17 Apr 2021

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Capitol Hill's far right pushes Anglo-Saxon values, European architecture

17 Apr 2021 5:11pm GMT

'A nicer version of Trump': Ron DeSantis is sized up by GOP donors ahead of potential 2024 presidential bid

17 Apr 2021 4:49pm GMT

Power companies urge Biden to implement policies to cut emissions 80% by 2030

17 Apr 2021 2:50pm GMT

Pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood receives standing ovation after making 'QAnon' gestures to crowd, report says

17 Apr 2021 2:17pm GMT

'We Were Flying Blind': A Doctor's Account of a Woman's J&J Vaccine-Related Blood Clot Case

17 Apr 2021 2:16pm GMT

How Democrats Who Lost in Deep-Red Places Might Have Helped Biden

17 Apr 2021 2:12pm GMT

This family thought Biden would stop Trump's wall. Now his administration is plodding along to seize their land.

17 Apr 2021 2:00pm GMT

The US produces just 12% of the world's computer chip supply. Here's why it's trailing China when it comes to manufacturing and how it plans to get ahead.

17 Apr 2021 1:15pm GMT

Republicans have an idea who should pay to overhaul the country's infrastructure: average people

17 Apr 2021 1:05pm GMT

As voting fight moves westward, accusations of racism follow

17 Apr 2021 1:03pm GMT

Elon Musk's brother Kimbal Musk, typically a Democrat donor, gave $2,800 to each GOP lawmaker who voted to impeach Trump

17 Apr 2021 12:58pm GMT

The immigration confusion is coming from inside the White House

17 Apr 2021 12:56pm GMT

Student-loan borrowers are battling for relief even after Biden's administration canceled $2.3 billion: 'We were taken advantage of'

17 Apr 2021 12:45pm GMT

The 10 GOP lawmakers who voted to impeach Trump have already received $6.4 million in donations this year - far more than their 2022 midterm opponents

17 Apr 2021 12:21pm GMT

Josh Hawley Loves To Accuse Others Of Doing What He Actually Did

17 Apr 2021 12:00pm GMT

Roger Stone sued over nearly $2 million in alleged unpaid taxes

17 Apr 2021 11:11am GMT