09 Nov 2011

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Russian craft on Mars mission stuck in orbit (Reuters)

The Zenit-2SB rocket blasts off from its launch pad at the cosmodrome Baikonur November 9, 2011. REUTERS/Oleg UrusovReuters - A Russian spacecraft designed to bring back soil samples from one of the moons of Mars veered off course Wednesday after its launch, clouding hopes Russia could pull off its first interplanetary mission in more than two decades.

09 Nov 2011 5:25pm GMT

Air pollution in EU still poses major health risks: report (Reuters)

Reuters - Air quality in the European Union remains below some World Health Organization standards, increasing the risk of premature deaths and environmental damage, the European Environmental Agency (EEA) said in a report Wednesday.

09 Nov 2011 5:23pm GMT

The world's most dazzling hot springs (Y! Green)

Y! Green - The same geothermal heat that can help you reduce your electricity bill is responsible for some of the world's most stunning natural wonders: Hot springs.

09 Nov 2011 4:49pm GMT

Duggar's 20th Pregnancy: Is It Safe? (LiveScience.com)

LiveScience.com - Michelle Duggar's pregnancy with her 20th child is not only jaw-dropping; it is also risky, according to experts.

09 Nov 2011 3:35pm GMT

NASA's Biggest Mars Rover Yet to Launch This Month (SPACE.com)

SPACE.com - NASA's newest Mars rover, the Mini Cooper-size Curiosity, is just over two weeks away from launching to the Red Planet.

09 Nov 2011 3:15pm GMT

Drill Baby Drill: Why Obama's New Offshore Drilling Plan Is Managing to Upset Everybody (Time.com)

Time.com - Now, with the Gulf oil spill overshadowed by countless other crises, the White House on November 8 announced a new plan to expand offshore drilling

09 Nov 2011 2:50pm GMT

Coast Guard OKs winding down BP spill cleanup (AP)

AP - BP will no longer be responsible for cleaning up oil that washes up on the Gulf Coast unless officials can prove it comes from the company's well that blew out in 2010, causing the worst offshore spill in U.S. history, according to a plan approved by the Coast Guard and obtained by The Associated Press.

09 Nov 2011 2:26pm GMT

Sean could bring strong currents to Bermuda, US (AP)

This NOAA satellite image taken Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2011 at 1:45 a.m. EST shows cloud cover in the Mississippi Valley as a cold front pushes through the region. Tropical Storm Sean is also visible in the Atlantic. (AP PHOTO/WEATHER UNDERGROUND)AP - Tropical Storm Sean has strengthened slightly and eventually could bring dangerous surf and rip currents to Bermuda and the U.S.

09 Nov 2011 10:02am GMT

The nation's weather (AP)

AP - An intense storm will move from the Southern Plains into the Mid-West and Great Lakes on Wednesday. This storm will most likely cease producing much severe weather in the form of tornadoes and thunderstorms, but will switch to a storm capable of bringing heavy snow to the northwestern Great Lakes and strong winds accompanied by heavy rain to much of the region.

09 Nov 2011 9:38am GMT

Russian probe to Mars' moon fails after launch (AP)

AP - A daring Russian mission to fly an unmanned probe to Phobos, a moon of Mars, and fly samples of its soil back to Earth was derailed right after its launch by equipment failure.

09 Nov 2011 6:38am GMT

Biggest asteroid in 35 years swings close to Earth (AP)

Lance Benner, research scientist at JPL displays a recent image of asteroid 2005 YU55 near the 230-foot wide radio telescope at the Goldstone Deep Space facility in Ft. Irwin, Calif., is seen, Monday, Nov 7, 2011. The radio telescope has been tracking asteroid 2005 YU55. At closest approach, the quarter-mile-wide space rock will pass within 202,000 miles of our planet at 6:28 p.m. Eastern time Tuesday. (AP Photo/Orange County Register, Leonard Ortiz) MAGS OUT; LOS ANGELES TIMES OUTAP - An asteroid as big as an aircraft carrier zipped by Earth on Tuesday in the closest encounter by such a massive space rock in more than three decades. Scientists ruled out any chance of a collision but turned their telescopes skyward to learn more about the object known as 2005 YU55.

09 Nov 2011 2:17am GMT

08 Nov 2011

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Lifestyle, genetics and faith on the road to 100 (Reuters)

Reuters - They are among the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population and by 2050 their numbers could reach 601,000 but most centenarians never expected to reach 100 and many say lifestyle is the secret to longevity.

08 Nov 2011 3:11pm GMT

Vatican, biotech firm host adult stem cell meeting (AP)

AP - The Vatican has entered into an unusual partnership with a small U.S. biotech company to promote using adult stem cells for treating disease, rather than focusing research on embryonic stem cells.

08 Nov 2011 2:10pm GMT

07 Nov 2011

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Experts: Okla. quakes too powerful to be man-made (AP)

Map shows shale basins and fault linesAP - Thousands of times every day, drilling deep underground causes the earth to tremble. But don't blame the surprise flurry of earthquakes in Oklahoma on man's thirst for oil and gas, experts say.

07 Nov 2011 11:08pm GMT

Cave painters were realists, DNA study finds (AP)

This undated photo provided by the Pech Merle Prehistory Center shows a cave painting of pair of spotted horses, found in the Pech Merle Cave in Cabrerets, southern France. Scientists estimate the drawing, measuring about 4 meters wide by 1.5 meters high, is about 25,000 years old. An ancient DNA study found that Ice Age artists drew horses based on their observations rather than imagination. (AP Photo/Center for Prehistory of Pech Merle, P. Cabrol) MANDATORY CREDIT; NO SALESAP - Cave painters during the Ice Age were more like da Vinci than Dali, sketching realistic depictions of horses they saw rather than dreaming them up, a study of ancient DNA finds.

07 Nov 2011 9:20pm GMT

03 Nov 2011

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Panda cub to celebrate 1st birthday at Zoo Atlanta (AP)

AP - Zoo Atlanta's giant panda cub is celebrating his first birthday.

03 Nov 2011 8:49am GMT