27 Jun 2017

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Apple's first iOS 11 public beta is available now

YOU CAN NOW take Apple's upcoming iOS 11 release for a spin via the firm's public beta programme. Apple advises that, as iOS 11 ain't yet ready for prime time and likely still has some lingering bugs and technical glitches, it shouldn't be downloaded onto your main iPhone or iPad just yet.

27 Jun 2017 11:16am GMT

The Best VPNs for Work-Around Netflix-ing

VPNs protect your web traffic, but they don't always work with must-have services like Netflix. Here are the best VPNs that play nice with the popular video streaming app.

27 Jun 2017 2:49am GMT

26 Jun 2017

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Police: NIH contractor accused in child porn case 'embarrassed and ashamed.'

A 62-year-old software expert who recently worked at the National Institutes of Health distributed child pornography by uploading sexually explicit videos onto a peer-sharing computer network, according to police allegations filed in court. There is no indication, based on the initial filings this month, that Vince Sempronio shared pornography while on the job at the prestigious biomedical research agency headquartered in Montgomery County, Md.

26 Jun 2017 10:25pm GMT

the Voice Payments Report: The next major interface for payments

This is a preview of a research report from BI Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service. To learn more about BI Intelligence, click here .

26 Jun 2017 5:50pm GMT

Why Sipps aren't yet embracing P2P

Since April 2016, investors have been able to shield gains from peer-to-peer lending from the taxman in the innovative finance Isas . And while it has taken a while for most P2P platforms to win the necessary approvals from HM Revenue & Customs and the Financial Conduct Authority to offer IF Isas, these products are finally beginning to take off, with several launched since the start of the new tax year.

26 Jun 2017 1:14pm GMT

23 Jun 2017

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the Voice Payments Report: The next major interface for payments

This is a preview of a research report from BI Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service. To learn more about BI Intelligence, click here .

23 Jun 2017 5:31pm GMT

22 Jun 2017

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Harmoney's Marketplace Hits $500,000,000

Peer-to-peer lending marketplace Harmoney announced today that $500,000,000 in lending has been transacted through the platform in just under three years of operation. 30,000 Kiwis have made the choice to join the Harmoney community with additional support from two challenger NZ owned banks TSB and Heartland.

22 Jun 2017 10:47pm GMT

India's most popular mobile wallet company is pushing to disrupt...

Paytm, India's most popular mobile wallet company, is continuing its push into the financial services sector, according to The Economic Times. The firm is seeking out a license to set up a money market fund, and it's planning to go live on India's Unified Payment Interface .

22 Jun 2017 4:11pm GMT

21 Jun 2017

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You'll Soon Be Able to Move Money Instantly With PayPal

When you think peer-to-peer payments, you probably think PayPal. But there's one big advantage that other services, like Square Cash, have had over them for a while now: the ability to cash out instantly.

21 Jun 2017 11:45pm GMT

The rise and fall of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick

But his ride as CEO of Uber came to an end Tuesday when he resigned after a seemingly endless series of scandals raised doubts over his leadership. Before Uber: As an undergrad, Kalanick teamed up with fellow UCLA computer science students to create Scour, a peer-to-peer file sharing service that resembled Napster.

21 Jun 2017 5:07pm GMT

Article: Hike Just Became India's First Messaging App to Offer Digital Payments

India's mobile messaging platform Hike beat its competitors to the punch this week, becoming the first chat app to launch a mobile wallet service in the country. The new service allows users to make both peer-to-peer and bank-to-bank payments - the latter being facilitated by the government-backed United Payment Interface standard.

21 Jun 2017 6:37am GMT

20 Jun 2017

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Like Zelle, PayPal to Offer Instant Bank Transfers

Yet two decades later, the P2P payments space is seeing a sort of renaissance as companies are putting newfound effort into developing P2P payment services, driven by rising consumer demand for such services. The largest financial institutions in the U.S. are now ready to roll out their competing offering, Zelle, which they partnered to develop years ago.

20 Jun 2017 8:04pm GMT

CJEU: Operation of Peer-to-Peer Sharing Platform May Qualify as Copyright Infringement

In a preliminary judgment of 14 June 2017, Case C-610/15 , the Court of Justice of the European Union held that the making available and management of a peer-to-peer sharing platform may constitute a copyright infringement. In the underlying main proceedings before the Supreme Court of the Netherlands, Stichting Brein , a Dutch foundation which safeguards the interests of copyright holders, sued two internet access providers to block the domain names and IP addresses of a certain online platform called The Pirate Bay , in order to prevent the services of the internet access providers from being used to infringe the copyright and related rights of the right holders.

20 Jun 2017 1:29pm GMT

Man who survived high voltage accident sentenced for child porn

Zane Wetzel, who pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography In December 2016 in federal court in Bangor, can be seen in Boston in this December 2010 file photo. Zane Wetzel, 31, pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography in U.S. District Court in Bangor in December 2016 before Judge John Woodcock, who also sentenced him for the crime Monday.

20 Jun 2017 3:16am GMT

19 Jun 2017

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Springdale Man Pleads Not Guilty To Child Porn Charges

A federal grand jury on June 6 indicted Jeremy Lynn McGrew on three counts of knowingly receiving child pornography and one count of possessing a hard drive containing sexually explicit images of children under 12 years old, according to the documents. In December, Homeland Security Investigations agents discovered a local computer uploading several files of child pornography to the eMule network, a peer-to-peer file sharing network.

19 Jun 2017 10:58pm GMT

PayPal CEO Doesn't Think Apple Pay's Peer-to-Peer Payments Update Will Hurt Venmo

In a new interview with The Telegraph , PayPal CEO Dan Schulman discusses a wide range of topics covering the origins of the company, its history with eBay, and potential competition with Apple in the peer-to-peer payments space. PayPal owns Venmo, one of the most popular P2P payments apps available today across iOS, Android, and the web, and Schulman cited this availability across various operating systems as a "powerful advantage."

19 Jun 2017 2:00pm GMT

17 Jun 2017


Hide My Ass VPN: Setup and Installation Guide

How to guide for getting one of the more popular VPN services up and running so that you can begin protecting your traffic from the prying eyes of hackers. We can all agree

17 Jun 2017 8:00am GMT

14 Jun 2017


Top 5 Free VPN Services

List of the top five free VPN services around for circumventing censorship at home and at the workplace, and for protecting your identity and data from prying eyes; especially useful

14 Jun 2017 9:49am GMT

17 Apr 2017


How to Get What You Pay for When Buying an iPhone

If there is one thing the iPhone is not, it's zero pay. While not the most expensive smartphone you can buy, it is always at the top of the range.

17 Apr 2017 11:02pm GMT

14 Apr 2017


The Album is Dead, but Album Art Lives On Digitally

Microsoft has unceremoniously announced the death of its not so popular Zune MP3 Player. With technologies like MP3 players without 3G access becoming obsolete, there has been no chance for

14 Apr 2017 8:32pm GMT

31 Mar 2017


The Best Software Distribution Tools for Developers

EDI, bar-code scanning, automated reporting and global visibility are just some of what software distribution tools can offer developers. Cloud-based inventory, such as customer management systems (cms) and subscription billing

31 Mar 2017 8:36pm GMT

10 Sep 2015


How to Watch NFL Games on the iPhone, iPad for Free

Looking to watch NFL football games on your iPhone or iPad? This guide will show you how to stream any NFL game you want on your mobile Apple device. The

10 Sep 2015 11:08am GMT

How to Watch NFL Football Games Online For Free

Forget about expensive NFL cable TV subscription packages, this guide will show you how to watch NFL football games online for FREE! With 2015 NFL regular season underway it's important that

10 Sep 2015 9:00am GMT

26 May 2015


Pirate Bay Alternatives

With all this activity surrounding The Pirate Bay, we decided to look the best alternatives to the The Pirate Bay. News surrounding The Pirate Bay is certainly a reminder that it's

26 May 2015 8:00pm GMT

17 May 2015


Movie Box: Free iOS App Lets You Watch Movies, TV Shows for FREE

Free app for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch that lets you download movies or TV shows directly to your device or simply watch them online for FREE. Movie Box has

17 May 2015 10:15am GMT

16 May 2015


Top Free iPhone / iPad Blogging Apps

A list of free iPhone / iPad blogging apps that allow you to manage your blog without being tied to a desktop computer. Smartphones and tablets have changed the way

16 May 2015 1:28pm GMT