01 Mar 2021

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Letter demands action over 'UK nature in freefall'

01 Mar 2021 8:56am GMT

28 Feb 2021

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U.S. administers 75.2 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines: CDC

28 Feb 2021 7:05pm GMT

Archaeologists found the 'Lamborghini' of chariots preserved near Pompeii

28 Feb 2021 3:36pm GMT

Fauci says he 'would have no hesitancy whatsoever' taking the newly authorized Johnson & Johnson vaccine

28 Feb 2021 3:22pm GMT

It's 'too premature' to relax COVID-19 restrictions because it could lead to a 'rebound' of cases, Fauci says

28 Feb 2021 3:14pm GMT

Mars Rover, SpaceX launches, and the Hope Probe - these are some of 2021's biggest space stories so far

28 Feb 2021 2:26pm GMT

Spacewalking astronauts prep station for new solar wings

28 Feb 2021 11:17am GMT

Testing for COVID-19 has declined. Experts worry it's too soon for the US to let its guard down.

28 Feb 2021 3:57am GMT

27 Feb 2021

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How Bitcoin's vast energy use could burst its bubble

27 Feb 2021 7:56pm GMT

Archeologists find intact ceremonial chariot near Pompeii

27 Feb 2021 5:19pm GMT

The CDC says the US will screen and track people traveling from countries with Ebola cases

27 Feb 2021 4:01pm GMT

Decades ago, 9 Russian hikers mysteriously fled their tent and froze to death. A new study sheds light on the cold case.

27 Feb 2021 1:03pm GMT

Archaeologists uncover ancient ceremonial carriage near Pompeii

27 Feb 2021 12:49pm GMT

Brunt Ice Shelf: Big iceberg calves near UK Antarctic base

27 Feb 2021 10:02am GMT

Rural communities are pushing back against vaccine-scheduling bots they say are giving out-of-towners an upper hand

27 Feb 2021 12:05am GMT

26 Feb 2021

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People who had COVID-19 develop strong immunity after a single vaccine dose - so they might need only one shot

26 Feb 2021 10:51pm GMT