design

Mobile product detail pages follow a fairly standard template. Here are 14 examples of mobile retailers trying new approaches to displaying content and offering functionality on their mobile PDPs.

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27 Jun 2017

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Micro-interactions Improve the Chase Bank Online User Experience

The Chase bank website shows some thoughtful use of micro-interactions to make the user experience more delightful.

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30 Nov 2008

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Photography Blogs and Feeds

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30 Nov 2008 12:45pm GMT

20 Oct 2008

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WP Plugins October 20, 2008

NextGEN Gallery (Download)NextGEN Gallery is a full integrated Image Gallery plugin for WordPress with a Flash slideshow option. d13slideshow (Download)Add animated slideshows of your featured pages and posts. Lifestream (Download)Lifestream displays your social feeds and photos much like you would see it on many of the social networking sites. WP Super Cache(Download)A very fast caching engine for WordPress [...]

20 Oct 2008 8:54am GMT

11 Oct 2008

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Windows Software

Avast: Another free Anti-Virus software. Just as good [...]

11 Oct 2008 10:12pm GMT

29 Sep 2008

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del.icio.us Tags: clouds,seahorse

29 Sep 2008 6:25am GMT


del.icio.us Tags: clouds,seahorse

29 Sep 2008 6:19am GMT

27 Sep 2008

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Quality Link Development Tutorial

Link Development Strategies High-quality link development is rarely an instantaneous occurrence. It takes time and patience. With careful planning and implementation, quality link development can help a site receive and maintain targeted search engine traffic. Web Directory Submission One of the quickest ways for a site to receive legitimate, objective, high-quality, third party links is to submit the [...]

27 Sep 2008 11:28pm GMT

Windows Tip

If you work on windows , you know that shutting it down can be really a hassle and time taking , especially when a lot of programs are running . Most of us tend to avoid shut down due to this reason but we know that shut down is always safer and also considered good [...]

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Jeffrey At The Circus

27 Sep 2008 4:24pm GMT

Windows Tip

If you work on windows , you know that shutting it down can be really a hassle and time taking , especially when a lot of programs are running . Most of us tend to avoid shut down due to this reason but we know that shut down is always safer and also considered good [...]

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Painted Sunrise

27 Sep 2008 2:10pm GMT